INFJ vs INFP: Different Struggles and Fears

INFJ vs INFP: Different Struggles and Fears

Today is going to be the first video in a series of the differences between INFJs and INFPs in the Myers-Briggs system. Now before I start off, like everyone in the typology community–if you want to call it that–they seem to have… there are different schools of thought on how to define things, and there’s a lot of similarities between them all, but I just want to point out that I have learned a lot from Objective Personality, aka DaveSuperPowers so that’s where a lot of my understanding comes from, because I find it to be the most simple and straightforward explanation of typology I’ve ever seen in my 30 years of doing this. Speaking of which, the podcast is coming back as soon as… this upcoming Friday–maybe Friday or Saturday– and Dave Powers of Objective Personality– yes, the DaveSuperPowers himself–is going to be my guest. It’s gonna be an incredible episode, please tune in whenever it happens next week. All right so now let’s get into the video: the differences between INFJ and INFP. And today I’m going to be focusing on the differences that are caused by their dominant functions and inferior functions, because that’s really the biggest difference right there. Now don’t get worried if you don’t know much about the functions, I’m not going to be super focused in on them and using a bunch of obscure language, but just to start out: INFJs have introverted intuition as their main function; INFPs have introverted feeling. They’re very different, and this causes different … this causes different imbalances in their lives and this is probably the easiest way to get a handle on what you’re looking at or who you are: are you INFJ or INFP. I’m gonna be focusing a lot on the negative today, and I think honestly that’s what we should be doing. We should be focusing on the problems that our personality type cause, you know, what we cause in our own life, and use that to improve. Alright so first off, this is gonna make a lot of people mad right away, I think–is that to an INFJ life is more about things and concepts and to an INFP life is more about people, it’s about the self and others. So this doesn’t mean like INFJs or these cold robots who, you know, just see other robots walking around instead of people, and it doesn’t mean the INFPs are freaks who like, you know, talk to their seltzer water because they think it’s a person. It’s just more of a… for INFPs everything is a lot more personal to them, and for INFJs everything is a bit more impersonal. So INFJ’s are most imbalanced when it comes to organizing the information that they know, versus taking in new information. So an INFJ typically is going to want to limit the amount of new information that they take in, and what they do take in they’re going to want to shove through the same concepts over and over again. Imagine like square peg and a round hole: they’re gonna try to force the square peg through the round hole because they don’t want to think about any new information. They don’t want to look for a round peg, they just want to stick with what they know. Now INFPs are imbalanced when it comes to themselves versus everyone else. INFPs typically know who they are and what they’re all about, what they like and what they don’t like, but then the problem comes with how do they fit that into what everyone else likes and doesn’t like. They tend to want to ignore the spectrum of what everyone else thinks. Now I’m already probably making some people mad. Some INFJs who are like, “No man, I like new information!” And INFPs are like “No man, I always listen to what everyone else thinks!” OK, yeah, sure. I’m sure you do. It’s not like you can’t do these things; but you don’t want to. And when you do them, you feel really proud for doing it. Stereotypically an INFP will be like, “Yeah! I listened to someone else!” Stereotypically an INFJ will be like “Yeah! I took in some new information! This is great! Hooray!” Now they’re also gonna be afraid of different things. And before I get to that, why don’t we take a quick commercial break. Hey I’m Two Type Timmy, check me out! I’m INFJ and INFP! And I’m down here playing by the railroad tracks… just like I always do at this time… Looks like I’m–I’m here to stay on this channel! I know it’s probably old by now but you know what? What–what Timmy says… is what Timmy does! Timmy says, “I’m here forever!” I hope I don’t get hit out here… Thanks for sitting through that. Okay so INFJs and INFPs are like afraid of different things in life. An INFJ, because they are constantly limiting and ignoring the new sensory information, what’s coming in, they fail to gather