INFJs can’t see the trees for the forest.

INFJs can’t see the trees for the forest.

ladies and gentlemen welcome back I’m
Frank James this is my channel and this is my video I hope you all are having a
fantastic day I know I am because it’s a snow day and I got out of work so thank
you lord today’s topic is how infjs are big
picture people who are always looking to see what’s really going on here what’s
the end goal how this helps us how this can be a strength and how this will also
ruin all of our lives this video could also be very helpful for INTJs because
they’re also big picture people so all you INTJs out there I guess you can
watch this video too we love everyone here I think all right so what is the
first function for the infj it is… that’s right introverted intuition okay
now there’s a lot of garbage out there on the internet on the tubes about
introverted intuition about all the functions really so what is introverted
intuition what the crap are we talking about when we say this introverted
intuition is really just organizing concepts and like any good academic Here
I am citing my source so to expand upon that and a bit more introverted
intuition organizes ideas concepts in order to find patterns and trends that
predict what the future is gonna be like so introverted intuition is in contrast
to extraverted intuition extraverted intuition is like gathering
new concepts and and seeing how they’re interrelated and everything but it’s not
so concerned about taking all these different connections and organizing
them and seeing what the big picture is it’s not it doesn’t really care alright
so imagine you have a jigsaw puzzle so you’ve got the sky and you’ve got like a
city over here and there’s a river and salt pretty and stuff introverted
intuition is going to look at all these puzzle pieces and trying to be
organizing all the pieces into what they can see from the bigger picture on the
box and put all the blue pieces together for the sky and put all the building
pieces together you know to make different piles so that you can then go
to work putting it together the extraverted intuition person is just
going to run over and say hey I think I found some more pieces to the puzzle
just throw them in the middle of the table and you’ll be like God love it
so the infj because our first function is inverted intuition what we’re trying
to do all the time is take everything we know and try to fit it into some kind of
pattern trend this is the infj magic this is our superpower okay this is why
people like oh man you can see into the future how did you know all this crap
it’s quite simple because this is our main function it’s the thing we use the
most we catch on to all these patterns and trends before anyone else does and
it doesn’t even feel like we’re trying to do it it’s just we see it why doesn’t
anyone else see it people are like amazed don’t I gosh how did you know
that person was gonna do that and it’s just sort of like well clearly from what
I know this is the pattern so it’s not like no one else can figure things out
we just do it so naturally that it seems like a superpower I mean the other thing
here is that this is the downside to it we don’t always know enough all the time
to know what the big picture is we can’t we can’t know everything this is I think
perhaps one of the biggest downsides of being an infj when you reach these
points where you don’t know enough to see the big picture you feel like you’re
losing control you don’t really understand what’s going on you don’t see
the patterns of how things fit together and it just feels like randomness that
is the big thing that is going to cause us misery with introverted intuition so
what does this translate to in real life and means infj is hate drips of
information without understanding the goal without understanding what we’re
moving toward what the pattern is that connects it all sort of like if you’re
following a recipe and you’re just going line by line but you don’t know what
you’re making an infj it would just be like no no what are we making tell me
what we’re making or I’m not cracking one more egg mom so for instance this is
where it becomes very applicable to your life an infj who has a job where they
don’t really understand the big picture of what they’re doing where they don’t
see the goal they don’t necessarily have to appreciate the goal but if they don’t
understand the goal the infj going to be miserable I myself have had
a job like this where I was constantly frustrated I built scenery for the drama
department at my college we would need to be doing things fast and I’d work
with one professor his way of directing me to do things was to just say do this
thing screw this into this and it would be this micro part of the job
and I had no idea what it was for I had no idea if what it was going to turn
into later and when you’re building things like that you start with these
smaller parts that then go into the set so you have to put these pieces of wood
together it doesn’t make any sense and then later you find out oh this is a
house and sometimes I would just be totally
lost and feeling like I was grinding my gears and I would make all these stupid
mistakes and I would bring the stuff that he told me to do and he said this
isn’t right and I’m like what do you mean I did what you said and he would
say well no because now I can’t fit it into this other thing and I’m like well
if you had told me where this was going I wouldn’t have made those mistakes so
if you have a job like that and you’re an AI nxj you’re gonna be grinding your
