I Paid For Onision’s Patreon yikes

I Paid For Onision’s Patreon yikes

hey how many Z on that machine I’ve done
by some you were being talked to by one of the most honest youtubers on youtube
honesty does not make you a bad person honestly just makes you an honest person
you better avoid anybody who’s gonna be honest because this world is full of
truth you can’t handle insistently score very high on IQ tests give me facts also
known as beyond Slayer face meteors can be very interesting because we are going
to take a look at a nice yas patreon and on my journey on emissions patreon I
have to see things that I can not conceive the content and the videos that
are on this patreon are absolutely disgusting and very unfairly frankly a
belly and Christian I think I will be scarred for life after the things that I
had to witness on paper and today I’m gonna tell you everything about but I
saw when I was a patron of Ganesha but before I start this video I just want to
tell you a little bit about mr. onion hey if you already know a lot of the
things about cognition anything to speak to this kind adheres I don’t have to
listen to me talk about her face onion smelling man but if you don’t know about
the population and why me and most of the internet doesn’t really like him
first thing first why I don’t like mr. onion breakfast he puts every single
detail of his life on Lenten joke it is everything he does he tells the whole
history of the world and that he blames the viewers the people of what’s in his
video you know what in his life and noisy about his personal life excuse me
mr. fax machine you are the one who stuffed in all our
information on it okay we are just watching you the next reason why I don’t
like mr. onion is because he has leaked personal information about other people
to the internet without the permission and the reason why he has done that is
because so basically if someone comes to him and tells him a secret and only he
is supposed to know and no one else know now the secret is on the Internet as a
honest opinion according to mr. Oyama he has also made illnesses and and also
bully people on YouTube and also bullying people on YouTube of a
struggling with mental illnesses and then he pretends to be a supporter of
the LGBT no that’s that’s not right the LGBT community and also he says that he
supports women’s right but on the same time these two groups the LT no LGBT
community and women are the two groups that he makes the most fun of and
attacks the most he also got very very badly angry ask morning fans after
seeing her passed away because the fans were sending thoughts and prayers and
only she did not like that very much and also funny thing oniisan he kept so
so so triggered every single time some big disaster happens because he hates
nothing more well then I think that’s game I thought okay man that’s pink
why I don’t like you miss okay a lot of you probably already know this but them
cannot tell everyone I don’t notice so this happened few years ago only see on
have some wife his wife came out as bisexual
according to mr. omnium and his wife because he was bisexual she really
wanted a girlfriend according to mr. Aronian so they decided
to cast Athena’s girl inside their house and this teaming sperm were supposed to
be the girlfriend of his wife so mr. only on a key a fax machine was not
supposed to come close to the girlfriend because this girlfriend was only the
girlfriend of his wife okay not mr. O’Neill’s girlfriend no no no
but oopsy-daisy of course only xian and that
girlfriend that was only supposed to be the girlfriend of his wife they thinks
that friends should not do they did something they did something spicy
together the only couple she had – you know what I mean and because of that his
wife cooked very very very angry and then only she decided to kick the
teenager out and he blamed her for destroying the family and he also said
that she the girlfriend cheated on his wife you cheated on my wife yes
absolutely not joking for people that don’t know I think that’s all hello
Marie qcf over here so no that’s not all I actually forgot to mention few things
that I think you should know and that this onion boy has also rated underage
girls I will say that you look like my ex-wife secondly I Rachel if I had ten
people this girl’s like an eight out of ten yeah solid eight right well she’s 15
years old well that’s not a check we’re allowed to have opinions about people
it’s not a perverted thing it’s honesty also ask them to sent them pictures of
the bothy or of the face and then he was going to rate them and tell them if
they’re for example fat or skinny or ugly or pretty and stuff like this and I
think that’s absolutely not OK and also this is a ok please don’t attack me ok
this is a real we rare usable straw okay this is this
is a plastic throat but I’ve been using this for many years okay don’t attack me
but yes he has been rating underage girls and also if a youtuber is making
reaches about him calling him out about all of the bad things that he has done
when he decides to slander them and just accuse them of a very very very bad
crime so yes he has done so many things and if I forgot something the comments
below before I joined his patron I knew that I was gonna see something that was
not very family friendly and kind of illegal so I made this FB I have like
you can see it looks very realistic and you already thinking oh my god is this a
real actually I have no I actually rated myself I DIY detect myself if you have
the tutorial with this comment down below
yes and it so basically I made this FB raft so every time something disgusting
illegal earn family-friendly and wholesome and especially by the
Christian happens I would just simply pop this FBI hat on
