I Let a Celebrity Stylist Choose My Outfit for Beautycon!

I Let a Celebrity Stylist Choose My Outfit for Beautycon!

– Hey guys, it’s Sierra. Welcome back to my channel. I filmed a very like normal Sierra intro. Upbeat, fun, explaining
the topic of this video. Before Beautycon, before
everything happened, and it just feels weird
putting that at the front of this video now after
everything that’s happened, so instead you’re getting this. Me, the day after my Beautycon experience, literally still wearing
my wristband which… Let’s just cut this off. That feels better. (chuckles) This video was originally gonna be like, me trying a professional
personal celebrity stylist for the first time. Getting this amazing outfit,
seeing how it makes me feel, going to Beautycon in said outfit and taking a look at how it feels to be dressed by someone else. How it feels to wear these designer items and feel like an influencer and feel like I’m dressed like and
look like everyone else at these Youtuber events, like in my original intro
I kind of talked about how my experience last year at Beautycon kind of left me feeling like an outcast, and I thought that maybe if
I went the whole nine yards, got this amazing outfit,
met with the stylist, got my hair and makeup done. Would I be treated better? Would I feel better? Would I feel more confident in that space? And if this is the first you’re hearing about my Beautycon experience, you might need some more context. I will link my blog with all the live footage in the description. This kind of like blew
up on Twitter yesterday, as I’m filming this, so
you’ll see in this video… First of all, you’ll
still see like the process of having a personal
stylist, what it felt like, me trying all the outfits, deciding which one I
felt most confident in, and you’ll also see like how
I felt going into the event, which was confident, beautiful, empowered, worthy of being there, and
leaving the event feeling… Disrespected, unvalidated,
unworthy, like trash! Really! Like confidence, all-time low and I didn’t really know how to handle like this video after
everything that happened. Because what I thought
was gonna happen was, I was gonna go into this
event, feeling amazing, rocking the outfit, rocking
the like really fine, out-there makeup, feeling
amazing and feeling confident and being treated amazing and
feeling part of the community and that’s just not what happened, at all. So let’s start with my
experience with the stylist, choosing the outfit, that
whole section of the video, then I’ll show you guys
kind of how I was feeling about myself and my outfit at Beautycon and give a little wrap-up at the end about where this whole situation sits now. So, let’s get into it. (bright synthesized music) – Dana! Hi!
– Hi! – It’s so good to meet you! – So thank you, I love your outfit. – Thank you so much,
it’s for another video that you guys have seen,
but I’m so excited. So this is Dana Asher Levine. – Hi. – She is a personal shopper,
(pop) otherwise known as the clothing
therapist on Instagram. And she pulled a bunch
of outfits that A are probably gonna be out of my comfort zone since I dress pretty casually, and B are probably way more expensive than I would ever spend
on an outfit and I’m so, so excited because I feel like when I go to these events I always
feel underdressed, and I always feel like
everyone has these beautifully, you know, crafted looks and I’m just like wearing whatever and
that’s your specialty. – What I love to do is give
you the fantasy side of it because a lot of times
when you’re going shopping and you’re in the stores,
you’re very limited on what you can do, but when I get
to bring things to my house, it’s a whole new world and we can try on styles that you might
not necessarily try in the stores and on top of that, sizing isn’t always
available in the stores. – Right, especially for
me ’cause I’m like right in between plus-size and standard-size, so a lot of plus-size
stores don’t have my size, but then a lot of standard-size
don’t have mine either, so I like going into this knowing that everything I’m going try on… – Is the right size! – Yeah.
