International Breakfast Taste Test

International Breakfast Taste Test

Can we tell where breakfast comes from
just by tasting it? Let’s talk about that. ♪(intro music)♪ Good Mythical Morning. Breakfast is widely regarded to be
the most important meal of the day, – Hm mm.
– followed closely by (silly voice) second breakfast. What about elevenses? What about it? (laughs) Luncheon? All of those are important,
but when you’re in America, you pretty much just have
to settle for beggs– – (crew laughs)
– (silly voice) Beggs. – Bacon and eggs for short.
– Beggs, which is my way of saying – eggs and bacon, or bacon and eggs.
– Eggs and bacon. – Or add a little cheese.
– Boring! That’s all we get is beggs. But we’re going
to get out of this country, and go around the world,
and see how people fuel their day, right off the bat. It’s time to play, (both singing) Where in the world did
these international breakfases come from? Breakfases.
Okay, this is how this is gonna work, we’re gonna be presented
with a breakfast, or as my kids, when they were younger,
called them, “Breath-tasis”. And we’re gonna eat those
and then guess where, on Earth, they are, and we’re gonna articulate that
using darts and a big old map over here, with a cartographer. (Link) Chase, the cartographer, is there.
He might get hit. We will not be throwing
the darts at Chase, although he is wearing a map shirt. (Rhett) We will be throwing at this map.
The way you guess is by throwing it at the country that you think it is. And this is like golf.
Remember, we played a game – sort of like this before.
– With sauces. The closer you are to the actual guess,
the better. And, in fact, if you land in the red,
it’s zero. If you don’t land in the red,
or you land in the wrong country, we measure from the little point
that’s marked there. (Rhett) From the bulls-eye in each country
and then we add up the total score (Rhett) and the person
with the lowest score at the end wins. – Just like golf.
– Wins a special mythical breakfast. Let’s get in with it. ♪(A cappella music)♪
– (both) Round one. Alright, bring it in,
I guess that’s what you meant, Link. Let’s get in with it. Oh. Okay. (Link) We got some sort of a cake
with… mayonnaise, or sour cream. I doubt it’s mayonnaise. And apples. It’s a bland looking thing. Are those potatoes?
No, that is apples. Oh, it’s so nice though. Is that cotta– Is that cream cheese?
Is that cottage cheese? What is that? It’s a cheese. (Rhett) It’s almost like an English muffin
meets a pancake. It’s yogurt.
I think it’s yogurt. It’s good whatever it is. Does it taste different on the desk? – (laughs) You saw that?
– (crew laughs) Where do you think I am? Well I didn’t know
how your periphery worked. I was looking right at you
when you did it. Man, that’s good.
You going in for another bite? Who’s gonna go first?
I’ll go first. Man, that’s so good. – The cheese.
– It is good. (Link) I think anything up there,
like Iceland, Sweden, or Alaska (Link) is gonna have some nastiness
that this doesn’t have in it. Really? Okay, interesting. Okay. – (Rhett) Oh.
– (Link) Whoops! (Link) It hit the white ocean. So I’m going to have to ask you
to step back, Link, so I can get somewhat
as close as you were. I’m not telling you what I aimed for.
It obviously wasn’t what I hit. I’m aiming for Iceland,
because I believe that this might be from Sweden (laughs). And I just feel– I have a tendency
to go a little bit to the right. – You think this is Swedish?
– Yeah. They don’t have apples up there, do they?
It’s too cold. (both) Oh. (Rhett) Hopefully it’s Morocco. (all laugh) (Stevie) This is Syrniki,
which is a cottage cheese dumpling, (Stevie) or, in this case, a pancake,
it’s topped with sour cream (Stevie) and caramelized apples
and pears from Russia. – Oh!
– Russia? That was the one that we could
have actually hit, Link! Dang! Russia’s so big. Well, I think I did take–
I won that round. You are closer to it. Chase, how are we faring? – Rhett, you had thirty four centimeters,
– (ding sound) – and Link, you had fifty.
– (ding sound) – (Rhett) Okay.
– (Link) Oh. Hm. Not a good start for the Linkster. No, but this right here was a good start. Really, really good.
I’m moving to Russia, maybe, – Very good.
– but it’s early in the game, I can’t make a decision yet. ♪(A cappella music)♪
– (both) Round two. Look at this.
Oh gosh. This looks like a bowl of chili. (Rhett) This looks like leftovers. (Link) Is this a bowl of leftover chili? So there’s chickpeas. That’s a clint (laughs).
A clint. That’s a clint. (laughs) Hold on. (Link) We went to high school
with a guy named, Clint. – I never knew he–
– No, let me tell you what happened. I said hint and clue together,
and that’s a clint. – (crew laughs)
– Right. I was like, I started saying a clue,
and then I changed it to a hint. – Clint always loved breakfast.
– He did. You remember good old Clint? Oh, that’s– oh! (Link) Now there’s a hard boiled egg
in the corner, (Link) I’m gonna get a little bit of that. This is so good,
and I think I know where it’s from. I get to go first, don’t I? It’s a little bit spicy.
