Introducing the Tiny RV Podcast

Introducing the Tiny RV Podcast

Hey everybody if you’re wondering why
there hasn’t been an odyssey camper video for a while it’s because I’ve been
trying my hand at podcasting. If you want to check it out go over to If you’re not sure what a podcast is or how to subscribe to one,
the rest of this video will show you how. I’ll be back soon with another video on
YouTube but check out the podcast and let me know what you think.
Thanks! if you’d like to listen to the tiny RV podcast just go to and look for the tiny RV podcast menu item if you’re on your
mobile phone this will look like a series of horizontal lines you click on
it and the menu will open click on tiny RV podcast and then scroll down to the
episode you want to listen to and click on the play button that’s all there is
to it if you want to stream it however if you’d like to subscribe go down to
this button that says subscribe click on it and you’ll have some options if you
use an iPhone go to Apple podcast when you click on
that on your mobile phone it’ll bring you right to the podcast apps and app
and you can subscribe if you use another platform I recommend Spotify Spotify
lecture listen the streaming music it’s free to sign up with your email and if
you want you can subscribe for commercial free content if you hear a
commercial in one of these tiny RV podcasts it was placed there by the
sponsor by Spotify or or by Apple or whatnot
I don’t think Apple does that but it’s not me there are no advertisements in
here some of you may use stitcher or tune in radio so there are also options
for that on tuning you would just click the heart so if you use tuned in to
listen to your radio programs you can also listen to the podcast there if you
have any questions about how to subscribe just email me at the tiny RV
podcast at and thanks for listening.

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  1. Wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed both the casts so far. Dr John was entertaining and Amy was inspiring. I also appreciate the tips about camping and gear. Overall, your blog, videos and now podcast have been great resources delivered in a clear, no nonsense way. Thanks! Hope to see you on the road one day as I get my granny special 06 Sienna kitted out this Summer, and looking forward to more content.

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