Instagram Podcast Promotion | Hashtag Hacks

Instagram Podcast Promotion | Hashtag Hacks

Use Instagram stories to promote the podcast.
Use Instagram hashtag, hashtag, hashtags. Use Instagram stories to promote the podcast. Hello and welcome to The Pod Sound School
Channel. We provide you with the tools you need to successfully plan, produce, promote,
and launch your podcast. Podcasting is on the rise as one of the most effective ways
to connect with your community, your followers, employees, and your audience. Depending on the subject and purpose of your
podcast, chances are you are using social media or are thinking about using social media
to promote your show. Instagram is my favorite social media platform and one of our main
sources bringing traffic to our podcast, YouTube channel, and blog. So on this video, I will show you the different
ways you can use Instagram hashtags to grow your audience. But before we move on, hit
the subscribe button and also the bell button so you can be notified every time we release
a new video. Okay, let’s get to it. Number one, cracking the hashtag code. We
all know that sharing pictures and audiograms of your episodes alone is not enough to grow
your audience on Instagram. Each post should be accompanied by engaging captions and hashtags.
And if you want to learn how to write engaging captions, I have this video right here that
will teach you all about it. Hashtags are a very effective way to give
your posts more exposure. Without hashtags your posts and stories are only seen by your
followers. Adding hashtags puts your posts or stories on the hashtag speed or hashtag
story allowing other users to see your content. So let’s talk about some best practices when
it comes to Instagram hashtags. First hashtag research. Before you start adding hashtags
to your posts or stories, you should spend some time doing hashtag research. Creating
a list of targeted hashtags will save you time in the future. Each time you post, you
can retrieve hashtags from your list by copying and pasting them to your post without having
to spend time finding last minute hashtags. So open the Instagram app and start typing
hashtags on the search bar that you think your niche audience may be using or following.
This is how I do it. As I’m finding the hashtags, I add them to
an Excel spreadsheet along with the category popularity number and score. Instagram allows
30 hashtags per post and 10 hashtags on stories. Here is the formula I use. Also, make sure
that you add hashtags that are related to the post. For example. Second, where should I put my hashtags? Depending
whether you’re using a scheduling service like later or preview to schedule your posts
or you’re posting them directly on Instagram, there are a few places you can use to add
your hashtags. For example, if you’re scheduling your posts using later, you can add your hashtags
underneath your captions. To hide my hashtags and add space between
my caption and hashtags so they’re not squished together, I type five dots and then I add
my selection of hashtags. If I’m posting directly on Instagram, I use an app called Space. When
you type your captions directly on Instagram, the spaces between paragraphs disappear when
you post your picture. Using the Space app will help you with this
headache. If you’re going to use your phone to post, make sure you type your caption on
the Notes app or Word app on your phone, and also that you have your list of hashtags accessible
on your phone too. This is how the app works. Another place you can use to add your hashtags
is the comment section in your post. Do not add hashtags on the bio section unless they’re
branded. And also do not add hashtags within the text of your caption it makes your caption
hard to read. Third, how should I add hashtags to my stories?
There are two ways to add hashtags to your stories. You can use the hashtag sticker or
you can type or copy and paste your hashtags. This is how I do it. Also, using the location sticker gives you
the opportunity to be discovered by more people in your area. Think about where your target
audience is and you don’t need to be there physically. Adding hashtags, locations, and
profile tags will allow you to be discovered by more people. Number two, share your episodes on Instagram
stories. There are a few ways to share your podcast episodes using Instagram stories.
Spotify allows you to share episodes directly to your stories. This is how you do it. Another way to share your podcast is by taking
a screenshot with audio of your phone while playing your podcast. This is how I do it.
Or you can use the swipe up feature if you have more than 10,000 followers. If not, you
can use the IGTV swipe up hack. To do this, make an IGTV video telling people something
about your latest episode. And also to click on the link in the description to access the
full episode. The video length has to be between one minute
and 15 minutes. After you have uploaded your IGTV video, add the link to your podcast episode
in the video description. You can then link the video to your stories. And if you want
to learn how to use the IGTV swipe up hack, this video right here will explain how. Number three, direct messaging. Another way
to interact with your audience is using the direct message feature. Don’t be afraid of
starting conversations with Instagram users. Ask questions, show interest, and immerse
yourself into their world. I know that this can be time consuming, but
if you start one conversation a day showing genuine interest, imagine all the people you
would meet in a year. These conversations with people in your niche will not only help
you grow your audience, but it will also bring other great opportunities. Remember, small
steps are better than total inaction. Number four, share your posts to your IG stories.
Posts that are shared on IG stories get 30% more engagement. This is because Instagram
users are looking at stories more than they look at their feed. Also, make sure that you
throw in some related hashtags. This is how it’s done. And if you want to learn strategies to apply to your Instagram
stories to make them more branded and give them more exposure, make sure you watch this
video right here. Okay, now you’re ready to start working on your hashtag strategy to
bring more exposure and engagement to your post and stories. And also to start building
meaningful relationships. Okay Podskis, that’s it. A lot of information,
right? I know that Instagram can be confusing and overwhelming, and this is why I put together
a free guide to get you started with Instagram. You can find the link to the free guide in
the comments below. And remember two things, before you go don’t forget to subscribe and
[Foreign Language 00:12:21]. And until then, happy casting.

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