new information, they’re always afraid of it. They’re like, “I know I’m missing something.” They’re like the parents in Home Alone sitting on the plane suddenly realizing that they forgot Kevin. That’s what an INFJs life is like. Meanwhile an INFP is gonna have big fears about how are they gonna fit in with everyone else. How are they going to take their values and priorities and make it work in the real world. How is their identity, which they know really well, gonna fit in with everyone else. So in that same vein INFJs are gonna be paranoid about “What am I not seeing? What do I not know?” Because they know that they’ve been ignoring things. Meanwhile INFPs are gonna be paranoid about “Why is everyone against me?” Because they’ve been ignoring what everyone else thinks. Now when it comes to problem-solving, when the rubber meets the road, in a situation where it’s like maybe time is limited and things are kind of stressful, they’re gonna solve problems in different ways. Because in these situations you’re gonna run back to: what are you best at, what is your dominant function? So an INFJ is always gonna run back and say, “I don’t care about the facts, I don’t care about the information, I don’t want any new information, what do I just know to be the overriding concept in this situation?” And then they’re gonna try to solve the problem through that. An INFP on the other hand is going to be like, they’re gonna run back to, “What do I know about myself? What do I know about what is good and bad? What do I like? And let me just go based on that. I don’t care what anyone else is trying to tell me, screw that, let’s just go with my values, my identity.” So INFJs are gonna cause problems in their lives by being kind of narrow-minded and over-controlling. And I know, yeah, you’re an INFJ and you’re open-minded and you’re not controlling. But when you create problems for yourselves that’s why it’s gonna happen. INFPs are gonna cause problems in their lives by being self-centered. And I know you’re an INFP and you’re so selfless, but when you cause problems it’s going to be because you ignored everyone else. And look, like I said everyone is going to have problems revolving around these two things. An INFJ is gonna have times where they feel like it’s really them against the world, and how are they gonna fit in; but overall they’re gonna, you know, those aren’t gonna be the biggest problems. They’re gonna be like, “Yeah I can kind of get through this, it’s not a big deal.” And there are gonna be times when INFPs are overcome with all the new facts they’ve been ignoring. But overall they’ll be like, “Ah, you know I can take in new facts, new concepts, not a big deal. I’m able to handle that. See like just now my battery ran out on my camera because I was failing to take in the sensory information of my battery meter. That’s why the camera angle might have shifted a little bit and I pulled down my base while I was, you know, trying to recover from my… from this wave of chaos that hit me. “Wow the video was good until he started just randomly playing bass, what was he doing there?” You know and generally what happens is, it’s like when you have these big huge problems in your life, a lot of times an INFJ’s mind will go to, “Why does this keep happening to me? Why is everything breaking down around me? Why am I always surprised by new crap? Why can’t I, you know, why can’t I stay on top of all of this information?” Whereas an INFP when bad stuff happens they’re gonna be like, “Why is everyone doing this to me? Why have people turned against me? Why can’t they, you know, accept me for who I am?” Those are gonna be sort of the things that go through your mind. Just think, if you’re trying to figure out if you’re INFJ or INFP, ask yourself when bad stuff happens in your life what is the thought, what is the question, that runs through your mind when you say, “Why is this happening to me?” Is it because of the people? Do you think it’s the people’s fault, everyone’s against you? Or do you think it’s the systems, the information, the things in the world, are they against you? The inanimate objects. That’s that in a nutshell. I’m sure some of you are gonna comment saying, “I’m more confused!” There will be more videos in the future going over more differences between these two types, and I hope that it can be elucidating and illuminating and perhaps even… another word that is big. Thanks so much for watching. Give it a like if you liked it, subscribe if you would like to see more videos in this vein, of this nature. Give it a like if you want to see me wash my hair, give it a like if you like greasy hair. Until next time stay cool and attractive.

