INFJ Depression & the Evil Ni-Ti Loop

INFJ Depression & the Evil Ni-Ti Loop

– I consider myself a
post-postmodernist by the way, just thought I’d put that out there. Today I want to talk about INFJ depression and why specifically the
INFJ will get depressed. Now, full disclosure to
you my lovely audience, about an hour ago, I was deep, deep in the
throws of depression, and on the one hand, I don’t wanna make a video
that is something light and cheery, you know, why
INFJs make the best barbecue, meanwhile I’m dead inside,
but at the same time, I didn’t wanna make this lugubrious video about oh I’m so depressed ’cause I
made one like that last week and how much can I really push you guys with my confessional kind of videos where I’m talkin’ about how
frickin’ depressed I am. INFJ depression, basically, comes from that Ni Ti loop. You’ve heard of it before I’m sure. Ni being introverted intuition
which is our main function, Ti being introverted thinking
which is our third function. Now, some of you might think because Ti is our third function, then
that means it’s weaker, we don’t use it as much,
and we’re more into the feeling thing, but
don’t take the order of the functions, especially
the two in the middle as necessarily saying how much
you prefer one or the other. It can throw you off
if you’re just looking at the letters especially
and you say INFJ, there’s no T in there, but
we actually use the T a lot. We think a lot and in some
ways, you might even be said to feel more comfortable with that because it’s being introverts, that’s an introverted function, and so we can often just fall back on the two introverted functions. We do fall back on intuition and thinking. This is a deadly combination
if you start to get depressed because it’s gonna send you, it’s a loop, and it sends you into this spiral that is very difficult to get out of. Ni, our dominant function,
that intuition is basically how we’re always trying to
operate in the world and how we contextualize everything else. We’re always looking for the big picture, the big patterns, we’re tryin’ to see how everything fits together. Introverted thinking is
looking at the reasons for things and it’s our reasons as opposed to extroverted thinking
which is going to be trying to see what everyone
else’s line of reasoning is for something and then we
take everyone else’s stuff and figure out what we think based on what everyone else thinks. So we care more about
what other people feel but when it comes to
the line of reasoning, the rationale for things,
we care more about our own. When you start to get into this loop, what’s happening is
there’s a trigger thing that you’re depressed about,
and then what happens is you need to make sense of it,
you need to get a hold of it and assert some kind of
control over it ’cause usually, when you’re getting
depressed about something, it’s something you have no control over or at least that you perceive
you have no control over. Introverted intuition is
always trying to assert control over things by fitting it into a pattern, I don’t know why I said
it like that, a pattern, or a patterin if you’re
from somewhere weird. Introverted intuition is
trying to see the big picture and assert some control
over all this garbage that’s going on. Meanwhile, when you get
depressed you kind of shut down and you’re in your own little
world so you’re looking at the reasons why this
depressing thing has happened or you’re trying to analyze
it looking at things in a logical way so it’s
like you’re looking in at rationality but at the same
time trying to zoom out and make sense of all
of it, and you can’t, you just don’t have enough
there to make sense about it and you get caught in this
loop where you’re tryin’ to make sense out of a bunch of things that don’t make sense, and guess what isn’t involved in that? You’re not extroverting the feeling because you’re not talking to anyone else or trying to get it out,
you’re not tryin’ to shout, shout, let it all out,
these are the things I can do without, come on. I’m talkin’ to you, come on. What’s happening is you’re
just caught in your own head and you’re goin’ around and around. If I could just boil this whole loop down, what happens is you lose all objectivity and you think you don’t,
you think that you’re tryin’ to get to the objective truth, you think that you’re being objective, but actually you’re
off in a fantasy world. Meanwhile, it’s getting
you more and more depressed because you can’t come to
any kind of closure with it. Here’s just the basic truth. Suffering is all mental. Pain can be physical, but
