International Spice Taste Test

International Spice Taste Test

– Today we become seasoned foodies. – Let’s talk about that. (groovy theme music) Good mythical morning. – We’ve had a lot of
spicy stuff on this show, stuff that humans should not consume, we do it for your entertainment, but spicy doesn’t always mean hot. Sometimes, spice is
just the spice of life, just adds flavor, but where
does that flavor come from? I don’t know, lets find out. – Yes, we’ll be tasting a wide
variety of spices and herbs from around the world, and
seeing if we can pinpoint the two using the points on darts. Let’s do it. Where in the world do these
international spices from from? – Okay, so we’re going to taste a spice, and then we are going to guess
where that spice comes from by throwing a dart at, – Woah, oh my goodness. – [Chase] Why did you do that? – I’m sorry. – What in the world is wrong with you? – You gotta give me a heads up man. – I’m sorry, I didn’t know
you were moving over there. – You could have totally gone
through his freaking arm. – I’m a cartographer, I’m not a dartboard. – Chase has to use those hands
to measure things with, man. – Chase, I’m sorry. Chase, I’m sorry man, I’m sorry. – It’s not gonna make up for it. He’s almost hurt me so many times, and injured me so many times
that I’m not surprised, but Chase you okay? – I think so. – I’m surprised you didn’t
say more than you said. – I’m trying to be nice for the fans. – Anyway, Chase is still okay. – Did you catch that, did you miss that? – We got it. So as I was trying to
say, we’re going to guess what country it comes
from by throwing a dart at the board, and of
course, the closer you get, the better it is, so the further you get away, the worse it is. Chase our ill-fitting,
shirt-wearing cartographer, who is totally healthy right now, will measure it and points are bad. Centimeters equals points, points are bad, are you ready, have you recovered? – Yeah, I’m very shook up by that, but thank you for being
concerned for me, I will be okay. The loser has to eat a 25-spice milkshake in the conclusion of
this, let’s get io it. (playful chanting) – Okay, so we’re gonna have all our spices brought in on a spice rack-et. – There it is. – See that, okay, we’ve got the spices loaded into these tennis balls. – This one looks like
– Sugar, flour? – Dirt. Oh, it feels like flour. Oh I’ve tasted this before. – It’s floral. – Tastes kind of like gingerbread. – Yeah, mmm, where in
the world would this be? There’s only one way to try to find out. – Alright, you won last time we did this, that means you get to dart first. Well, I already darted, but
that was a premature dart. – Man, well I’m from the USA and I haven’t really tasted that, I
can’t imagine the dish that that would be in,
like what kind of sauce would that be in? Because, here’s what
I’ll say, it’s not spicy. – Yeah, it’s not really strong. – It doesn’t have a bite
to it, so I don’t think it’s gonna come from like
India, or Brazil, Namibia, that area, this seems like something some cold white people would enjoy. So that is Iceland or Norway. Best guess that I’ve got, so
I’m gonna aim right between em, or way up there. – Went kind of high. Chase, I can’t help but notice that you’re way back here now, you
wanna get in a little bit. – I’m fine over here. – Alright, so you’re gonna stay there, and I’m gonna throw this. I’m only gonna throw one. And I’m gonna throw it, I mean
it tastes like gingerbread, I mean I’ve had that. – You’ve had that in the US? – Yeah. – [Rhett] Okay, are you
had it in the Ivory Coast. – [Link] The Cote D’Ivoire. – [Stevie] Okay guys,
this is called mahleb, and it’s cultivated from
the seeds of a particular sour cherry tree, used
widely as an ingredient in the desserts from Iran. – Iran.
– Iran. – Iran. – I think you’re, hmmm, we’re about even, I might be a little closer
because of my bad aim, Chase. – Rhett you had 30, Link 27. – Neck and neck.
– Out of the gate. (playful chanting) – Alright, another spice, on the rack, Okay, this one’s seedy. – This one’s dark. – [Rhett] I’d go soft on this one. – Looks like snuff. Kind of peppery, smells peppery. – It tastes like something,
was like scraped off the bottom of a shoe. Oh, and it, woah. – Tastes like pepper, secondarily pepper. – Well, it’s getting woo!
– Woo! – What is that, what is that happening? – What is that happening? That’s taste happening. – Okay, and there’s a little spice there. – [Link] It’s very peppery. – I feel very confident
about where this is from. – At first it was very potpourii-y. – I feel very confident about this one. – [Link] There’s a spice here. – [Rhett] Doesn’t mean anything, though. – I just feel like I’d rub
this on some meat, and then – Like this?
