International Potato Chip Taste Test

– There’s a whole world
of chips out there. – Let’s talk about that. (groovy electronic music) – Good Mythical Morning. – We’re joined today by
star of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionist, and
self-proclaimed chip lover Janel Parrish.
– Hello Janel! – Hello, it’s true, I do love chips. – Well what’s your favorite flavor? – Salt and vinegar.
– Whoa. – Hands down. – You ready for that?
– Oh yeah. – That is my wife’s favorite flavor too. – Oh I can eat it all day.
– I think I might agree. – The ones that we’re gonna taste today will not include those
because these are more of an international variety of chip from somewhere around the world. It’s time for If We Take
an International Trip, Will We Like the Local Chips? Let’s Taste Now and Strengthen
our General Snack Knowhow. – Oh, I like it when
the title just tells us exactly what we’re gonna do. – Yeah it’s very orienting
but to orient further, in each round we’re gonna
get a bowl of chips to try and again, we’re not gonna
know what flavor it is but we’re gonna use the
flavors that we experience to help us ascertain what country– – Ooh.
– The chip is from. – Yes and we’re gonna
be indicating our guess using one of these tin flags. The points are going
to raise in each round and the winner was going
to get a stache of chips which you know what it is, it’s a mustache made out of chips. – Oh. – [Rhett and Link] Round one. – All right here’s our first chip. – All right.
– Just grab and go. – [Link] Oh I got a
folded one, my favorite. – I feel like I already know. – Whoa.
– You think you know? – I don’t know, yeah, I’m right. – I know as well.
– You know? – Yep.
– All right. – When I first heard that
these existed, I was like huh? – Mm-hmm.
– And then I had ’em. – And you were like mm.
– Yeah. – It’s very tangy.
– It is tangy. – So tangy.
– It’s tangy and purple. – Purple is the key.
– Like a fermented eggplant. And there’s so many choices. – I’ll give you that, purple is the key. – Do you like it?
– I like it okay. I don’t love it for some reason. – I really like it, I
wanna eat the whole bowl but we got more comin’. – I feel like yeah, I feel
like five chips are good. – Hold on I think I know what it is, okay. – [Stevie] You ready? – I’m ready.
– Okay so you’re gonna have to pull your–
– Hands over your flags. – I got it.
– Okay. – [Stevie] In three, two, one. – I think it’s ketchup. Is it–
– It is ketchup but they’re from Canada.
– Ketchup chips from Canada. – Not Mexico. – [Stevie] They pretty much just stated the answer. (Rhett laughs) – So I don’t get a point for ketchup. – Well you thought they were from Mexico? – So this is Canyada, huh?
– Mm-hmm. – (laughs) Yeah. – Those are very famous and very good. – That’s one of the best things that Canadians have offered us Americans. – Ketchup chips. Every time I go there,
every time I go to Canada, my Canadian friends are like,
you have to try ketchup chips. I’m like I know, they’re real good. – That’s what happened to me in Mexico. – Do you smuggle them over the border? Do you smuggle ’em back? – You know what, I eat
my fill there, you know. – Smart. – [Rhett and Link] Round two. – I mean call me crazy but
that looks like a Pringle. – [Janel] I think that’s a
Pringle but they’re very, they’re much yellower than– – Ooh it’s a pungent
smell, is that cheese? – How do you eat your Pringles? – Well sometimes I like to duck bill it. – Do it.
– You know what I’m talking about?
– Duck bill it, girl. – Do you know what I mean, just. – Oh, whoa, nice. Yeah. Isn’t there like a
scientifically suggested way to eat a Pringle? I don’t know if that was it. (laughs) – Yeah we’ve discussed it but– – It’s like this right? – You would think it’d go the other way so it curves with your mouth. – I think that’s a strong cheese. – That’s a special kind of cheese. – You know what, it’s
kinda like taco flavory. – I’ve already voted
Mexico, you trying to get me to go down under again? – Down under.
– Maybe. We’re gonna see, we’re gonna see. – We’ll talk later.
– Good. – I’m thinking, I mean I
don’t wanna give away too much but it almost is like a
cheese that is too much for the typical America palate. That is where I would go with this. – So is this, okay, so
is this like a Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, okay. I’m ready to–
– Ready? – I’ve narrowed mine down. – [Stevie] Okay here we go. Three, two, one. – I think the Germans have done this. – I’m going for the Italian chip. – Okay I went for Mexico. – Why, why? – It kinda feels like Cotija cheese or like a taco-y type of flavoring. – Yeah that’s good. – I feel okay about it. – But Stevie’s gonna
tell us if you’re right. – [Stevie] Okay you were
right they’re Pringles. They’re Pringles and
then tall flavor chips– – What?
– From Belgium. (Rhett groans) – Oh I was so close.
