I Let My Best Friend Pick My Swimsuits for Summer!

I Let My Best Friend Pick My Swimsuits for Summer!

– Hey guys, it’s Sierra. Welcome back to my channel. Today I have my best
friend Skylar here with me. – Hey. – And before we get into the video, there’s some business to attend to. – I’m so excited. – Do you want to say
it or should I say it? – (gasping) Do you want to
say it on the count of three? – Okay.
– Yeah. – One, two, three. – [Together] We’re launching a podcast! – I’m so excited. – I can’t believe it. – Oh my gosh, we have been
working on this for so long. – It’s been a year, literally a year since we had the idea. And let’s roll the clip. (mellow upbeat music) Pop the popcorn, put on
your comfiest pajamas, and grab a drink because my new podcast, Sierra Unfilitered, is finally here. We’re getting into the good, the bad, and the messy of what it really means to live life unfiltered. So join me, Sierra
Schultzzie and my best friend and co-host Skylar, every
Monday for new episodes anywhere you find your podcasts. I have had so many people
ask me to launch a podcast because in the earlier days of my channel it used to be more conversational, I used to have long chat videos, and I don’t really do that anymore but I still love that. It just isn’t really what
we’re doing on my channel so we wanted to find a way
to have those conversions about, you know, women’s
issues, our bodies, body positivity, and also
just our personal lives. – Yeah. – And have a place where
we can talk about that and so Sierra Unfiltered is that thing. Also, the most common
comment I see on my channel is more Skylar, everyone just loves you. – That’s very sweet, I start crying. (laughing) – So I’m giving you guys both of those things at the same time, a podcast with more Skylar. – Whoo! – So the channel is live, our
podcast is officially a thing so you can go subscribe to
Sierra Unfiltered on YouTube. We’re gonna be doing
video podcasts on there or if audio podcasts are more your thing, you can find it anywhere
podcasts are listened to. We’re gonna be having
new episodes every Monday on the Sierra Unfiltered channel so make sure to go check
it out and subscribe. There is a link in the description. – Our first episode is
coming out this Monday, it’s all about the behind
the scenes of YouTube, so. – All the stuff that Skylar gets to see. – Yeah. – And that you guys don’t, we’re gonna be spillin’
all the tea on that. – Telling all the awkward stories. – And there’s so many awkward stories. (laughing) In future episodes, we’re
gonna talk about things like getting married young, on coming to terms and
learning to love your body, and really just kind of talking
about the kind of things that we used to talk about at sleepovers when we were in our teens. It’s kind of like the grownup sleepover. – Yeah. – That’s what we’re kind of
trying to do with the podcast. Now, let’s get into what
this video is actually about. – Whoo! – So summer is here, it snuck up so fast and bikini season is in full swing and I need some new swimsuits. But when I go swimsuit shopping, I tend to just kind of stay with what feels comfortable to me and buy the same styles, the same colors. So to help me push myself
out of that comfort zone, Skylar is gonna be going shopping for me and buying some swimsuits
that, I don’t really know, are they things I would buy? What’s your game plan, what
are you gonna try to go for? – Okay, so I have a couple
different things in my brain. – Okay. – So first of all, backstory, I’ve known Sierra for nine years. – Yep, long time. – We’ve been friends for forever, so I feel like I have a really good grasp on your personal style. – Okay. – And how that’s evolved. – Okay. – But also I take a lot of
your Instagram pictures. – That true. – So I know your Instagram aesthetic. – That’s true. – And what makes a good picture. And also I feel like you have kind of a secret nerdy side to
you, you love Disney. – It’s true. – You love Pokemon, you love Harry Potter. – All true. – So I thought if there’s a
way that I can incorporate that I want to incorporate that. – All right, are we ready? – Yeah! – All right, go shopping! – Okay. – I will be here and
I’ll see you in a bit. – Whoo! Hey guys, it’s Skylar, this
my first time ever vlogging so bare with me, I’m trying to channel my inner Sierra today to vlog. So I have my reusable Starbucks cup, I have a kimono on, I’ve
been listen to show tunes, I’m in the zone. (upbeat pop music) I feel like people are looking at me like I’m crazy with this hat on but it’s a casual Tuesday,
I feel like it’s a fun look. I’ve got my trail mix for me personally, we got the bathing suits we needed, so I think we’re all good. – Hey.
– Hey. – How was it? – It was amazing. – Really? – The best swimsuit shopping