gears a bit okay and now this is where it starts to get a little creepy we need
to know the big picture when it comes to other people I think in the infj stare
video I made a couple weeks ago I talked about this how we look at other people
and we’re trying to just boil them down to concepts
basically we’re abstract izing them if I can coin a word right now and that’s
it’s the introverted intuition wanting to see the big picture okay this person
said this they said this what are they aiming at what is the point here we’re
trying to take a complex organism and and boil them down to a couple of ideas
sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t usually it can make a seem a bit
analytical and distant from people the bad side to this is that you know we’re
trying to see this person as a whole to try to figure them out and meanwhile
we’re ignoring their specific needs in the moment we’re not really connecting
with them in the present on very meaningful way we’re trying to step
back and we’re trying to understand them completely in a simplistic way because
that’s how we can understand the rest of the world but in a way it can kind of
ruin any closeness with people unless you can learn to turn it off and be like
okay I need to connect with this person one-to-one to see them in the present
moment to see where they are right now to not just try to be condensing them
into a few piffy concepts okay then when it really gets concerning for the infj
is when we start to view the world as a whole and try to identify the big
picture because we’re gonna turn on the news and we’re gonna see all the garbage
that’s happening and we’re gonna say well clearly no one is keeping their eye
on the big picture here so we’re all screwed which is a reason why an infj
probably shouldn’t watch the news because you’re gonna be trying to make
sense of all of it and you’re not going to be able to so and then this is gonna
really hit home so brace yourself we need to see the big picture in our own
lives which can be very difficult sometimes it can throw us into
depression when we can’t see like what is all this
driving towards why don’t I have control over all of these other things and
there’s so many things that I don’t know and I can’t make sense of any of it
that’s when it starts to really get you down this introverted intuition so as
you know there’s intuition and they’re sensing so there’s like opposites and so
if your main function is going to be introverted intuition
then your last function is going to be the opposite extroverted sensing and
this is to scale if your internet intuition is this big and this developed
your extroverted sensing is going to be this tiny and weak so introverted
intuition is our big function so we neglect the extroverted sensing
extroverted sensing is being in the present moment and seeing all the
details you know the the saying oh he’s missing the forest for the trees I
enough Jays are the reverse of that we missed the trees for the forest so we’re
walking all around in the forest and we see the big picture we’re like oh isn’t
this a beautiful forest and it’s so big and it’s part of this ecosystem and then
you run into a tree because you’re not paying attention to where you are in the
present moment and the details so solutions what do we do about this
problem how do we prevent our lives from burning down and a flaming wreck around
us I know I keep harping on the spirituality junk guys but I think this
is why I in particular and many INFJs are drawn to spirituality because we
realize that we can’t know everything and what may be looking for that big
pattern in the universe like what does it all mean what is it all driving for
what is the biggest picture that’s what spirituality offers now that’s not to
say you can’t be an infj atheist cuz maybe you’ll learn to get to that point
we say there ain’t no pattern and I’m ok with that
at any other way whatever way you want to go you need to learn to come to that
point where there’s a limit to your knowledge you can’t know everything that
doesn’t mean that everything’s going down in flames that just means you don’t
know basically for any type what you need to do is to be developing this
little withered atrophied function in order to improve your life basically so
that means for the infj you need to be developing a conscious focus on the
present moment on now you need to learn to focus on the details like I said you
need to accept that you can’t always know the big picture so that’s why I
enough J people are big picture people I shared with you what I think
are the good aspects of that and the aspects that are gonna ruin our lives
and my opinion on how to make sure that you don’t go crazy as an infj alright so
since it is a snow day why don’t you say we go outside huh alright let’s go
thanks for joining me outside this is why I love the snow so much because it’s
so quiet the sky is grey it’s this simplified
color palette there’s not all this detail to take in there’s not all this
small picture stuff I wish that every day could be like this although maybe I
wouldn’t say that if I was in a place that every day was like this there’s a
Cardinal over there on the birdfeeder I’m going to try to sneak up on it we’ll
get some nature shots well it’s not Cardinal though oh wait the Cardinals on
the ground there he goes okay so I’m probably not going to become a nature
photographer alright well thanks for watching give me a thumbs up if you
liked it if you want to see more videos subscribe and until next time stay cool
stay you I’ll see you later

