In the Dark Podcast | Season Two | Full Trailer

In the Dark Podcast | Season Two | Full Trailer

In February of last year, I got an email from a woman in Mississippi. She wrote that there was a man there named Curtis Flowers, who had been tried six times for the same crime. “The evidence is iffy, at best,” she wrote. “The man didn’t have a chance.” Curtis Giovanni Flowers murdered those four people. There’s no doubt in my mind. And I think he needs to fry in hell, where he’s going. If he was executed, would you go watch? You’re damn right, I’d go watch. I would stick the needle in him. Ten minutes after happened, they zeroed in on Curtis and never looked nowhere else. I mean, it’s hard to trust this investigation. It’s hard to trust the people who ran it, and it’s hard to trust the prosecution trying this case. Hey, where are the facts? Where’s the proof? Mississippi, Mississippi. You know, we all know what goes on in Mississippi. Once we get you in the courtroom, you’re ours. If you’re black, we got you. They’ll keep going on until they get inside your head, to make you think that he really had something to do with it. Did I lead you to say anything? No. Was your statement free and voluntary? Yes. If you try a man six times for the same crime … … then something is wrong about the entire system. So are you confident that you have the right person — that Curtis Flowers is guilty? That, I will answer, definitely. No question at all.

7 thoughts on “In the Dark Podcast | Season Two | Full Trailer

  1. After an amazing first season that I've listened to in it's entirety at least 3 times, I was eagerly awaiting news on the second season. I have to say that I am very disappointed that this is the topic, not because I find it undeserving, but because I hoped you would be focusing on another missing persons case where authorities have botched the investigation. There certainly are a plethora to choose from. I believe you could have really focused in on a niche that would have helped build a solid fan base with each subsequent season. This is not something I am interested in listening to, but I wish you luck just the same.

  2. I am excited for season two. Ya'll did fantastic work in season one, and it is riveting to know that your critical awareness and your journalistic acumen are being brought to bear on a case which exposes the deepest antagonisms of our time: race, class, unjust law enforcement, etc. Thank you for accomplishing relevant work with the utmost of skill.

  3. So excited for season 2! I met both of you at the Pop Up Magazine event in St.Paul, MN. It was such an honor. You guys are so real…so open…so humble…and your work is outstanding and inspiring. Looking forward to many more seasons.

  4. This story is so unreal ‼️ this story should have so much exposure . Love the podcast too , can’t believe that prosecutor is getting away with murder inside the courtrooms ….. sigh 😔

  5. This has to be one of the most fascinating stories ever uncovered by a journalist and then produced on a podcast!

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