1. They call themselves Internal Revenue Service”s” with an “s,” where as the IRS is Internal Revenue Service.

  2. That is disgusting. All the Grandparents need to see this !!! I’m going to show my older relatives this . Makes me sick!

  3. Please do the Tech Support scam prank, they are more fun. All though i did a IRS scam call today for the first time for a longer time then 1 min lol.

  4. I found a phone number on this same scam from another youtuber and I played with them as well haha. He asked how could I have gotten to target so fast I said I walked it’s next door to me, I kept reading them random numbers from apple cards that I never got lol and he started cursing me out lol cool ending on your video.

  5. I've been paying my taxes with Target gift cards for the past 17 years, and I've never had any trouble.

  6. Instead of all this rigamarole, I would just give them a pooter sound and tell them to keep that!! "You can KEEP that!!!"

  7. Pathetic. If anyone still falls for this, you deserve to have your money taken.
    ……unless you're elderly.

  8. As an Indian, I can't help but laugh at the racist comments. These scammers are usually from particular region of India. They scam Indians more than anyone on the planet. But whatever, this is an outlet yout vent your racism.

  9. #JackVake I got them to admit to me too when I talked to them. I was kind to them and told them they need to give their life to Jesus and stop stealing from people.

  10. These guys are trash. The shit doesn’t sound any type of believable. Muthafuckas really said Target gift cards 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Yep I got that call to. Knew it was a scam!! I busted the guy to. He hung up on me. I called the number back and he kept hanging up on me. He told me I owed 6,500 dollars for the years 2012 – 2016. All the same things he told you. We didnt get as far as the target cards because I called him out before he could get that far. I asked him his badge number with the IRS. He gave me one but it's not a proper IRS badge number. I immediately called the IRS the representative said the IRS WILL NEVER CALL YOU. THEY SEND A LETTER. She told me it was a scam and to report the scam to the attorney general office which i did. I kept calling over and over they kept hanging up on me lolololol thank you jack for exposing them!!!

  12. This guy is a true comic genius, and I thought the Farting Old Man was the funniest, edgiest comedy I'd ever seen. Jack just gets better and better.

  13. I'm glad h&r block does my taxes cause then I can tell these scam crappers to call "them" cause that's who the I r s would have to get a hold of and not me, cause it's their policy, to help us by keeping crappy scammers off of us!

  14. MOST scams feed on the fact that people do not want any legal trouble… IF you think about it, ANY government, financial or any other organization WILL NOT contact you by phone or email…
    NEVER!!! And most even state that somewhere… They will send you a registered letter, IN THE MAIL, notifying you of an issue. NO OTHER WAY IS VALID!!! PERIOD!!!
    Worst case, a constable will show up at your door or work and issue you a subpoena to show up in court… an officer IS NOT going to show RIGHT NOW to arrest you.
    IF you have any doubts, call them directly.
    DO NOT fall for any scammer… EVER!!! NEVER give anybody (unless you KNOW WHO IT IS) any form of payment on the phone or email… it's MOST DEFINITELY a scam!

  15. It is obvious that this is a scammer just from the way he talks – an actual service person would sound much more polite, even when the errand was of a strict nature.

  16. Should have told the "BENCHODE" you were gonna come over there and toss his mud hut in a river! That is what I tell them! THEY REALLY LOVE IT! HAHAHAHA!

  17. Lets see here .. , post 911, post economic collapse , terrorism , some natural disasters to boot ; and this shit ..

  18. Just by his accent I can tell he is a scammer.
    Alot of Indian (India) scammers out there.
    Be careful!

  19. The next time they tell you that you haven't paid Taxes, tell they you don't live in Taxes, you live in Oklahoma (or wherever).

  20. We ‘sended’ paperwork? Come on scammers, you need to learn each and every word for it to sound convincing. Oh, and the thick Indian accent doesn’t help either!

  21. Love your pranks, I laugh so hard my face hurts. You folks are top of the line!
    I found your channel three or four days ago & haven't quit watching.

    You did one with Terrence Williams posing as a hitchhiker with your Mom that was hilarious.
    Get him back for more, you two are perfect compliments to each other. Thanks for helping me get through another day.
    Smiling from ear to ear. God bless.

  22. i don't know why these mother fuckers do this, he sounds like an Indian guy, i am also an Indian but i dont appreciate these bastards, hey guyz please be aware, do not share ur information over the phone.

  23. Unbelievable! They sounded like pure Nigerians. From what I've been TOLD, The IRS ain't even a government agency,it's a private corporation and I think you've just confirmed what I've been TOLD! Our government is a real f*****g coward.

  24. These rughead bastards get our fucking money to start over priced stores, and scam us. Send all these stinking bastards back. They are all no fucking good. Taking over every telephone scam, credit cards,etc…, and don't get me started on the medical field,every fucking worthless doctor is a rughead that doesn't know shit about healing someone, just milking your insurance company.

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