(laughs) – I did do a variety of… I tried to do a little
in your comfort zone, a lot out of your comfort zone. – That’s what I wanted to hear. – And some just fun things
to try on for pretend. – Yeah. So where do you buy clothes like this? – Okay so this all… This whole thing, well this is a combination of 11 Honoré. Are you familiar with… It’s a large-sized designer. – Oh! – They go from like 12 to 24. – Okay. – And they have different designers that do capsule collections
for their website. I don’t know if this is gonna work out, it was in a vision of mine but it may, now that I see you in
person, be a little long. – Yeah. – It just– – I love blazers though. Like I love, love, love,
love, love blazers. Okay, what do we think? – I love this, it’s so fun and like, originally I thought this
blazer was gonna be too long like and frumpy but then we
decided to make it a dress! I love lucent and clear things
so I love me a clear belt that is like my favorite and I… The shoes! – [Sierra] I think the shoes
might be my favorite part. Also I just love a blazer
as a dress but I never do that look because I’m worried
about it being too short. But you said you’d be able
to take down the back– – [Dana] Yeah, so we’re gonna
about another inch in most of the higher-end clothing, they’ll give you room to let it out. – Oh! – There’s always an inch in the seam and there’s always an inch in the length, to let it out, so we
would let it out like, you know, a little bit
and she can’t turn around. (Sierra laughs) – I’ll just walk around
Beautycon like this. (shoes tap against floor) The shoes, I feel like are
something I would never choose, but the heel is perfectly chunky and that I feel comfortable walking in it, and also since it doesn’t have a back, I feel like I’m not gonna get a blister from walking in it all day. – [Dana] This is super cute. – [Sierra] Yeah this is great. This is honestly a top
contender for Beautycon. – [Dana] Okay. – [Sierra] This is really good. – [Dana] And we’ll have a great necklace, like a really cool necklace but… That’s the next time. – Also I love that you did the belt because I’m someone who
always likes definition at my waist so I feel
like that and the heel– – I think… And I know that you’ve
mentioned this before but most people think that
if they but clothes bigger, they look better in them. But that’s really not the case like, showing your body makes you
look way more slimmer than… Wearing a big muumuu like they
used to do in the olden days. I’m very… I always love a belt, I always love even if we
weren’t gonna do a belt, I would have my seamstress pull it in here and make a waist. Men when they go shopping, they always need their suits altered, for some reason women in
the United States mostly, don’t think they need alterations. In France, in Japan, women don’t leave the
store without alterations. In the United States, we
think we go in the store, we try it on, it should fit, if it doesn’t we’re not gonna buy it. – Yeah. – But really a little bit of alterations can change everything. Like this is a much better length. – Oh! – And this is also the type
that we can zip in or not, the Veronica Beard and it
has like this great like red. Like here’s like my… One of my like dream
outfits, like this, this. – Yeah. Okay, see I would look at all those pieces and I would never in my brain, be like this shirt,
(snaps) this denim jacket,
(snaps) – I mean look at that. How intense is that?
– But that’s a… That’s a look. Outfit number 2, we ready? Okay, what do you think? Okay, I love the color, I love the red, white, and blue. I love the shoes, I love the
shirt, I love the jacket. The shirt, I don’t like
when shirts buckles so I prefer to unbutton the top button and wear a camisole under
it so you don’t feel like… – Yeah.
– Buckley. I don’t love this jean on you. Something about it.
– I’m glad you said that, ’cause I feel the same way. They’re not bad. Just… – Right, it’s not terrible. I don’t know if it’s like
the wash here, the white. – Yeah. – It like accentuates… Like I like it a one more of a, flow and these aren’t like flowing for me. – Right. – It like makes me feel
like this is great, stop and then go. – Yeah.
(Sierra laughs) Yeah, let’s try it with a different jean, especially if you have a high-waisted one. – Yes.
– I would love that. – We’ve got them all. – Amazing. Amazing.
– Okay. (Sierra laughs) – Okay, what do we think
with the Good America jeans. – Oh look at that, that looks so good. – These are perfect. – And you know what else I like? It’s on such a… I love that the detailing on the jacket… (Sierra gasps) – Matches the side!
– Coordinate in a good way. – [Sierra] Do you think
this would be a good one for Beautycon? Or just a good one to have? – [Dana] No, I think
this is a good like… I’m coming up outfit. – [Sierra] Yeah. – Like I’m going on a meeting, I’m going out to dinner, I gotta go to the summer house. (Sierra laughs)
But I feel like, we haven’t quite found the right one yet. – Yeah but– – We’re not don’t yet.
– I love this jacket. – But I do love that for life. – That is beautiful. – Sorry, it’s supposed to
be in that department but, I forgot about this great
little, black dress. This is so cool ’cause it has– – I love the ruching down the side. – It has the ruching and we
can do really good jewelry and really good shoes and
it can be short or long and we can pair it with the jacket. – I like the ruching down the side, I feel like that makes
me feel very confident and very flattered, and I like
that even though it’s like, a more high-neck, modest dress, it’s figure flattering and formfitting and like, I don’t know, I feel
like it’s showing my curves. But I’m not showing any skin. – Let me see, I wanted to
throw on this necklace. – Yeah let’s try it. – Just to give you like… You know it needs some bling. – Oh that’s fun. – Oh my god, wait ’till you go see. – Really? – Oh my god. – Let me just shuffle over this way. – Don’t break your neck.
(Sierra laughs) Don’t break your neck.
