International Movie Theater Snacks Taste Test

International Movie Theater Snacks Taste Test

– Today’s episode’s lookin’ like a snack. A movie theater snack. – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat music) – Good Mythical Morning! – Our novel, “The Lost Causes
of Bleak Creek”, is scary, it’s funny, and it’s
comin’ out on October 29th. We’ve crafted a very special live event for that week called
Bleak Creek Conversations. Now the tickets are limited, and each one comes with
a copy of the book. – What? Each one comes with what? – With a copy of the book, Link! A ticket and a book, in your hands. So scoop ’em up, go to – Speakin’ of scary, it was
a hot movie weekend y’all, with “It Chapter Two” giving clowns all over the world a bad name. Isn’t that right, one of the
stars of “It Chapter Two”, Nic Hamilton? – That’s correct, Rhett and Link. (laughter) – Woo! There he was. – Also speaking of scary, I’m gonna be throwing darts again today. – Yes, you are. Now movie goers around
the world are screaming at scary clowns while throwing back their favorite cinema snack, and today we find out
what sorts of strange food movie lovers across the globe are shovin’ down their gullets. It’s time for “Where In The World Do These International Movie
Theatre Snacks Come From?” – Okay, here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna try a concession stand snack served in a movie theater
somewhere around the world, and we’re gonna guess what country sells that movie theater
snack by throwing a dart at that country on the map over here, and we’ve got Chase, the
theater cartographer. – Yeah, I got an usher’s hat thing. (laughter) – [Link] Don’t raise your
hands above your head– – Sorry. – It’s too revealing. – Well it’s already, it
kinda is just revealing as he stands there, so. – He’s gonna measure how far our dart is from the correct answer. – Okay, and the person with
the lowest score at the end, of course, is the winner. And now listen, I mean, Link
shook things up last time. I shouldn’t have given him my new secret, but he won last time, and that means that I get a special advantage this time. I get the pop dart. A handful of popcorn,
coated in melted chocolate, that I can use whenever I please. – I know your secret. The winner gets a bowl
full of butter fingers, and no, it’s not what you think. (exciting music) – What is happening here? – We have some sorta stack situation. There’s– – [Rhett] There’s a
straw that goes through a bowl of orange chicken. – Fried chicken sauce on a bed of rice. – Well, first of all, can you taste the rice and the chicken? – Well it’s weird because–
– By sipping coke through it? – When I’m drinking the coke, it starts to taste like
fried chicken, because– – Because you’re smelling it.
– Because that’s all I’m smelling. – You’re calling it fried chicken. I know it is but typically
I would call this like, an orange chicken, or–
– Well, what color, let’s see if it’s orange. – Yeah. – That’s pretty much orange chicken. – This happens at a
movie theater somewhere? – All right. Since you’re getting the
advantages this time, because I’m the reigning champ, in the short term,
– Yep. – For darts, I’m gonna go
first, giving you the advantage. – Why don’t you keep
your chicken on the dart? That would be great. – Nah, I’ll just save that for later. Now, because this, I mean it’s orange chicken on rice, you know, this is like a East
Asian type situation, right? I mean, I’m just gonna, I gotta throw over there
towards South Korea. – Don’t forget, if you miss
the board entirely, it’s 50cm automatically, so
– Here we go, South Korea. – Don’t get too close to the edge. – [Link] Oh! – [Chase] Not bad. – [Link] Yeah, thank you Chase. – I mean, yeah, this
has gotta be in the area that you threw it in, right? But which one is it? I’m actually leaning
more towards Philippines. Because in my experience, the Philippines have been a
little bit more experimental with this kinda thing. Like, stacking things,
and this, it just feels– – Have you ever been there? – No, but I’ve been on the Internet. – And your experience with the Philippines on the Internet… Okay, it’s a little lower,
seemed to be what you wanted. – [Rhett] Mm-hmm. – [Stevie] You just ate Chicken Pile, which is a serving of
boneless chicken thighs glazed in honey soy sauce,
served on top of rice, on top of a fountain drink. Chicken Pile is sold at movie
theater concession stands in the Philippines. (cheering drowns out speakers) – Dang, I almost hit it. – Yep, Link had 12 and Rhett had 4. – Ooh. – Nice. (exciting music) – Am I missing something,
or do I just have like– – You have ice. – A cup full of coke? – No, that’s not coke, friend. – Oh. – Hold on, that’s prune juice. – Oh my gosh, it’s very medicinal. I don’t know that it’s prune juice. – I think I could sip on this. I would be afraid to. – If I knew what it was, I might like it. – It’s one thing to get up in the middle of a movie and take a whizz (laughs), it’s a whole ‘nother thing
to drop the kids off. Okay, here we go. – Right Rhett, you’re
gonna toss first this time. – [Rhett] Okay, again,
I’ve spent a lot of time on the Internet, and what
I know about prune flavor, is that it’s used in Asian
cooking, but it’s also something, there’s like, I might call
it plum, rather than prune, which, think about it,
plum is prune (laughs). I learnt that last week. I think this is in India,
is what I’m getting at, is they have that plum
sauce that you can get– – Oh, with the naan? – Yeah, you can get with the naan, and I think this is an iteration on that. So I’m going for– – It seems like a stretch to me. – India.
