Impractical Jokers – What Reservation?! (Punishment) | truTV

Impractical Jokers – What Reservation?! (Punishment) | truTV

All right, are you ready
for something new? Sal is our loser. Hey, buddy. You know that
really annoying thing when you go to a restaurant, and the host can’t find
your reservation? Yeah, got it. So they’re
not gonna have my reservation. Sure. There’s sort of a reversal
to that. I’m not gonna have
their reservation? -Yeah.
-Yeah, there you go. That is better.
That is better. Murr: We’re here at
Delmonico’s Steakhouse, I feel like the next person
who walks in just won’t have the right energy
for Delmonico’s. No.
Not the right energy. Wow, that’s — that’s big.Bad energy coming in,
Sal. Bad energy. -Reservation?
-Morris. Linus, put the phone down. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It’s not the right energy
for tonight. It’s not the right energy
for tonight. Ohh!
Look at their faces. Ohh!
Look at their faces. [ All groan ] Was there anything else?! Was there anything else? [ Laughter ] I do. I realize —
it’s just not the right energy. Ohh. All right, allow it. I’ll allow it. [ Laughter ] Oh, he’s a champ.
I love him. They’ll lay low. I can’t believe you let me
allow it. I liked his answer. He was self-aware,
and he solved his own problem. -Yeah.
-That’s what we like. Hi, how are you? Name?We got something a little
planned for our friend, Sal, right now. Oh, who’s coming in, Sal? Is that Leonardo DiCaprio
and Matt Damon? Ohh. -Mr. DiCaprio.
-Show them right to their table. I’m so sorry.
Mr. DiCaprio, thank you. Mr. Damon,
thank you so much. -Please, come on right in.
-Good to see you again. [ Laughter ] Q: That’s a face that says, “I don’t think
that’s DiCaprio and Damon. They come here often.
I’m sorry. “Unfortunately…” Unfortunately… “…with the arrival of
Mr. Damon and Mr. DiCaprio…” [ Sighs ] Ohh. Unfortunately,
the arrival of Mr. Damon and Mr. DiCaprio
made it so that… “Usurped your reservation.” -Usurped?
-Usurped your reservation. -Usurped?
-Usurped your reservation. -They — they — they —
-“They deserve.” Use the word “deserve.” They — they deserve —
they have a — they have a — They’re seated now,
so what we can do is — “I have a 9:30.”
That’s two hours from now. I do have a 9:30. I do have a 9:30. We had reservation for 7:00. 7:00. -Yeah.
-Sure. -Ohh!
-Uh-huh. They’re requesting to
speak with a manager. This is brutal.
This is brutal. [ Groans ] Can you just speak
with them? We had a — DiCaprio.
There’s a DiCaprio situation. -Oh, Sal!
-Sal! Ooh. Ohh! This is — this is —
this is a good one. Ooh. We’re about to hit prime
Delmonico’s dinner time. Oh, and the timing is just gonna
be, oh, unfortunate for Sal. Oh, and the timing is just gonna
be, oh, unfortunate for Sal. -Hi, guys, reservation?
-Yes. Yes. Cutler. -Sal, let’s get a crowd formed.
-All right. Make people all wait
for their tables now. No problem. Can you just wait
right over by the coat check? I’ll have someone seat you
in a moment. -Sure.
-Hey, guys. How you doing? Reservation for 7:30. Can you give me one moment?
Just sit right there, and I’ll have someone
come over and — -Okay.
-Yes, thank you. -Okay.
-Yes, thank you.There’s a wall of people
in front of me. Hey, what’s up?
How you doing? -Good.
-Great, Sal. Whoever gives you the most money
gets to sit first. “Does anyone have any friends, maybe Andrew Jackson
or Benjamin Franklin?” I like that.
That’s subtle.Guys, it’ll just be a —
just a moment. We’re just a little full. We’re moving along
as quickly as we can. Is anyone eating with
Andrew Jackson, perchance? ♪♪ Sal, if somebody gives you
a $20, it’s over, pal. Andrew Jackson? Anyone eating
with Andrew Jackson? Oh, my God, oh, my God. The ladies are pooling together
their money right now. Oh, my God, please, please. Joe: Here she comes.
Here she comes. I’m sorry,
we had reservations, and what —
what were you — what did you say
about Andrew Jackson? Oh, yeah, if you were
with Andrew Jackson, I could seat you right away. You mean Andrew Jackson,
the president that’s deceased? -Yes.
-That’s on the $20 bill? -Correct.
-So I can be seated immediately? That’s correct. And that’s protocol? Well, here at Delmonico’s, we believe in
free market enterprise. [ Sighs ] -Yes!
-Ohh! I don’t believe it! -Jackson!
-Wow! -Yeah!
-Sal survived another one.

100 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers – What Reservation?! (Punishment) | truTV

  1. I was NOT expecting Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic & Matt Damon from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron to make an appearance.

    This is the most SURPRISING punishment in the ENTIRE series.

  2. YES! Sal is badass! He has been tough for a while, in the very beginning I saw some episodes where he would chicken out at simple things, and I got mad at him once cuz he went off on the other jokers and started whining like a baby. After the first few seasons, he grew a pair and has been fr a star joker.

  3. AND ALSO who can not like SAL?! The guy is a champ! He freaking falls over and pulls everyone and everything in a room to the floor when laughing. When he's rofl — He actually rolls on the floor laughing ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. The thing is Sal has that perfect face for that kind of persona he uses as an uppity concierge. He's done it a few times.

  5. Another instant classic! Sal really managed to look like he was holding it together, but I know on the inside he was wishing for the sweet release of death

  6. I luv thiz but I still wanna know where the beef crystal mill mall is and the senior park ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. At first, I thought they were being serious about Matt Damon and Di'caprio being there, I even skipped back to see, because I thought to myself, that doesn't look like them. Then I realised. LMAO ๐Ÿ˜‚

  8. Bits like this is why I no longer wonder how long the show can โ€œkeep it upโ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ hilarious

  9. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Great idea! Might have to go be a host and pull this at a Denny's. ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Edit: I know I'd have to ask if anyone is sitting with George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.

  10. I keep thinking the punishments are going to get stale or repetitive but some of these recent ones have been their best yet

  11. You can't hold the reservation
    You know how to take them
    Just the holding part
    Cus that's what matters
    The holding

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