suffering is all mental. Something can happen to make
you feel sad, depressed, but what keeps you there is the thoughts. What keeps you there is that loop, that Ni Ti loop of
trying to assert control over a situation, trying
to make sense of it so that you won’t be
depressed about it anymore by constantly going over the facts and the reasons for things. Here’s the thing, I was
about to say it doesn’t work. Here’s the thing, if you’re like me, you’ve had at least one time in your life, if not a couple, where you
actually came to a solution by being in that loop for a while. It doesn’t happen often. You’ll be super depressed and
in this terrible head space and then all of a sudden it comes to you, and you feel great. That’s happened to me before,
but that’s sort of like saying the TV wasn’t working and
then I kicked it a few times and then it started working, so whenever the TV stops
working, I just kick it. No, okay, that worked one time, but that’s not really
the right way to do it. What you have to do in order to break that loop is to extrovert something ’cause the loop is all
introverted, it’s all inside, it’s all looking into yourself
and not valuing anything outside of yourself and
you’re losing objectivity because of it. Extrovert your feeling. Talk to someone about how you’re feeling, and then see how they feel about it. And it might be something very personal but just to bounce your
emotions off of someone else is that release valve
to get out of that loop. I think you should bring in other people so that you can gain some objectivity. It’s hard though because
one of the things I thought to myself as I was laying on the bed here and thinking I can’t go
on like this hopeless is that I have no friends to talk to. Who am I gonna extrovert my feeling to? Or at least I don’t have
friends that are close enough where I would feel
comfortable talking with them because I have people who have said to me, hey if you need someone
to talk to, I’m here. I don’t like to take
people up on that offer unless I’m really depressed and even then, I don’t like to do it because
when you’re in that situation where it’s like if you really
need someone to talk to, I know what that’s like being
on the other side of that and I don’t like that burden
so I don’t like to do it. What I want in a friend,
when I’m telling my emotions to them, I want them to
listen and kind of give me some feedback and say okay, yeah, but really what I want
them to do is distract me and say yeah, man, it’s gonna be okay, let’s go do something fun. That’s what I want, and at
first I’m gonna resist it even though I know it’s what I want, I’m gonna resist it, I’m gonna be like, oh I just wanna be in my bed and stuff, but that’s not really what I want. What I want is for someone
to listen, to hear me, to say it’s okay to feel that, but you can’t stay stuck here, come on, we gotta go do somethin’. But when you don’t have
friends, what do you do? Here we are on YouTube, that’s what I do. When I’m really depressed
and I don’t have anyone to talk to, I just go to
YouTube and I look for stuff. It can help to just trick
yourself and watch a bunch of funny stuff or watch
motivational videos. Just watching something to get you, to break the loop, anything
that can break the loop, and a lot of times what happens is, especially if you watch stuff
that’s more inspirational and trying to motivate
you, it inserts new things into that loop that change the pattern because usually these
thoughts are just obsessive and repetitive and so just
adding some more information can then make the loop
take a different turn the next time around and
maybe can diffuse things because suddenly you’ve
added more information, you’ve gained a little bit of objectivity. You’re not just doin’ the same
thing over and over again. So that’s my two cents
on that on that loop and what you can do to get out of it. So I have so much to
say that I’m gonna have to split this up into two videos. Gonna talk a little bit more
about what I was all depressed about earlier today and a few more tips on how to break out of it I guess, or at least what I try to think of. So I hope you’ll join me over there. It’s an unlisted video so only cool people who watch this video this far can see it. A link right here and at
the very end of the video. Make sure that you like,
subscribe if you haven’t already, and comment below about this Ni Ti loop. All right, well I’ll see
you in the next video. ♪ Shout shout ♪ ♪ Let it all out ♪ ♪ These are the things I can do without ♪ ♪ Come on ♪ ♪ I’m talkin’ to you ♪ ♪ Come on ♪ (vocalizing)

