I Start Listening To Android Developer Podcast

I Start Listening To Android Developer Podcast

Music … second Music is something amazing that you are always listening to No matter either you are sad – You are happy, fall in love, or even you are sleepy You are always listening to music everytime that you want – whether you are commute or not Like I do I am going to the office from the apartment And when I have to go back from the office to my apartment – I have to listening to music This is something that we could not miss it But, do you know there is something better than music? There is something valuable that makes you smarter than before What is that Angga? this is what we called Podcast When I was using my iPod — I am always listening the music and podcast To improve my knowledge to learn something from other people in the world As you know that I am become the Android developer is still new (Beginner) And I always looking for how to improve this major Day-by-day without taking any classes or even joining the university And I got idea that why don’t I learn something new from somebody else? And I remember that I am always using Spotify and iTunes (Apple) And when I am looking for something valuable that we called podcast I am typing to search Android Authority and Android Developers in Spotify And I was feel happy that because I find something valuable in my Spotify and iTunes (Apple) And after that I am always listening to podcast that people created in the Spotify and iTunes And yeah — I am always listening that podcast No matter where am I and how I am And I think that wow it is really makes me smarter I could learn easily from somebody else Means that if that people don’t have much time to talk with me (conversation) I just listening their podcast To learn from their own perspective, knowledge, and experiences And I was thinking that wow it is really valuable that I could miss it I wanna share it with my friends in YouTube like you are Ok — if you are watching this video then grab your phone And then start looking in the Spotify So it talks about deal with money in the programming Actually, there is much things that you might need in terms of your career It’s kinda amazing that you could not miss it anyway And if you are still asking to me the way I learn Android so this is what I do I learned from anywhere and not rely on university Or just one people? nononono You have to learn somebody else and go outside! Find something that really amazing for you And after that you have try it by yourself how do you figure out that kind of thing Because, otherwise if you just learning from the university or — And you rely on teacher or lecturer Do not do that because you are not going to grow up your experiences Go outside and talk with somebody that you might admired (him/her) And then ask for the advices And might be start to replacing the music with the podcast in your phone Everyone with the spirit of learning — thanks for watching! And I know that this is a short video that I could not missed it for you I think that this is valuable for you that you might have to try it right now Ok so that is all and I’ll see you in the video — Bye!

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  1. Hey my friends i am gonna asking you something that is can you research about Flutter and Dart Language which is these are cross platform app development and supporting google.At least just look at to 🙂 Thanks

  2. I don't think just listening to audio programmes help learn these practical things.
    If it does, can you please explain ?

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