(Sierra laughs) Okay. – Oh! – Isn’t that so cute? – That’s funky! – You can play with it
and wax a little but see? Look at that silhouette. Are you crazy? – That is so cool. – I mean how… – That is so fun. – How crazy is that? (Sierra laughs) – I literally… I never would have thought. I didn’t even think to
put a jacket with this. Much less one with like the denim liner. This dress, I have been
looking for like a good, adult black dress for a while, ’cause I have one that’s
like for going out but I don’t have one for like a dinner or like an event and this… – This is like a grown-up jacket. – Yeah. – I mean grown-up dress. – And–
– Oh, and I had a belt with it. I forgot to show you. – Oh, yeah let’s try
it with a belt, my god. Hold on, I forgot. – I feel like I grew up in– in like five seconds.
– In like five minutes, right? (Sierra laughs) I mean so now I put on this
Farragamo evening belt. – It is beautiful. – And look– – I feel like an adult for
like the first time ever. (Sierra laughs) – But you don’t look over– – It’s not frumpy. I think– – You don’t look like
you’re not in you’re own– – No, I look like I’m
in my twenties still. If I walk away, even with
just this dress today, I’m gonna be so happy. Because I feel like every
time I try to find a mature, put-together dress, I look frumpy. – Right. – And this isn’t frumpy,
it’s not covering up my body. It’s like sexy and it’s curve-hugging. – And it’s fashionable. – Yeah. – So this, I would do with
like a more elegante pant. – That feels very, did you
ever watch Gossip Girl. – Of course. – That feels very Blair Waldorf to me. – Yes. – All right, I’m feeling
very mixed on this outfit because I’m not sure what to think. So Dana, what do you think? Let’s start with what you think. ‘Cause you’re the expert. (Dana groans) – It just… It’s frumpy. – That’s… I feel like all the other
outfits that were more mature. – Those were like wow! – Yeah. The jacket I love. – Right, but I think if we pair the jacket and the tank top with
jeans, it would be great. But I was trying to show
you some grown-up pants, it just didn’t work out. – Yeah, I feel like… Well, I think it’s hard for
me also to get past the length which obviously would be fixed. But– – Okay, will you do me a favor– – Yes. – and keep this jacket
on, take this shirt off, and put on this boyfriend… Where’s… With the jean– – Yes. – and then those shoes. Let’s try– – And then keep this top? – No we’re gonna get a different top. – Okay. Okay so now what do we think? – [Dana] Okay now we’re talking! (Sierra laughs) Now, I mean look at how cute this is! Okay here you go– – [Sierra] So speaking of the
belt, do you think the waist on these is too big for me,
or do you think it’s fine? – [Dana] Well, in this kind of thing, it’s about what you’re comfortable with. I can already tell these
are stretching so by the end of the day they’re gonna
look like a diaper. (Sierra laughs) So you might– – [Sierra] I might wanna size down. – [Dana] Wanna go one size down. – [Sierra] And then this blazer, I love. Where’s this from? – Veronica Beard. – Veronica Beard. – So it’s the same as the denim one that we tried on earlier. And same as the– – That’s why I like it. – And same as the black scuba one that we had over the dress, and I bet you this would look
great over the dress as well. Really fun blouse. – So what would you… Would you pair that with
like a black jean or– – I would do it with a black jean or I would do it with… I mean look at the little detailing here. – That’s so cute. – It’s like Masonicesque, so over here… I don’t know if I would do black or if I would do the great like boyfriend jean with the holes. I’m not a big hole
person ’cause of my age. – Yeah. – But you’re not the same age. (Sierra laughs) So it just depends, I have
so many different styles. So it just depends once we
start trying on like what… – That might be one of my
favorites so far, off the rack. – Okay, all right. – I think this one might be one that I like better on the hanger. – [Dana] Oh yeah, look at that. – It’s a little Tae Kwon Do master on me. (laughs) – Yeah that looks like, it
just looks. It looks wrong. – Yeah. Yep, not quite it. But I like the way it
looked on the hanger. It’s funny ’cause some of the things, – You didn’t like on the hanger. – I didn’t like as much on the hanger – Looked amazing on and
things that looked good on the hanger, don’t always look… That’s why you need to try it on. – Yep. – This is Off-White. It’s like so– – I have never touched anything Off-White, much less worn something Off-White. (laughs) – So I mean this is like
my dream dress like that. – This is actually something I would love, like even if I just saw this at like, Express or something
like I would try this on. – And that with like tennis
shoes or booties or nothing, you know what I mean? – This is a $1000! – I need to do better at
pretending to be rich. (Sierra laughs) – Okay so do you think we
even need to try anything else or is this it? – Well, I mean… This is it in my book. (Sierra laughs) But I still think there’s a few things that you know are here that you might not have an opportunity to try on at another time so I think we should… – [Sierra] Yeah. – [Dana] Continue on,
’cause you never know. You know, they might call them on, you may have a big, you know, book tour to go on or something. – That’s true.