experience of my entire life. – It probably makes it easier that you didn’t have to try them on. – Yeah. – ‘Cause I feel like that’s the hard part about swimsuit shopping. – Totally. – And also, I didn’t really
have to worry about the sizes. – True. – ‘Cause I just got what
your typical size are. – Yeah. – I wasn’t oh, this fits a little funny, let me size up or size down. – It was just– – It was just straight across the board. – This looks cute, let’s get it, okay. – Yeah. – So what are we doing first? – Okay. – I know you had some ideas going into it. – Yes, so I want preface this by saying my favorite thing in the
entire world is accessories. – It’s true. – I’m an accessories queen. – And I don’t do it accessories, I just wear my wedding ring and that’s it. – Yeah. – No earrings, no necklaces. – So get prepped. – I’m ready. – So also, these area all gonna be in different bags from the trip. – Okay. – So it’s not like this is all from Aerie, this is all from Hot Topic. – Got it, you got like a top here– – That’s just– – Bottom here, accessories here, cool. – Yeah, they’re just put in those bags. – Okay, I’m ready. – Cool. Okay so outfit number one – Oo! – I got you these colorful,
fun, bikini bottoms. – Oo! – And a matching hair scarf. – Oh my gosh. – Which I feel like is so much fun. – That is so fun. Oh, I love this. – And then I just got you a white– – Oh cute. – Kind of retro top to match. – Oh my gosh, this is so cute. – I feel like it’s a good blend of it’s Instagramable but I feel like you would actually wear this in Palm Springs. – Oh, totally, oh my gosh. – Whoo. – Let’s just try it on, I’m excited. Okay, I really like this. – I think you look hot. – Thank you, oh my gosh! – I’m a big fan. – Thank you. – I feel like it looks like something you would wear to the beach. – Oh, for sure, for sure. Okay, so the bottoms are honestly, right now, my idle bottoms. They’re, I used to hate
the high cut on the sides but I feel like I kind of,
sort of liking them more. – Yeah. – And then these one are from Aerie so they have the support band at the top which I feel like I
really, really appreciate. – The top I’m not as crazy about. – Yeah. – I like it but to me the
bottoms are the hero piece. And the frickin’ matching head scarf. – Whoo! – That makes me so happy. I actually like this
little cut out right here. – Yeah. – ‘Cause I feel like it
shows a little bit more but I feel like locked in still, I’m not gonna pop out of this. The only thing is I usually do
go for more long line bikinis but if I was gonna choose a top that was more traditional
bikini, this is it. – I’m so happy, oh my gosh. – You did so good. – I feel like it’s very ’70s retro, – Yeah. – The little circles
and the pattern and… – It’s super flattering, too, and I love the colors. It’s so bright. – Yeah, especially
you’re so tan right now. – Mm-hmm, thank you. – I just, I love! – Okay, but before I fall
in love with this too much and decide to keep it. – Yeah. – What are the prices on each of these? – So the top is from Target. – Okay. – Extra large. – Perfect.
– $22.99 (cash register dinging) – Oh, that’s not bad. – Yeah! And the bottoms were Aerie, as you know, extra large and they were
$18.72. (cash register dinging) – Oo. – Oh and the hair scarf was
$11.16. (cash register dinging) – Oo, that’s kind of
like a boujee hair scarf. – Yeah. – I fell like, but I like it. – But I feel like with
the color coordination. – It’s perfect. Also I think this suit is
really flattering together. – Yeah. – I feel very confident and
I feel like its accentuating my figure in the ways that I like. So I’m gonna give this,
you know what’s funny, I’m gonna give it for
you buying it for me, I’m gonna give it a seven
and a half out of 10. – Okay. – If my brothers bought this for me, it would be a 10. (laughing) – No.
– Yes! – You have to just give it overall. – No, ’cause my, if I give it a 10 now and then the other stuff is better, it’s not a true 10. – I think your expectations are too high on the others, yeah. – You think so? Well I, okay, I’m gonna
give it a seven and a half. – Okay. – I really, really like it,
I think it’s really good. – Okay, it sounds like a win to me! – That’s a win! – Whoo! – Next one. – So outfit number two, are you ready? – Okay, I am ready. – I got you a Jasmine from Aladdin bikini. – Oo! – So it just bralette top. – Fun, I like, (gasping)! – And then high waisted– – Oh, cute. – Kind of, ruched bottoms. And then I got you a matching headband. – Oh my gosh, is this from Hot Topic? – That’s from Forever 21. – And, but, I’m guessing these are from– – But those are both from – [Together] Hot Topic. – ‘Cause they have all the
nerdy, Disney swimsuits. – Totally.
– Cool. – And then I also got you
these from Forever 21. (gasping) ‘Cause I just felt like
they were very Jasmine. – Yes!
