If Cell Phone Commercials Were Honest – Honest Ads (iPhone, Android)

If Cell Phone Commercials Were Honest – Honest Ads (iPhone, Android)

– Let me ask you something. How important is it for
you to feel connected? No, not to your friends and family. I mean to people you
don’t really know or like across the Internet. If the answer is “very,” perhaps I can interest
you in this pocket box. Introducing the iHorton BS, what number are we on? 8 (laughs). It’s functionally the same as the BS7, but I gave it some barely
noticeable upgrades and put a different metal case on it, so now it costs $850 (chuckles). Rose gold, we made that one up. – But I got my iHorton BS7
just a couple months ago, and it’s working fine. – Oh, jeez. One second. (phone beeps) Just sent out an update. – Oh, okay. Yeah, it’s bad now. – Glad to hear it. See, I can use anti-piracy
laws to force updates on you that make your pocket
box objectively worse. Oh, and if you want to sell it or give it to a family member, I can also “lock” your pocket box so it has no second life value. Even though it’s yours. And I will. I guarantee it. – Wait, this doesn’t make any sense. It says my memory is already full, but I basically just got it. – That’s because pocket box comes with a handful of stock
apps you’ll never use and which are impossible to delete. Oh, and if you don’t
update them regularly, they can cause the whole
thing to freeze up. That’s called built-in obsolescence and it comes with every
box, free of charge. That’s my promise to you. Now before I forget, I legally need to say that your pocket box may not be safe to keep in your pocket. Something about waves
or exploding batteries. I don’t have to be more specific than that thanks to the neat little phrase, “Caveat Emptor” or “buyer beware.” It basically says we don’t
have to tell the truth, because you should assume
pocket box companies are going to lie a little
right out of the gates. Anyway, the BS8 is twice as fast, weighs negative pounds, and can repair your
relationship with your father. Kind of trust me. Yes sir, you may be thinking to yourself, where are these little gifts
from the heavens created? Heaven? Close, warehouses. We find it’s actually easier and cheaper to have workers make them for pennies and we put nets around the factory so they can’t kill themselves
in the middle of their shift. So you see, Heaven has
nothing to do with it. Enjoying your new iHorton, son? – Yeah, I mean, it’s got a
bunch of obvious design flaws and my bill just went up for some reason, but I don’t know. How do I look? – Grand! And that’s exactly why you need one. I’m not really selling you progress. I’m selling you the feeling of owning something new and cool. And can you really put a price on that? – Well, I paid it in installments, so it’s actually more. – I can. That price is eight
hundred and fifty dollars. Which is a lot. I agree, but if I charge you less, you don’t seem to want to buy it. You seem to prefer things
that are overpriced and it’s frankly, weird. The IHorton BS8. Sorry, BS8S now. It also takes phone calls, but you won’t answer them. Okay, I’ve been Roger.

100 thoughts on “If Cell Phone Commercials Were Honest – Honest Ads (iPhone, Android)

  1. reminds me of samsung when the galaxy S10 has "fast charge" but in reality it takes about 1 hour and a half for it to charge completely xD while huawei's mate 20 pro only needs about 45 minutes

  2. This video belongs to 2017 and even today, August 2019 it still remains valid from its beginning to its very end…

  3. Maybe you'll be laughing at me, but i blocked Play Store from working on my Samsung Galaxy s2 and it works fine.

  4. Ha! Sucks to be YOU, Horton! I bought a HortonBox 7 used on eBay and ran Tracfone through it. Works like a voodoo charm and I only paid a seventh of your asking price!

  5. Been 8 years since I owned a Cell Phone. It's amazing how people can actually reach you when they actually need you. Probabily the most overrated piece of technology ever.

