Impractical Jokers – “World’s Worst Cameraman” Ep. 811 (Web Chat) | truTV

Impractical Jokers – “World’s Worst Cameraman” Ep. 811 (Web Chat) | truTV

♪♪ Hello, everybody. It is Murr
from “Impractical Jokers.” I’m sick.
[ Coughs ] Keep this part in.
It’s me choking. [ Coughs ] But the show must go on,
so I’m here on set. We’re filming today, so excuse
my voice sounding weird, excuse me having a cough drop
in my mouth through this “Ask a Joker.” But, you know, you guys
demanded it, so I’m doing it. ♪♪ Thanks for joining me
for #AskAJoker. Uh, this is very special episode
for me because my idol, Yanni, the first concert I ever saw
was in this episode. So it was a very special episode
for me. Very specially embarrassing. You know
“One Man’s Dream”? Well, I took lessons. Alright. Show me. [ Chuckles nervously ] [ Laughter ] Show me. Murray didn’t know
he was gonna perform. [ Piano plays ] [ Chuckles nervously ] [ Laughter ] I like your camera work a lot more. [ Laughter ] First question come from
Brendan, who wants to know, “Did Sal actually take a bite
of the deodorant?” ♪♪ I read online
that you can eat it. My favorite snack now. Good question, Brendan.
Yes, he did. Although, the deodorant,
I believe, was marshmallow fluff
that he formed — that Will Faxton formed into
what looked like deodorant. I believe it was marshmallow,
’cause, you know, nobody’s gonna eat deodorant,
come on. Veronica writes,
“After using the Modobag” — you know, the luggage
that I scooted around with, made Sal laugh and won. Sorry. [ Laughs ] “After using the Modobag
in the first challenge, would you consider buying one
for your own personal use?” Okay, so, I had the idea
for the Modobag. I saw an advertisement with it. So I reached out to the company
and said, “I’ve got a great idea.
Will you send me one?” They sent me a Modobag
to use in that challenge. And I got to keep it.
Yes! So, yes, I got to keep
the darn Modobag. I’m gonna use it all the time. Thanks,
I appreciate it. That is cool. Number three — Rich says,
“I love when you guys incorporate crew members
in the show.” I agree. Vanessa as
Carmen Sandiego is an example. [ Sighs ] This is Vanessa. Vanessa works on our show, works very hard. Half the times, I just don’t
understand what she’s saying. We don’t understand
what she’s saying. What? Has anyone seen
Chuck Yeager, the man who discovered
the speed of light? -Oh, my God!
-I’m sorry. I don’t understand
what you’re saying. [ Sighs ] Sal: Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! [ Laughter ] Mark writes,
“In your punishment, you were supposed to be
the world’s worst cameraman. Are you actually pretty handy
with the camera, or do you have
any prior experience?” I actually think
I’m a pretty good cameraman. -Hit the keys.
-Slip and hit the keys. [ Piano playing ] [ Piano keys clink ] [ Laughter ] Keep doing squats.
Keep doing squats. ♪♪ Jump little hops. Hop around him! [ Laughter ] ♪♪ Vinny tweets,
“It must be tough to work in places like
Hill Country Chicken and be surrounded
by delicious food. Do you guys get to eat at
any of the places you shoot?” Are you kidding?
Have you watched our TV show? I can’t even take it.
You’re eating [bleep] lo mein? [ Laughter ] I’ve been eating all day,
Vinny. It’s the best part of the job. Leslie writes,
“I never realized you had your chest hair
lasered.” I used to shave. Now I get my chest lasered. [ Laughs ] Which is true. He’s telling truth! Is that why
it’s so spotty? It’s — “Are there any other fun facts
we may not know about you?” Yes,
I’ve had my back lasered, which took, like, three years
to get it to stick. My chest took much quicker. I have to, like, shave it
every now and then, but it took much quicker,
I will say. It also hurt a lot more. Feel how smooth this is, though. Feel it. Yeah. See? Give me more.
Send me to outer space. Anyways,
enough of this nonsense. I’m sick. I have to go home,
no matter what Pete says. So, make sure to check out new
episodes of “Impractical Jokers” every Thursday night on truTV. Thanks for joining me
for #AskAJoker. See the guys on tour. Go to or in order to see
all of our tour dates. If you’ll excuse me now,
I’m going to go home and die. ♪♪

78 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers – “World’s Worst Cameraman” Ep. 811 (Web Chat) | truTV

  1. For a bunch of Jokers, you really are not funny. Not funny at all. I have seen many of your clips, Still need to get y first laugh. The carbobnaro effect does get me every time. You guys do not.

  2. This interview was taken moments before Murr’s lungs collapsed and costed him his life .
    Making him tonight’s big loser .

  3. You guys are the best thing that ever happened to me…my daily antidepressant
    Will always love you no matter what

  4. YOU KNOW WHAT!!??? IM just gonna say it. I love all 4 jokers the same. ALL OF EM. But not enough people give Murr props man. He is funny AF! Im just gonna say it! He is my favorite joker man. He is epic

  5. Why on God's green earth a man decides to shave his back and chest is beyond me ….but I guess it's a ferret thing so I am ok with that….😂

  6. TruTV needs to upload the full challenges and punishments that don't make it to air. They film for hours and we get to see like 5 mins of that

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