Introducing the JFK35 Podcast

Introducing the JFK35 Podcast

our 35th president, John F. Kennedy brought bold
and inspirational leadership to our country. He inspired citizens to take
action for the greater good. He inspired the
young and the old to venture out into
the world to serve. And he even set a bold vision
which took us to the stars. JOHN F. KENNEDY: We choose to
go to the moon in this decade, and do the other things,
not because they are easy, but because they are hard. JAMIE RICHARDSON: But behind
those powerful moments etched in history,
there was more– a young man who
explored the world. A man who never forgot
who is best friends were, even when rising
in the ranks of politics. A father who played games
with his two children in the Oval Office. In this podcast we will
tell you those stories told through the documents, photos,
and artifacts kept here at the JFK library. SUBJECT 1: What they’re going
to learn is that he was a man, and that he is relatable. A lot of the stories, a lot of
the things that were going on, really bring out the human
side of John F. Kennedy. JOHN F. KENNEDY:
I thought the idea was that that conference
had passed into history, and that you would never have
a chance to ask that question. SUBJECT 2: What he did, what led
to behind it, and what he was like as a person. So give them a
more intimate view of John Kennedy, not just
what did in the ’60s, but how is it relevant today. JOHN F. KENNEDY: Together
we shall save our planet. Or together we shall
perish in its flames. SUBJECT 1: When you
have the ability to talk with the experts who
are working with a collection, it allows for more
information to go out. And it allows for
a richer story. SUBJECT 3: You know,
that he went through that at such a young age, and– they know that he
was a war hero, but when they know why
and how, it’s really even more incredible,
I think, for visitors. SUBJECT 2: The curators, the
archivists, the educators, everyone who works
in the building or works with the
collection, they do such a thoughtful job of
getting the information out. They’re the unsung
heroes, and it’s great to share their
stories in communicating President Kennedy’s legacy. MATT PORTER: So join
me, Matt Porter– JAMIE RICHARDSON: and
me, Jamie Richardson– MATT PORTER: as we sit down
with the experts from the JFK library to dig deeper
into the collections and look back at
President Kennedy’s life. JAMIE RICHARDSON:
And we’ll also speak to historians and
other experts to look at the effect of President
Kennedy’s actions on people’s lives
back then and today. MATT PORTER: This is JFK35,
a podcast by the JFK Library Foundation. JAMIE RICHARDSON:
Subscribe today. JOHN F. KENNEDY: And
so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your
country can do for you. Ask what you can do
for your country. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. That's great! Look forward to listening the JFK 35 podcasts. Keep the good work ; all the Library team! Best wishes from France!

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