– Cute. – They fit, you are the
queen of accessories. – Ah, thanks. – You really are. (laughing) – I am obsessed with it
because of the fact that I’m kind of dressed like a Disney Princess but also no one would be like, why is that girl wearing a
princess dress to the pool. It’s that thing we always
talk about with YouTuber merch where it has to be wearable. – Mm-hmm, totally. – But still kind of give
that little hint of nerdiness and that’s what this does for me. Only issue I’m having is the top. – Mm. – This is not made for a D cup. So wait, what are the sizes
and prices on both of these? – So they’re both an extra large. – Okay. – So they both were $13.45.
(cash register dinging) – Oh! – ‘Cause it was buy one, get one half off. – Oh, cool. – So then the headband was
$5.90. (cash register dinging) – Okay. – And the earrings were $4.90
(cash register dinging). – Oh, that’s not bad. – Yeah. – So this whole swimsuit
ensemble was under $40 bucks. – Yeah, and then the headband and earrings were from Forever 21. – The only issue, like I said, really is, so, my boob goes to here
and the cup ends here. – Hmm. – So I just, but then if I scooped it up, that would be very pushed up. I just think the cups are too small but that makes sense if
it was just letter sizes instead of numbered sizes. So that being said, I
thin it’s really great, I love the color, I’m checking myself out in the camera’s view finder because I juts think
this color is so, so fun. But yeah, I think the aesthetics of this swimsuit are perfect. The actual fit isn’t perfect on the top but the bottoms, the sizing
is absolutely prefect. And I think it’s very flattering. – Yeah. – This is only the second one and I feel like everything
is making me feel confident and comfortable and I
feel totally confident making a video on this swimsuit, going to the beach in this swimsuit, playing volleyball in this swimsuit, so. – That’s so awesome! – Is it better than the first one? This is the hard part, I like
it more because of the look but the fit isn’t as good. – Hmm. – I am gonna rate this higher though, I’m gonna give this one an
eight and a half out of 10. – Wow. – Regardless of the boob issue because I, it’s Disney Princess, it wins. – Yeah. (laughing) Okay, so outfit number
three, I was a little tricked because on the hanger
the bathing suit said XL. – Uh-huh. – But then we got it
back and it’s a large. – Oh, that’s fine. – So, I think it should be fine. – Yeah. – So this is from Target. – Cute. – It’s a cute, green, one piece. – Oh, I like the little ties on the side and how that makes it ruched. – It’s like fake ruching. – [Together] Yeah! – Yeah. (laughing) – And then I got you this
short sleeve, button up to tie over it. – To wear it open and
then tie into a crop top. – You know. – You know me too well. – I mean… – Like way too well,
when my brothers do this, they literally bought me girls, young girls size 12 instead of me size 12. Shorts that were made
for an eight year old. You’re coming in here with
a stripped, tied, dad shirt with a little ruched one piece. It’s too good. – It helps that I also help
you shop a lot so I feel like– – Yeah, that’s true. – So I feel like I know– – You know exactly what I go for. (laughing) – Okay, and then last I got
you this fun little purse. – Oh! – ‘Cause I thought that could be cute for a photo shoot by the pool. – Oh, that is so cute and it’s waterproof so I could
my phone in here by the pool. – Yeah. – That is so cute, oh
my gosh, let’s see it. – How do feel? – You know what, I feel so much better when I put on the shirt and it’s not because I’m more covered up, I feel like it’s just
because it’s more my style. – Yes. – And the swim suit, ah, the swim suit I, this is the first one that
I’m not over the moon about. – Yeah. – So I’ll take off the shirt a little bit so that you guys can see. It fits me really well here
and in my hips and my butt but then here I am really
spilling out of it. – Yeah. – And there aren’t really structured cups, which I feel like is always
harder for me with one pieces. – Totally. – But, yeah, I think
once I put this shirt on ’cause it gives me a
little more coverage here and it’s more my style, I think I feel a lot more comfortable but the lemon purse and the shirt, I feel like are 10 our of 10s. What do you think, give me
your brutally honest opinions. – I think it’s really cute. I wish that it had been an extra large instead of a large. – Oh! – ‘Cause I think it would of given you that more covered look. – I forgot about that,
you’re right, you’re right. – So the one piece was from Target. – Okay. – It’s $29.99. (cash register dinging) – Okay. – The top was from Forever 21, was a large and it was only
$14.90. (cash register dinging) The lemon purse was $9.90.
(cash register dinging) – Oo, I like this. – So that’s not, I feel like
