100 thoughts on “Identity politics and the Marxist lie of white privilege

  1. When man looks toward the sky and finds no God, he attempts to fill the moral void within technology and government… A thought on the comments about youtube and google looking to create A.I. in his own image (so to speak) or in model of their own view or morality…….
    Anyway, I was a bit disappointed at how glossed over the subject of the video's title was… maybe slightly click bait in nature seeing as how most the video was about the dangers of postmodernism and socialism. It would have been cool if you went over the 50 points of white privilege and discussed the validity of each one in your opinion, seeing as how that was the title of the video. Or maybe at least tell us where we can find this document of 50 points so we can review it ourselves.

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  3. At @2:22:00 JBP explains what you don't want to "DESTROY" the ideologically-possessed Left. That's not good. Polarization.
    That also doesn't mean there are no legit left leaning scholars with good press ideas. Bret Weinstein is one. So are most MMT Economists.

  4. If politics is downstream of culture, what then is upstream of culture? That would be culture is downstream of ethics & morality. This means that religious & secular ethics & morality are the determinants of both culture & politics. Marxism rejects both cultural and moral determinants & seeks to dictate a random made up lying ethics & morality.

  5. If you build a house, by sawing the logs yourself… by digging and excavating the stones for the foundation…
    then you are "privileged" by having a house? NO. There is no white privilege… there is white accomplishment.
    White~~ meaning Northern European Caucasian, emphasizes research, endeavour, independence, self reliance,
    hard work, diligence, cooperation, education, punctuality and study to name a few. Any race or ethnic group can model themselves after these qualities, like Japan, South Korea and even the PRC have done to their own success..
    "white privilege" is a cop out by "coloured" people who do not accept their own responsibility for their own lives.

  6. Shame that you have to have an organization whose sole purpose is to protect speech that upsets a very small, very vocal minority who tries to shut down anything that they don't like.

  7. Sanity is the question, life is suffering and all goodness beyond God whatever that means is temporary/totally impermanent. An absolutely insane effort is required to transcend one’s most basic obstacles I.e.: the most childish emotional habitual cooping mechanisms which perpetuate self imposed neurotic suffering totally self generated through clinging to personal narratives beyond what is and what is worth suffering over. To have the self control to simply not allow oneself to be disturbed by the constant interactions between people which represent everything we wish wasn’t true of humanity is a titanic achievement of meditation and other inner endeavors which are extraordinarily painful strenuous and easily avoidable. If you are pushing yourself towards freedom from suffering by understanding how identity and thought create suffering, you are a person worthy of unending praise.

  8. People don't realize how funny he is, "the intersectionalist will get there, if they don't kill everyone first", very dark, very funny and like all comedy very true.

  9. Looks like Jordan Peterson is getting an education! He is, in fact, a true intellectual, IF he could only bring himself to understand the primitive, Pagan roots of his Judeo-Christian-Islamic belief system. He could be a perfect teacher, if he could only shake lose his stupid religious beliefs, and he could do this simply by informing himself of the "ORIGINS OF JUDEO-CHRITIANITY": An outdated hyjacked system of superstitious teachings stolen from the ancient Egyptians and others.

  10. We call it "Modern Western Civilization". It is no miracle. It is the natural product of high-intelligence, and Kelto-Teutonic cultural organization.

  11. he says so many wise things but sells out when it comes to jewish power and jewish supremacy , even claims jews are smarter than gentiles and ignores the racist policies of israel , but we all know that it is career suicide if you talk about this

  12. Jordan, if you read this, check out the vids on Genesis from this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFEBOGLjuq4
    Cannot thank you enough for saying what you are saying. God bless you and may you slam into him face to face and enjoy him forever.

  13. I almost showed his lectures in my class on Piaget, until I found this. I am glad I do my due diligence and lookup presenters.

  14. One refelection: Post-modernists is not as sofisticated as rats because if its up to them, they would certainly not let anyone else win anything, ever. I guess the ideological brainwash take away that social skill.

  15. The problem is with using animal to human comparisons to explain that hierarchies are regulated in a society is that the power dynamic isn't equal. The white man had guns and advanced technology to oppress larger numbers of brown people without any meaningful resistance. It makes me quote Pi, "it's survival of the fittest, motherfucker and we've got the fucking gun!"

