Introducing Ask Fr. Josh- A New Catholic Podcast

Introducing Ask Fr. Josh- A New Catholic Podcast

Hey, I’m father Josh Johnson, and I want to invite you to tune into my new podcast “ask father Josh” This is a podcast where I listen it to you and respond to your real life situations, real life problems, real life struggles with the beauty of our Catholic faith Life gets really messy sometimes, really sticky situations come up and gets uncomfortable and there’s not always going to be that easy fill in the blank Catholic answer, so the purpose of this podcast is for me to actually listen to your real life problems and walk with you in discerning how our Catholic faith can help you become the greatest saint you can potentially be and your walk toward eternity If you want to tune in you can check us out at You can also find us on iTunes and you can send me questions directly through [email protected] I cannot wait to walk with you toward eternity.

28 thoughts on “Introducing Ask Fr. Josh- A New Catholic Podcast

  1. Thank You Ascension Presents for adding Father Josh to the lineup. He will be in great company here with all of the other great Catholic presenters who teach us so much about our Catholic Church/Faith.

  2. This is amazing and so uplifting!!! Thank you guys and Fr. Josh. God Bless all of you at Ascension Presents!!!

  3. So excited for your podcast Fr. Josh! Everyone Fr. Josh was featured in the first video Ascension Presents made “I will follow”. I recommend for all to watch it! Its such a beautiful story on how Fr Josh and Fr Mike became priests

  4. Father Josh, You are such a great speaker. I am so happy that you have the opportunity to do this. Ascension Presents is known for having great programming presented by faithful priests and lay people. God has given you the gift to speak to the young people in our world. This format you to touch the young and bring them into the faith.
    God bless you Father Josh.

  5. I'd like to know your response to this numerical phenomena that is taking place that's being witnessed by believers in our Holy Father and non believers alike.

  6. Fr. Josh! I stumbled upon this video because of an announcement on Facebook by Ascension. You celebrated the funeral Mass for my grandmother-in-law, Audrey Boucvalt. I'm the person who was the cantor for that Mass. I never got the chance to thank you for a truly beautiful Mass. May God continue to bless your ministry to the people of Sant Amant, LA and those who listen to your podcasts.

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