INFJ: 6 Ways to be a Healthier INFJ

INFJ: 6 Ways to be a Healthier INFJ

– Hey what’s up everyone, what’s cookin’? I hope you’re having a good day thus far. Now a couple months ago I
released a video talking about signs of an unhealthy INFJ, the INFJ personality type. And today we’re gonna be talking about the positive side of that, ways to work on becoming healthier if you are an INFJ. First of all, this is the one
that I struggle with the most so I guess that’s why I
put it first, I don’t know. But try to be more
spontaneous and playful. I don’t just mean playful
like, you know, playing around but like willing to
interact more with people in a spontaneous way. As people who have introverted intuition as the dominant function, it makes us wanna stay within our defined view of the world, and that means also we like to plan a lot. We really like to plan stuff
out before we go into it which can make us very not spontaneous. I like to say, “I can be spontaneous, “if I have like two things to choose from, “if I can plan for the spontaneity.” This can hold you back sometimes, look it’s good to plan, I mean as a planner myself I like having a well-defined plan for
just about anything. When going to the grocery
story, I want a plan, you know, I don’t want to
leave anything up to chance. So when people, especially like if friends wanna be spontaneous, wanna
do stuff off the cuff, or maybe not even just friends, like things come up in life that force you to be spontaneous, INFJs can really struggle because there’s no time for a plan, it’s just we gotta go
with stuff in the moment. We’ve gotta be playful with other people and go along with the flow in the moment, it can be very difficult,
very challenging. So this is something that we can work on is when we get into a situation
where we’re gonna be faced with being a bit more spontaneous, rather than fight it, which
is my natural inclination, I wanna just you know find a
way around the spontaneity. Can I plan my way out of the spontaneity? Try, occasionally, work your way up, don’t try to go all in at
once and spontaneously decide I want to move to Japan or something. But you can be like, okay, I’m going to try to not
plan this next thing out, I’m not gonna try to figure out all the details in advance. Start with something low stakes, like your friends want
to go out to dinner, try to just figure it out as you go along. Go to a new part of town, maybe, go somewhere where you’re not familiar where you’re gonna kinda be forced to just go with the flow and
be in the present moment. And after a while this
can help you develop that ability to be
spontaneous and not have to be that killjoy who has to
have everything planned out, who has to know, “Where am I gonna park? “I gotta check out my SpotHero “before we go to this place, man.” No just try to go with the flow and then after a while
you can start to level out that crazy need you have to
always plan everything out. You’re just trying to bring it a little bit more in
balance so that at times you can just go with the flow. Let’s stop briefly and
support this channel with a quick commercial break. Thank you for sitting
through that, you’re a gem. All right, our second tip, this is gonna be another tough one. But learn to put yourself
first before others and allow other people to be unhappy with the decisions you make. This is a dangerous one because there are a lot of us who already don’t
have a problem with that. This is more for those
of us who have this issue where we’re always trying
to keep other people happy and the decisions that we make are more of a reaction
to what’s gonna keep everyone else happy rather than, what do I actually want? What do I think is gonna be
good for me in this situation? This is something that also takes practice because there’s gonna
be some big decisions that come up in life where it’s not gonna make everyone happy to do the thing that is true to you. To stay true to yourself
you’re gonna have to make some people a bit TO’d, and
you wanna start working on it now with the smaller decisions if you are struggling with this aspect, you need to start working on this now rather than waiting til it’s
this big life-changing decision because if you’re struggling with it then, it’s gonna be way harder
to put yourself first. And like I say, it’s a fine line, because putting yourself
first isn’t necessarily being self-centered or selfish but I can see how some
people can take that message and bring it into that negative direction. I think generally we’re
pretty empathetic people, we’re sensitive, we know
what’s best for others, right? But we need to bring in the balance of not just sacrificing ourselves for that. We need to learn how to
draw boundaries and realize, “I need to make decisions
that work for me first, “before I think about is everyone else “gonna be okay with this?” You know what I mean,
which is not necessarily our first inclination. And you can get stuck in this rut of, well I’ve been sacrificing what I wanna do to keep everyone else happy, or, you get mad at other
people because you have the decision you wanna make
and you’re trying to get everyone else on board with it first before you feel like you can do it. And then you get mad when the other people don’t get on board. So you’ve gotta develop that ability to just put your foot down and say, “This is what I’m doing
’cause it works for me, “this is what I want to do.” And it’s tough, realizing that you