100 thoughts on “INFJ Depression & the Evil Ni-Ti Loop

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  2. WOW… Came across this video today and boy was it ever needed. I am just recently discovering how being an INFJ has played a role in everything that has happened in my life to this point. On one hand, it is a relief to know what’s been going on but at the same time it’s frustrating to find this out so late in life (45). Having this awareness in my 20’s would have altered my trajectory and I am having a hard time reconciling this. I am firmly stuck in the Ni Ti loop right now and it is somewhat comforting to know that I am not alone, as I have felt like I was crazy for years and years.

    I have also had a difficult time with friends and connection but it is great to see that there are others out there who understand and experience the same things.

  3. It is a good idea to have a shrink you feel comfortable with. then if you have problems, you can go and say 'this is how I feel. this is what I am doing. what do you think?' and I often just need to say it to a person to validate the feeling.

  4. I came back to this video because i was actually neck deep in the loop yesterday and still am a little today but I'm having trouble "extraverting" it because I've convinced myself it's a burden. I've literally thought myself into a tension headache. 😓

  5. You can take me up on my offer to chat anytime. Don’t feel guilty about it either. I had / have major problems with severe anxiety. When my Ni-Ti loop was going crazy, I somehow shut it all off. I don’t get the thoughts going over in my mind anymore. Problem is, my subconscious Ni still takes in all the triggers & I still get panic attacks but I’m unaware as to why. I’m trying to turn everything back on now, ever since learning I’m INFJ & that Ni is my strength

  6. Hey Frank, thank you so much. You make me feel understood and not alone. I just got home from watching the documentary "Dosed". Pretty interesting. Stopping the loop maybe with psychedelics. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you happen to watch it.

  7. Thank you so much for this. My best friend is an INFJ and she's struggled with this kind of depression for her entire life. This really helps me to see it from her perspective and to see how I can help her with that. Thank you so much! 💜

  8. I had never heard of this INFJ thing before, it was just a YouTube suggestion. Funny thing, I was in the middle of a 2 day downward spiral of depression. I’ve watched 3 videos so far and all I can say is this has explained 35 years of my life. I’m overwhelmed with the amount of info, but it’s like a whole group of you people are out there with a label that describes me but I didn’t realize there was anybody. Just me in my fucked up head? The whole point of this comment is to tell you how amazing it is that you understand what’s going on and can explain it and sympathize. This is truly life changing for me. Thank you. It never occurred to me that I was a personality type. The part i consider fucked up in my head and unsuspecting of what people see in my everyday work/life.

  9. Okay, for you brother and sister INFJs who need some funny videos…watch youtube vids of men (usually fathers-to-be) trying out (birth) labour simulation devices. Hilarious!

  10. Youre stuff here on YT is helping me some. I appreciate your efforts, strength, and humor. Keep it going, please.

  11. Hey Brother! I first off just want to say thank you for posting the videos. I have been watching in the shadows for about a week ..ever since I took the Myers-Briggs Personality test and discovered I am an INFJ and it explains so much about me and my life. I find listening to you I find you to be somewhat of a carbon copy of myself. Thank you! I just thought I was most and weird. I need help!

  12. "add new information to the loop which make it turn into different direction.." YES! EXACTLY! that's what i always feel. even if i feel that i've heard every damn motivational video in youtube (some are cringey af).. but once i heard some sort of perspective that i have never heard before that fits my understanding.. it changes EVERYTHING 🙂

  13. Thank you for breaking my Ni Ti Loop Frank… you're pretty funny. enjoying your videos, thanks for everything. regards intj.

  14. Thanks for putting my life into perspective. I'm 55 and don't understand why people say I'm weird. It's taken me this long to accept who O am and that people just don't get me. Your videos are very helpful and you are incredibly intelligent. Thanks

  15. I have tons of people who are “willing” to be there for me. But no close friends at all… not right now.. and no one close enough that I would feel okay to completely open up. I don’t like to bring my stuff to others because when I have… I can see how shocking my level of pain is to others. I can’t take others down my abyss. It makes me not only feel bad for them.. but more and more worthless that “heavy dark stuff” is what I offer to the world. That depresses me even more. So I try to stay isolated.. which is what I do anyway.