– Yep. – It was the flag that was
laying down next to my answer. – Here’s the thing,
look, Belgium is Germany if you turn it like this. – [Rhett and Link] Round three. – Wow.
– Look at the flavor. – It’s like a–
– Look at the flavor. That should be the slogan for these. You can see it.
– I feel like you can see the flavor. – There’s not much of a
scent, a lot of color. – Ooh.
– Oh. – Packed with flavor though, wait. – Hold on that’s like a nostalgic taste. – Oh that’s weird. – Don’t you taste the nostalgia? – What is this?
– Savory. It’s barbecue-y to me at least. – It is but there’s something else, I’m gonna go with a chip that
looks like it’s got a lot of– – Yeah.
– Seasoning on it. – It’s really hard fried
too, look at the bubble. You see that, that doesn’t
happen on a normal chip but there’s a lot of oil in these. – And I really like these, I
could eat a whole bag of ’em. – I’m going into lick daddy mode. – Do it.
– ‘Cause I, you know, the chewing doesn’t help,
it’s more of just the licking. – Get in there. I can’t identify what that taste is. Barbecue for sure with
something else on top. – It’s a mild barbecue. – What do we have?
– Where’s that from? – You ready?
– Oh no, no. – I’m ready, I’m ready. – [Stevie] Okay I’ll say
three, two, one slowly. Three, two, one. (Janel squeals) – Pakistan.
– Something about this– – I don’t know why.
– Says India to me. – I’m sorry, yeah, I’m
gonna go with India too. – Mm-hmm. – You just went just because–
– It took me a second. I was a little bit late
but I made my choice. – It tastes like a taste I’ve had– – You seem to listen
to, you looked at both of our votes and then you went with him and I’m just curious why. (Janel laughs) – No I just, I can taste some spices. – Yeah that are little bit different. And nostalgic.
– But I can also see how you could think that too. I think they’re both solid choices. – You could see but you didn’t vote. – I don’t have any
nostalgia from Pakistan. – It’s not like my feelings
are hurt or anything. If I’m right, I will be exonerated. – Yes it’s true. – [Stevie] Okay guys, these were Chio Paprika
flavored chips from Germany. – Ah.
– What? – Ah.
– Paprika. – But that’s why I thought maybe. – And paprika I didn’t
think had any taste. – Chio! – These are delicious though. – It just has, what is the word? – I do really like ’em.
– It has a look. (chuckles) It has a look but it
doesn’t have a flavor. – Red paprika.
– These are delicious. – When you want to look like you’re eating really awesome chips. – That’s a good chip,
no points were awarded. – Aw. – [Rhett and Link] Round four. – It has ridges.
– Okay. – [Rhett] Could be a Ruffle
or could be an impersonator. – There’s some darkness in here, Janel. Do you see that?
– I see that. – You see a little, there’s some redness. – I see the darkness.
– Some orangeness and some darkness.
– Whoa. Whoa, mm-hmm. Ooh it’s spicy.
– Hello. – I mean it sneaks up on
you like you don’t expect it and all of a sudden my tongue is on fire. – It’s like a black pepper spiciness. It’s a dark spicy. – It goes beyond that though.
– Whoa. – [Rhett] See, there you go. – Ghost pepper, ’cause it sneaks up. – That’s a pepper.
– Wow. Wow, wow, wow. – Do I dare have another one? I dare. – Where did they–
– Yeah that’s quite a bite in the back of the throat. – Where do they like to live
dangerously with their ridges? – Mm, I’ve made my choice. – You’re that sure about it that fast? – The second one I feel like made me know, but I could be wrong. – Pakistan is still a wild card for me. – Why don’t you guess it? Just guess it, just go
with your instincts. – I don’t know, they got
spicy stuff in Thigh-land. That’s how my dad pronounces it. – Are we ready?
– Are we ready? – [Stevie] You’re all touching your flags. – I’m sorry, I’m ready.
– Okay I’m ready. – [Stevie] Three, two, one. – I’m going, it was either
Mexico or Thailand for me but– – Thailand!
– Oh, you guys, you guys are always wrong together. I’m cool with that.
– We’re gonna see, we’re gonna see, so confident. – India.
– There was a point when we were right together too. – It tastes like it’s got a little bit of Thai chili pepper in there. – Yeah, right.
– Mm-hmm. – I tasted it. – [Stevie] Okay those were Lay’s
Magic Masala flavor chips– – Magic massage?
– From India. – India! India, Link!
– Yeah! – Oh wow.
– Boom! – All right, you–
– I was gonna make a big pop sound but I didn’t
have the strength to do it. I still don’t.
– Hold on. – I’m gonna celebrate! I can’t pop it.
– Aw. (laughs) – You know what, now that
you know it’s from India, taste it again and it feels– – It’s an unpoppable bag!
– Oh no! – They don’t let people like you in India. – Now I can taste it, it’s good. Sit on it. (bag pops)
– Yeah! – Yay!