100 thoughts on “INFJs can’t see the trees for the forest.

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  2. So for your cooking comment. I use to be a chef in another life and have an amazing pallet. I have many times throughout my life tasted something at a restaurant and been like oh that is nutmeg, basil, and a dash of salt. So for example I am making chicken cordon blue fro some friends tonight and my wife was like its been a while look on line for the ingredients, so we know what we are missing. I am like we are missing corn starch, garlic, and white wine and . She was like ok how much? I say just get It I will add as needed. I have a pattern I follow. Now I start the process and use what I need as i need it. I do not have a precise recipe. However if she is cooking And a lot of times she does not want to tell me what she is making then I am completely lost. I ask he every second what to do with everything, how do you want this cut? is this enough? of course if she told me what she was making I would be like alright I got ya, I also can not cook anything from a box. Just can not! I need to see it, feel it, touch, and taste.

  3. No joke, I said this EXACT thing to my thesis adviser a few months ago! (i.e. – that I can't see the trees for the forest). I didn't know I was an INFJ at the time, but I knew that this specific trait was a constant obstacle in my academic progress.

  4. I am a snow person too. I have described why to people in a similar way to what you said about the color … to me, the way everything is more muted (bright sunshine gives me a headache and makes me cranky!) The monochromatic landscape of a snowy day looks to me as though the world is an old black and white photograph 🙂 To add one more reason I prefer Winter, its 🤫 quiet. The snow dulls the sounds outside and it's like a whole season of night… calm and peaceful. Basically all of that = less sensory stimulation! Which I prefer and NEED often 😁 Most people prefer Summer with heat and bugs and sweaty, loud people all around them. And the sound of a loud motorcycle revving up will completely make me lose my shit! 😲🤬 Just thought I'd share, and maybe some INFJs will agree with me 🙂

  5. cant see the trees in the forest says the INFJ that almost stepped on a copperhead snake on 3 separate occasions this year… too busy in my own head for the sensory bullshit. Thanks for calling me out about reading the entire recipe while making dinner tonight. Another great video, thanks frank!

  6. I just found your channel yesterday and I’ve been watching a lot of the videos. Its really interesting and helpful, man. The beginning really resonated with me where you said INFJs need to know the end goal. I enjoy going on walks sometimes, but when someone suggests it, I need to know that we are actually going somewhere. I won’t want to go on a walk just to walk. It seems pointless. It was interesting when you said a lot of INFJs like spirituality because after thinking about it for years, I have realized that I can’t care less and I’ll find those things out when I die.

  7. My whole life I thought I was alone. Trapped inside my own strange brain. It feels so good to know that they’re people out there who think similarly. Sometimes I just feel like an alien with no one who understands these crazy concepts by brain comes up with. I often become envious of other people who appear to be normal, but at the same time being glad that I’m not like everyone else. It makes no sense sometimes.😫

  8. I think you describe it very well. It's like we're very good at macro and bad at micro. We need to put a lot of emphasis on focus and being present to the moment

  9. For all of this problems could be turned into tremendous possibilities through meditation!! It Helps in a great way!! It helped me and anyone interested can listen to sadhguru ,especially about the perception and memory and imagination!!!!

  10. Thank you FJ your videos help me, because us INFJs are difficult to engage within our identities, learn and make sense of my shortcomings of my 21 year old life. I am a Junior, soon to be Senior at University of California, Berkeley, and it now makes sense to me why it is so draining for me to engage within my large school and its activities, because of my Se inferior. And also how if I don't see the bigger picture I feel like I "lose control", literally couldn't have been said it better for myself. I now feel some sense of strong identity and can now maneuver my life in a way that makes a lot more sense to me. My question to you though is: How do we find that balance between our Ni dominant function and Se inferior function in life. How much Extraverted Sensing is enough from your experience? Because, although, now it feels like it makes sense to me why focusing on my Se makes me drained and unfocused on Ni, I still do not exactly how to properly tolerate my Se inferior function. Please help. Love your vids, us INFJs have got to stick together, not because we're particularly special or better than any other type but because only another INFJ can really explain me to…. me. And give me a better understanding of myself. What really gave me the epiphany moment wasn't necessarily that we have Se inferior it makes sense because we are introverts that tend to think within the inner abstract world, but that when we DON'T HAVE THE INFORMATION to be able to connect the dots and make sense of everything around us is when we breakdown the most. And this is something that I go through on a daily battling with my identity, confused because there would be moments where I thought I was something but it didn't hold up to the concept that I have of myself, and I would be back confused and stuck again. However, thank you again for these vids and please, keep them coming.