that’s a little expensive for a purse that you would
use one time for an Instagram. – That’s true. – But I do like that it’s waterproof. – Yeah. – So it could be your go-to pool purse. – I feel like I would actually
use this a lot in the summer. – Yeah. – Going to the beach, throw
in a little, mini hair brush, your phone, your camera, and that’s it. – Yeah. – That’s super fun. I think this I’m actually
definitely gonna keep. – Yay! – I know you said it’s a one time for an Instagram photo thing. – Yeah. – But for me, I’m actually
gonna use this a ton. – I’m so excited. – The shirt, also a keep. Swimsuit I think I’m gonna return. – For sure. – But the outfit as a whole I’m gonna give a six out of 10, I feel
like it’s pretty good. – Awesome. – But, you know what, no, I’m am rating too harshly ’cause I low balled you on the first one. – Yeah. – And that’s, it’s like
inflation of my rates. (laughing) So this swimsuit, in actuality, I’m gonna give this outfit a seven, I think this is pretty
good, seven out of 10. – Whoo, I’ll take it! So, I got you this white one
piece from American Eagle. – Cute. – I felt like a white one
piece was kind of out there. – Yeah, yeah. – I don’t think I would ever
see you where a white one piece but it’s from Aerie. – Okay, which I love. – And I got you these pink little shorts from Aerie to go over it. – Cute. – Which I feel like makes it a look. – Yeah, I feel like white
anything is usually hard for me. – Yeah. – And then also the fact
that it’s a swimsuit. I would never go into a store and pick a one piece, white swimsuit. – Totally. – But I love that you know me so well that you’re like, let’s
get little soft shorts to make this an easier adventure. – Yeah. – Into something that she doesn’t like. – Totally. And that’s not all, so. – Oh and there’s more. – So then I also have a
white headband to match. – Cute. – ‘Cause I know you
love your head scarves. – Cute. – And then we also have
these pink sunglasses. (gasping) Which I just feel like are
fun and very Sharpay Evans. – That is so cute. That is so cute. – Yay! – You took a piece that I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards. – Yeah. – And added things that I would– – Yes. – To make it easier for
me, which I appreciate, so. – It’s like when we used
to do confidence makeover, taking your fashion fears
and surrounding them by things that you’re comfortable with. – Look at you, look at you. – Whoo! (laughing) Who are you right now? ♪ I want fabulous ♪ ♪ That is my simple request ♪ – I think the main
breakthrough in this video is me realizing that
I’m actually pretty tan. ‘Cause I think going
into this, I was like oh, I’m so pale, I haven’t been
out in the sun that much and now, especially the white swimsuit. – Yeah. – The white swimsuit makes
my skin pop, I feel tan. – You are a tan goddess. – I feel very Sharpay and I like it. – I love it. – But I’m like budget Sharpay
’cause it’s not as glittery, glisteny and it’s more of a light pink. – I feel like it’s Sharpay if
she was 2019 Instagram Batty. – Oh. – You know Sharpay, I feel
like I just keep saying Palm Springs in this video. – It’s true. – But I feel like it could be very Palm Springs, Instagram vibes. – And I like it, I did not
expect to like this one piece and I really do. – Yay. – My only issue, so it’s an open back. – Mm-hmm. – Which gives me less
support in the chest. – Mm-hmm. – But it cuts really wide and
it actually has cups built in so I feel supported enough. The shorts area little tight in the legs. – Mm-hmm. – I guess they just fit normal in the legs but I usually like the legs to be tight. So I’m gonna take my pants off. – Whoo, take it off girl! – So this swimsuit, I
actually, I think I like it. – Yeah. – I don’t know if I would keep it because I don’t trust
myself to keep it clean. But I guess it’s a swimsuit so how dirty can it really get ’cause it’s just gonna
wash off into the water. – I feel like lots of sand, you know. – Yeah, yeah, no, you know what, I’m still kind of on the fence about this but I do like it. The sunglasses are also very fun, I don’t know how functional they are ’cause they’re transparent. – You know. – But they’re really fun. And the headband, I love the matchy, matchy-matchy, it’s very nice. – Yay! – What were the prices on everything? – So the one piece was from Aerie. – Okay. – Of course.
– Mm-hmm. – $31.23 (cash register dinging),
which I feel like is good for a one piece. – Yeah, that’s not bad. – And then it was an extra large. – Okay, perfect. – And then the shorts were only $24.46. (cash register dinging) – Okay. – Which I– – And where were they from? – From Aerie. – Oh, see, that’s surprising to me. I feel like they didn’t
feel like Aerie quality. The fit felt different than