It’s got some– Got a lot of tomatoes, chick peas. I need no more tasting to know. – It doesn’t–
-This is from Morocco. It doesn’t taste like breakfast to me. I’m gonna touch you on the belly,
unless you get out of the way on your own. Alright, it’s got chickpeas.
This is from Morocco. (Rhett) (yells) Oh! Dang, that’s close to Morocco. Yeah. Yeah it is!
I hope I’m right. The only thing is,
it’s not from Morocco. Oh. You think it’s from Madagascar? It’s from Nigeria. Okay, alright. (Link) I think you might be right
with Morocco, but you’re so close to it, I gotta try something else
to assert myself. Really? That’s interesting logic. (crew laughs) ‘Cause I could be wrong. So good though. – (Link) Hmm.
– (Rhett) Well… Well, shoot! – (Stevie) Okay, guys.
– What is it Stevie? (Stevie) The dish you’re eating
is called, Shakshuka. Shakshuka! (Stevie) Which is a dish of eggs poached
in salsa tomatoes, chili peppers and onions, – (Stevie) often spiced with cumin.
– Hmm. (Stevie) In it’s present egg and vegetable
base form, it is from Morocco. – (yells) Yeah! Woo, woo, woo!
– Aww. I mean, I was pretty close to Morocco,
except when I look at your dart, – (Link) which is closer.
– (Rhett) It’s so good. Chase. – Alright, Rhett, you had four.
– (ding sound) – Link, you had nine.
– (ding sound) – We were both close, man.
– Hey, pretty good round. Pretty good round
if I do say so myself. ♪(A cappella music)♪
– (both) Round three. – Hmm.
– Oh, this is a full meal. This is–
Good gracious. – (Link) Look at this.
– (Rhett) I’m going to have to go – (Rhett) to work on this one.
– (Link) What is this disc? (Rhett) That’s a sausage. – It’s a hard sausage.
– (crew laughs) What is this?
This is like a cheese? It’s so hard. (Link) What is this? (Link) I think that’s a fried
piece of cheese. – (Rhett) Man!
– That’s hardy man. This is so good. And we got this onion
and this stove-top stuffing. (crew laughs) I know where they like pickled onions. (Rhett) So that’s my guess. This cheese, I could live off this. I can’t figure out what this is, though. But, do you need to? It’s starchy.
It’s like taters. Middle Eastern taters? (Link) Hmm. You’re up, did you get
any clints from this? These pickled onions. That’s a clint for me. Man, so salty.
They like the salt. I don’t know. (Rhett and crew laugh) Alright, you hit Antartica,
which was not a choice, – Went a little low.
– and it was also not on the map. I hit– I missed the map. New rule. If you miss the board,
you get a mulligan. Alright, now I’m–
After that, I’m just aiming for the board. (crew laughs) (Rhett) Saudi Arabia. Like, seriously, aiming for
the middle of the board. (crew laughs) What do you think it is? Now that I’ve thrown,
you can just say it overtly. I would be willing to bet
all of the money I’ve ever seen, (Rhett) that it’s either Iceland,
Sweden or Alaska. But this is kind of American. It is, isn’t it? This could be like an Alaskan,
but the cheese and the pickled onions. – Nope, Sweden. Sweden.
– Just throw your dart, brother. – (Link) Oh!
– (Rhett) Or Morocco (laughs). Morocco. I have a Morocco magnet, man! I got a fricken Moroccan magnet
on my darts. What do we have here, Stevie? – (Stevie) This is called, los tres golpes.
– Golpes? – (Stevie) Or, the three hits.
– Three hits. (Stevie) It consists of mangu,
which is boiled plantains, (Stevie) the stuff that you thought
was starchy; (Stevie) queso frito, which is
the fried cheese; – Fried cheese.
– (Stevie) fried salami, and fried eggs, (Stevie) from the Dominican Republic. – Exactly.
– Ohh! You were so wrong.
I beat you on this one. Chase, how to we stand? You didn’t beat me (laughs). On no, I didn’t.
You’re green. Link, you had thirty nine, and Rhett was twenty five centimeters. I’ve been to the Dominican Republic
and they didn’t give me this. Plantains. I didn’t know
this was plantains. – That’s what–
– That would have been a dead giveaway. – Would have helped.
– Dead giveaway. I don’t think it tastes like a–
I can smell it now. – I’m still losing.
– You’re digging a hole here, Link. – Yeah.
– Even though I’m horribly wrong. ♪(A cappella music)♪
– (both) Round four. This one is definitely going to be
from a cold culture, (Rhett) ’cause it’s a soup. – Eugh!
– (laughs) This is, like, gelatinous. It’s grits, with– – (Link) Is it grits?
– (Rhett) There’s a jalapeno, (Rhett) and there was
a poached egg in there. (Rhett) What– Is that a sausage? This is so spicy. It’s hitting me too. I hit a part.
I hit a part, it’s a spicy part. (strained) Oh, man.
Clint didn’t want this. I’d be willing to bet
all the money I’ve ever seen. – (crew laughs)
– Yeah, keep betting that money. In spite of yourself,
you’re whooping me, handily. Um, this feel Argentinian. – (Link) Alright.
– (Rhett) Because it’s got jalapenos in it, and egg.
This is– – Gotta make a choice, McLaughlin.
– I really feel like this is a– I gotta make a choice here. This also could be Nepalese. (Rhett) They have Jalapenos over there? It feels like something you would eat
at the foot of a mountain. Nepal. (Link) Oh, man!
See, I thought this was Thailand. ‘Cause Thai food, they’ll throw
