100 thoughts on “Introducing Poly: Browse, Discover and Download 3D Objects

  1. When Google doesn't even use there own phone in advertising (add free apps to daydream plz I payed 80 for a VR headset that I could be gotten for 20) and Google pixel 2 xl all blue I'm waiting

  2. Anti-#humanrights Google has recently been exposed by Project Veritas admitting to violating the Civil and First Amendment rights of its users around the world. The company also routinely hands users over to totalitarian governments around the world to be tortured and executed. The SJWs at Google particularly get off on that. But censorship is the reason the company is being sued by multiple people and being looked into by the FTC today, along other questionable dealings related to anti-trust and RICO laws. If you're an SJW and work for Google, you're a disgusting human being.

  3. Fix the searching!! I searched for "guiar" and did not find anything, then I searched for "guitar" and I found 15 things.

    Cool idea though!

  4. Although the idea is nothing new in particular I still think it’s a great implementation especially as you can directly log on with your google account and god material design… 😍😍😂👍🏻

  5. "…the world needs more 3D objects…"

    Yeah your introduction 100% needs more. I saw the same ambulance 5 times!

  6. https://youtu.be/8XKZa8GgIyA what is this Google what the hell are you doing it against Islam I will case on you please delete this video

  7. What's the point? Is this for creators also? What are the prices? Because we got tons of other marketplaces that are way better. Maybe not optimized for simple VR tough. Maybe it is for just people who want to play with 3D models. I don't know. It looks appealing though, would install it alongside sketchfab

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