  11. Omg! I lost a job because of this! A job I knew I should be able to do but the company had a rigid training system with no flexibility or skipping ahead with answering my needed clarification questions!! Ahhhhh thank you for these videos so much

  12. I ever tried to help someone on their work but she didn't explained me what she gonna make, she just told me to do this and that. And then I messed up thibgs. But after 2 months latter she didn't handle that kind of job at that time so I help to handle that, I tried to find the real goals of the things that I need to do, then I do it quikly with a good result. Before, I don't know that it is what they called think with a big picture.

  13. Spirituality wise, I've always been looking for a reasonable explanation for, you know, the universe, THE big picture, and I've been introduced (actually yt introduced me) to this crazy as f. "theory" (but it's so reasonable at the same time) some people call it "spiritualist ufology" , and well, everything just makes sense to me now.

  14. Spirituality wise, I've always been looking for a reasonable explanation for, you know, the universe, THE big picture, and I've been introduced (actually yt introduced me) to this crazy as f. "theory" (but it's so reasonable at the same time) some people call it "spiritualist ufology" , and well, everything just makes sense to me now.

  15. Hahahaha I usually ask to people around me what are they trying to achieve, what's their goals when they're telling me something. Even to my Psychologist. Omg, that's a very terrible attitude of mine.

  16. Intuitive: I see the forest beyond the trees….

    Sensor: Cool story bro, but if you run your head right into a tree looking for the forest, you won't be much help to us….

  17. I'm Italian and Ni in the language stays for an inbetween way of yes and no and it's infj first thing,also in the way of choosing and it's also kind of connected with the Ying Yang

  18. Enjoying your videos, Frank; thank you. This one was especially helpful … I need to be deliberate about focusing on the details and not using my INFJ'ness as an excuse to ignore them.

  19. The puzzle one was so on point! I can't work on a puzzle with someone else because they just want to find a piece of the puzzle in where I divide everything into a pattern in order gor it to be more organized.

  20. Technically speaking, one single detail can become a whole world in itself : for example, one leaf on a tree in a forest has shades of green, a typical shape, a specific variation of the shape, perhaps a hairy surface, it moves by the wind, throw its shade to the ground relatively to the sun, connects with your own memories, etc. So by dynamically zooming in and out it is possible focus on details, when in a complex environment. However, the present moment remains only one of the many dimensions in the whole space we are building in real time, and I think it is a good thing.

  21. I’ve been enjoying your videos and other videos about this personality type that I just found out that I was, to find out there’s over 100 million people just like you is a pretty colossal pivotal point in a persons life…
    The spirituality aspect is of great importance, several years ago I came across what I am convinced beyond any doubt, to be the truth about God and his purpose…
    No matter who we are, we have to ask ourselves the big questions, creation or evolution? Either way there has to be a detailed explanation for either of these believe systems, Not the vague… “Oh just have faith”, explanation…
    If there is a God, he’s not going to leave us in the dark, that’s reasonable… And if there’s evolution, it requires significantly more faith because the evidence doesn’t meet the requirements of being a scientific fact or theory… Not looking for a debate by the way from anyone so please and thank you…
    In my looking at the big picture and doing some reading about science, energy cannot be created or destroyed which means it always existed and somehow this energy created an estimated 3 trillion galaxies, each possibly containing several billion stars, All working like a perfectly organized machine
    Mind you, we haven’t even gotten to the planet earth, life and consciousness… We would never believe something like this was mathematically possible to happen by chance in any other circumstance, but yet many believe this mathematical impossibility, is a fact…
    Again I’m not looking to be controversial, just stating very simple but true points…
    Who is God, what is his purpose, why is the world the way it is, what’s going to happen in the future… These are life‘s big questions and what I found I truly Believe answers them very reasonably…

  22. Another incredibly informative video. I wish I knew you years ago. You have been helping me more than you even know. Thank You!

  23. YES! YES about the big picture and knowing the goal! I DO NOT like to be given the pieces a little at a time. I need to be able to see all the pieces all at once. That's how I learn things. I absorb the details all at once and not in what others seem to consider logical steps or something. Man, I wish I could see the big picture in my own life.

  24. Oh Man. When i watch your video. I feel that i am listening to my brain talking. How you could figure ourselves in such amazing way, i am blessed to find your channel. Thank you

  25. I’m thankful for your videos, I’m dyslexic and very random, I always ask questions, and unrelated subject matter has no relevance to me.,, I love the INFJ STARE VIDEO 🙂 thanks, is dyslexia common for us ??

