Today we have BluesDank and WildSpartanz with another video on meme playlist if you like this I can totally make it a series comment down below if you’re interested Kingani: HAHA
WildSpartanz: Oh My F***ing God. Kingani: What day is Today?
BluesDank: Ah, its Wednesday Kingani and BLUESDANK: Wednesday, Wednesday Wednesday, Wednesday
Kingani: Wednesday it has to be Spartanz: We get its Wednesday BluesDank: Its wednesday my doods Kingani: it has to be wednesday There’s no other meme. It could be it’s Friday. So only got like another day meme BLUESDANK: It’s Friday Kingani: WHAT DAY IS IT? Kingani: YEAH Spartanz: OH WHAT A SHOCKER. Kingani: WOW! DUDE SPARTAN and KINGANI: I DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING KINGANI: NO I DIDN’T EITHER KINGANI: YES! YES! HAHA LOOK AT HIS FACE BLUESDANK: I feel like i’m in in 2011 again *KINGANI DIES INSIDE* KINGANI: I love that video KINGANI: Pubg Spartanz: BOOM KINGANI: OF COURSE KINGANI: REALLY? KINGANI: A DOUBLE WHAMMY BLUESDANK: Holy ShI KINGANI: AWH KINGANI: WHAT???
SPARTANZ: HAHA Dark Souls remastered your boss so we could I’m just imagining things and I don’t want to imagine stop it When they announced me it’s not pub do you map It’s so random like why his arms are tiny this funky This is a new for time he has an afro Brandon. He’s a fucking afro, its Hoover We’ve updated our privacy policy KINGANI AND SPARTAN BOTH DIE OF LAUGHTER This is actually pretty cool like on the YouTube rewind KINGANI: OH NOO REALLY? KINGANI: HOLY F***
SPARTAN: HAHA SPARTAN: HAHAHA You’ve gotta be joking. That’s actually pretty good but that’s like horrible Kingani: Look at his face Spartan: The inside of the hurricane BLUESDANK: Just KSI Smiling Spartan: Just humble boosted. Oh my god, no thinks of this and like BLUESDANK: Oh… ANI: OH MY GOD NO. BlueDank dying ANI: I DON’T SEE HALF THIS SH!T COMING Quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog BlueDank: The Fuck is wrong with this dog? ANI: HE IS LIKE HALF LAYING DOWN HALF SITTING UP SPARTAN: DOWN, DOWN BLUEDANK: WHERE’S THE QUICK FOX? x2 ANI AND BLUE both question the meaning of life No No, he fuck I press button he fucking press the pedestrian button Green light what a mad lad dude. He fucking knows the system Rick and morty sad song(Damaged Cobra) should ever learns best what cats think about. Thank you. Yeah we’re just bullying. Kappa Kappa looking for fucking carrots. This is the brandon trying to hit a trickshot We’re good, thank you for watching. Just just one last question Brendon. How do you say this word? Oh It’s jiff and I am not backing down It’s Jeff. It’s objectively Jeff. I’m right you’re all wrong You

100 thoughts on “INSTANT REGRET PLAYLIST | 2

  1. sorry for such a short video. im crunched with time as im at vidcon. vlog of that coming out when i get back and more uploads like these. love you all 💗

  2. 3:18 is me during my high school prom. I was not interested dancing with boys, so I told him I'm gay when I'm actually bi.

  3. Me: wakes up
    Sees a gang of strangers with weapons kidnapping my mom
    Me just getting out of bed while they stare at me: 0:17

  4. Hurricane Irma,Harvey, and Jose: exists
    Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama,Georgia, Florida,and purto Rico: Why do I hear boss music?

  5. My headphones have Bluesdank in my left ear and the others normally, and it seriously throws me off everytime I watch this video

  6. When I watched this video I thought there was something wrong with my headphones so I spent half the video trying to fix my headphones and then realized

  7. The hurricane was good for me, i got to meet my cousins i didnt know existed, because they came to us while the hurricane happened

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