Idris Elba Shows Off His “Quiet Storm” Radio DJ Voice

Idris Elba Shows Off His “Quiet Storm” Radio DJ Voice

-I have to comment
on your shoes. Man! What are these jams? -Some Gucci loafers.
Yeah! You’re pulling it off. You’re pulling it off, baby.
Pretty good. -Really, just literally
two minutes ago, I was putting cream on my ankles
’cause they were really ashy, so I’m glad I did that.
-Yeah, exactly. I didn’t know he was going to
cut to them. Sorry about that. Hey, uh —
We’ll take it right out. No, it’s cool, because
they’re nicely creamed up now. -No, no, perfect.
-Let’s just move away from that. -You have the premiere. The premiere is tonight, right?
“The Dark Tower.” -Yeah. I’m headed there
straight after this. We’re going to go open
that movie, yeah. I’m excited, man. -Your daughter is going to come?
=Yeah, yeah. -Does she think
you’re the coolest dad in the whole wide world? -Uh, not anymore. I mean, she’s like —
No, she loves me, but she — You know, she just tells me
to calm down a little bit. You know? -‘Cause why?
You just love her too much? -Well, she just thinks I’m
trying to be cool all the time. I’m like, “Iamcool.” -Exactly! Yeah, exactly.
Youarecool. [ Cheers and applause ] -Jimmy, she’s always trying
to quiz me on rappers, and I don’t know
who’s who anymore. -Yeah, me neither.
I don’t know anything, yeah. But that will be fun.
That’ll be a big deal. -I’m excited.
The film’s a good film. And, you know, like —
-Stephen King, I mean, come on. -Yeah, Stephen King, right?
-No one gets better than that. Did you get to
meet Stephen at all? -I did meet Stephen on the set. He was really excited
about me playing the part. -I’d be frightened.
He scares me. [ Laughter ] Like, I don’t think —
I’m happy I don’t know him. -Yeah, there’s
a lot of darkness. -I love him, I respect him.
I don’t want to meet him. It’s just — He scares me. He’s the best at writing
the horror things. But, I mean, you got to be
a little demented, you know? -There’s a lot of darkness. I mean, if you write
all those things, right? -I gave him a hug immediately.
-You did?! -I was like, “You need one.” -You hugged Stephen King?
Yes, yes. “You need a hug.” He does need a hug.
-He needed it. He needed it. -[ Laughs ] Oh.
He’s a genius, man. He’s great. -He is a genius, yeah. -I always find some
interesting facts on you when I do research on you. You wanted to be a deejay
at one point. Is that right? -Yeah, yeah, I mean —
-A radio deejay. -A radio deejay, yeah, yeah.
I deejay now, but I — I wanted to be on the radio
with the mic, you know, “The midnight hour,
ladies and gentlemen. How you doing?” You know what I mean? “Hey, yo, this, that. All right. We’re going to take
it down for you tonight. Look, I know you’re
feeling it at home, and, you know, things —
You had a hard week. But that — Just listen to
Idris on ‘The Quiet Storm.'” [ Cheers and applause ] -“The Quiet Storm”?
Did you ever do it? -I did. I did do it one time. but, yo, check it out. It wasn’t
exactly how I planned out. Well, I answered this ad
for a radio station. You know, young intern.
Boom. Took it. And it was actually
a hospital that had — No, for real,
they had a a hospital that had its own radio station, and they would play, you know,
music for the patients, and they could click on,
and they would get shout-outs. -That’s a good idea.
That’s a great idea. -It was great,
but it was just — The shout-outs were weird.
You know what I mean? It was like, you know, “Hey, Mr. Davis, how you doing? I hope that catheter
is looking okay over there.” -“Hope that catheter
is looking okay.” Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
That’s a bummer. -It was a bit awkward in places,
but it was a good experience. -“Hope that catheter
is looking good,” yeah. -But then you — Did you do,
like, a pirate radio station? -Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Probably when I was
about 19 till like 20, I worked on…
How does that work? -…Climax FM.
-Climax FM? Would you like — Would you
be in a van or something? -No, no, no, we used to be
in a little tower block in North London. North London. I can’t give you
the address, of course. But North London —
-Really illegal, yeah. -Yeah, it was illegal, yeah. And I had a show from
6:00 till 8:00 on a Saturday. I had the drive-time show. I loved it.
I loved pirate radio. -Were you ever scared that
you were going to get busted? -No, no, not really. I mean, ’cause basically
you had to climb up a couple of roofs
to get into the studio. -No one could be
bothered, right? -It’s just awkward.
You’d get into your show. You had, like, dirt and leaves
and dust all over you. -Yeah. Yeah. Let’s talk about “Dark Tower.” You, Matthew McConaughey.
He’s great. He’s great. -Yeah, he’s a good guy.
You know, we — We only had like two, three days
actually shooting, me and Matthew.
-Oh, really? -Yeah, ’cause, you know,
he didn’t — He didn’t work much,
if I’m honest. But, you know, I…
[ Laughter ] No, I’m serious! He had like four days
on the movie, and I had the whole movie.
-Yeah, exactly. Whatever. Yeah. -But, you know,
he’s a really — he’s a — -That’s hilarious.
He’s a good dude. He’s laid back. He’s cool.
-He’s very funny, yeah. -Did he do, “All right,
all right, all right”? -“All right, all right.” No. We had like three days of press, and I heard him say that
about 15 times. -Yeah. ‘Cause everyone
asks him to say it, right? -Everyone asks for that. So — But I got to know him this trip,
and he’s really good. He’s a great actor. He’s
very dedicated to what he does. And I learned a lot from him,
just watching him work. It was good.
-Do you remember your first line in a movie? Does that stick in your head? Do you have an “All right,
all right, all right”? -My first line.
Oh, my first line was… [ Laughs ] “My bike!” [ Laughter ] -Yes, of course, yes! That’s fantastic. Wow! -Thank you, thank you.
-Iris, now everywhere you go, people will be like,
“Dude, say, “My bike!'” What did you say? “My bike”? -Yeah, I was doing
an infomercial for — for — I guess a lot of bikes
were getting stolen, so someone was like,
“Let’s make a commercial about guys
locking up their bikes.” And I played it
while running up this hill, and my bike was supposed to
be there and it’s not there. And I look.
The guy’s stealing it. I go, “My bike!” [ Cheers and applause ] -“My bike.” It’s fantastic. I love that infomercial.
It was my favorite. -My mic!

