Impractical Jokers – Vowel Obstruction (Punishment) | truTV

Hey! Q has lost,
so today, buddy, you are working
at a health conference thrown by our friends
at Welnys. You’re gonna be signing up
attendees for a raffle… Mm-hmm. …and as you meet them,
you have to find people whose first names begin
with all the five vowels. Yeah. If their first name begins
with a vowel, good news. It’s checked off the list. But if their name starts
with anything other than a vowel,
bad news is you have to say whatever we
tell you directly to their face. Murr: So, now you’re trying to pick vowels. Who looks like a vowel?
-Ugh. Q has a clipboard with every
single attendee’s name on it, and next to it, we’ve randomly generated a line. Some might be an insult. Some might be something hard for Q to say. Hi, sir, did you sign in for the raffle yet? The free raffle? No. What is your name? -Ariel.
-Oh! -Ariel.
-You lucky son of a [bleep] ! You are good.
First one. -Vanna! We got the “A.”
-Vanna! Sal: Oh, my God!
Like that! Excuse me. Did you sign up for the raffle yet? -No.
-Okay, what is your name? Eva. -Ohhhhhhhhh!
-E-V-A? -Oh, my God!
-Oh, my God! The A-E combo’s impressive. Excuse me. I’m sorry. Did you sign up for the free raffle yet? Did you —
What is your name? -Jonathan.
-Jonathan. -Oh!
-Yes! -Oh!
-Yes! Murr: Flip the page and read
the line next to his name. Odd that you have no bulge
in your pants at all. Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! What?
What is — uh, yeah. What? Yeah, yeah.
No, no. I’m just curious because
normally I see the phones, and then I saw that your… Yeah, good luck with the raffle.
You’re all signed up. -Good.
-You’re all signed up. -Wow. That was tough, Q.
-That was a good one. Hi. Do you know if you’re
signed up for the raffle — the free raffle yet? I don’t think so. the free raffle yet? I don’t think so. -What is your name?
-Ursula. -Oh, my God!
-Oh, my God! What?! -All right, give him a “U.”
-This is insanity. Thank you.
I hope you win. -Wow. Sir, do you know if you’re
in for the free raffle yet What is your name? John Hyde. -Oh. It is, man. It is, man. Yeah, small talk is not gonna
get you out of this, buddy. I’ll let you buy the “O”
if you tell him “Speaking of old-ass,
why don’t you stand up for sec?” Speaking of old-ass, why don’t
you stand up for a second, we’ll check it out, you know what I’m saying? [ Laughter ] He got the “O.” Vanna, give him the “O,” Vanna. Joe: Got the “O.”
Only an “I” left. Who looks like an “I”?
Hmm. What is your name? -Oh!
-Your balls are showing. [ Laughter ] -[ Laughs ]
-Oh, my… What is your name? -Leah.
-Oh! Let me tell you, it’s nice to
see a few ethnics around here. [ Laughter ] Okay, what is your name? Wow.
You smell like cats. What is your name? I was thinking of having some work done. I was thinking of having some work done. Who’s your guy? [ Laughter ] [ Laughter ] Joe: All right, so, Q, here’s
what we’re gonna do — we will let you buy the “I.”
Okay? If this person has an “I”
anywhere in their name, you’re done. you’re done. -What is your name?
-Jacky. -Oh! Well, it’s actually
Jacqueline, but… -Oh, wait, what is it?
-Jacqueline. -How do you spell that?
-Q-U-E-L-I-N-E. -Boom!
-Ah! -Boom!
-Ah! -Show us the “I,” Vanna. [ Ding! ] Sal: There you go, buddy.

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