Ideas and Stories! w/ Javier Mercedes

Ideas and Stories! w/ Javier Mercedes

– Alright we’re about to
meet Javier, here we go. Howdy, Jeff Bartsch here
with Story Greenlight where we are all about helping creators like you tell the
stories you care about the most. I’ve got something super
cool for you today. There he is. – Oh hello there
– hey man. A friend of Javier Mercedes
has a video and audio podcast called Passion in Progress,
where he talks with people who are passionate
about what they do. Javier’s getting the 50 cent tour. – Oh hell yeah
– it used to be the nickel tour but you know, this
is inflation I guess. So Javier came out to
Los Angeles to record some episodes, including
one with yours truly, and here’s the intro that he put together. I always say that communication is a skill that takes a moment to learn and a lifetime to master. The challenge then becomes
like how do you communicate the story well, in a way that resonates with the people that hear it. – This week on Passion in Progress, Jeff Bartsch of Story Greenlight. Jeff is a full time TV
editor in Hollywood. He’s worked for ABC,
NBC, Apple, Universal, Disney, ESPN, MTV, and many others. He’s also written a book, Edit Better, Hollywood-tested strategies
for powerful video editing. But above all, Jeff has this
thing called Story Greenlight, simply put he has a Youtube
channel that uses creative video editing and powerful story telling, to help video creators tell the stories they care about the most. While I was a full time senior
video editor at theChive, I came across some of
Jeff’s videos on Youtube and they really helped my
craft in telling stories. And my hope is for you the listener to benefit from some of the
things that Jeff has to say about story because man really knows what he’s talking about. And we can all benefit from being able to tell a good story right? – It’s an hour long podcast,
and we talk about all kinds of stuff, including the
first video I ever made. Five or six people on
the face of the planet who have seen that video, and none of them want to see it again (laughs). How I got my foot in the door with professional television editing. That’s how I actually got my
first job in TV in Hollywood. We talk about doing voiceover
for major television network. It went out to Network and
no one at Network complained, so I ended up being the
guy for six seasons. – That’s awesome. – Of course we talk about
the thing under the thing, if you get this when
you’re telling a story your audience will love you for life. We talk about cutting
American Ninja Warrior on NBC and why the show is so
incredibly successful. It has all these different
ways for people watching it to resonate with what’s
happening underneath the surface. And all sorts of other cool stuff, so block out an hour and check out the video podcast right here
or go to the description and check out the links for
the audio podcasts pretty much anywhere you can find audio
podcasts they’re there. And in the meantime keep
telling your stories because the world needs to
hear what you have to say.

18 thoughts on “Ideas and Stories! w/ Javier Mercedes

  1. Ohhh man it’s sooo cool to get a “Jeff Bartsch Edit” of something I’ve worked on, the same day it was released none the less! Really goes to show how awesome you are at your craft. All the smiles. And thanks for the awesome collab!

  2. Interesting video. One question – Whatever did the word "with" do to upset so many people? I see so many posts and headlines now where every word is written in full (just like your title) but "with" is written "w/". It takes me longer to type "w/" than it does "with" as I have to look for the slash.

  3. Very cool, gotta check him out! Arrr, you keep saying it and I keep forgetting to think ahead….where is that thing under my thing…next time, yes! 🤓

  4. Love the vid! I watched the interview! I am truly inspired but of course, you have the developed skills and talent to share your passion in a such a powerful way. Even though I'm older than you, when I grow up I want to be as inspirational as you. 🙂 Much Love Bro! #BE

  5. Listened to the podcast and heard you're from Newell. My family lives in Remsen! Awesome podcast and great videos. Keep pushing to get your message out there and reach people like me!

  6. The sound quality of the interview in an empty space was very good. Any tips for achieving that with my podcast? Thx Eric.

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