Impractical Jokers – Chest Hair Chronicles | truTV

Impractical Jokers – Chest Hair Chronicles | truTV

Is that chest hair? -Probably is.
-Yeah, no, it’s impressive. It’s impressive. I have some, but not enough.
I’m sorry to interrupt. I couldn’t help but notice
your chest hair. Oh, you noticing that? Impressive.
I had mine shaved. I trimmed.
I’m embarrassed by it. I’m sorry, Murr,
why don’t we tell the truth if we’re telling the truth. I used to shave. Now I get
my chest lasered. [ Laughter ] -Which is true.
-He’s telling the truth. Is that why
it’s so spotty? ‘Cause it’s spotty. It’s like
growing in there, but not there. -Yeah.
-Well, somebody’s got to feel it before we finish with this guy. You see, mine
is much more coarse. If mine grew in, it would be
much more coarse than this. You know what I mean? ‘Cause, like,
yours is really soft. They’re both feeling! -That is soft.
-Get him to feel yours. Get him to feel yours, Q. Feel how coarse
that is. -Yeah.
-Murr, blast me. Feel how smooth
this is, though. Feel.
Yeah. See? Give me more.
Send me to outer space. -Yeah.
-Sweet, alright. -Anyways.
-Yeah, go ahead, you can order. You got chest hair? [ Laughter ] Sal: Guys, have, like,
a super huge argument like you’re in
a silent film right now. Okay. ♪♪ [ Laughter ] He is trying to understand
what is going on. Joe: Now just hug
and hold each other. He’s taking
a picture of you. He’s taking a picture.
Photo happening. Go back to arguing.
Go back. Murr, slowly turn and notice
that you’re getting filmed. ♪♪ [ Laughter ]

81 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers – Chest Hair Chronicles | truTV

  1. Murr slowly moving towards the guy and the guy slowly moving his phone was the best thing I have seen so far.

  2. Guys go to my channel for impractical jokers S08 full episodes and use vpn if you are from united states Iam uploading every episode now

  3. That poor man just wanted a sandwich, but ended up with two strangers comparing their chest hair to his! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I love this show!! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  4. Just imagine that guy filming having 2 people at the exact same time turn and look at him without saying a word

  5. I wonder if the Impractical Jokers would like me to join, just to freshen things up a touch. A young stud added to the roster to attract the ladies!

  6. Lol he rubbed their chests. Small town where i live a dude would take that as an attack on their masculinity and throw a hissy

  7. Impractical Jokers the best program in the world I enjoyed the fight without sound and the guy who was filming and Murr and Q look back very funny

  8. The slow turn at the end got me. haha This and Murr driving off on a suit case might be the funniest scenes so far! πŸ˜€

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