a little spicey in something. They will, and they’ll do
a little donut-ish thing. (Link) Man! I was gonna go for Thailand,
but I’m losing so poorly – that I’ve gotta go–
– Argentina? – I’ve gotta go opposite you.
– (Rhett) Okay. Were you tricking me
when you said Argentina? I may have been tricking you
the whole time, man. – ‘Cause you don’t know.
– (Rhett) Exactly. (Rhett) Just throw it. (Link) Uh. Hit kinda high. Okay, what have we got, Stevie? (Stevie) This is a thick rice porridge
called, jok. – Joke?
– (Stevie) Jok. (Stevie) It’s made from broken rice
boiled in water, broth, (Stevie) and then enriched
with mince pork balls, sliced chicken (Stevie) or poached shrimp,
– Pork balls. (Stevie) and often raw egg,
lightly cooked in a hot porridge. I’m bad. I’m bad off, man. (Stevie) From Thailand. – (laughs)
– Dang it! I’m getting good–
Lucky today. You’re acing the test
in spite of yourself, man. Okay, what have we got
right now, Chase? – Alright, Rhett, you had seven centimeters.
– (ding sound) (Rhett) That’s pretty close. And Link, you had forty eight.
– (ding sound) Argentinians need to look into this, man. They would love this,
down there in Argentina. They would love it. ♪(A cappella music)♪
– (both) Round five. Seventy to one forty six! Okay, but you know what, Link? (Rhett) I believe that there’s enough room
on that map to accommodate a win, (Rhett) if I’m horrible wrong,
and you’re horribly right, in the last round. Uh oh. Speaking of horrible,
whatever’s squiggled on top of this, is not going to be to my liking, I bet. – (Link) It looks like a worm.
– Why’s it on everything? – Hmm.
– (Rhett) This is gonna be – (Rhett) some sort of fish paste.
– It’s stinky fish. I don’t even have to taste this
to know it’s from Iceland or Sweden. Well you better. – (Link) Hold on. There’s an egg.
– I bet all the money I’ve ever seen. Eat it on the egg. Why aren’t you doing it? I’m just gonna watch you do it. (Link) Alright. (crew laughs) Who you waving at?
Clint? Hey Clint! I need Clint to come
and be a surrogate taster. (Link) Oh my gosh. Man, you making be scared. Try that.
Try that on for size. – (crew laughs)
– (coughs) (gags) (Rhett) Oh come on, man.
Take a trip to Iceland with me. – (gags)
– (crew laughs) It tastes like it’s good for you. (Rhett) It tastes like you got
some of those fish– (gags) Fish oil pills, and then you decide
to chew them instead of swallow them. – (pained sounds)
– That’s what it tastes like. Who’s going first on this round?
Me? I think you need to
since I’m losing so poorly. Okay, Link, as I have stated,
I would bet all the money I’ve ever seen, that this is from Iceland or Sweden. (Rhett) But, you know what?
It could also be from Madagascar. I think it is, Rhett.
I think you’re right. I think you’re on to something. (Link) What’s around Madagascar? – Water.
– Every side. Fish. And what do those fish make?
Squiggly pink lines on stuff. Listen, I think it’s Iceland or Sweden. (Rhett) But, you know what?
It might be Madagascar. Do you want Madagascar?
Or do you want me to take Madagascar? I’m gonna be the bigger man,
I think you should take Madagascar. (Link) Oh!
So close to that wrong answer. Thanks for helping me out here. Okay, alright,
let’s see what you got, Link. – Man.
– ‘Cause if you hit Sweden right (Rhett) in the middle of that bulls-eye,
you’ll get zero, man. Right in the middle. Alright, I’m going for Iceland. (both) Oh! (Rhett) Pretty nice. Can I make up the difference? (Stevie) Okay, guys.
This is creamy, smoked cod caviar spread (Stevie) known as Kalles spread
on eggs and toast– Eww! It’s caviar?
I just burped a little bit. (Stevie) From Sweden. – Sweden! I got all the money
I’ve ever seen back. (Link) It’s not Iceland. Chase, what’s our result this round? – Alright, Link, you had nine,
– (ding sound) – and, Rhett, you had thirty one.
– (ding sound) So, over all, that means
you still win, Rhett. So congratulations. I win a special breakfast? You win the special mythical breakfast. Listen, I’ll share a little bit
of the breakfast with you, because of my totally ridiculous bet,
where I lost all the money I’ve ever seen about this– That one thing being
from the icy countries. You can have some of my breakfast. Thanks for liking, commenting,
and subscribing. You know what time it is. – I’m Greg.
– And I’m Jen. And we’re from Dayton, Ohio. And we’re in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. When you eat breakfast,
you should accompany it with a drink, in a Good Mythical Mug,
available at Also, make sure you watch
this week’s episode of Good Mythical Crew tomorrow morning, where you can see
a competition for the breakfast (Rhett) that was made,
that we’re about to eat in Good Mythical More. Click through for that. (Rhett) Hit men hired to kill each other. Hey. What’s your guy look like? Well he’s kinda tall.
What’s your guy look like? He’s got glasses. What else about your guy? He’s got on a plaid shirt today,
I heard. Your guy’s got a beard, and– He’s wearing a badge,
he’s some sort of a– Your guy? Or… your guy? – My guy.
– Yeah. [Captioned by Jack
GMM Captioning Team]

