Impractical Jokers – Shades of Sal | truTV

Impractical Jokers – Shades of Sal | truTV

Today, we’re stopping
park-goers here at Universal Studios Hollywood
to take a quick survey. While conducting these surveys,
we’re gonna have to do and say whatever the other guys tell us to. If you refuse to do or say
anything, you lose. Sal inserts
joke here. [ Laughter ] That’s a great one, Sal. Joe: Sal, no one could take you seriously with these
glasses on, okay? If UV rays wanted to get
to my balls, they can’t. You’re wearing a windshield, basically. You’re wearing
a tinted windshield. Hi, sir.
How are you? Good.
How are you today? Thanks.
Got three minutes? “Sir, there’s no reason
to be nervous.” There’s no reason
to be nervous. Oh, no, it’s all good. “I’m gentle like a pussy willow
in a kitten’s mouth.” Again, just to set you at ease,
I’m gentle like a — a pussy willow in a kitten’s
mouth, you know what I mean? So — Sure. Okay. Okay. Okay, buddy. If you can answer these
questions with, um, a sound. Are you having fun? Yay! Great. [ Laughter ] How’d you get
here today? We drove. Well, with a noise. Oh, okay. Vroom. Yeah. Beep, beep.
Beep, beep. Uh, not a lot
of beep-beeping. More so — Then some err! And then a — Yeah, we’re hitting the breaks. Okay. [ Laughter ] Favorite zoo animal? Lion. Murr: No, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no. Rawr! [ Laughter ] How dare you? [ Laughter ] He gave everything you need.
Good. Now just rip it up. I’ll just — [ Laughter ] Thank you so much,
and enjoy the park. Okay, Baxter.
And you’re from? Louisiana. Oh, right on, right on. Sal, make
assumptions about him. And Baxter from
Louisiana, clearly divorced
then or…? No, I’m married. Oh, married. [ Laughter ] Vegan, though. No, no. Oh, no, okay. -Grandparent.
-Grandfather. No, no. Okay, great. “Height — 5’8″.” 5’8″? About 5’19”. Joe: 5’19”. He did the math for him. Okay, 6’7″. Murr: “140, 145.” 140, 145, then. [ Laughs ] No, I’m about a good 250. “African American.” African American. Well, I — I don’t have that
much of a tan, do I? And then take your glasses off
and realize it’s the glasses that have been
screwing you up the whole time. Oh, [bleep] [ Laughter ] Strangest thing —
I put the glasses on. Uh-huh. Man, I took you for a 5’8″, 140-pound,
African American, vegan grandparent who’s divorced
and from a foreign land. [ Laughter ] Look at that.
Look at that. [ Ding! ] [ Laughter ]

98 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers – Shades of Sal | truTV

  1. "Sal's 3 minute survey quickly gets out of hand…" Sal and I are kindred spirits; it doesn't take long for some folks to let a catastrophic cocktail like good manners, respect and social anxiety to transform from their usual polished, composed and articulate professionals to sorry, sweating, shambling and stuttering trainwrecks…
    #MadRespect #MuchLove #KeepKillingIt

  2. Sal's glasses:

  3. "Strange thing i put the glasses on…Man i took you for a 5'8", 140 pound, African American, vegan grandparent who's divorced and from a foreign land."

    —Sal 2019.

  4. They should do a collaboration with First We Feast Hot Ones. If one of the jokers fail to complete the challenge, they should got through the Hot One challenge as their punishment.

  5. For a Moment can we just appreciate these 4 guys and the comedy producers behind the screens for such amazing content ..Hats off to the whole team for keeping this show fresh with it's awesome challenges and punishments. Ij for life!!

  6. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ one of Sal's funniest moments for me. Gotta love the guys attitude about it too. Hilarious…loved it!!!

  7. From 0.26-0.30
    Look at those yellow & green t-shirt girls

    So, bigggg juicy milkmelons

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