  26. Omgoodness, I am going thru this issue at this exact moment. I appreciate your insight. I found it helpful. 🙏🏻😊❤️

  27. You know what? I actually received a miracle from God when one day I was truly done with this life and ready to give it all up! But I just didn't really understand how special and truly rare this gift is. I was given an opportunity to serve the Lord in a unique way. I have served Him many years and now understand better why perhaps, I'm this way. I now feel I have a greater purpose, a clearer vision in why I'm here and what I feel I need to accomplish in my life by helping others in a deeper, more specific and more spiritual way. My seeking has come full circle for me. Maybe this will help others, who like me, have always sensed that there is more to this life for me than I thought. Pretty deep, I know, but I don't apologize.

  28. Beleave me I don't watch the news, to much bull shit on there to waist my time and brain power I've already worked that one out what going on in the world trying not to think about this to much it will batter your head 😂😃👍 good video

  29. Lol- i'm like – read the last few pages of a novel first, then settle down to enjoy the journey to that outcome.
    And as far as patterns are concerned i love fractals. I collect images of them.

  30. This made me laugh. So many times in serious conversations (especially political) when somebody points out an issue, I always think to myself, your pulling me into the middle of a forest fire and saying, "we need to put out this tree"

  31. I'm the MOM. My INFJ son is 30 now and it's been quite a ride with my special guy. These videos are spot on. And I hope he doesn't feel so alone when sharing. I'm an ENFJ and I tried to help when and where I could, but at the end of the day, I can paint him the big picture, and I can walk with him through patterns and help him identify…. but I cannot help him find the inner peace he needs until he can understand he can't know everything. Bless him for trying. He's a visionary genius.

  32. Thank you, Frank, for sharing all your insights and understandings. I’m a 53-year-old man who has only recently really tuned into the whole MBTI concept, and having discovered I’m an INFJ type, have rapidly been gaining a greater depth of self-understanding, and consequently, a greatly enriched life experience. The internet has allowed me to find the generosity of people such as yourself, and what you share is contributing to my newfound sense of self-acceptance, and fueling my ongoing personal growth. So again, Frank, thank you.

  33. remember seek, forgetting find – e.e. cummings I need to gather information just a liiiiiiitle bit longer before I make a judgement and it makes a big difference

  34. I love your vids! Thanks for keeping it real and making me laugh at myself. I definitely share your sense of humor 😆

  35. I agree, as an INFJ, spirituality has saved me from losing my marbles. Putting my trust and faith in the Universe and its ability to stabilize and organize all that is chaotic, has left me feeling less lonely and has given me the optimism that everything is going to be ok…..regardless of how confusing, overwhelming and horrible our world can feel at times.

  36. OMG I think I love you!! hahaha You are so funny… I know this is an old video and you've moved on from this point… but love you anyway!!

  37. Wouldn't it still be that INFJ's can't see the forest for the trees? I always thought that this statement refers to people who don't see the individual tree because all they see is a forest.

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  39. I'm practicing at learning how to be in the present moment. It feels so unnatural to me, really weird and kind of boring. I'm so use to living in my mind. I'm giving it a try though!

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    That make me fell good too
    I can know people Emotions easy in a short time.

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  43. INTJ lady here that happens to like this channel and jigsaw puzzles that is exactly how i solve them to separate all the pieces first then do the boarder. Drives me crazy when my hubby tries to help and he jumps in and just starts plugging in random pieces that haven't been organized yet.

  44. This video was so helpful. You explain our personality so perfectly and you understand our need to fully realize who we are and how we work. The part about learning to turn off our analyzation when we need to connect with someone was completely spot on. This makes so much sense and I feel like you’ve unlocked the secret to how I can be happier in my life. Thank you, Frank!

  45. Broo, I’m beyond thankful for finding your channel. I feel so seen and understood, even though you’re talking generally about INFJ.

    I feel so much motivation now to develop and grow as a person and to keep pressing forward, engaging the moments, instead of pumping the breaks and running from the present.

    I have watched so many of your videos and appreciate your straight shooting, genuine, and vulnerable content.

    May God richly bless you, FJ 🙏🏾🙏🏾👌🏾👌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

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  47. 'We love everyone here…. I think ( – silently giving anyone who doesn't want to be here a chance to bail out), that was so hilarious. On another note: getting only drips of information while having to work on something drives me as crazy as when I feel that I'm only able to produce drips of information (in writing, video, and other content), whereas I want to badly present a complete picture, structured, without missing an angle.

