iPhone Microphone Review — 3 Best Microphones for iPhone

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  1. Quick question. I bought a lapel mic and it clips and distorts because of sensitivity. Now iPhone doesn’t have a way to adjust input gain, therefor it’s basically useless. Any tips?

  2. Hey Think Media! I am having trouble and I hope you can help me! I have an iPhone 8+, that does not have a headphone jack… (so annoying right?!) I would like to have a set up with a gimbal and external audio, if you could let me know if you have a solution it would be much appreciated! Thanks 🙂

  3. Any suggestions for Bluetooth microphones for a Garmin VIRB 360 for mountain biking (so outdoor wind noise is an issue)?

  4. I’ve been using my iPhone mic fine for all my vids. It’s actually quite decent if within the 3-4 foot range.

  5. Hey! I bought a videomic me and I'd like to use it on my camera as and external mic. Would a trrs to trs cable still work on the mic?

  6. Great videos 😇 Which smartphone is the most suitable one for indoor music performance recording? – Classical Singing mainly.

  7. Hi. Quite often I go to festivals and concerts (mostly hard rock concerts). I like streaming live video's with Facebook Live. I've got a a decent smartphone, but most of the time when I record something, the quality of the audio is shit (too much noise, bass, deformed sound, etc.). So I'm looking for a solution to this problem. Which device can I use best? Knowing that the device should be small enough to fit into my trouser pocket. Thx

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KXtu4BKOms
    iPhone SE es un gran celular, pequeño, liviano, muy buenas cámaras y sonido. Paso un link dónde grabe solo con el micrófono del celular y el sonido es muy claro. He tenido otros pero este es muy cómodo, práctico y económico. Saludos

  9. Thanks for sharing this. I started watching you for Youtube advice, but my podcast is growing much faster. I was pleasantly surprised when I searched for a podcasting mic I could use with my phone, and I saw your familiar face. If I end up buying one of these in a few days, I’ll use one of your links. 😉

  10. I'm curious what you would recommend for mics if the camera were farther away, say 10 ft or 15? I'm thinking at an event where a lapel mic would be unrealistic.

  11. I recommend the Mic RØDE Me-L ! It’s a game changer and doesn’t break the bank.

    Here’s an in depth review https://youtu.be/PJ0h7-tC-B8

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  13. Hello I have 2 questions: firstly, do I have to download any App in order to use these microphones mentioned above? And second question is actually about the copyright if music: if I purchase a song in iTunes, am I free to use it in my video, or what reglementations and restrictions are there regarding using music? Thank you in advance.

  14. i bought boya and it sounds bad… worse than an inbuilt mic in mac pro computer!! and also worse than inbuilt mic inside samsung s9!!!! don’t believe this biased review

  15. I'm on the hunt for a good external mic with a wind diffuser so I can film better skateboarding clips. Any suggestions?

  16. i have an iphone x and a blue snowball i have the lightning adaptor but when i connect them together the audio is still being filtered through the iphone mic! is there anything Im missing or can do?

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  18. Can you suggest any good wireless mic options for the iPhone? I see that someone already asked this but I didn’t find any responses.

  19. I've got a Rode smart lav, sounds great with my laptop but doesn't work if I plug it into my iPhone with a TRRS to iPhone converter. So – what connector do you use? Looks like you're plugging straight in so your phone must be a 6 or older. What do we do if we have an iPhone 7 8 or X?

  20. The Rode mics are OK quality for double the price. ALWAYS choose another brand when it's available

  21. Hi! I’d love a video on headphones auxiliar mic wires and adapters but you probably already covered the audio adapters here…lol…perhaps include different sizes, such as 3.5mm and 2.5mm, which is how Bose designed their QC35 II headphones…why they did that, it simply beats me…probably so we must buy their mic wire…or go “nuts” over learning and finding good 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapters and their respective, ever so important rings..lol…I appreciate your tutorials and tips! Thanks!

  22. I am trying to figure out how to live stream an event. The phone seems like a great answer, but the only problem is, how do I get good audio from a distance? Are there any wireless microphones?

  23. Thanks for the inputs… Appreciated…was trying to download the video guide. Not able to do so…Please share the link…

  24. These reviews are rubbish. How can you include a mic which isn't even tested in your comparison list. Heres a tip since you like given them out to everyone else. If you want to do a test of mics, then actually use the product.

  25. is there an adapter that will accommodate the new iphone lightening port? Meaning you can take any mic and plug into an adapter that plugs into lightening port? TIA

  26. What would recommend for recording audio when making a video with movement (for example someone cooking or reciting a poem & pacing as they perform). I have an iPhone 7 Plus and I would end up getting a tripod that can be stretched out to different lengths. Thanks!

  27. Hi you really helped me starting my channel! Check it out and lemme know what you think https://youtu.be/gECzuVlkwyg

  28. Ohh my gosh! Why didn't I see this before? Just bought a microphone n wondering why it's not working haha


  29. I love the boya mic. I use it for most of my videos as i am always filming outside, they work brill to stop the windnoise.

  30. Thank you so much for helping to choose right video recording camera
    I am using one plus 6 in my phone noise cancellation is not there so when I go to club parties my video recording audio cracked so Is this video recording mic good for my one plus 6?

  31. May we do an update on this since iPhones for some reason killed their 3.5mm headphone jack…

  32. Looking for a mic that won't have any issues/ interference when recording on instagram live. I've been reading a bit about needing to go on airplane mode with some mics. What would you suggest?

  33. I just got the rode wireless microphones and transmitters (tx-m2) . Thanks for the great review, It is so easy to use. I put them together and the just pair them and I do not have the search for a clear channel and it is always searching for a stronger channel. It is simply a great price !!!!!!!!!!!! It is great for a small production team. Simple. Thanks from Chicago, IL

  34. When i am looking for random items and I see that Shawn has done a video, I ALWAYS go to Shawn first!!! Soo much value man!!!

  35. Do you have a recommendation for a directional mic that would work well with a lightning port on an iPhone?

  36. Hi, are these mics good outdoors, considering the noise and wind level. I live in NYC. Thanks! Always SO helpful!

  37. i actually bought BOYA BY M1 Lavalier Microphone for Smartphones for my iPhone 7 plus and it is still not working. and i don't know why…. any suggestions and help would be appreciated. thank you

  38. I have a lavalier lapel microphone but it doesn’t seem to work. I have an XR, how do you get it to record through it.

  39. I bought the Rode VideoMic Me-L for my iPhone and I found the iPhone mic was better, I could not hear unless I had the volume all the way up and spoke loud unless I was one or two feet away. I think I will try the Boya lapel mic.

  40. Q: What is the big wide lens attachment you have on your phone?
    The "Rode Video Mic Me". Great video. The info was very helpful.

  41. I have a question do any of these mics remove the hiss sound that comes from recording with the original apple headphones?

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