– You never know. – Never written a book
but it could happen. I feel like I’m at a buffet. – Okay. – And I’m just wanting to take
a little bit of everything and try all of it. – And so, this is Nicholas. I mean, this is one of
those things where you have to see it on, it’s like one of those, like those girl’s that
are in the Hamptons, you know, that are having rosé. – Yeah. – There’s like drinking rosé all day. (Sierra laughs) You know like… Oh hi, can I have some more rosé? (Sierra laughs) – Me. Me everyday. – So anyway– – Okay, so here is the Hamptons dress. The belt is a little bit too big, so I would need another notch here. But I like the way– – [Dana] Oh my god, I love it! – [Sierra] Yeah! – [Dana] It’s like–
– [Sierra] But I feel… This is one of those things that I feel like alterations would
make all the difference. – [Dana] Make all the difference and like you said, you’re
traveling, you know. There’s pockets. – I love a dress with pockets! (Sierra laughs) – [Dana] If we did this two sizes smaller, oh my goodness, like that, put
on your little black flats. – Yes. – Or your little strappy sandals. – Okay, so I think we
have some great options and a good, like range
of prices which is fun. So we’re meeting up again in two weeks to make the final choice,
put on the jewelry, make the final touches to the outfit. So until then, I’m gonna
sit and think very hard about which outfit I think
I should actually wear to Beautycon and if there
were any items that I tried on that aren’t perfect for Beautycon but that I just wanna get, because there were a lot
of good finds in here, I feel like usually when I go shopping, It’s like I have to like dig in to find like a needle in the haystack and this was just like,
a bunch of little diamond in the roughs already laid out for me. (Sierra laughs)
(whoosh) – Okay, we are back at Dina’s studio, where the clothing therapist goes to work, and let’s take a look at the final, well not the final outfit, but the actual dress that
I decided to go with. It is the Off-White bodycon
blue mock neck dress. I absolutely love this. I was pretty sure after the fitting, that this is the one I wanted to go with, but as soon as I got home and like looked at the photos of everything, I was like okay, this dress is so neat, it’s my favorite color, it’s
like my favorite material. And I love that it’s like, kind of modest but still like really sexy. Like it’s like really high-neck, it has the sleeves, I love this. I feel super, super confident. Now is the final steps where
we’re just gonna do a few, little alterations and add
the jewelry and the shoes and just take the final
look to the next level. – First of all, I picked
this necklace ’cause it’s, it’s like heavy and it
doesn’t get lost in the dress and it also shows the Off-White label, ’cause if you’re gonna where Off-White, you really need to show that
you’re wearing Off-White– – You gotta rock it. (Sierra laughs) – So I went to my favorite jewelry store which is XIV Karats in Beverly Hills and they love to help people so they were very happy
to loan pair of jewelry– (Sierra gasps)
for Beautycon. – Oh really? – Yeah. – Oh my gosh, that’s so nice. Thank you! – And so I picked these
like lapis earrings with some topaz and then
a little like pink stone to tie it in with… The shoes. – I’m obsessed with these shoes because when I tried them on they
are just so comfortable. Like I can actually wear
these all day at Beautycon. – And your feet won’t even hurt. – And they won’t even hurt! But I’ll still look like, put together. (dog barks) – So you can just do like, just, it doesn’t even
have to show all the way. – Right.
– [Dana] See how that’s– – That’s perfect. – [Dana] You know? So we just see like, oh like just a little bling– – Of the earring. – [Dana] I wouldn’t do both sides either– – Just one? – Just do that, and just
like half in, half out. – I love that! – [Dana] You’re welcome. – I’m thinking no spanks for sure. I wanna rock like my tummy the way it is but I also don’t wanna have chub rub but I feel like if I
wear full biker shorts than that might like bunch a little bit. – [Dana] Yeah. – So I’m thinking just
nylons? What do you think? – [Dana] Yeah! I think especially since… Oh, except your toes are showing. – Oh yeah, so I might have
to just do biker shorts then. – Yeah. – Oh but then I have to shave. Oh well.