  48. Best advice I've ever been given
    — thank you!
    I'm curious — is your 'nom de plume', which I love — is it Frank James, as in Brother of Jesse? Or are you 'frank' James? (grammar nazi me!)
    Either way, your channel is beautiful — & this particular video I'm saving — telling us the WHY of being present…..'sing choirs of angels!' 🙏🏼🌹🙏🏽

  49. Your work, especially this video in particular, has been very helpful to me. I appreciate how you are pushing yourself, too!

  50. I have the pleasure of having very good Se function do to life circumstances . But in the past my Fe was lacking. As my Fe is getting stronger as I get older.

  51. Fuck I'm scared I'm going to ruin my relationship and we've only been together 2 weeks. Shit. At least its my intuition potentially ruining it and not some other bullshit though.

  52. I am that kid in class who keeps raising their hands to ask questions. Back in secondary school. I was simply warned by my teacher that speaking in class to ask questions won’t get me any points (which wasn’t the reason why I asked questions in the first place.)
    Now, as an adult, I discovered that I still am that person in class who keeps asking questions. (I took a language class and the teacher just gives as sentences to memorize.) I couldn’t stand it, just as you said. It irked me so much that I couldn’t understand why we’re only memorizing things when it surely would be far more efficient if we understood the patterns of constructing such sentences in the first place. I didn’t say this to his face, of course, that would be very uncomfortable for me. He told me off, and said I should just memorize his sentence samples and stop asking unnecessary questions.
    I quit his class. Stopped attending any such class really. It heightened my discomfort in getting into group activities in general.

  53. Hi FJ. I totally understand : I need to know the goal to understand what i have to do, completely ! If not and obliged to do something it may as well go wrong. But if I knoooow, then it can approach perfection (yes yes 😝). But i still don't know if i'm infj or infp or else yet, can't figure it out yet grrr… Not the whole picture of the meanings of the functions in my head yet i guess ^^… From what you're saying here, i must be Infj… But the 16pers. test have said sth else… Is the test reliable ? So for my panick on a tap in the wine cellar the other day (i left another comment elsewhere, if that could be interesting. That was "a micro part of the job".) where i was asking if that was the low Te of Infp, it just may be the non-observance of my potential Ni-dom ? 😂 And "then later you find out Oh this a house !" Completely me 😂 ! You're so funny with these dramatic ideas, i can see the cartoon picture ! Yes for the garbage happening… I personally think we're up to 10 years and then… I fear so much how climate change isn't taken seriously (sorry, political subject… Still for the moment… But i guess it's going to be our way of living-thinking in the near future. I think we're manipulated to think that but because it's necessary to wake up and stop spoiling our world). For me, i think that the pattern is that there is no pattern except Beauty in the eye of the one who have eyes and sees… But why we are sensitive to Beauty, that's another question… Hmm i think i scarcely see the details… But… is there another video of yours explaining in the same so-well way the fonctions of the sole Infp ? So that one could understand it for what it is… Learning how to taste wine and sharpen one's nose in particular is a really entertaining way to develop one's senses… "Snow with no detailed stuff", because you're not an Inuit seeing the palette composed by the numerous different shades of white ^^ (but if you were, you couldn't have had this grace break either ^^). See you.

  54. Oh my god, this analogy with the cake recipe is so true! I always must know what's "cooking", otherwise I wouldn't know which bowl to use, how exactly to crack an egg, etc. It's just figuratively speaking, of course. It applies to everything I do and can be quite annoying)

  55. Love ur videos!🤗 Some of the very questions u were asking such as: (1)"Why is there so much suffering?" & (2) "What's the meaning of life?" can be found on and the articles will take u to ur own copy of the Bible! I know that my belief in Jehovah God definitely keeps me grounded as a fellow INFJ!😉 Thanks again for ur videos!🙂

  56. what's funny about the food analogies is that there were multiple dishes my mom used to make that I would help her make even though I disliked the food, cause they were fun to make. And I'm generally not a fan of cooking so me helping was rare anyway

  57. Some people switch back and forth between seeing the forest and seeing the trees. Like a camera, making either the background or foreground sharp. Oh my superpower is I can make everyone’s mistake to look like mine. lol. 😂

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