– Go for it. – [Link] Ooh, you almost hit India, which is the wrong answer. – Okay. – I’ve got a lot of experience on the Internet with Portugal. – Oh. – [Link] Maybe it’s just
‘coz it starts with a P and so does prunes. – That’s a good reason. – All right, so I’m thinking Portugal. – [Link] Ooh. – [Rhett] Man, that technique is really– – [Link] Yes.
– I mean– – Thank you for that.
– You get so close to what you guessed now. It’s not as fun as it used to be. – Yeah, (murmurs). – You used to be so far away from the guess.
– Are you at ease now, Chase? – I definitely am, you seem
a lot more confident than– – Is this prune juice? – [Stevie] This is not prune
juice, it’s called Kvas, which is a fermented
Slavic beverage made from rye bread and commonly
referred to as black bread, and it’s served in movie
theaters in Russia. (Rhett laughs) – Ooh. – Yeah, which is pretty
close to India. (laughs) – Okay, so you’re measuring to the, to like the dot in Russia?
– Yeah, that’s been the rule for like, three years, man. It’s a questionable
rule, but it’s the rule. – All right, Link had 26 and Rhett had 17. – Oh, thanks for falling behind. – It ain’t over. (exciting music) – Looks like we got squid, Link. – Oh man, there’s like–
– We’ve been squid-ed. – There’s like the heads of squid, and then there’s like the tails of squid. Or is that the legs? – I don’t think I’ve enjoyed
this part of the squid before. – Yeah, I mean, fried squid
is fine because it’s fried, but this is difficult for me. – It’s not bad. It’s not good. – There’s something stuffed inside of it, is that squid guts? – Yeah. – You sure it’s not like, cottage cheese? – I think that’s just what the
inside of a squid looks like, I don’t know. – They shoulda got rid of that. – Wouldn’t you wanna eat that while you’re watching a movie though? What? Okay, you don’t want that
happening next to you when you’re trying to
really get into a movie, so. – Right, it’s worse than
being on your phone. – Okay, I’m in the lead, I’m
still gonna go first here. It feels like the obvious answer is when seafood finds its way into situations that most people in the west
would find disagreeable, it’s usually something that’s
coming from an Asian country. So, just going by that logic, I would say that this is
Indonesia or South Korea. Man, but that’s, if I’m wrong,
and it’s Brazil or Colombia, but you know what, you gotta
go with your instincts. South– – You’re up by 17, so. – South Korea. – Oh, going for the guess though. – (yells excitedly) Philippines. – Hmm, I’m still thinking Portugal. – Okay. – I mean, there’s loads
of squid everywhere. They’re just squid-ing all
around the ocean. Coming– – It is a seafood-heavy country. – I gotta hedge my bets a little bit. Halfway between your dart and Portugal. – (enthusiastic noise) Right there. – [Rhett] Nice. – [Stevie] Okay, you
just ate buttered squid which is a chewy treat that’s grilled, buttered,
and tossed with soy sauce. Buttered squid is served in
movie theaters in South Korea. – Dang it, god! All right, I’m glad I
went to the right sum, so you’re not pulling that far ahead. – Yeah, I mean, it wasn’t
that big of a difference. – All right, Rhett had 9 and Link had 20. (both inhale deeply) (exciting music) – Got one little ramekin here. What, are these ants? – [Rhett] They look to be ants. – [Link] What is this big
black thing, like a tail? Or an ant antler? – Well let’s eat it and find out. (crunching sounds) Got a real bad after taste. (Link coughs) – The aftertaste is like, the woman who was my
babysitter when I was in like, early grade school, like her breath– – Oh, the aftertaste of your babysitter? – Her breath is like this aftertaste. – That sounds like
something you flip through very quickly in the info
guide on your cable. (both laugh) No, no, no, we’re not gonna watch that. (laughter) – Oh gosh, so, I’m
losing, so you’re gonna– – So I’m going first again. – You’re gonna dart again. – So you’re gonna have the advantage of the reasoning that I’m about to say. I don’t know if it’s
gonna be good reasoning. – Gosh, it’s horrible. – Now, okay. Again, Asian countries
have shown a propensity to be probably the most
adventurous in food, you know, on the planet, I would say. So, you would think– – Which planet? – Insects at the theater, oh this has gotta be probably Indonesia, because that’s the last East
Asian country that’s left, but I know for a fact
that ants are a big part, like large ants, is a
very South American thing. I think that this is probably Brazil, but because I have a lead, I’m going to kinda just hedge
my bets and aim at Africa. – [Link] Okay. He has hit Africa. – [Rhett] It’s not an option. – I’m gonna make this simple on myself, I’m performing so horribly today, instead of thinking about this, I’d rather consult one of the stars of “It Chapter Two”, Nic Hamilton. – I’m Nic Hamilton. – Hey Nic. – How you doing? – I’m doing good. – Whatta ya got? – Well, I’ve got ants. – Okay. Always wanted to try an ant. It’s flavored in some, that’s, I don’t like it.
