“If You Want to Control Your Own DESTINY, Work For YOURSELF!” – Kevin O’Leary (@kevinolearytv)

100 thoughts on ““If You Want to Control Your Own DESTINY, Work For YOURSELF!” – Kevin O’Leary (@kevinolearytv)

  1. I'm 20 and is being pressured by the society where I live. Job title means everything to hiring agents and I've been doing things that aren't even compatible with my actual strength for few years now, let alone the habit of jumping into different industries than the one I majored at school. I feel really helpless but I'm glad there are still people who share the same vision as me!

  2. The Most valuable commodity anyone has is there "TIME".. I retired at 40. An I love my personal Freedom!! But I'm still single. LOL When I was working crazy hours girls left cos i was never there.. Now I have loads of free time. Girls aren't there cos i anyone them with my free time.. LOL

  3. working for yourself,eliminates job hours, salary, check per week, when we can take full control our needs even set prices on future products we make. I rather take control of my stuff instead being a slave working for smome in a place or whatever. But everything is a risk. And Mr wonderful probably one the best and smtimes he can be angry. the rest are lame except Lori.

  4. I took the path of financial freedom, great experience, retired at 48 and life is good. O'Leary has some good pointers!

  5. I disagree with one thing he said, and that's that "In order to be free and do what you want in life, you have to have wealth." Well, I love to go fishing. I love to do things on my cheap property and at 40 years old I am retired, I have a $50k piece of land with a modest house on it, a $5k truck, a $500 boat, don't owe anyone a dime and I am very happy doing whatever I want and enjoying life without needing to be a Billionaire! =)

  6. Working for yourself is a good thing to think about. All of the interesting guests on the Joe Rogan podcast, all of the great video makers on YouTube, they share this in common. They all work for themselves in some capacity. One day this realization came to my mind while I was listening to a random JRE podcast. It stuck with me. If you're working for a boss, you have to put forward this limited version of yourself. And I think it's important to break free of that. It's high risk high reward though. Takes smart and hard work to get there.

  7. "pursue financial freedom". After all, this is what everyone is going for at the end of the day. Sacrifice the time and personal life now for the sake of your business so that you can enjoy it with more freedom than ever later on in life.

  8. Love the message here. Yes, working for yourself is the most obvious way to control your own destiny. I started my own channel to spread the word of how awesome it is to work for yourself and write your own ticket. Biz ownership changed my life for sure.

  9. You can have financial freedom by being an employee. Keep your living costs low and invest in other people's businesses through the stock market or a good fund manager. Don't get stuck thinking it's either/or. If you have passion for business then start your own business, sure. If you just want to eventually retire young(ish) then downsize everything and invest the surplus cash into things that make more cash.

  10. Totally agree. I ran into Kevin at an airport a couple years ago. He was chowing down at a little subway shop and reading the paper. You never would have guessed he was as successful as he is. Very nice in person and we had a little chat. Good reminder for me. I should post a video about him on MY channel!

  11. people give Kevin O'leary a hard time, some don't like him, YET COME ON… This was awesome. The man is brilliant, real, and very helpful

  12. Not to be wierd, but I luv listening to Kevin. He needs a podcast. Even utube doesn't have enough footage. He's just good. I watch shark tank for him mainly. Put it this way, wish I woulda learned all this and hung around him for the last 10 years vs whatever I've been doing.

  13. If you think entrepreneurs are the solution to solving all major problems of the world, you’ve never met an engineer.

  14. Can't wait going to see him this month got my free tickets !!!!!!! Can't wait for the advice and tips who knows might strike up a deal

  15. Kevin is a misunderstood man. He isn't evil or ONLY cares about money. He just does what it takes to get it done.

  16. Hey everyone. Question: What is the main roadblock which a 9 to 5 leaver runs into.. when trying to start a side hustle business which would eventually help him to get rid of that dead end job? Can it be, the lack of money, lack of skills, lack of right proven systems, mentors..what could it be?

  17. Been employed it's not bad its terrible and only losers look for job trading you hours for money. Wake up. How much time in your life do you have?

  18. Work for yourself has always been my objective. This video has given me a new breathe of fresh air to go for my dreams. Thanks Evan for your great material.

  19. 14:25 – If you don't have this inside you, you can forget playing at the highest level. This one thing will take you from mediocre to great

  20. At first I considered this guy a jerk, but after watching a lot of his videos he strikes me as a real genuine and authentic person. great stuff.

  21. Thank you for making videos like this. Technology can hurt us and bring our moods down depending on the content you watch, but things like this work just as quick if not quicker in a positive way. It's appreciated

  22. "Your job is not to solve everybody's problems, it's to solve your customer's problems, your share holder's problems, your employee's problems."
    That's right, part of the problem many of us fall under is too many distractions.

  23. i would love to see a business roundtable interview with gary vee dave ramsey mark cuban and kevin oleary

  24. So I have digested all the great pointers in moving forward to a free and wonderful retirement ( as it would mean to me). I know money is not the beginning and end for me, however(please don't take this as a source of weakness) money can defently solve a lot of problems, and I sure would want to be independently secure(finacially)……I have a few ideas that ate truly innovative, but don't know the next step to take……to secure my 9dea and them go forward from there……I'm asking for help, and will patiently wait…..Thx in advance….Gerald Copan

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