    Competence in terms of military power is a joke. It's like comparing regular dopamine to liquid crack, American military spending is competence dominance and power on crack.

    Plus consider worker rights women's rights and rights of blacks in America these people has the power of the governments power against them… two of them weren't going to pull the military apart

    Suffering is only someone else's fault when it's someone else's fault. Yes there is inherent suffering in the human condition, but we can accept that without placing blame. But when one group inherently exploits another then the ok to call it what it is. Are sweatshops in china not human on human oppression? Let's just call spades as spades and not pretend anyone sumpathetic to white privilege is calling every card in the deck a spade.

  16. I think a huge problem is all the labels being applied and putting people into the boxes of those labels….

    We are all human beings…

  17. The more the critics the Better for Peterson ,…. That way this wise man will read more and more books and look for the truth of life…… And one day indeed be enlighten…… God only knows how many of us will be enlighten as well…. Through all the knowledge he pours when criticized…… For instance this video would not have been made had he not been criticized by that student….. Had this video not been made .. we would not have learned bit from this video…… so thanx ma a lot to that student 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. I don't buy it. There are too many jumps of logic here. The Old Testament, Marxism, Post-modernism… He's created his own personal 'model' that he speaks passionately to, but there's too much polemic. BTW, I don't believe in Post-modernism or Marxism. Still, he has what I see as a very conservative bias towards his own civilisation and culture. Lots of really valid points and a lot that makes sense, but it's obvious that his ideas are too easily seized upon by the right. Hence the polarisation — and the clickbait title.

    However, I do appreciate his response to the second-last questioner. The questioner sounded almost violently alt-right in his attitude. Peterson responded by advising against violent reactions to the left. The questioner didn't seem to understand. It's to Peterson's credit that he eventually he had to spell out his argument: "Practise restraint". "Radical leftists are 90% like you". It took a while to sink in.

  19. I love JBP. Mental health and healing is the way of changing the world. It is coming up from the Collective Consciousness from all places and all favors. Off course, not all good, but "we" are learning. All love these two woo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1Qzi5l4YgA

  20. "Living means dieing, dieing means death, but being is hell. Heaven is those moments we find in between." ~C. Bartley

  21. If my white butt is privileged it’s because I ME worked my tail off to get it and I’m sick of white people being demonized my grandpa told me no is going to hand you anything you have to take it!

  22. My whiteness is their privilege:it gives them a person to beat on / make themselves seem oh so righeteous. They're bleedin' racists themselves. Race is merely a type of identity they can use to sow dischord ( you know: divida et impera; divide and conquer)

  23. Peterson is certainly no genius but he is a right winger who thinks multiculturalism and government intervention in peoples lives are part of a global conspiracy espousing Marxist type policies. That's an old diversionary argument which has its roots in Fascist ideologies. One of the worse type of ideologies is a religious one. All fascist hierarchies have the same blueprint. Divide and conquer, keep the masses ignorant and at each others throats, then you can impose draconian legislation under an authoritarian regime. Peterson spouts poisonous negative nonsense.

  24. Maybe what we need is a "movement of the obvious" which goes to protests carrying signs like "Who isn't against inequality?", "Who isn't against poverty?", etc. while carrying a slightly sarcastic picture of Jordan with a halo and a text saying "Just stating the obvious"?

  25. Ah, there's an idea that fits. No wonder there's polarization if there's no way for groups to discuss and sort out their differences. In a way it could be said that this is the natural result of the flaws inherent in human nature combined with the chronological snobbery of the modernists. You just need to take it far enough and completely reject the historical foundations of science itself too the same way the modernists rejected all religion as a vestige of the past. Some atheists have said that the monotheists are just like them but that they just need to go one god further in their rejection of the gods. The modernists reject everything that came before them as something out of date and without value. The postmodernists just took that one grand narrative further and are now firmly rooted on air ten miles above the ground without anything preventing them from falling for all the troubles biological and cultural evolution sorted out for us as a species in the past.

  26. Why shouldn't the white race have privilege in Canada and USA …it was the white race that founded these countries. Dark race has privilege on the other side of the world. I will not apologize for being white.

  27. What the left refers to as white privilege is actually white reputation. Yes, I can walk into a store full of expensive items without alarming the staff because as a general rule, well dressed middle aged white males don't shoplift. Do blacks as a general rule steal? Well, drive to the black part of town and look at all the bars over the shop windows and metal grids lowered over the shop doors, and see for yourself.