– Yep. – I don’t like it. – There’s a second taste.
– Don’t like it, yeah. – That’s weird, that aftertaste is weird. – Now, you’re from the land down under. – I am, but it’s not there. – Right, so is that going
to help you help me? – I mean, we’re close to Asia,
and I don’t recognize it, so I don’t think it’s Asia. I mean, Rhett said Brazil
but then hedged his bets, so I’m thinking we just
go straight on Brazil. – All right, I’m gonna aim for Colombia, because that might (laughs), that might, that’s how I’m gonna hit Brazil. – Oh fair, okay, gotcha. – [Link] Ooh, a little high. – [Nic] Shoulda aimed for Brazil. – All right, Stevie? – [Stevie] Okay, so you were right, you did just eat ants, roasted ants. Leafcutter ants are believed
to be an aphrodisiac, and are served at traditional weddings and in movie theaters all
over the country of Colombia. Oh, happy movie watching. – We got it. – Yeah, Rhett had 27 and Link had 8. – Oh.
– All right, we’re pulling back closer, thanks to
star of “It Chapter Two”, Nic Hamilton.
– I don’t wanna eat any more ants so I’ll leave, that’s good. (exciting music) – Got some chicken wings? – Some sorta fried, mushy thing.
– Oh, it’s plantains. Oh man, these are so good. – [Link] And there’s that dip. – [Rhett] There’s like a caramel sauce. That’s the best thing that
I’ve had this entire show. (laughter)
– Wow. – And– – I could eat that in a movie theater.
– That’s great movie theater food, for real. Now, Link– – You’re still winning. – I’m winning, so I can go first, but I am going to employ my
pop dart, because, (laughs) – It’s a power that you have.
– Because I’ve never gotten a cheat before, and I wanna use it. – Fried banana.
– You want me to do that, you want me to go now? – Yeah, I at least want
some advantage to go second. – So, the rule is anywhere
there’s chocolate, you can measure from. – [Chase] Got it. Well, there’s also a rule about how much chocolate you can
put on the popcorn, it’s now. Stop! All right man, it is not gonna be easy to clean up all that chocolate. – I mean, I could miss
the board altogether. – That would make it worse to clean up. – I mean, that could happen. I’m gonna have to… – Oh, you’re gonna, you’re not gon’ put it in your hand first? And then toss it? – No, I’m gonna toss the,
either the whole thing, or just the contents at the board. I think I’m gonna do the
contents at the board, because it’s like a shotgun level spread. I’ve never gotten a cheat
before, I wanna do it right! – Sometimes it doesn’t help. – I know, I’m almost positive
the answer is Brazil, and I should just throw a dart at it, but I wanna use the cheat. Here we go. (grunting noises) – [Rhett] I almost missed. – [Link] Okay. The thing is it’s not
Brazil, it’s Portugal. I’ve got a connection with Portugal. – Yeah, these are really good. Coulda just thrown the frickin’ dart, man. – All right. Let’s see, so, for strategic purposes, I am gonna aim for Brazil,
but my answer is Portugal. For the win. Oh, man it! (laughter) – [Rhett] It’s gonna be close, man. – [Link] All right, Stevie. – [Stevie] It’s a fried banana, but I’m gonna let Davin take it from here. (Davin speaks in foreign language) – Indonesia. – Man, there’s some– – I’ll be dang-it! – There’s some chocolate
over there next to Indonesia, isn’t there Link? – [Chase] There is, right there. – I’ll tell ya, they got
it figured out over there. – Rhett had 14 and Link had 59. (Rhett laughs) – All right, Rhett. – Wow, that cheat really, you know, having a cheat– – Let’s bring in the butter fingers. – Really helps. – A gift for, for Rhett (murmurs). – Oh, thank you. – [Nic] It’s Butterfingers. It’s butter and fingers.
– [Rhett] Oh, thank you. Oh, and look, I can
just, I can put ’em on. – I would recommend not, but that’s fine. – Oh my gosh, that is not appetizing. – Enjoy it. – I’m a winner, I’m a winner again! Thanks Nic. – No worries, I’ll leave that. (laughter) – Buttery. – Thanks for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – [Person With Glasses]
Hello Rhett and Lee, my name is Danish, and as you can see, I’m about to watch “Avengers: Endgame”, and it’s time to spin to the wheel, (speaks in foreign language). – ‘Bout to enjoy some cinema snacks. Click the top link to watch us try British movie theater
snacks with our friends from Sorted Food and Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the
Wheel of Mythicality gonna land. – [Rhett] Do a blind
taste test in your sleep with our mythical sleep masks, available now at

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