Aerie shorts usually do. – Yeah. – I was gonna guess Target or Forever 21. – Huh! – So I think the shorts I’ll return and then, glasses and a headband. – So the glasses were $9.90
(cash register dinging) and the headband was $4.40.
(cash register dinging) – Okay, and were they from? – Forever 21. – Okay, cool, all right, that’s not bad. I feel like the accessories make this, they pull it together, ’cause on its own it’s just white ribbed swimsuit. – Yeah. – Also, I could totally see
myself wear this as a bodysuit. – Mm-hmm. – Which is like that you
got shorts to pair it with because it’s kind of perfect for that. – I’m gonna give this one a– – With the shorts in mind. – With the shorts in
mind, I’m gonna give it a (blowing raspberries) seven out of 10. – Cool! – Seven out of 10. – I’ll take it. – Yeah. – I feel like that’s kind of just… – Baseline. – Yeah.
– Yeah, okay. Seven out of 10. – Okay, so next I really wanted
to get something from Torrid the store that we went
to didn’t have swimsuits. – (mouth smacking) Hmm. – But they had some in
the clearance section that people had returned. – Oo. – And they were all in your size. – Oh, okay, perfect. Shout out to person who wears my same size and shops at Torrid but returns things. – Yeah. – Thank you.
– We love. (laughing) So I got these. – Oh my gosh, – Which are all the things you love. – Oh yeah. – They’re ruched, they’re high waisted. – Oh my gosh, this is way too good, you’re too good at everything, these are so cute. – And literally everything in
this video was on sale, so. – Of course it was ’cause
Skylar’s the sale queen. – So we saved. Thank you. – Queen of accessories, queens of sale. – And then to go with that. – Uh-huh. – We did this blue top. – Cute. – So originally I was
imagining getting a red top and maybe red sunglasses but I feel like that’s a
little too retro pinup for you. – Yeah, that’s true. – I feel like you tend to go more vibrant, girly, Palm Springs. – Yeah, for sure. – So I went with the blue top. – Cute, I like this look together, I feel like that’s not
something I would normally pair but I like it. Oo! – And then to top it off,
I feel like it wouldn’t be a swimsuit, summer video
without a big floppy hat. – It’s true. – And I really like that
this matched perfectly. – It does. – So, that’s from Torrid and then both of these are from Target. – Perfect, all right, let’s put it on. – Whoo. How do you feel? – I’m loving the colors and the material for both of these. I know these are from different places. – Yeah. – But the bottoms just
feel so high quality, the material is soft, it feels
like nicely put together. Same with the top, the top is very soft, it feels very high quality, it feels expensive and I
know they weren’t expensive. – Yeah. – So what were the, let’s
start off with that, what were the prices on all of these? – So the top was $19.99.
(cash register dinging) – Oo. – From Target, extra large. So the bottoms were from Torrid. – Okay. – So they were $32.65
(cash register dinging). – Mm-hmm. – Which I feel like is a
little expensive for bottoms – Right. – But I feel like they’re
really high quality. – They are so nice and what size? – They were a zero. – Okay, perfect, yeah,
these are so perfect. I think the bottoms are,
these are a definite win, a definite keeper. – Yay! – I think the pattern is perfect because this I the kind
of thing I could pair with any just solid colored top and then the ruching makes
me feel very confident and very comfortable, I
think it flatters my figure. And I love the color of this top. – Yay! – I really, really love. It’s not what I would usually go for because it doesn’t go down as far but I think I’m gonna keep
it, I really, really like it. – Whoo! – The hat, I think
honestly, the hat suits you more than it suits me. – Oh. – ‘Cause you’re a floppy hat queen, (laughing) you are. – Maybe not in this outfit. (laughing) I mean, not with yoga
pants and a pink kimono. – I think it’s a really good suit, you did a really good pick. – Yay! – I’m gonna give it an
eight and a half out of 10. – Really! – I think it’s really good, yeah. I really, really like it. – I am shocked. I thought for sure this was
gonna get the lowest vote. – Really? – When I was putting it together. – Yeah. – And it’s the highest? – Yeah, I think so. Well, you know what, it
has the highest vote so far but my favorite suit so
far is the first one. – Whoo! – Because the first
one, I was trying to… – I knew you were undercutting me. – I was, I gave you a little cut under. – Yes! – But it was good, it was good. This is good, that’s good,
everything’s good, next. – Yay! – Okay, so was that the last one? – We actually have one more. – Oh! – ‘Cause it was buy one,