  28. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GX9p3GOCZso&list=PL6NNBo_y_fjNqljQBTA3mWTcdu-WPSc6-
    The book of Revelation explained in case you are interested

  29. It is believed that Cain's sacrifice was rejected as it should have been a blood sacrifice not grain. The first sacrifice was the animals killed by Yehovah to clothe Adam and Eve.

  30. The body of dislikes identifies itself as the real racist individuals. The real privileged, victim card playing haters. Experiencing a level of cognitive dissonance so profound their hands clamber to their Soros messaiah. Raging in child like fits of denial…

  31. What a remarkable speech. He poured his heart out. So passionate about the obviously important information he had to say. Who could dislike this? Such blind hatred….

  32. J.P. Is doing so much good. Only God can quantify. He sees we've let the the thief in, its easier to keep him out, once he gets in the house it's much more difficult to get him out. He comes only to steal, kill, and destroy

  33. What so many people have most likely missed. Is this. Jordan Peterson asked do we have house mick? Then says yes we do. Then "Lets us" will move this out of the way. That is responsibility. Self responsibility is what makes the best "WE," "US," and "ALL." And at that point could he could've just walked of the stage. And could've spoken volumes, with just that single statement "LET US!"

  34. I like coming back and watching this occasionally. It seems like most of his other videos and interviews are expounding on the ideas he puts forward here and he characterizes SJWs so well here.

  35. Jews for what ever reason have been asset the forefront of undermining the west, and there has been a consecrated. Effort to end whiteness, the Jewish elite have done this in man ways, but i really think the verging of the end was women's suffrage. The rest has and will fall in place, but whites have little time before all is lost

  36. overton window is changing so much, so fast….that even leftists need to try hard to get in front so they can try to lead or turn the move…..amazing…more getting wise to this and able to look thru the deception…..friends of Soros….not welcomed

  37. Another benefit of Dad's engaging in "rough and tumble" playing with their kids is that it allows a Dad to demonstrate his strength in a non-harmful way to his children. Then when discipline becomes necessary (and it will) the child knows that Dad has no intention of injuring him. Dad is very strong, loves the child very much, demonstrates that love by rough play, and is definitely holding back when he swats him on the butt.

  38. Let me straighten you all out and at the same time sum this whole menagerie up in one sentence. I know everything but I'll never tell you because it would be a waste of time to explain why the ultimate narcissist is in perfect control and you are all just passengers on the ride to nowhere.

  39. just imagine….what if he came out exactly like he did except the first words into the microphone and without a single ounce of sarcasm or seriousness says "Evening bitches….." lol I think with the right place and time we could get him to do it lol

  40. Here is what White Privilege is –

    Being White means..

    * Having a much greater likelihood of growing up with both your mother and your father.

    * Having a much greater likelihood of being taught that having children should be within the bounds of marriage and the responsibility of the parents and not the state.

    * Having a much greater likelihood of being taught that the property of others (and the community) should be respected and that stealing and destroying it is wrong.

    * Having a much greater likelihood of being taught that doing well in school is more important than running the streets or playing ball.

    * Having a much greater likelihood of being taught that you should save your money and invest it rather than spending everything you have on stupid stuff like rims, weaves and Jordans.

    * Having a much greater likelihood of being taught that getting involved with crime, drugs, gangs, etc…is wrong and self destructive.

    * Having a much greater likelihood of being taught (and believing) that getting an education, working hard, obeying the law and waiting until being married before having kids will keep you out of poverty.

    * Having a much greater likelihood of being taught that most of your problems stem from your own poor choices rather than imposed upon you by racism, "The Man", or society at large. IOW, Whites are more likely to have been taught personal responsibility and that their success or failure is primarily due to their own efforts and choices rather than believing that fate or chance is what determines success. These attitudes may prompt companies to hire Whites who will work hard to be a good employee rather than hire Blacks who may claim that their failure was due to racism.

    This is why even Black store owners watch Black people in order to prevent theft more than they watch Whites. They know that the Whites have a greater chance of having the privilege of being raised to believe that stealing is wrong.

    Asians have these same privileges yet Blacks never complain about Asian privilege, despite Asians being wealthier than Whites and go to jail less frequently than all other races.

