Indigo Rising Podcast | Trailer

My name is Luke Segreto and I recently made a documentary called “Stressed.” In the movie we looked at emotional stress and a very powerful intervention called Neuro Emotional Technique, or N.E.T. During that process I got to meet and speak with so many amazing people and I realized that there was so much more about healing that I wasn’t even aware of. Ever since René Descartes we’ve been looking at the mind and the body as separate. So the research behind mind body interventions like N.E.T. really help to bridge that gap and unify that concept. All mind body healing is based on the concept that the body knows how to heal itself and if we can just remove the blocks, the body naturally wants to heal anyway. So taking it one step further, there’s still that piece of the innate intelligence that we don’t fully understand. And I feel that it’s the final piece that needs to be integrated for us to truly understand who and what we are, and what we’re capable of. So what I’m really trying to do with this podcast series is explore the many links between healing and spirituality, and I’m so excited to see what I’m going to discover. So join me, and subscribe, and become a part of the conversation.

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