yes and I will do that just to show everyone that this is not acceptable by
the FBI and also one more thing before we stop I know I have a very strong
thick Icelandic accent when I talk and also my angel it is very bad and in this
video I would say about pronounce words very incorrectly
I know I know especially one word that I just read today that is when you say
boom and boom boom on you say boom on but two women are actually women at
least learn to today I always thought it was born boom on and two boom man
because there’s like man and men so I would say boom and when I’m talking
about many women in history no okay and also I actually think it’s a pretty good
thing that I speak such a bad English and also that my accent is so horrible
because I don’t think it’s going to be good for all nations ego to see me some
barbaric foreigner absolutely destroyed in this my to-do list today today I’m
gonna learn how to save human and coral and also I’m gonna Rouge donation ha ha
God what should I call myself and Mary guys no no no no what did you find out a
sacrum here’s my name backwards I’m the hacker band ha ha got him now
I’m creating a patreon page and I’m gonna use to give mr. onion some money
and okay so I was thinking like what camp a picture should laughter I want to
like kick right in okay I want to look like a plastic tape it down on young boy
fan and I think I don’t know I just feel like I don’t look like a fan of him you
know what I mean and I was doing some research and trying to find out what to
own your boy can like boosting look like and the note is that I love that I’d
like to have a weird color care for example like purple blue or pink or
something like this and they also like to use the dog filter love that’s taking
this very beautiful picture of myself with a dog filter but my hair is blonde
disgustin I want purple hair so right now just fold the top in my hair purple
and also this episode James my and I see the brown just for fun and then I sent
my picture into my minion meme fold bear to be honest but not sure anymore if I
actually want to become a patron of Keynesian I don’t know why I just like
my mouth like entirely sure if I want to spend money on him oh look what we have
here oh nice your trailer I need to Wow
so it looks like is having a trailer to let it play if the dose
Pedro to everyone and try to get new people to pets let’s see this trailer
will convince me to to spend some money on him yes
let’s watch hey guys I’m an AC on and this is my patreon but my patreon I
actually talked to my fans wait let’s stop right here for a minute
okay so right here are text messages that he added into this video let’s read
it hey thanks for joining patreon mr. onion
says when someone says yeah can I get the refund then mr. onion says oh my god
you’re horrible good fine I don’t know to me this doesn’t sound very very
convincing – what thing – you know pledge to it because I’d be like so much
your student is patron according to him imagine he hated at this these messages
into this video you know himself and then this person
what is the fuck with the real front right the way of the joining is patron
to me this looks like his patron is absolutely horrible but ok let’s keep
going okay text messages that mr. Han young
boy and within himself so imagine this is these are not real text messages he
just made all of this up himself Unni Unni sure is hot I’m as tasty I
feel I I feel like this is a famous actress with a not your man another
Boomer response not before me I want the tea so bad at me you get them now I yeah
b-but it cooled mr. onion photos of me dressed as a woman
no one wants that I sometimes response your comments – oh he just said that
sometimes only only sometimes he responds their comments and when it does
you say something like this hey thanks for Platts one boom WTF you are married
hello it’s how he steals like advertising to everyone that he’s a
freaking creep and he likes nothing more than cheating what the great man to
support with money am i right someone tried to censor me on a live stream once
and I may have told them to go yourselves and I refunded them are you
telling interest rate little beat you let the supposed to threat that is
supposed to like make people join with patreon he’d be like hey guess what I
won one of my fifteen-year-old fans decided to become a painter and pay me
money but she didn’t laugh at my jokes you know what I did it’s a horrible idea that is including
this in his trailer video because now all of the fans watching this know that
if they won’t laugh at this joke or will basically with him he’s going to freakin
explode and to swear at them and then to simply eat them out of the patreon Wow
very nice he puts some more text messages let’s read them you told the
fam – they didn’t laugh at my jokes and that’s it abandon you Oh Venice weird
word he’s such a nice guy such a nice guy – pants – Wow
so kind and so nice treats his patrons so nicely so become a patron today
because if you’re not a patron you’re still awesome for being a fan of mine
that’s not gonna get anyone to pledge you’re a piece of shit
Wow what the great trailer video no I just feel like I have to give him some
money so I have a lot of tires to choose from
$1 unconcern all these your videos wow sounds amazing
$2 book and music permits move that’s super cool 3/3 exclusive books further
it exclusive podcasts whoa oh my god I can talk I can’t wait six dollars only co-prime
accepts what the nervous Onision prime sounds freaking horrible
it’s like Amazon Prime but like way worse access Polynesian prime on Twitter
and Instagram wow he has some private names to
complete the move $10 group Skype close $12 for being a
patron of this level and above you can be like what is you gonna say I hope