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  1. Watching this with my mom. ”This is a kaviar called ”Cawles.””

    ”Kalles!!!” *Mom laughing really hard*

  2. i, as a Bonafide American, can confirm that we enjoy a healthy serving of beggs every morning

  3. Swedes and Norwegians loves kaviar (that's what it's called here don't come for me) so much that there are even vegan substitutes for it – because people miss eating it so much after they go vegan. It's a very normal thing to eat on sandwiches, and I really didn't think they would think it tasted that "strong", seeing that even kids here eat it all the time.💁‍♀️

  4. To make it fair the whole "darts" element should be eliminated from these games seeing as how Poindexter in the glasses throws like a drunken mongoloid!

  5. Well I love you all but we don't eat that for breakfast in Morocco 😂 it's more for lunch, you need to try some Msemen and baghrir and Moroccan mint tea, maybe some khlii with eggs for real Moroccan breakfast :3

  6. The only one I recognized was the one from Thailand ONLY BECAUSE of Uncle Iroh from ATLA making it for him and Zuko that one time 😂😂😂

  7. Link is a bit of a wuss, ive had a lot of nasty foods in my time and none of them have ever made me come even close to gagging

  8. The sweden breakfast, how is the picture of eggs with mayo and crispbread anywhere near what they are having ? It looks like fish on a tube on regular toasted bread. It does look like a bad breakfast tho

  9. This is hilarious to watch cause I’ve been eating toast with egg n kaviar all week 😂😂😂 It’s so good! (I’m from Norway tho)

  10. Russians don't really have categories for food, like breakfast, dinner etc. You cook food you crave, and eat it till it's done.
    So you could have rice and meat for breakfast, sandwitch for lunch, and then pankakes for dinner.

  11. Whenever I see Americans (or other non-scandinavian countries) eating kaviar and egg. It always irks me that they put on WAY TOO MUCH kaviar…. The taste will be too strong.. (of course, this is an individual preferance.) But especially for a first timer.. Way too much, way too strong a flavour.

    But then again.. They don't like salty liquorice over there either so.. Might just be their taste buds ;P

  12. It's funny how America always sees Scandinavia as this ice wasteland. I have no idea how it happened but it's very far from the truth. Last winter we barely got any snow at all (Of course I can only speak for Denmark on that)

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