    Because I had these privileges, I have never been arrested or been on welfare. I own my own home, have good relations with my kids and grand kids and contribute to society. I wish all races had these privileges. The fact that so many don't doesn't mean that the game is rigged. It means that people subscribe to the wrong set of beliefs. Blacks who adopt the above attitudes of White Privilege are FAR FAR more likely to be successful, get and stay out of poverty and stay out of jail. It is my prayer that all races adopt these attitudes.

  41. Absolutely brilliant! Peterson crossed the road because he is honest. The chickens did not cross the road. Most often, they go to the middle of the road, seeking safety or to hide in plain sight. They get run over frequently…short careers, fad driven or resentment driven. Vultures eat them, with dreams of pillage and baseless revenge.

  42. As to poverty, Hispanic populism thrives on maintaining poverty, indeed in cleverly feeding poverty. The Gramscian cultural hegemony introduced by Castro has slammed Hispanic cultures to the ground. It robbed the populace of self respect and self confidence. Intellectual dexterity and critical creative thought has been diminished mightily. A catch phrase popularized by Guatemalan Gloria Alvarez is, "Populism loves the poor so much that it multiplies them." They keep 'em down, where they are fair game and easily manipulated to vote for the populists of both right- and left-wings. Peterson must mean that nobody who is a decent human being is for poverty.

  43. It would let me edit so I copied edited comment and pasted it to them erase previous but 4 comments appeared. I can be here waiting for ever the server works

  44. It would let me edit so I copied edited comment and pasted it to them erase previous but 4 comments appeared. I can be here waiting for ever the server works

  45. Why is communism stupid?
    The entire ideology revolves around a false dichotomy created by Marx himself. (Bourgeois vs. Proletariat… Rich vs. Poor…)

  46. Am I mistaken that Jordan is suggesting (not just advocating that we think about it, but that he believes it) that we should sleep with whoever asks because it would be rude not to near ? I replayed the segment several times…and I cannot make it out that he meant it any other way. He says, "…that was the rule, you, you shared yourself with whoever asked because it was rude not to, and you know what, it is actually not to." In his defense, I can see how that would be considered "rude" not because the other person wouldn't like to hear "No."…but it doesn't necessarily follow that one should not (emphasis) any way. — If he didn't mean this…then he truly needs to work on his delivery.

  47. GOD is dead ,,,gives way to 3 things._.3rd being me by product of this contradictory life I am in,the ''passive nihilist ''jason j suetta

  48. I've read the comments ._Never have I been in such good company ._.Thank You Jordan ,You seem to draw the thinkers out.This fact should give You the best feeling.By Their Fruits We Shall Know Them indeed Sir, indeed.

  49. “I think that what’s happened in America is that world peace has been purchased at the expense of the working class” Jesus

  50. I find it EQUALLY amazing that dogs ESPECIALLY absolutely LOVE to "rough and tumble" play – where they can interact with you in that way and know that you're doing it out of love and FUN and how they can RECIPROCATE that back with you – it is one of the MANY qualities in animals – and again especially in dogs – that I extremely appreciate. In fact I think my young male African Grey parrot even does it with me from time to time which is hilarious.

  51. OK OK OK. The intellectual gigantism is obvious. But what gives "The Doc" his staying power is the subtle, subcommunicated fact that you may take him in a blitz, but if he catches you with a left hook or some other old-man treachery, you're beyond f*cked.

  52. White privilege is annoying but it exists because of the identity politics of white supremacy and how this cancer permeates society. If you don't think identity politics is as prevalent on the right as on the left then you are as brainwashed as those on the left. Jordan goes on to agree with Derrida that in power hierarchies you privilege certain people and marginalize others and that you must categorize things to think or live, which is totally true, but has he not here undermined his very own arguments about white privilege by admitting there must be categories included and excluded within a power structure.

  53. Just a small notice, about the Ukrainian Famine. It was not because of lack of food, but because they wanted to kill off part of the Ukrainian population. It was a planned genocide, nut mismanagement as he puts it. Though mismanagement did happen on a tremendous scale.

  54. whatever you believe is the key to the top is what you will strive for. Marxists want power and voluntaryists want cooperation. Feminists seek an in group preference, which is what they project onto the world in the form of the patriarchy, while males, at large, strive to be competent. Your ideology is a mirror into your soul. And Hobbes’s soul was incredibly dark.

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