  16. Thanks, bro-o😁, genius. ways of explaining, this. Its similar to how words can be manipulated- letters, thoughts too, etc.!

  17. This video got my loop a little bit more crazy. But it’s like you’re speaking what I’m thinking of right now. What I do to break out of this is music, write or just cry. That’s my way to show how I feel. I often do self therapy by just thinking but that doesn’t always work out.

  18. I experienced that loop recently when I was traveling out of the country for the first time. I felt sad for a normal reason but then had no one I deeply trusted to vent to and I remained in a loop over analyzing my behavior and blaming my inability to connect to others and let it get out of control. When I vented eventually to a fellow infj I finally started to claw myself out

  19. Ni Ti loop for me is like "people don't matter why you wanna talk to anyone bruh people are pointless and finite and they're all gonna die"
    It usually happens when I haven't talked to people in a while or haven't had enough socializing
    Which ironically makes me pull away from people

  20. I totally know that Ni-Ti loop. Spent a lot of my life there. For me, the problem starts from trying to figure out why I am feeling bad. DO NOT TRY TO FIGURE IT OUT! Doing so only focuses your mind and psyche on the bad things in your life, in the world, in the universe. You gotta give up the fascination and obsession with trying to understand where the bad feeling is coming from. Just acknowledge the feeling, then consciously scan for things that should make you feel good. Don't demand or expect the good things to actually make you feel better, just keep scanning. Be stubborn and refuse to take the depressive bait, don't explore it, don't illuminate it. Depression is mood heroin, and you're a junkie. INFJs have incredible skills of heuristic, intuitive cognition…but it's a dark hole with no end, it's our kryptonite. Depression sucks away the beautiful light of our thinking. Turn away if at all possible.

  21. I know I'm about a year late responding to this but sometimes an INFJ will go deeper into the loop. Maybe watch Pink Floyd's The Wall (instead of funny videos) and really wallow in the loop for too long and then come to realize they some how "love" wallowing in the loop. Then the INFJ will wonder if they're really depressed if they're "enjoying" wallowing in this loop….so much to ponder. 😥

  22. Being emotional especially when you feel like ur friend is making fun of you and you cant make up a comeback to shut them over and over and then you overthink and then get depressed and then you go off radar and you just wanna cry but the next day you wanna make them feel bad by not talking to them unless they talk first and if they do youd talk to them in a mean way
    So yea thats basically it😂😂😂

  23. I've been trying to get out of the loop for months now and it is extremely hard. It's like there is something that I need to process in order to be able to move on, but since I can't grasp the root cause of the problem or what the problem actually is, my mind keeps going around trying to make sense of it. It's truly exhausting. Most of my energy goes into this internal frenzy of thoughts and it's almost impossible to be present in the moment.

  24. I just can't believe how much of what you are saying is my life!!!! You are saying what I wish I could convey to people!!!!!

  25. Yes. That feeling of going round and rounds cause of too much sadness and anxiety but just cannot seem to get out of this loop even though you knew that shit is repetitive and wants to get out but you just can't cause it seems like it is not just about you but about everything else and so you got stuck. You knew how to solve it yes but it came back again unoess you act on it but in expense it will hurt everything else ( atleast that's how it is on my mind like it is gonna be the end of that place and i cannot get back to it again once i actually act on my feelings ) But i'm lucky I have somebody to talk to and love my type of shit also and don't get tired of me eventhough I demand a very high maintenance like time and lots of coffee and cakes ). Yeah. Hope you already got someone you can talk to cause it really helps.