don’t really owe people, you don’t owe it to
people that they’re happy with your decisions. Onto number three. This is a good one: Be more present. Being intuitive means that
we live in our imaginations more than we live in the physical world. And what goes along with that naturally is to constantly project into the future. Like I said we’re always
trying to plan ahead. Even when we’re not really aware of it we’re always trying to figure out what’s coming around the corner. That’s what intuition is good at, that’s what the intuition,
that’s what its strength is, figuring out what’s coming
around the corner, man? And that’s the gear
that you can be stuck in if you’re not careful,
especially because INFJs are really out of balance when it comes to intuition and sensing. Extraverted sensing is really
all about being present, being there in the moment. And this goes hand-in-hand
with the first point of being more spontaneous
but you need to practice those moments of getting out of your head and just being present in the real world, in your body. Being in the moment rather
than being in a few seconds, a few minutes, a few hours,
a few years into the future. Catch yourself, realize, “Oh
man, I’m not even in the year “2000-whatever it is right now, “I’m way ahead of it,” and
it’s good from time to time, of course everyone needs
to use their intuition to project out into the future a bit. It would be a terrible
thing if you couldn’t do it. But when you’re sacrificing being in the present moment for that, you’re no longer living in reality, you’re living in a
projection of the future. All right, the next one, number four it might surprise you a bit. It’s not advice I hear given
out very often to INFJs, but INFJs are naturally teachers. We like to just tell people
what our view of the world is in a way so we can help
them out, be a bit better. If you watch yourself,
you’re gonna find yourself making little life lessons
out of the most mundane stuff all the time. Even if it’s just a quick
thing you’ll be like, “Yeah man, that’s how the world is.” Because we want to help others and because we feel like we’ve figured out a lot of the patterns with our intuition and we’re like, “I’ve
seen this happen before, “let me tell others about
it, let me get it out there “so that I can make them aware
of what I have discovered.” I mean that’s a good thing,
it’s not a bad thing, but the flip side of it
is that we can forget to take in information, forget
that we don’t know everything and we need to learn from others. So that’s the next point is, remind yourself that others
have something to teach you. Everyone, not just the
people that we look up to, not just our mentors
but everyone around us has something they’ve
figured out about life that we maybe haven’t figured out. All right maybe not the little children, but maybe even them,
maybe they see something in a different way that can
open something up in our minds. So rather than getting stuck in that gear, that one way of, “I need to
tell you how I see things,” you know and it’s from a good place, it’s from trying to help people, “I need to tell you how things are,” allow yourself to reverse it
from time to time and be like, “Oh I can learn something
from you even though “you’re not necessarily a teacher,” you know just everyday people. And it’s not so much that
they have a ton of wisdom or whatever but what
it is is that they have a different perspective on life, they’re seeing things
from a different way, which can also help us break out of that kind of narrow introverted intuition, it is a narrow thing. It’s not looking out to gather in a bunch of different perspectives so when we open ourselves up to realize that other people can teach us stuff about the world, about ourselves maybe, just from showing a different perspective, just from us taking in something that is different from how we see things, that can really open up our world. So remind yourself, it’s not just me blasting
out to the rest of the world what I know, right? I need to also take in from others, learn lessons from others
and be open to that, be open to hearing their perspective and what they have learned through life. On to tip number five. I put up a one but I should be
putting up a five right now. This is so general, I wondered if I should even put it in here but take care of your body. Take care of this vehicle
that we’re driving around this world. Of course everyone should
be taking care of their body but it’s not the most obvious
thing to INFJs because it’s all having to do with that inferior extraverted sensing, we don’t respect the
physical world so much, what we respect is our imagination. Even if we may think, and it’s a weird thing because because that is our inferior function we may think we really respect it because it’s something
we’re not terribly good at. We’re like, “Oh yeah
man, the physical world, “being in the now, I love that stuff.” But really on a very base
level, we don’t respect it because it’s not the first thing that we are putting our attention towards. That has to do with taking
care of our physical body because to us, you know, it’s
part of the physical world and it’s easy to forget about it, it’s easy to just be like
what’s most important is my imagination, my intuition, and the body is a distant second. But don’t let yourself, don’t let yourself go is
what I’m trying to say. Make sure that you get into your body, take care of your body, don’t neglect it, realize that the body