100 thoughts on “INFJ vs INFP: Different Struggles and Fears

  1. Edit to add, I do agree with everything else you said though as far as negatives……….No no no no, INFJ's LIKE taking in new info (and learning about diff subjects, its one of the annoyances of being an INFJ, jack of all trades, master of none) and usually do NOT default to the same info over and over. In fact in the actual MBti test, this is one of the determining factors of whether or not the test will type you into INFJ. There are questions in the typology test that ask (in different ways) if you, the person, like taking in new information and like learning about a lot of different topics. If you answer "yes" (along with all the other questions that would obviously land you in the category of INFJ) you will always get INFJ. If you go back and answer all the questions identical, but only change the ones that ask about absorbing new info as "no", you will get assigned a different personality (usually INFP)…….so even the test disagrees with what you are saying…..Also, how in the heck have you been doing this for 30 years? You def aren't about the age of 40 so how in the heck have you been doing it this long? Also, what enneagram type are you? You just don't strike me as a typical INFJ. Sometimes the ennegram can really affect that perception.

  2. My best friend is INFP, me being INFJ. She's the only one I really feel like being on the same wavelength with. Maybe that's because I don't know any INFJs. 🤔

  3. Took the test three times (all years apart) and the first two times I got INFJ, and the third time I got INFP. I was super honest each time. They must be quite similar then?

  4. either I am not INFJ and my husband not INFP or….don't get me wrong – most things are correct, but problem solving – it's….quite opposite in our life)

  5. I always think it's me who is wrong, different and needs improvement (or extermination) BECAUSE I don't know how to function in this system. so it's both. Really… I am a bit amazed that it is even an option for an INFJ to blame something or someone…tempting…sure. trying my best to, sometimes) but in the end – only me held responsible at the inner trial)

  6. INFP here, and I definitely talk about myself kind of a lot 😂😂 but in my defense I am trying to make understand someone using a filter of my own experiences and that’s how I feel I can sympathize or relate. I do notice myself doing it a lot though, and I try to knock it off when I notice myself doing it.

  7. Hmm, I always heard INFP'S would rather listen and do what other's want then voice their own opinions

  8. I love the part where you say "INFJs are like the parents in home alone where they ignore new information until they realize what they left at home (pause) Kevin!"

  9. I used to type as an INFJ and now no matter what INFP-T. I think I know myself better now. And occasionally I wonder what the hell is wrong with people? I am sure I am pissing them off somehow. But I have given up on fitting in. I doesn't work and who the hell cares about people's feelings. I got my own to deal with. Does that sound mean? I guess 😂🤷‍♀️

  10. "What am I not seeing, what do I not know?" is the exact reason why I hate talking at meetings or in front of people who I perceive to be smarter than me. Like, I know what I know, but what about what I don't know? Do I really know? F it…let me just sit here quietly.

  11. i’ve been struggling with whether i’m an INFJ or INFP for a while because both sound like me. i’m still confused lol but this vid had me leaning a little more towards INFJ

  12. It’s annoying when your mom is an infp and you’re and infp and you get in a fight. It’s terrible to go through, but at the end one of you goes to make up for it cause one of you feel bad

  13. As an INFP, when I was little I used to blame all my friend drama on my friends (“i literally didn’t do anything to them, I’m so nice and they’re suddenly being mean”) but now in high school, I blame literally everything on me even when I’m not at fault and that leads to low self-esteem and such. But also I don’t know how to ‘fix’ myself so I just get sad that I don’t have anyone who understands and accepts me as a person. I think I am too self-centered which makes me dislike me even more bc I never want to be self-centered. I am a good listener (in terms of ppl talking about their problems or venting) but when people give me advice, I never take it (i try not to do this and just trust others like my family and just try it out)

  14. Sometimes I feel as though I'm just an introverted enfp. I'm super laid back. It would take someone very special to offend me. And I'm ready for anything, but I took the test seven times expecting different results, almost hoping for different results, but I always get infp.

  15. Ok I'm confused , I'm INFJ and I know two ppl who are INFPs my best friend and my girlfriend I thought I know them well but after watching this im confused 😑

  16. hi, and umm? I get a lot of answers infj,but yep confused.
    I get chaos overload, have been a 'crazed' mom forever,
    I get misunderstood cause I get goofy flaky probably childish
    but uber serious when I want understanding and peeps couldn't be so offtrack or blaseh(sic), my mind is always on creating goal idea from simple to global use.
    I'm even a lucid dreamer and am
    always awake when alone to point of exhaustion or those 5 minute power naps.
    my brain is like iron man viewing multiple screens and organizing.
    I don't like injustices and wish human and humanity more more
    socially familiar than distinctly separate.
    I am putting murphy's law to a heated race.
    i call it Angela's circumstances
    brutality or door slam,hangs head,raises it holding up finger as valid point
    i did mention being a mom From a mom personality ,right?…
    umm, in just these comments…minus my life experiences vast..
    can I be identified more towards ? type? simply your opinion.please.
    Oh and I didn't change seats …much.
    over here i'm eldest first born am. germ.,
    farther over there by window infrequent environmental ptsd/bipo,
    here being open mellow Buddhist for the entirety of anything within laws of nature
    kill humanely as possible, only one bad day…last
    in back row …criminal intent types yeah i'm for capital punishment.
    music and logic my go to places. nature or even on porch I can sense ? personal vibe with it. batteries drain, electronics glitch, mail from various sources fail to get in my mailbox.
    I know why I flip wish I could reverse faster than things wash rinse repeat.
    sorry, keep editing but worth noting
    Virgo 48hrs of Leo cusp. i am year of the snake and month of the snake
    and via Virgo the hermit card in tarot deck.
    my last name maiden is 95% untraceable.
    anywho. I leave small books like this in lots of classes.
    hi I'm Angela.