  26. Big massive hugs, your not alone. If you feel like that again meditate and visualize me reaching out to hold your hand. Visualize white light leaving my heart to yours. Then visualize a soft blanket of protection around you from me. If you need me okay sweetie message me: [email protected]

  27. OMG! Thank you! I'm scared I thought that I'm an INTP because I'm always setting and thinking about stuff without doing anything in real life and avoiding people but it turns out that I'm an INFJ but depressed will that explains a lot! Because INTPs are known to be lazy and genius but having problems understanding other people's feelings but I don't have problems understanding other people it's more of people having problems understanding me because I always keep it to myself!
    Does struggling from this but not being aware of it makes me an INFJ? Please help me by answering me I was struggling from this for months! And sorry for my bad English I'm planning on studyin it but I keep procrastinate

  28. Hi I’m new to your channel. Being an infj I find your videos about infjs very relatable. I feel a bit struggling cuz I know I’m depressed and being unhealthy and I know exactly where my problems lie and how I’m supposed to change my state of mind, yet I just don’t do the change… Or the things I do aren’t enough for a fundamental change so I just give up after a few attempts. I’ve also tried the things you suggested in this video and they did help for a short period of time but fade out quickly… It might not have anything to do with being infj but I just wonder if it happens to others and how do people overcome this

  29. Hi Frank, wondering if you could talk about the climate crisis. I am in a loop, and no matter what I do, I am deeply depressed and angry. I am very concerned. See and feel the misery. How it is affecting our world, and how it is going faster than imagined. The people I know are not concerned, and they feel no responsibilty or compassion for the suffering that their flying and consumption contribute too. I am extremely challenged with feeling compassion for the people that I know and am together with on a daily basis. Any words of encouragement will be appreciated.
    Thanks for a great and helpful show, Todd

  30. 8:21 I imagine that I am writing about my own anxieties and this helps me to cope with the difficult times. Other times, I imagine I'm talking to someone about … So I don't overload anyone and I don't expose myself too much.

  31. Wow now I know exactly why I've been depressed and your right I hide away not wanting to emotionally dump on people but when i finally open up it feels sooooo good and then I wonder why I held it in but then I repeat the pattern I just need a best friend

  32. Hi-ya, Frank. I enjoy your channel and your videos. As I am sure you have heard before "it makes me feel more understood and less alone. Less like a bleeping unicorn and more like a human being". Thank you. I took notes on this video and thought you may enjoy them. First draft. Unedited. Listened once. (Technically, twice, over a year ago when I was extra-super-depressed). I appreciate everything you do for our INFJ community. Peace. <3






    Fall back on introverted function: intuition and thinking (deadly depression loop)
    Ni dominant function is how we process information (big-picture thinking)
    Introverted thinking is looking for reasons… OUR reasons for things.

    We care more about how other people feel. We care about our reasoning. Not theirs. Rationally.
    Problem is making sense of “it”. Something perceived to have no control over. Want to fit the problem into a pattern but it does not make sense.
    Logical thinking, zoom out to make sense. Can not do it. Loop.
    Make sense over things that do not make sense.
    Not using extroverting the feeling. Not talking about it.
    Caught in own head going around and around. Lose objectivity.
    Think you are objective but NO fantasy world. Want closure.

    Suffering is all mental. Pain is physical. Thoughts keep you suffering.

    Want to assert control over a situation or make sense of it. Going over facts constantly inside the brain.

    SOMETIMES an epiphany occurs and we feel great. But it is rare. Like kicking TV to make it work.

    In order to break the loop we must extrovert something. Extrovert my feeling. Bounce ideas. Need friends to talk to. Hard because we are not close to many. Need someone to talk to but it is hard to share my feelings. Afraid of being hurt more or what they will say.
    Want an adventure, get out of bed, take me away! Need someone to listen, hear me, tell me it is okay but I have to get out of bed.

    Trick my head: watch funny, inspirational, motivational. Insert new things into the loop to change the pattern. Add more information so the loop may take a new turn next time around. Gain objectivity.

    Thanks, Frank.