– Oh my. – [Rhett and Link] Round five. – Now before you accuse
us of being bad at math, which has been happening lately, Link got four points
because we’re increasing the point value each round
so it was one then two then three then four then five then six. So this round’s worth five points. – This is a big one.
– Oh boy. – You know what, some would
argue these aren’t chips. – [Janel] These look like little pastas. – That’s a Bugle consistency. – They’re airy and crunchy. – There is absolutely a Bugle consistency. – Mm, and a very distinct spice. – Wait a second. – That last chip is really
still with me though. – Yeah I know, that one was spicy. This one–
(Janel gasps) – I know it. – You know the spice?
– I think I do. But I’ve been wrong before. – I’m gonna have to eat a lot of them. – Cumin? – What is that? – I don’t know if I like
it but I do keep eating it. – There seems to me that there is a choice that this shape would send
you in, a certain country. – Agreed, agreed, but the flavor– – But I feel like it’s–
– Is opposite. – Mm-hmm, yep. Okay (claps) ready. – I’m gonna make a decision.
– Listen you don’t have to speak in code, I know
you’re talking about Italy for pasta, guys. – It looks like pasta but does it taste– – [Stevie] Three, two, one. – I’m going back to Thailand. – Oh now I’m in Thigh-land. – I went to China.
– That’s right. – [Stevie] These were Kolson
Slanty vegetable flavored chips from Pakistan. – Oh!
– Oh! – Pakistan.
– Man! – Slanty?
– Pakistan. Dang it, I should have– – Wow.
– Oh, vegetable. – It was something in
the flavor that tasted like five spice, Chinese. – Oh really?
– Yeah. But I’m very mistaken.
– Huh. – This isn’t a very–
– No points. – Appetizing. – [Rhett and Link] Round six. – Final round worth six
points so I’m in the lead but it’s anyone’s game. – It is.
– Janel– – I need to be better at
making better choices. – [Link] And here are some
ordinary looking chips. There’s not much to tell just by sight. – Oh. – I smell something interesting– – Lucky for us.
– But I can’t tell what it is. – The smell.
– Smells like suntan lotion. – Whoa, I don’t think I like this one. – [Rhett] Oh my. – No.
– It does, it tastes like– – Ugh.
– You dripped some, you were out puttin’, not
suntan lotion but like actual– – Body lotion. Like scented lotion.
– Yes, yes. Like–
– Ugh! – There might be an SPF. But it’s for your face, you
know that kind of lotion. – Yes I do.
– And then it gets in your mouth a little bit. – It gets in your eyes
and you’re crying all day. You get some in your mouth and– – I almost can’t bring myself
to eat this last piece. – There’s something intriguing about it. – I must ’cause I don’t
know yet what it is. – It’s like licking someone’s
face who just lotioned. – I’d like to lick the
lotion off your face. Complete stranger. – You’ve got a little extra lotion. – It does taste lotiony though. – Okay we haven’t voted
Switzerland for anything and– – They don’t need lotion in Switzerland. – China, Thailand, Italy, Mexico. – Hmm.
– So it’s a place that loves to–
– Lick lotion off faces. – A place that loves to be moisturized. – I don’t enjoy that taste.
– What’s the driest climate? – So weird. – Is that gonna work? Probably not.
– I think I’ve decided. – You ready?
– Yeah I got a guess. – It may be some sort of fruit. – Mm, maybe that’s why, yeah. – [Stevie] Three, two, one. – You know what I’m–
– Oh, we all went different places, oh, oh.
– Oh really? Oh I didn’t see, all right you know what, I’m fine with it.
– You know what Link? I actually think, I
narrowed it down to Mexico and Thailand and felt equally
strong about both of them so I actually think you may have done it. – I hope I did.
– And maybe Switzerland so who knows. – [Stevie] These were
Lay’s Cherry Blossom Milk flavored chips from China. – China!
– Ah! Man! – No one gets–
– Hold on a second. – But look how pretty that bag is. – Now this is the good bag. – It’s a beautiful bag.
– It’s like eating perfume. – Okay so you were
right on when you said– – You can hide it in your sleeve. – I can, I can take it home with me. – Look at that. – Give me the paprika
one too, I like that. – You can smuggle that out of there. – You were right on though when you said kind of lotiony perfumey. – Milky and flowery. – I didn’t like these very much. – And it seems that I win the stache. – You get the stache, oh,
it’s a beautiful stache too. – Put it on.
– Look at this. – Wow. – Oh that fits– – That is beautiful.
– Surprisingly well. – Well hello!
– That is beautiful. – Hello boys and girls,
gather round my chip stache. I’m gonna tell you a tale– – Wow.
– Of, of– – [Janel] Chips. – Of how the potatoes came to be. – (chuckles) I enjoy the accent that seems to have come with the chip stache as well. – I don’t. (laughs) All right be sure to
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