he’s gonna rate me hehehehe I hope he reads me Utley at
least seven if not then he’s gonna destroy him my self-esteem $50 one on
one game with amnesia winter say I need to check out this Twitter if you are a
patron of a nation tell not fortunate you’ll probably be playing it with him
in the coming days now ladies and gentlemen I’m a patron of Phoenicia are
you jealous probably oh look I discussed this
Thank You Ethier from amnesia Wow let’s watch it but I mean I will watch you
play no not some can watch this by myself
okay you and I’m not gonna show you anything okay I will tell you what’s
what’s it’s about right after watch it so you just actually did it okay so I
just watched this thank you video and sake I am not allowed to show to you
because I thought to be copyright strike by Indonesian himself and nobody’s gonna
tell you what this video was about so first of all very importantly he had
some sad music in the background very sad and also we just watched his trailer
video and this omission in the thank you video was very different from Manisha in
the trailer video they are like two different persons this one was sensitive
said the music he was so thankful for all of you and how okay I’m just gonna
recreate this video but I’m just gonna say everything what he said in a
nutshell okay so you just actually did it you pets to me I don’t understand how
there are still people in the world just like you I’m a white remix man living in
a first world country I’m so thankful I’m a white privileged male and you are
so strong for being a fan of me because I’m getting so but so hey there I’m
having so many haters everywhere with you you believe in me and youth once
back then this was a life or death thing for me to be on YouTube yes
so you took saved my life and you are saving my life now my pets into me you
are so strong something like this it was like this was beliefs meet you in a
nutshell I’m gonna show you a little part from it
and I hope you enjoy the content you’re about to see you on my page yeah I hope
so too I can’t wait to see what content he’s hanging on this page um let’s check
it out whoa we just have the first video right here
uncaps art movement secrety oh oh my god I can’t wait to see
what can’t beat your own engine created about women as a music with you
that’s what there’s such a stupid useless face do you have a problem with
women actually yeah I do what I hate women women are dumb if you are a woman
you should swallow my 50 burgers well spent
now let’s read the comments under this video just for fun to see like what is
paid to think of X again we have one comment women are good for four things
cooking cleaning work and their sisters mrs. hoon is your response
oh my company’s here exactly like this person you said the most horrible think
of a woman and he should I’m the funny thing is in this booming music video
atonium credit Jesus he’s the same every bad thing that is possible about woman
is everything bad that you can say about woman he said it in that video and the
part that I showed you from that music video such a stupid useless focus that’s
like the most like nicest part in the whole song know the song just get worse
I haven’t been so funny that’s all what you said like movement good for cleaning
and only she like and then I decided to comment quality
content and then three laughing until I’m crying
emojis and he responded to me thank you oh nice you’re very cool and what do we
have more ah and cancer it feminism I can’t wait to see what he’s gonna say
what fairness very interesting and I love talking about feminism because that
is just a ton of women I could impregnate let’s keep going I guess ah
and right here we have our rent I can’t wait to see what mr. onion is gonna rest
about let’s listen but don’t you see you unknown patron disgusting can what’s
this reach your goal attempt I paid $50 for this hey do you guys remember when
things were simple I used to have the in ECM speaks channel where I just upload
me talking and like yeah if somebody made a video about me talking then I
would get more views and then he keeps going being like but now its own hate me
about me they get like 100,000 views but my
videos only give my 10 views but is that just I this is so sad because this is so
sad ok let’s keep going ah the card card song nice can’t wait to watch so basically according to mr. onion if
woman ought to be equal to man that means that he can beat them up not so
fast mr. onion because we here at FBI we do not tolerate any can’t the violence
against anyone and also now think about this video
I think it’s so funny that mr. onion is be like oh yes if women want to be equal
to men that means I can punish them because I have the right to punch man so
if you’re equal to me and I can punish you but the thing is I’m pretty sure
that mr. onion is not beating up man on a regular basis and the think it’s more
likely that if he would be in public and the man would walk doctor and be like
hey mr. onion wanna fight do you do you know what onion is gonna do he’s gonna
freakin eat as fast as he can back home and height and respect I don’t think
he’s gonna fight anyone and the pretty sure he’s gonna lose most of the fights
and be this woman enough asked instead of Ronald like him then he spilling
finally someone I can beat up and not lose too but I’m pretty sure that most
illumine can actually destroy this guy this is just a pretty big man Kent I swear to God
so see this a bigot skip the funny is really not the mean and if you thought
that this meteors might come the path it’s actually just getting worse okay let’s keep going oh my god no way
Sheriff I’m watching only I’m on Onision patreon
page no longer bother me oh my god right here we have another
banana song oh I just forgot that these having podcasts I won’t throw this one