  33. Thank you so much for this video. I feel exactly as you do, and it's sCARY BUT I'll try to follow your tips and get out of this loop ;-; ❤

  34. Seems like there are times that maybe someone and I plan to do either fun or necessary, (actually my most recent loop ha it was both fun and necessary, fun is necessary right? So the plan was instant in my mind and I told this glorious plan. It required my friend girl to go do a task da da da while I did la la la and us come back ready to go have necessary fun. Yaas oh cool. I thought crap I’m taking too long so I HURRy and return, she’s not back either I wait 100 years for her. Well I intuit that she decided she had a better order of to do’s and got delayed because what I knew would happen did happen and we were going to be fucked and have no fun. I started to get busy w another project then I thought, if I get busy and all deep in it she will pull up then I have to put it down and leave a mess out. So I just sat there waiting and waiting. Texted, no answer. Not getting busy made time to lose everything but the looping. Since the issue is here and now this is okay. Wrong (as always). She returns and what I figured did happen changed order of xyz to xyz crowds no parking slow cashiers then cash register paper ran out haha all this shit just because she didn’t do what I said and she kept telling me why she did it and it would have been okay if not for – yea all the delaying factors. Did want to make her feel worse she could see my disappointment but for sure I told her no worries mate we do later. We parted I was exhausted mentally . There was a cash flow issue, I gave her $ because we would make $ and I’d get $ back. Ha it shorted me a few days before payday. I loop that inside the other loop. By then I was hooked in the loop and couldn’t even come up w the realization I was in a loop n sinking into depression- last all the next day till the day after that in afternoon. Lightbulb dim light bulb mind you let me see to say get up change and go watch a cardinal game with so and so. Dragging ass all the way there. Didn’t want to fool with explaining to buddy what was wrong so I put on the I’m cool mask . 30-40 minutes into the game, something ‘s different? Its my brain smiling? Yes wow the loop has dust particles floating in a light beam haha all better. But yeah so my directions for best outcome were dissed, I took control away from me plus lead to least and opposite outcome no fun no & reward and I was being controlled the min she changed plan of order. It COULD have been different.
    So next potential similar potential, I will not indulge “it’s okay because it’s happening now since once there I’m stuck. Activity that forces thinking of something else squashes noise.

  35. Exactly.. We need to extrovert the feelings to a someone, but .. We dont build trust with many ppl to utilize it.. Ha ha.. Ugggh ..

  36. Hate the loop, the loop is our Destroyer.. Lmao.. Ur funny.. in and out of that loop a million times.. But now I'm better at getting myself out of it.. As compared to before..I'll arat there for months… Wallowing Away . its devastating.. #InfjsAgainstTheLoop ! Let's start that foundation.. It helps others understand Depression and Anxiety in a better way to cope and alleviate any trigger points that may lead them to that Loop!

  37. Is any INFJ really free from their loop? Or are we doomed to this madness forever? (People in the comments are saying they broke out of their loop only to have it come back)

  38. Although logically I know the human experience is far more alike than different, it rarely FEELS that way. These videos have a wonderful way of reminding me I'm not quite as different and alone as I may feel.

  39. Lately, I've been coming across people that ask me what I do in my spare time, if I go out much with friends. I plain out say "no, I dont go out. I like doing things on my own". I get weird looks, and am told how unhealthy it is not to have friends. I end up feeling bad about myself, because I feel I'm not normal, not likeable etc, but I know there isn't anything inherently wrong with me. I've gotten better at resisting the urge to fit into a mould I just wasn't made for. It still can for sure send me into depressive states by focusing on my non existant friendships, but I interact with people either through school or work, and to even think about putting energy into friendships (which will likely be one sided) is draining. It might seem sad, but I'm more focused on being my own best friend, and looking after my energy levels and doing things to revitalize and keep me excited about life.

  40. Frank, who sings the version of shout at the end of the video? I swear you are me in a guy version. All your infj vids totally resonate with me. Oh yeah, congrats on being on the verge of 100,000 subscribers. I have been here since 20,000 or so. Congrats, on getting your swanky you tube award 🥇 You’re awesome 😊

  41. I'm so well liked by everyone, yet completely understood by no one. I wish we could meet as you're the male version of who and what I am. I'm in Florida if you're around, it's a Longshot but I've never met another injf, I'm sure of it. I'm not even being a Martyr or dramatic. Everyone that has known me has told me they've never met or even communicated with anyone like me. I seem so simple and yet I expose things that others have never even thought to acknowledge or analyze. I'm never forgotten, and that's from the mouths and/or actions of others. They've confirmed what I always felt- I'm weird.

