22 thoughts on “Impeachment Today Podcast: Has Giuliani Always Been This Shady?

  1. I can smell the sheer desperation in this show, trying to literally will an election win into existence from 2016. LOL
    I'd also be willing that the immense volumes of exculpatory evidence already known, you'l leave out, because that's not the goal.

  2. You can visit https://www.congress.gov/ and enter impeach trump in the search and change the search option from current legislation to all legislation to read all of the actions taking place. There are currently 14 resolutions to impeach Trump/ Personally I doubt he will be impeached, impeachment requires a two-thirds majority to convict , there are too many idiots like lindsey graham that will vote pro Trump even if he ax murdered someone in the oval office.

  3. Trump might've not been the best president, but he sure gave a wake-up call to a more frustrated and confused American society. Just wait a few months you left wingers can vote for your choice. Don't be hypocrites left wingers, have some dignity!

  4. Hi buzzfeed, sorry but your reputation has fell and the reasoning behind it can still be seen by how biased politically you are still trying to convince uneducated and I'll informed college students for your own personal gain and more and more people are turning away from the company. Not to mention how saturated in content you are and how the quality has depleted in the past 4+ years

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