– Grill it. – That’s a big piece of meat.
– Yeah. – What kind of meat is
that you’re rubbing? – A Brazilian meat. – Oh, Brazilian meat. – Woah, you almost
actually hit the country, that would’ve been a first. – Well I was aiming for it. – Can you move back a little bit? – Sure brother. – I’m going for the Cote d’Ivoire, which is French for the Ivory Coast. – [Link] Oh, a little high. – I’m high and to the
right today consistently. – Stevie, what’s the verdict – [Stevie] Okay guys,
this is Tasmanian pepper. It’s a rare peppercorn often
used in traditional food like emu burgers and kangaroo steaks. – I knew it would be good on meat. – [Stevie] From Australia. – Australia.
– Ooh, man. – I was on the right track,
but those Brazilians, they, the chushcarara. – Churrascaria.
– Churrascaria. Chase. – Rhett has 56, Link has 62. – Ooh, I got back some points. – Taking the lead Rhett. – Took a small lead. (playful chanting) – Okay, you’re gonna get that big nut. – Well it’s a crushed nut, let’s both go with the crushed side. – Well that’s on, that’s your ball man. – It’s the crushed version of this. – Your ball, your nut. – So I’m gonna, – No, no, you don’t have to. You don’t, eh, okay. Do what you want to. – Ooh, what in the world, like mothballs. – Yep, tastes like something, this is a preservative,
this is a preservative. – How do you even consume that? That’s a, you like that? – I hate it, but I want
to know what it is. – It’s got a vanilla aftertaste to it, that’s the weird thing, is
that like, it’s mothballs with a vanilla center. – Where would they like this? – [Link] Grab your dart brother, you’re gonna have to weigh in first. – It’s just such an unusual taste, where would they need to
preserve something, India. High and to the right consistently. – You think they need to
preserve more things in India than anywhere else? – [Rhett] Yeah, they don’t
preserve anything anywhere else. – They, you know,
– In my book. – Up there in Norway and
Iceland, around those Arctic regions, they bury stuff
and then it ferments, and, – Yeah, that’s true Link.
– Then you sprinkle that nastiness on it. And then somehow it all balances out. But I don’t know. – Just throw it in the middle then. – I’m going for the middle. – [Rhett] Oh, I hope it’s Italy. – [Link] Yeah, I don’t think it’s Italy. – [Stevie] You were on the
right track with vanilla, because these are tonka
beans, and they’re used as a substitute for vanilla. They’re also considered to
be magical and they’re used in love magic and money spells. – Money spells and love magic?
– I thought I was feeling something after eating that. – [Stevie] In Brazil. – Brazil, lots of money magic. – That’s good news for
you Link, bad news for me. – Link you had 29, and Rhett 54. – Oooh, that hurts.
– Yeah. (playful chanting) – Alright, okay, I see
what they’re doing now. They’re showing you
the whole on your side, and then the spice on my side. – So I can eat off of this side this time? – You can eat off of my ball.
– Your royal highness. Alright, so, woo. – [Rhett] You did a pinch, huh? – I did a pinch, I pinched it. – This tastes like an Italian seasoning, and my first thing, is like, – It tastes like tea to
me, it’s got a tea taste, a spicy tea, it doesn’t really taste like an oregano type spice. You get that at first, hmm, this is, – I mean, I don’t know, you go
first, we’ll see what you do. – Chase is trying to flee the scene cause I grabbed a dart, and
he tripped over the thing. So I’m not going with you for Italy here. I’m actually gonna take
a big honking risk. – A big honking risk? – I’m thinking Japan.
– You can think that. What, hey, your throws are
great today by the way. – Yeah thank you.
– I don’t know how, your guessing is okay,
but your throws are great. – What do you think,
you’re thinking Italy? – I think, ah, this is such a big risk, because I’m thinking about going for USA, because I feel like, – USA, USA!
– Cause I love my country. – USA, USA, USA, USA! – My country’s got spice. They’re not gonna just bring
out like pepper for USA, I feel like this is a, – Oh, you think this tricky tricky? – This is like a bay leaf-ish thing. I’m gonna go for the USA. I almost hit Florida, dang it. – [Stevie] I think you’re
gonna hate yourself for this one, because
these are myrtle leaves, and the whole leaf is used to infuse marinades and sauces in Italy. – Your original, I swayed you. We’re both, we’re both
like polar opposites. Well not at the poles, but. – Alright, 32 for Rhett, and 39 for Link. – Oooh, six degree difference. – Well seven actually. (playful chanting) – Okay, more spice, spice
of life, spice, oooh. – Ooh, this one is, this one is colorful. Ooh, that’s gonna be hot I think. This is spicy. (wet lip smacking) – That’s the spice tasting sound. No, no, no, you gotta
keep the mouth closed. It helps, doesn’t it? Doesn’t the country go
straight to your brain when you did that? For me it did.