  6. If other phones would have iOS as an operating system it would still do better than an android phone. That‘s a fact and if you don‘t believe me you probably just need to use ios for a few minutes 🙂

  7. And here I am in a family with not a lot of money and I was happy to get a old cracked lg phone for free from a friend who found it under their bed. WHO WOULD PAY 850 FOR A PHONE? I would buy a laptop

  8. Lol im using an ipod 6 and it works smoother than silk mixed with butter with the softest cushions on top.

  9. … I still use the same smart phone I had 4 years ago… all it does at this point is phone calls and texting. But that's what I bought it for so…

  10. He forgot about the glass body, which cost more to repair once you drop it. Smarphone is total scam, expensive to get, expensive to mantain, easy to buy new one.

  11. Every time I watch one of these "if ads were honest" videos, the intro makes me think I'm about to listen to DJ Alice – Better Off Alone…

  12. I would have added: phones made of raw materials extracted by your favorite African slave and, in the end, all the "broken" phones end up polluting African and poor countries, such a beautiful industry…

  13. Literally nothing about androids, except "may explode" thing, which applies to anything that has lithium-ion battery in it. Actually, scratch that — any battery. IPhone never exploded? Leave it in the sun, then put in your pocket, next to your big balls, which you must have, if you're putting HOT Li-ion in your pocket. Let's see what happens.
    Android can be forced to accept upgrades, but with just little bit of knowledge you can go back to your previous firmware literally at any given time, even while driving a bus full of people on a busy highway, and eating pizza at the same time. Lots of androids come with pre-installed bloatware, but magic wand called root can get rid of them in a blink of an eye, and then can be safely removed, so that you won't void your warranty, AND in between, can be used to significantly improve your phone's performance, if you have at least basic experience with linux, which btw you can actually install in there and use your phone as a portable PC. You can even run Steam and full PC games on it, if it's powerfull enough. Haven't seen iphone do that

  14. Dang this is so accurate I remember buying me s6 edge when it came for 600 bucks and it was a crap load of money for a phone. I was so in love with that shiny new thing I didn't even wanna transport it in my pocket haha I was truly I love with the shininess and not the technical progress hahaha

  15. "The iHorton BS8 is the most innovative smartphone ever. I mean, sure, it's the same as our last one, and there are tons of phones that come with crazy things like projectors and cameras that pop out of the phone, but our work Way better than those fragile and temperamental things. Well, at least they do so long as you break and or replace them every 6 months. After all, there's no need to repair them when you could just buy a new one! Even if repairs aren't that expensive, we can just jack up the price until you buy a new one.

  16. LOL I still have a BS4S – none of the apps work anymore because the app updates make the apps only compatible with a BSOS that isn't compatible with my BS4S. They expect me to pay over a grand for a BSX that will be obsolete this year but I won't be buying any more BS products 😃 My BS TV isn't even compatible with YouTube. I'm surprised the "People's Republic" of China allow BS companies to exploit their citizens and use them as slaves that aren't even allowed to commit suicide.

  17. Please do a skit on how property taxation destroys the American Dream and how forced car insurance has driven up car insurance premiums just like Obamacare.

  18. Buying trash made to screw you electronics is not as bad as forced car insurance and property taxation that has destroyed the American Dream.

  19. Wait an f'n minute…
    You mean i have to watch a parity commercial to get the truth?
    Phone companies are lying their jew asses off, and "updating" my phone into garbage?
    I choose to believe samsung/apple, and believe the lie, it is current year dont you know

  20. The producers ought to make videos on government waste of tax dollars, global warming scam, and the fraud of social safety nets, but the producers are cowards, so they won't.

  21. Awesome! Very on point and true. Gotta love the 2.1K+ butt-hurt iph0ne aka crackphone losers who were offended by this!

  22. The trend in mobile of paying so much more, for useful features being taken away, **cough HEADPHONE JACK cough cough** is the reason why my OnePlus 6 will be the last smartphone I ever own. It's the last OnePlus with a headphone jack and the last one that was sub-$600. Maybe the baseline 6T was, IDK. Either way, I'm over it.

    I know I can do a damn sight better with $1000+, than buy a $2 tracker box for myself.

  23. I think you have changed my mind about buying a new phone. Honstly all what we need ,or technically use, are just a few of these features but as you said we buy feelings 🙂

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