  17. I thought I'am an INFJ after watching various video about INFJ's personality then I took a test. And my result is INFP which is kinda similar to INFJ. 😅😅

  18. I’m and INFJ and I have a sister who's INFP and she always fails to see why people disagree with her and it’s kind of funny for me whenever she argues with my mom about something because she feels so attacked but they both do have a point and she fails to see my mother's point or the other person in argument’s point if that makes sense? she gets frustrated when I don’t pick her side or don’t even pick a side and always just try to resonate with her about why this person is having a hard time understanding her decisions and disagreeing lol. but also she really is confident that she knows what’s best for her and no one can tell her otherwise, she doesn’t look to other people when making a decision and tbh I envy that haha

  19. but how do I really know which type I am? ;-; it's so confusing! I was stupid and was two type timmy lol i wanna be one type Jenna…usually on the tests I get INFJ but then I relate a lot to INFP

  20. Why did my computer allow me to delete a folder I hadn't backed up to my external hard drive? spends three days re-recording a bunch of guide tracks

  21. I used to think I was INFP but now I really think I am INFJ, it’s things that are against me. Like processing schedule changes.

  22. Don't mean to be rude but I find it hard to believe you've been doing whatever "this" is for 30 years? You barely look 30? do you mean you've been on the internet reading blogs for 30 years? Even that much seems implausible to me.
    Anyway, more interesting to me is why it is that you subscribe to the myers briggs system? I think its a fun way of grouping people but I don't find the personality traits themselves to be building blocks of people and more like the emergent outcomes of the image they like to put forward of themselves. I for instance am supposedly am INFP but I fail to see how it predicts any of my behaviours.
    For instance Thinkers vs feelers is a nonsense concept to me, when someone is emotionally distraught about something they will be more irrational and when they are emotionally stable they will be more rational, everyone thinks and everyone feels. Emotional stability is what determines what proportion of the time somebody might make irrational decisions.
    Intuition vs Sensors: I would argue that intuition is the learned capacity to deal with situations, somebody who has dealt with a lot of a particular kind of situation will learn how best to deal with that situation and so will act with confidence in their 'intuition' in that type of situation. Somebody who has no idea what to do in a particular situation because they are ignorant might have to rely more on their senses to figure things out and will require more basic and demonstrable information to understand their situation. It may also even refer to IQ, somebody particularly smart might be said to be more intuitive, or someone with a lot of imagination might be said to be more intuitive; depending on the situation.
    Finally judgers vs percievers confusingly seem to actually relate to conscientiousness and introverts vs extroverts is shared with the big 5. Emotional stability seems to be a more meaningful axis than thinkers vs feelers and intuition vs sensors just seems like nonsense to me. The big 5 then adds openness vs close mindedness and agreeableness and disagreeableness which seem like immensely useful axis to me and make perfect sense without much in-depth analysis.

  23. I'm confused.
    I'm INFP but I constantly listen to people since I was a child, like everyday and I do really care about their feeling and ideas and emotions.
    All my friends thinks I'm a good listener and I know all their deepest secrets.
    Can anyone explain to me why?
    Am I an INFP or not?

  24. My response to "why is this happening to me" runs through both scenarios and neither is convincing so it's always "I DON'T KNOW"

  25. You’re cool dude… I have a little of both depending on my mood. I am a Gemini so I’d say the calm everyday me is infj while the more aggressive side of me is infp… boom

  26. Just before you started to say that you’re about to get comments of offended infps and infjs, I was thinking (I’m an infp) about how I DON’T take other peoples’ thoughts into consideration. I do. Trust me, I do, but not in the moment. Not when it matters. I eat myself alive for little self centered things I do because I always think about how my actions affected other people when I forgot to take them into consideration.

  27. Frank, I saw one of your video which blasted me out, I just wanna share that experience with you. You won't believe it!!