thought about this podcast is called change your life I would love to change
my life to the path – of course I’m pretty much I’m pretty sure everyone
would like to change the life to the best now only series will give are some
tips how to do that let’s walk listen wait I mean I think they need to take
notes probably it’s okay because what he’s gonna say is probably gonna be so
life-changing that I just need to write it down to remember it when my dog just
came in looks like he wants to change his life
– right I think he said yes okay so happiness
people used to say my videos were amazing like I would get compliment on
all over whatever they love your videos are so great I love them right you don’t
get that after the views people used to say my videos were amazing
like I would get compliment on Oliver whatever they love your videos are so
great I love them right she’s also super done because she has no concept of what
cheating even is hanging out with my dad oh we just like me down rates coming
from you mr. Cheon because we should he’s likely much specific he has cheated
on his wife or husband probably like most of my time you cheated on my wife
okay now something interesting and that bears the tax he’s hanging like pollen
tags on the side and I’m on the checkout solemn criteria oh nice you’re an
exclusivity release Oh Rick toes cantering thumbs real ringtones do they
have okay very interesting oh wow I’m a banana
let’s listen shut up I hate it now I want to take a
look at too hot for you to 32 videos I really cannot wait to see what is gonna
be there let’s let’s see here’s the first video that is on too hot for
YouTube and it’s the thumbnail is like he next to a toilet and it looks
disgusting but let’s see what we have here okay this is like I don’t even have
anything to say right now this is just super disgusting and the whole video one
minute and 33 seconds it’s just him making out the link in a toilet seat are
you like oh I don’t how on earth did you get this idea seriously and why did you
think this was a good idea to film do you really did you really think that oh
my god so many people do not love if I just simply fill myself making up with
the toilet ha ha very funny many people love it no no no one is not
I don’t know what to say this is free disgusting and now I’m can to like too
scared to take a look at the rest of the meat okay but now I’m scared to take a
look at the rest of the I really want my dog to be here ya know I’m yeah I know
I’m too scared to take a look at the brush to the video but I feel like they
can’t they can’t get worse than this no there’s no chance they can get worse
than this because this is pretty horrible but let’s keep scrolling so all
of your probably wondering when me and my dog are having FBI hats and not only
that but I’m having three of FBI hats on my head and that’s because the videos
that I had to watch I’m too hot for you too we’re absolutely
horrible so I’m gonna tell you what about it
I expected the beat just used to be like similar to their like toilet seat
lifting to meet your Peters just what’s together something like this cast like
this you know like him trussed up in a diaper pretending to be a baby like he
has done mamas you to tell there’s something like disturbing like that but
oh my god the Vita’s way way way boards the map
and his patron should definitely be +18 only even like I like first twenty five
only because this Victor’s we’re absolutely disgust and I’m just gonna
tell you about what they meteors that I just watched we’re about so like I said
absolutely disgusting there are lot of inter courses and many of them without
consent if you know what I mean so it was really bad and and I think it was
not real nothing was real but I love telling where like they looked very
dream if you know what I mean and it lists it’s very disturbing and I think
all of those bitches that I just watched it shows how very very sick
his mind is and how disturbing heat of a human being after watching this I cannot
believe that he is a healthy human being he’s absolutely sick I wish I could
unsee all of those videos of a just words I’m not gonna talk more about this
because it’s absolutely disgusting but this was enough to know that he’s having
this page like too hot to YouTube where he’s we’re very graphic videos are and a
lot of these patrons are very young and I really hope that they haven’t seen on
all those media set the right there because if I would be a teenager this
would mess me very badly now let’s take all that behind us off knowledge you
know I probably yeah we’re just people next to me I probably even more yes okay
so now I’m done taking a look at his videos on his patron I just don’t wanna
take after don’t take a look at more patron videos
so right now I’m gonna show all of you the private messages that I have been
sending omission and all the responses that he said to me and I wanted to look
like a huge fan dolphinese Jian and I wanted nothing more than given him money
because I liked his contents owners and I liked him so much so I started the
conversation and this is what I said hello I love your videos and how
brutally honest you are you are a true fax machine I have been saving up money
for months become a patron of yours and now I have enough money now to see who
supported you for the next several several several months and hopefully I
hear I’m kinda broke but I wanted to support the review also I like ramen
noodles anyway then he responded to me things for being supportive but don’t
eat only ramen on my account no one should suffer because of my pants
what the gentleman what the sweet soul that he is amazing man and I responded
Thank You beauty sweetness I will be fine no worries
oh and here’s the thing the trailer video if I shield all of you that had
