Is Everything Better with Peanut Butter?

100 thoughts on “Is Everything Better with Peanut Butter?

  1. Rhett should try fried pork blood cause I don't rlly like pork blood but I rlly love the fried kind

    But then I'm Asian so…

  2. I had this video playing out through my speaker…my bird is still trying to figure out where the mysterious birds went at the end of the video.

  3. if you’re reading this go eat a peanut butter sandwich with nacho cheese doritos… you’re welcome

  4. East of Chicago pizza has a PBJ pizza. Obviously without all of the tomato sauce/pepperonis and it's perfect.

  5. They eat so much blood, I'm worried they're gonna develope hemochromotosis. Are they vampires or something?

  6. Call me crazy but I actually tried dipping chips with peanut butter before it's actually pretty good

  7. Kinda bs that link just got to eat an actual sandwich and Rhett ate blood… Really goes to show who the bigger man is

  8. A pizza place that use to be in my town would make any type of pizza you want. You bring the ingredients and they'd make it. I've seen them make a s'mores pizza, a pb&j pizza, and a pb banana with something else.

  9. Am I the only one that played the first couple seconds of Rhett saying the opening line over and over again before actually watching the video?

  10. peanut butter popcorn was a missed opportunity. tell link he needs to know about peanut butter popcorn sandwiches

  11. I loooved peanut butter as a kid, used to eat a whole jar full (not at once but basically), but now I just hate it. I’ve tried many kinds. My favorite has always been crunchy and I can still eat that if it’s barely a pinky full, but it’s just too thick and fatty for me.

  12. I really like blood sausage… it’s typical where I‘m from and i always enjoyed it. Liver too.. Rhett would not enjoy having dinner with me

  13. Link: The peanut butter is helping me! I bet it'll help yo-
    Link: what's going on over there?

  14. Just need to melt that peanut butter a little.
    I make sandwiches with peanut butter
    Pepperoni ham and cheese then melt the peanut butter and cheese

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