get one free, so I had to. (laughing) So Sierra? – Yes. – What is your favorite Disney movie other than High School Musical? – Oh, gosh, I think I’ve, oh, Hercules, I always say Hercules. (gasping) I got you a Meg bikini. – Shut up! (laughing) Oh my gosh! – So, here’s the top. – Oh, I love that you said
other than High School Musical ’cause that would of been my answer. (laughing) I love Hercules, oh my gosh. (gasping) – And then high waisted
bottoms with a little tie. – Oh my gosh, see, okay, you
know what I love about this, is it’s a little bit more
obscure than the Jasmine one. I feel like most people would clock that as a Disney swimsuit. – Totally. – I feel like this, someone would be like, is that from something? – Yeah. – No, maybe not. And I’ll be like, oh, it’s from Hercules. – Okay, so then to go with it, I got this kind of Grecian necklace. – Oo! – Which I thought was kind of fun. – Oh my, how do you do this? – And then I also got bangles, which I feel like you would
never wear gold bangles. – But if I’m going for the Hercules look– – Yeah.
– Bangles. – I was looking for gladiator scandals (laughing) but apparent people don’t
wear those anymore, so… – How do you feel? – I feel like there’s just… ♪ No chance, now way ♪ ♪ I won’t it say no, no ♪ I feel like I’m in my element. I feel so happy, first of all– – I’m so glad. – I loved the Jasmine suit
because it was Disney Princess but the fit was actually, not great. The fit on the top, I love the fit and then the look, with the draping. – Yeah. – I think is so, so
comfortable and flattering and gives me the coverage that I want and then it’s also kind
of a long line suit and then a high rise swimsuit and oh my gosh! I would love it if it wasn’t
a Hercules bathing suit and then because it’s
a Hercules bathing suit I love it 10 times more. – My heart, I’m so happy. – And the little accessories are perfect. I feel like it just kind
of brings it all together with he necklace and the
bangles, it’s so fun. It’s so fun. (giggling) This is by far my favorite. This to me is better than the first one. – I am shocked. – I think the fit is even better than the fit of the first suit
and then it’s also Hercules. So, this one gets a 10 out of 10. – Wow. – Big fan. – I am so shocked. – Really? – I got the Hot Topic ones in styles that I knew you would like. – Right. – But I thought those
were gonna be kind of the gag of it. – Yeah, that was gonna be the gimmick, I really wasn’t gonna like it. – Yeah, ha-ha, here
are your four swimsuits and then here are two
Disney Princess suits. – Oh, this is it, this is my
favorite swimsuit of all time, so thank you. – I’m so happy! – Wait, prices, we forgot prices. (laughing) – Yes. – I was too excited. – So the best part, the top and bottoms were both $15 each. (cash register dinging) – Wait, so the whole suit was $30 bucks? – Yeah. – Oh my, Hot Topic, I have
been sleeping on Hot Topic. Oo, should I do a whole video
of try to see princess suits? Let me know down in the comments if you guys want to see that. – Yeah. – Because this was great. You did so good. I expected you to do well because you’re my best friend, you know me better than anyone and also you buy clothes for
me all the time for videos but you even blew my
expectations out of the water. This was so good. – Oh, thank you so much. – Thank you so much for picking
me out all these swimsuits, I feel like I am equipped
and ready for bikini season, ready to go out and strut
my stuff in my Meg bikini. – It was so much fun shopping for you and I am over the moon
excited for the podcast. – Oh my gosh, I literally, every time I start thinking about it, I have to text Skylar and
be like, I’m so excited! – I know. – ‘Cause I am so happy to have a place where we can have open,
long form discussions about body positivity, about our life, about our beliefs and out thoughts. – Right. – Because when we’re talking
about it on the main channel, I feel like we have to
kind of condense it, we have to make it short
and concise and perfect and we can just be more unpolished and unfiltered over on the podcast. – Whoo! – And take as long as we
want to talk about things and explain things and really
get into the conversation, get into the heart of body positivity. And I am just so, so excited. So thank you guys for watching my channel, supporting me, and making
all of this happen. Skylar and I, like she said, have been best friends for nine years and now that we get to work together and have a podcast together, it’s just a dream come true. – Oh! – I love you so much, thank
you, thank you, thank you. – I love you. – I love you, I love you, too. (laughing) And I will see you guys on
this channel, very, very soon. And on the podcast on Monday. So, go subscribe, please, please, please. So I will see you guys next time. – [Together] Bye! (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “I Let My Best Friend Pick My Swimsuits for Summer!