  28. Me Before: "What's going wrong?.The systems suck"
    Me Now Internally: "Pattern of burnout and being a workaholic. Oh wait, this actually IS my fault" INFJ

  29. After watching your video, i just realize why i often have an argument with my sister. I’m INFJ and she’s INFP. Whenever she’s asking for my advice, i tends to see the problem in a big picture and trying to help her find a way to solve it. But i tends to push my idea on her since i thougth it was a great idea (this is the part when I over controlling on things ) and i feel pissed when she didn’t listen to me (me being narrow-minded person). While on the other hand, she often disregarded my advice, and decided stick to her own plan since she thought that i don’t understand about what she wants or what is her point of view to solve her problems. Why the hell would she talk to me in the first place if in the end she didn’t need my opinion? This things was making me feels bad about myself and i’m more aware now that my sister is a quite self-centered about a lot of things.

    My problem now is i’m in the middle of crisis to ‘slam my door’ on her, but it’s quite hard since we’re still living together. What should i do? Sorry for ranting…

  30. I took the test twice and results were INFP. When I first came across your videos I thought I was INFJ , but now it makes even more sense.
    On bad days and confrontations ( I hate confrontations…) with others I have the crippling permanent sensation that people naturally dislike me although I don’t dislike anyone personally ( I dislike actions and feelings not people ).
    It is difficult to hear from loved ones “you always takes things like a personal attack” or “you don’t listen I just want the best for you because I love you and I’m giving you advice” while I’m pissed because I think they are selfish pricks that don’t know me enough that want to change my essence as a person and cannot accept me for who I am and want to shape me to their standards.
    So yes… it sucks.
    I wish I was one of those extroverted logical people that do not overthink stuff and are very likable.

  31. I’m an infj and my best friend is infp, I feel like the biggest difference between us is that I’m very punctual, organized and plan oriented whereas he’s very go with the flow, always late etc

  32. Apparently I'm INFJ, but I don't really like categorizing people, at least not their personality. We're all just people with different feelings. But it's fun to see what my personality could be, even though I don't really feel like I'm INFJ. (Sorry for my english)

  33. You:"We are gonna focus on the negative today"
    Me: feels nauseas immediately

    but then you taked and as INFP(I was INFJ a few years before as a teen, and smh life made me into INFP):
    -yup, I tend to block out what people think, I have truly no idea how to fit my self to the standars of others, and honestly I am not really trying… in personal life, however in work …i try to
    I usually dont have big issues w this trait, but it does happen…I remember a few times I got paraniod that my manager hates me coz of silly things, but since those silly things were the 1st thing I actually payed attention to in months(yea I sliped up w my – pay attention to your colleagues)…it suddenly felt like we are bitter enemies through centuries…Luckly I was able to get back on track via some one on one sessions w myself ..

  34. Is it possible for someone to be both INFJ and INFP depending on mood or environment? I've taken multiple tests over the years and it has shown I've gone back and forth, consistently borderline on either. Weird or no?

  35. INFJ with an INFP breakup after six years — she was constantly trying to find a way back to where we started so we could stay together — I always wanted to explore the unknown to see whether or not we should stay together (she took that as betrayal).

    Was one of the things that ultimately ended it; she was too clingy, too traditional, and with this need to be treated like a stereotypical child while also being respected as an adult.

    She always swore she was empathetic, when really, she was only hypersensitive to criticism and constantly expecting me to make up the difference.

    It was unattractive, and I would never make the mistake of dating MBTIs precious wittle prinwcess again.

  36. Fantastic video. Very well explained. Yes I am surely an INFP. And I see better my weaknesses. And last year I had this big issue with an INFJ person. And I now fully understand why we were not able to solve our issues. Thank you. Great job

  37. When handling a problem an INFP would also go to their fantasy world where they'll continue to stay until the problem dissolves or gets worse. LOL

  38. Can you do one comparing INFj and ENFj? They can be really hard to distinguish since INFj's are typically more outgoing than most introverts.

  39. " Infj limit what they take in " true. i tend to just shut the world out even though i'm perfectly functioning member of society when things gets too much and act like i honestly care about everything and everyone when as a matter of fact i filtered certains things cause you know? I tend to overheat and overabsorbed everything and that sucks cause it feels like everything's my problem or my concern when as a matter of fact it is just my surrounding telling me how they are or sharing their life w/ me. As a result, yeah, a little bit manipulative – unconsciously. And oh yeah. Emotional people are attracted to me. Like they just dump on me their feels and i'm just like a sponge absorbing everything.