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  1. I am a huge fan of Daniel Craig but I have to admit that Idris would be an awesome James Bond as well.

  2. Idris talking about lotioning up his ankles cuz he was ashy while appreciating his Gucci loafers is the blackest thing I've heard in a while πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. sooooooo crazy how MOST black people have SHIIIIITY ASS leg genes. cavs are just str8 non existent. really sucks to see on them princesses. cause they're bodies are banging till them feet and cavs show

  4. Honestly, I am disappointed in them offering Daniel Craig 120 million pounds. That is utterly insane. I loved Craig as Bond and Casino Royale is my favourite of the 4. Fantastic Bond and one of the best "shifts" from the classy, outdated Bonds like Brosnan's era to what it is now.

    However, they made bold changes and it paid off fully with these last 4, but it would be in need of change once again in my opinion. Only a year ago Craig said he would rather slit his wrists before doing another Bond movie….now he got talked round with 120 million…
    Idris Elba would be cheaper, fresher, more controversial, cooler-looking, yet would be able to maintain all the British class. I mean just go see Luther. What a fancy bad ass.

  5. Just watched the Dark Tower, and it was amazing! And I've read all the books… took me 25 years but, hey. Read them if you haven't. They're brilliant.

  6. I don't see what the fuck the appeal is. I never thought Idris was attractive. The accent is niece but I'm going need a more of smoother pretty eye stud. His ass don't possess the quality. He is average at best. He looks like someone father.

  7. I don't even know what was said 😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘

  8. High waters topic of teasing for the tall kids they always ask on the basketball streetball team.
    -In loving memory(to childhood)

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