  1. Hey girl I’m noticing that you have the same brands you stick to like old navy, target, forever 21, etc. Can you branch out and try other stores?!? Also I know free people just came in with a curvy fit jean if you want to try it!!

  2. I hate swimsuit shopping but if I had Skylar to help me I think it would be so much better! She’s great!

  3. Wow!! You look great🥳🥳 I can’t wear a bikini because I’m too self conscious 🤷‍♀️😂😎🥺

  4. I would have switched the white top and the light blue top but, other than that, this was great!!

    You should definitely do a hot topic swimsuit haul.

  5. I have two requests:
    1) Have Skylar in so many more videos
    2) And YES I think you should do a Disney swimsuit video.

  6. i love that youre doing a podcast! i just feel like youre doing alot of the same things as alisha marie and remi

  7. I follow a lot of YouTubers and Sierra is the only one that doesn’t comment back. Her buddy Carrie always comments back. 🤷‍♀️

  8. It seems like from the clips Skylar is just as much a part of the podcast as Sierra. So why is it named Sierra Unfiltered? That seems really rude to me

  9. Wait High school Musical is your favorite Disney movie😱😂💁🏾‍♀️ don’t worry I won’t unfollow😂❤️

  10. Could you try the Calia by Carrie Underwood swimwear collection. It just launched but it looks like there are things that you look for in a bathing suit

  11. Loving the highwaisted bikinis she picked out, love it and great accessories too! You can tell they are BFFS!

  12. Ok but like where can I sign up for skyler to be my personal stylist 😭 I feel like she didn’t she didn’t rate her high enough

  13. No chance, no way i won't say it no no.
    I love the megara suit!!! She looks so happy!! You should totally do a Disney princess swimsuit video.

  14. I feel like the purple swimsuit was more Esmeralda than Meg – with the bangles 😉 but I loved it none the less – also where can I get that Jasmine swimsuit!? That's my fav Disney movie ❤ (even named my daughter Jasmine 😉)

  15. U give her low rates and u jus say ssoo cute then u say it’s not something I get I don’t know and ur friend is just like totally yea she’s just supporting u and ur just bringing her down

  16. I was in the states in may (am from Australia) and shopped up a storm. I miss American pricing! Such cute stuff and SO CHEAP! <3

  17. OKKK THAT SECOND SWIMSUIT, THE PRINCESS JASMINE IS SO CUTEEE! IT LOOKED SO NICE ON YOUR BODY SIERRA OMG! I can't get enough of it. and the earrings with the headband? love itttt

  18. i know sierra mentioned that skylar didn’t want to have her name in the podcast, but skylar just seems like the kind of person that wouldn’t want to be pushy to have her name put in…. regardless or if she really wanted her name in it or not, i think to make people stop bugging them, they should just name it “unfiltered” or “she’s unfiltered”

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