  40. I'm incredibly insulted by this video. I feel like I'm constantly on the look out for new information? Lol. If I don't, I get bored

  41. I am so confused.. I don't know who I am.. Sometimes I am an INFJ and sometimes I am an INFP. I have took the test a few times and at times it says I am INFJ and at others I am INFP.

  42. I've known for years now that I'm an INFJ and just coerced my partner into finding out his type 😅 I was surprised but also not surprised (?) to learn that he's an INFP. Going to show him this video tonight.

  43. Me (INFJ) and my sister (INFP) in a nutshell lol. I now understand why there are times I have forgotten my purse and have to stay conscious of it in order to be responsible. My family questions how I can be so unattentive 😬… me too, me too.

  44. Hah, so now I don't know who I am anymore. Well, I know WHO I am but not WHAT I am… Back to the drawing board I go.

  45. You’re a very helpful support system. Thank you for your videos. I’m an INFJ. Wish I wasn’t. But it is what it is.

  46. By the way… your humor and randomness is Why I love listening to you. Yes I love the info but you’re very entertaining. 😂

  47. "that doesn't mean that INFP's talk to their water because they think it's a person"

    Uhm well I'm INFP and I definitely talk to things like they are a person. Not because I think they are a person but because I feel for objects like I feel for living things. So yep, I do apologize to the painting on the wall when I put it on the ground for a second.

  48. I recently was hit by a wave of chaos as well. I was walking to visit my husband at work, it was a beautiful, humid morning, the birds 🐦 where chirping, and I was stepping to my thoughts. Specifically, that Ive mistyped myself, because I sence a lot of stuff, I enjoy blowing bubbles in the rain it's amazing. When all of a sudden I walk into a freaking blizzard of cut grass, dying dismembered bugs and bits of litter. The five grounds workers had the most confused looks on there faces, as they lowered their blower weapons. They were amazed, I could sence it.. I was feeling quite itchy every little bit just sticking to my sweaty skin. Anyway just a little fun experience from someone who's just about decided they might be an INFP.

  49. Wow great video and well explains. When I took multiple mbti test in class all of my results are INFP.
    I didn’t understand it until you explain it and the difference. The way u describe about INFP, that basically what ur describing about me 100% and that actually scares the crap out of me.

  50. Frank l like you more & faster than I ever have anyone I've met in my whole 44 years of life. Truth I've never connected with online or off. Doesn't suck at, the opposite in fact!

  51. Thank Peter, Paul, and Mary you cut your hair bro! hahahaha! I love long hair…however…uhh…nada ona yua! It hides the beauty of your unique face. Okay, now I've said what must be said…on to the Video!

  52. in some videos you explained that infj sees everything and get alot of information about what is happening in the world and now you say they are afraid that they dont take in enough information. Isnt this contradictive?

  53. INFP- literally here trying to scream to myself HELLO ITS YOUR OWN FAULT, its not getting in my head, lol ive been told i have a listening problem but that im a good listener XDDD

  54. Yeah for me it's "the system " "the society"
    Or " things have changed"
    I'm an INFJ because I'm motivated by finding patterns that are helpful or patterns that are comfortable like habits stuff that feels good and I see the world of things as vague , inconsequential and interchangeable probably my SE inferior .

  55. Hey James thanx again for another GREAT video. Doing the extensive MBI TYPES test ( 64 questions) the result is slight INFJ …..But when you enlighten me of the different fears i tend to be an INFP…….I ALWAYS tried to fit in , in SOCIETY.. But after 30 years i defenitaly stopped doing THAT. We Will NEVER fit IN NO MATTER HOW hard WE TRY. Its okay, i learned to accept that…….Hugz Hans

  56. Wow! really awesome video! i am an infp and i think my son is an infj… this video is excellent contrasting the two types!

  57. When bad stuff happens with me I think: "Yeah, things will just never go the way I'd like…" In this question I'm somewhere between an INFP and an INFJ. I'm probably not an INFJ though.

  58. I don't know, I'm an INFP, but everytime I have a problem I feel that is because I'm not enough or capable. I never put the blame on other people but myself

  59. Im an Infp … I def have defaulted to people are judging, this didnt work for me but I do tend to check my self and think about what was missed or look at all the perpectives to imagine what could have been done differently to get a better result. However that different route seems counter intuitive so its a constant check and attempt at balance. 😒 #chuggingalong

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