– Oh it did? – Yeah, I know exactly
what country this is. – Ooh, I chewed up some
of those green things, those are like nutty seeds. – I’ve cracked the case, it’s nutty seeds. – You’re going first this time. – Yeah, so my instinct is Namibia. – [Link] Because? – When I did the (lip smacking), Namibia was formed, I almost poked myself right in the eyeball. – That would have been bad.
– Namibia formed in my, so I’m going Namibia, going
on a one-way trip to Namibia. Or the Ivory Coast. – Now interestingly
enough, I actually think this is Cote d’Ivoire. – Oh really, well aim for it then. – So now I gotta aim for
that, in order to like, maintain my lead. I don’t know, the orange-ness
made me think India, but it didn’t taste like Indian food. Man, it could be India. – Could be anything. What do we know? – [Rhett] Oh, it could be Namibia. – That was, we switched.
– Yeah we did. – [Stevie] Okay, bear
with me for this one. This is shichimi
togarashi, or seven spice, which dates back to the
17th-century herbal medicine shops, and guess where it’s from? – Japan.
– Japan. – [Stevie] Japan. – [Link] Ooh, we were both very wrong. – I would’ve never anticipated
that being from Japan, never. – Link you had 45, Rhett you had 49. – Oooh, wow, this is a tight game, man. (playful chanting) – Okay Rhett, going into the final round, you have to get 20 centimeters, – To win, because you’re
– closer – Up by 19.
– Than me, to win. – Hey, it’s any man’s game. – 20 centimeters is not a
lot on a big world, big map. – [Rhett] Okay, now there’s
a big nut on that side. – [Link] You eat this one. – I, woah, but you know, I do think, – It’s like another nutty seed. – Like what kind of tree would
that nutty seed come from? What kind of country would that be? You smell any, let me
smell it, let me smell it. – Smells like a big pepper. It looks like it has
salt and pepper in it, it’s a salt and pepper nut. How have I not heard of
a salt and pepper nut? – What is this? – I mean, this is someth, whew,
it gets spicy in a second. – Who’s going first on this one? – Me.
– I know where I’m aiming, but I don’t want to say anything because the game is on the line. – First of all, this is
like a very tree-ish pepper. I feel like I’m eating a
tree, but I do like it. – It’s got a definite kick to it. I can see that making
some flavorful dishes. – This is tough, so we
haven’t been to USA, Iceland, Norway, India, or Namibia, or, – We haven’t been to
either African country. – No we haven’t. I think this is a coastal thing, plus it’s kind of in
the middle of the map, so I’m hedging my bets here, Ivory Coast. – [Rhett] Woah, you’re on fire Link. – Where do you think this is, tell me since there’s nothing I can do. – I think this is USA,
– You do? – I think it’s pepper, I
just think it’s pepper, but it’s a big corn, it’s a big ol’ corn. – It’s a big peppercorn? – It’s a big ol’ peppercorn, USA, USA, – [Link] Or Canada. – [Stevie] You were right,
because it is pepper, it’s alligator pepper. It’s a highly sought-after
spice used in a variety of ways, ror baby welcoming ceremonies, naming ceremonies, meet and greets, in The Ivory Coast. – Oh, you did it Link.
– Yes! – You took it home. – You know I’m coming to you Ivory Coast, I love it there. Haven’t even been, but
those big ol’ peppercorns, and baby showers, those
are my two favorite things. – One at a time. I’m going to enjoy a
25-spice milkshake, oh, but I’m not going to enjoy it. – Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing, and once again, Chase, I am sorry, man. – You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Nema from Namibia,
and this is my sister. – Ashley. – And this is my other sister, – Jane. – [Together] And it’s time to
spin The Wheel of Mythicality. – I’m going to enjoy
this 25-spice milkshake, but you can enjoy seeing how it was made if you watch Good Mythical Crew on this channel every Saturday. – Including tomorrow, which is Saturday. – Which is the one where you
can see how this is made. – Click through to Good Mythical
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