  42. Wow this helped me understand myself so much better. I HATE talking about my stuff to anyone but after a panic attack I finally had no choice and today I felt weirdly calm about everything and now I know it’s cuz I “broke the loop”. I guess as painful as it is to communicate my issues to someone (trustworthy) I need to start doing that more…🙏 thanks for this

  43. If I had the choice to change my type I would do it in a second.. I used to think it’s okay till I fully understood it and knew that my depression last 2-3 yrs was because of my personality which is literally unknown. And I didn’t know it till now and I don’t know how to feel.. I feel awful especially starting uni this year.
    I figured out my shape-shifting personality and I noticed it today when I was in uni I really don’t have a personality. That’s heartbreaking only noticing that now I feel fake for acting all friendly today but yet again I don’t know if that’s really me or my fake self.

  44. Everytime I msged to ppl I have to write so deep in thought so they don’t miss understand who I am however I look at that as more of a chore then just not responding cause everything I read or if I take a chance knowing they might not msged me back it might drain me an cause more suffering towards the light I want to be in the world

  45. You need a good partner, my marriage crashed because of that. If you don't understand it, and your partner doesn't understand it, it will blow any relationship up. If your partner doesn't understand it, and you're in a difficult place in life and need to talk a lot to go through it, the other person will start thinking you're weird / crazy and leave you … which is expected 😉 it's not easy to live with someone who's in a difficult situation and even more difficult to live with this personality type. We're all fun when everything is going well, but not so much when we're in deep trouble … anyway : ) if you're in situations like this, make sure you find a strong and caring partner that understands 🙂 it's a life saver.

  46. I wonder if what you said applies to ISTP type because I am so isolated and I can really relate to what you said ( except talking to others )

  47. As an INFJ, I never want to be a drain on anyone by letting them know when I am depressed. Also, do not want to be where I’m not wanted and appreciated. Any others have these feelings?

  48. INTJ lady here total difference in types I suffer from depression but i have no problem talking to anyone and everyone in my life about it… would never get in front of a camera!

  49. What the… going on?! 🧐It’s like you talking about me- ENFJ!?! By the way, I am ENFJ 💯!!! But relates to INFJ sooooo much, it’s really weird 😳Making me cry 😭You explained it perfectly, thank you!!!🤝🙏💐👌

  50. This describes me to a T. I always figure it out, but this loop? I can’t get out of it. I’m delving into excruciating existentialism. No one understands lol, at least not anyone I’ve already expressed that to. I always overthink to get closure over consistent shitty feelings. People think you overthink just for its sake. LIKE NO.
    I’d pick relentless overthinking and watching objective videos rather than feeling consistently shitty xoxoxoxo

  51. Hi I am an intj I understand how infjs and intjs can both suffer from depression mainly because of how lonely we can get.
    I figured out some tricks of my own to tackle this problem
    First thing is that when you get too comfortable in your Ni you start to lose a sense of reality. What I usually do is to hang around with my estj buddy to get a sense of reality. Your Ni feeds off of healthy energy.
    Second thing is that when you are depress it is probably because you are using a function you are not very good at for example Fi or Se and that's physically draining your energy you need to figure out which one is it and pull your brakes on that.
    Third thing that I do is I hypnotize myself by closing my eyes clearing my mind and focus on some word that triggers some optimistic thoughts like for me the word hope does the trick.
    I hope it works for you

  52. bro….. literally EVERYTHING is making sense to me….

    Non INFJs : Bro wtf are you talking…. are you saying INFJs get 'high' when they are depressed XD
    INFJs : Bro you are genius

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