the creepy text messages and all of that it used to be his trailer with you
before I become a patron but after I become a patron I I saw that he removed
that video trailer so I had no idea where we do our stars fulfillment I need
to show everyone that meet your peers it’s so messed up and I was like so
scared that he had deal it a bit so I decided to ask him where that video was
because I have to deduce if you like cou like a test it in the beginning so right
now I’m just asked you nice you like hey where’s the trailer video so I’m gonna
show you how that went and I was wondering where the end
no one that was on your patreon because I didn’t know it was called the trailer
videos like introduction with you it was the video where the text messages
appeared about people what to do you and I couldn’t stop laughing when I first
saw it and it made me want to be a patron even more can I find it somewhere then mr. onion responded with this
introduction like the trailer and the whole yes it was available for non
patrons I used to go through your patreon page and watch it sometimes
before I become a patron he doesn’t and Tony made the text messages appeared you
were talking about why people should become patrons but I don’t remember
exactly how it works like but I hope you’ll find it soon so this is the end
of the Onision saga part 1 stay tuned for part number to come up and eat
that’s near you now I’m confirm I can’t wait hello you’re really a
hateful person did you scare her away I hope you liked this video and I hope
this wasn’t too messy at the hope all of you understood my accent blah blah and
also the reason why I wanted to make this video is because onii-chan is a
youtuber that I have been watching for Porton for a very very very long time
and I actually watched every single detail that he makes and reason why I’m
still watching him even though he sets you’re horrible person and also he’s
competent it’s not that good it’s because I felt it very interesting like
how someone can be such a textbook narcissist that’s the reason why I’m
still watching him I’m very like interested in like mental illnesses
overall and I just find it so fascinating to see inside the mind of a
true narcissist and it’s so far that only she honest is filming every single
second of his life very entertaining and I’m so just want to say I’m not making
fun of people have patreon in this video I am I myself I have a patron to and I
think it’s very important for small channels and people are by creating a
store be tears of what they’re that you have a platform where people can support
you if they like your content or if they like your art or something like this so
yes stay tuned for part number two I hope you enjoyed this video
special thanks to my patrons they’re like way better than their own easiest
patrons to have a Gauri who

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  1. Hello everyone👋 omg THANK YOU FOR 100.000 views in 2 days!!! The comments here are so sweet and positive, yall are the best 😭 Alot of you have been asking me some questions:
    Where am I from? Iceland
    What breed is my doggo? Icelandic Sheepdog
    Did I get a refund? Sadly no, I asked him for a refund… you will see more about that in my next Mr. Onion vid 😎

  2. Don't forget to check out Strange aeons and CrimsonRogue because they have both reviewed the onion man's books… yeah if you think this is bad it gets so much worse when he's using "creativity" to try to justify his terrible human nature.

  3. LOVED the video! there's a few things onion has done that I know of that you might want to put in the part 2 of your video.
    1. years ago onion filmed and uploaded a video of his girlfriend at the time having a mental breakdown, according to them she has a neurological disorder which effects her memory and he filmed her going through an episode and uploaded it.
    2. also with a past girlfriend he filmed him kicking her out and calling the police on her because she was struggling with suicidal thoughts and uploaded the video. ( a lot of these videos have been deleted but Repzion (another YouTuber who has been constantly calling out onion has old videos with some clips of these videos before onion deleted them
    3. onion has accused Shane Dawson of being a pedophile with absolutely no proof for no other reason other than Shane stopped being friends with onion YEARS AGO
    4. Him and his wife brought a teenage girl into their relationship which you touched on but another thing that happened is he told her she was not allowed to smoke weed and she did smoke one night with friends and family and he told her that to make it up to him she would have to be CHAINED IN HIS BASEMENT, get a tattoo that says I'm sorry, cut off her family and friends, and a lot of sick other things. (the ex made a video about this and showed their texts)
    5.he constantly abuses the YouTube copyright claim to claim any video about him he doesn't like so it will be taken down.
    6.all of his girlfriends including his current wife were underage or barely of age when they started dating
    7. he has made countless videos about Eugenia Cooney ( even one video that was a skit that straight up just made fun of her ) while she struggled with a life threatening eating disorder, he then said that if Eugenia herself asked him to stop talking about her that he would stop, she asked him, he to this day still makes videos about her.
    8. his current house he lives in is right next to swamp area that doesn't belong to him and he decided to completely ruin the area and cut down all green life there, he did so much damage he now owes his state hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

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