is necessary to support this big ol’ amazing
intuition you got going on. It’ll work much better if
you take care of your body. Now onto our last point, number six. This is gonna be hard-hitting
so brace yourself. Let other people see the real you. This is difficult for two
reasons, it seems to me. First of all, a lot of us INFJs don’t know who the real us is, or if we do, it’s hard to put our finger on it because it kind of changes situationally. It can be difficult to be even aware of what our identity is,
you know what I mean? And then beyond that, we like to, because of
our extraverted feeling, we like to kinda move around with others to fit in. We like to be able to keep
everyone else feeling good, and part of that is sort
of shape-shifting a bit, moving our identity around
to fit in with whoever, whomever, to be correct,
whomever we’re with. And I go out of my way to be correct and then I end the sentence
with a preposition, oh well. It takes a lot for an INFJ, this goes back to putting
yourself first in decisions, but it takes a lot for us to to get to that point where
we can be really solid in who we are as people and
then to allow other people to see that consistently and authentically throughout many different
scenarios, you know, with other different groups of people where we normally would
try to blend in a bit more because we’re good at that
and we like to do that, we like to fit in and
just go with the flow of what’s going on. I don’t mean spontaneity-wise, going back to our first point, I mean more like go with the flow of what’s the vibe of the room, we like to fit into that. We don’t want to stand out so much and, make ripples, make waves, we
don’t wanna rock the boat. So this is something you’ve
gotta kind of get over and a lot of these
previous tips can help you develop that ability to be comfortable with who you are and be
able to walk into a room and perhaps rock the boat a bit because you know who you are and you’re not trying to put on a show for others. INFJs, believe it or not,
can get the reputation for being fake and phony because we are able to do that game of kind
of presenting ourselves in different ways
depending on the situation. We’re not the kind of people
whose first inclination is gonna be like, “No,
uh uh, this is who I am, “you all can adjust to that.” No we wanna adjust to the room. It’s gonna be hard to fight that because a lot of times
you’re not gonna think you’re being fake, you’re gonna be like, “No
this is just what I do. “I play the game.” We realize as INFJanes… As INFJanes? As INFJs and as IN-Frank-Janes, social interactions are
a big game, we get it, we understand the game and
we don’t mind playing it because we just feel like that’s
what you’re supposed to do, you’re supposed to play the game. And if part of the game is me, you know, doing a little shucking and jiving, doing a little juke, a little
power move, a little spin, to fit in, to like obfuscate
my true identity a bit, just to keep the happy vibe going, just to keep others happy? We’ll do it because that’s the game. So you have to develop this ability to, you’re never gonna not
be aware of the game, you can’t drop the knowledge of the game, but what you can do is
realize I can play the game and still put forth my real self. I don’t need to totally wear the cloak of personality invisibility
just to get myself through these things. I can actually be me,
put out there who I am, and maybe some people won’t like it, maybe some people won’t
be happy with it, oh well, but that’s what you’ve
gotta be able to develop in order to be like a
fully rounded person, in order to be a healthier INFJ. Because if you do this for decades, if you play the game for
decades of fitting in and not being your real
self and not actually, you’re gonna start to not
actually know yourself. “What do I think is true,
who do I think I am? “I don’t know I’m just
looking at everyone else “to define that for me.” And it changes based on the situation. And people are gonna resist that, people don’t like it especially
if you’re really good at playing the game, people don’t like it when suddenly they see a part of you that you know has always
sort of been there, that they haven’t seen because
you’re good at hiding it. But start revealing those
parts of yourself to others, let them see the real you. And it’s possible maybe
you’ll lose some friends along the way, but were
they really friends, were they really friends with you? But I think you’ll also be surprised to know that a lot of
people will accept you for who you really are. But of course part of
the first step of that is really figuring out who you are. How do you do that you might wonder? That’s a tough one. But it is something that I think with a lot of these other steps, being more spontaneous, being
more present in the moment, taking care of your body, making decisions that are maybe unpopular but that you know are right for you, those can sort of start
to define for yourself what kind of person you really are. And you’re gonna start to
feel comfortable with that and allow yourself to
show that to other people. So those are my six tips
to being a healthier INFJ. If you want to check out
some other videos of mine, click or tap the screen right there. If you forgot how YouTube works, make sure you smash Like, subscribe if you wanna see more videos like this and others ’cause
I do a whole plethora of different kinds of videos, hit that button and until next time, stay cool and attractive.

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  33. This is a good speech. Thanks! 🙂 For me, running helped and still helps me to figure all out and also empowers me to, like Bukowski said, "go all the way" if I am ever going to try. That is my moto. ////
    A question, are you made a video about writers whose words sounds familiar to you? Bukowski in his diary talks almost like I am talking stuff to myself. I almost freak out when I first read it. That is kinda writers who inspired me to be just present, and going with the flow.

  34. كنت اتمنى ترجمه عربيه☹💔
    عموما اكيد الفيديو جميل حتى لو ما شفته استمر

  35. I "put myself first" once… my husband turned to me and called me selfish! I didbeceryrhubg to work around family time. Sometimes it cut in but rarely. That was years ago and it still burns in my soul!
    I verbalized that to him. He nonchalantly said "I remember that. Didnt know it hurt you." Didnt say it in a helpful way to me and see how deeply hurt I was by it. I still sit with it.

  36. Shit I’m stuck again lol
    Can’t stop watching these in between my to do list. So right on and detailed reminders I need to hear again and again 🙏

  37. As I recently learned that I’m an INFJ, and FJ’s funny & I insightful videos, they have really helped me understand realize that I need work to be a healthy INFJ and now I know how! I plan my day, and everything I do, to the point of ridiculousness so to try to go with the flow more is something of a challenge for me.

    Anyways thanks FJ you have helped another INFJ understand how I operate and where I need to work on! Great job!!

  38. Just wanted to add that you nailed what I need to focus on and where I need work!! I feel like your talking directly to me 😆

  39. Idk why i hadnt b4 today? Made my kids do the mbti. Im infp. So. Lmfao. My 9 yr old daughterm enfp. My 12 yr old son infj. Ha.ha haaaaa. Had to share. Yes i told him to look you up & watch your stuff. &yes he does comment. So does she. Giggle

  40. Thank you for existing. You have a brilliant mind, a resilient heart, and you make my heart FEEL. Thank you. 💙 you teach me so much. I'm happy to see the authentically and genuinely happy YOU! I love you! I appreciate you! 🤟🙏💙

  41. You're accurate and comprehensive . If I was 20 years younger (before I've learned those lessons the hard way) l would benefit even more from those video. You really spread around high energy. Thank you

  42. Idk if it’s something you get with age but for me I just let it all hang out now. Don’t really hold anything back anymore. Before that got me no where but now people all think “wow, what a cool guy.”

  43. I get what you mean. Really😂especially jokes INFJ- I am Frank James. So now serious part if anyone concerns, James took me to an empty mind world and I was just staring to his eyes and smiled when what he said really hit me. Point 6-get into others vibe, i thot a lot of people is doin it? Not only INFJ and it might not be so bad, I guess you mean was not immerse in for too long and believe you are like that. And I think there shld be one more, point 7. YOU CANT BE FRIEND WITH EVERYONE. This is crucially important bcuz we want to be lovely with everyone and when they are not the same vibe, we struggle, we think is our prob which is NOT. I came to realize we r not the best people to social and we dont have to. This is my fav vid so far and I love it. Kinda overwhelmed today with my super sensitivity, thanks for make me calm. Love

  44. Oh my god, I love this video so much! Right now I'm going through a crisis, and I had a lot of thoughts about authenticity, honesty, opening up to others, going with the flow, and that video hit me hard, but it helped me in a really powerful way. Thank you, FJ! It is so calming and helpful to know there are others out there who went through these specific struggles, choked these thoughts, too. Thank you, really.

  45. When I was in schools,I didn't have any friends except my 3 cousins who lived with me together. When college started, they went to a different college.I decided to make new friends but no one was interesting. I was always quiet in the class and all my class fellows started to call me a 'weirdo and psycho'…even the teachers were concerned, just to be "normal" for them I started sitting with a girl. She was nice but very different.Our interests didn't match at all. She had a lot of other best friends too and didn't talk to me a lot. She said I was her best friend and stuff.But then after maybe six months, she started to send me long screenshots of her arguments or little problems with her other best friends. She asked me to make a fake acoount and humiliate someone who had said something to her other friends, not once but twice. She asked me to write a long letter for her friend because my English is better than hers. She forced me to meet new people and talk to them. I did everything just to be a good friend. But I got tired of it.I wanted to leave her and start ignoring her but it seemed very rude to me, I thought its better to tell her the reason. When I told her that she was okay about it. But after that, now she has been sad for a week and I only talk to her if she talks and she barely talks.Was it rude to say that to her? I have been going crazy thinking about it only bacause my sisters and cousins are telling me that it was rude and mean,they tell me I'm an insensitive person. Please someone honestly tell me what should I do????

    And sorry if you read it and it annoyed you

  46. You: “take care of your body man”
    Me: “spot on- I have got to practice better habits” ( making mental list of planned action points)
    You: you have to let other people see the real you”
    Me: “UGH, no “ end of thought. Pause video to comment.
    “Sigh-I should probably finish the video. It’s the right thing to do.”

  47. Intuitive goes into miss guided overdrive when in combination with PTSD. Just a heads up. So planning….. Goes into massive top priority to the point can no longer handle spontaneous activities. I used to be so fun and spontaneous. I want that shit back.

  48. I see you with your OP language..also trying to put it in general terms for the community lol.
    Wonderful advice. Gracias INFJ brutha.

  49. Literally try to get myself to absorb into my chair when you said I need to work on putting myself first and be okay with hurting others.
    This whole video is infj gold but I feel personality attacked 😂

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