– [Dana] Hmm, we’ll figure it out. (Sierra laughs) – So I went in my little purse closet and I don’t know which
either go crazy a la Molly. – Oh. – Or we can go subdued. – Oh. – So it’s clearly your choice. – Do any of them have a cross body strap? – It took a minute but
I just happen to have– (gasps) – [woman] Oh! – Oh my god. It’s like made for that. – That’s… – [woman] That’s perfect. – That’s literally it, you think? Instead of this one? – Well if you want cross body. – Yep. – Absolutely, in this
you can do cross body and, just you can do cross body, and look I love the way
that that like overlaps. – [woman] Oh yeah. – Oh that’s fun. – That’s so chic and– – So if I’m walking the red carpet, should I keep the purse or
ditch the purse on the carpet– – Ditch the purse. – Okay. – No red– No purse on the red carpet. – Okay. – Seamstress is walking in. – [woman] Whoa! – Everything’s coming together. – Artie. This is Arselena. – [both] Hi! – Sierra. It’s great to meet you.
– So nice to meet you. – Well all that. – [woman] Hi! – [Dana] Do you love it? – Yeah I love it. I feel so good. I feel like with events like this, the hardest thing sometimes
is like, feeling confident, like feeling like I’m
supposed to be there. And I feel like this outfit makes me feel like I am supposed to be there. I’m supposed to walk the red carpet, I’m supposed to do everything. ‘Cause– (dogs barking) It like makes me feel ready. – Okay, so– – Shoes? – I don’t think you need to– – That’s fine then. – No alterations? – No. No it’s darling. – Thank you! Okay well Dana, I cannot thank you enough for this look and putting
it together for me. I feel so confident and ready
and I just feel amazing. Like I feel like the best
version of me, so thank you. – Well, I’m so glad that I
can make this happen for you, ’cause I love to make women feel confident and that makes successful women. – And you really did! Like I feel like I can go to
Beautycon and like network and talk to people and meet fans and walk the red carpet and feel like me. But feel like the glam
version of me which is so fun. So make sure that you guys check out Dana, she’s the clothing therapist.
You can find her on Instagram, you can find her anywhere.
You are just wonderful and I just appreciate
you so much so thank you! – Thank you, you’re wonderful too so thank you, thank you thank you. – Thank you, thank you! – So in addition to the
blue Off-White dress that I am wearing for Beautycon, I decided to buy I few of the other pieces that we tried on in the first fitting. So let me show you guys
what I’m gonna get. So I’m getting this like black, and kind of white stitched tank top. This black-and-white checkered blazer which feels very like Blair Waldorf, like I really wanna wear this to New York. This black dress with
the ruching down the side that is so like business lady but cute. I feel like it’s almost similar to the dress I’m wearing to Beautycon. And like the way it makes
me feel and the style. But it is black obviously,
and a lot cheaper. (laughs) – And then I am getting these
little Jeffrey Campbell flats and then of course the stuff
I’m wearing to Beautycon. So tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow is Beautycon where
I’m gonna wear the outfit that the stylist Dana, the
clothing therapist chose for me. I’m very, very excited. So time to go home, get some good sleep, I got a fresh blowout today, so I’m ready to go for tomorrow. It’s gonna be like a day. It’s gonna be a look, it
is definitely different than the way I usually prepare for events. Which is just like doing my
own hair, doing my own makeup, maybe buying like a new dress from Express but like probably just wearing
something in my closet. So this is different. This is a change and I’m excited about it. (whoosh) – So the morning of Beautycon, I was feeling so ready and excited. I had my hair and makeup done. Had the perfect outfit from
a professional stylist. Best friend at my side,
ready to conquer Beautycon. Honestly, like confidence
at an all-time high. I feel so freaking bomb right now. I just wanna be like,
fully, authentically me. But when we got to the event. We were treated so poorly by the staff, security, press, brands
and other influencers, that my confidence just
kept getting chipped away at until at the end of the day, I felt completely insecure and ostracized and honestly disrespected. So we’ve been at the Beautycon
VIP area for a little while. We are like full glam, we did the outfit and we’re still kind of
being treated like shit. It’s not about like what you do, or who you are, it’s
about what you look like. If you wanna see exactly what happened you can go watch the vlog, it
has all of the live footage, it was honestly hard
for me to edit because you can see the progression
of my insecurity and my disappointment as the day goes on and just gets worse and worse. From being turned away
from photo areas and press. Basically we were told that I am not a talent enough to
be having my photo taken. I really though this year
was gonna be different. Treated rudely by other influencers
there as invited talent. – I was just taking pictures
of Sierra, not a photographer. – No. – And some random lady
was like, “Okay ladies.” Thank you and like didn’t work there, just didn’t want us to take
anymore time taking photos ’cause she wanted to take a photo. (calm piano music) – [woman] All right ladies. – Okay. (man laughing) – [Man] You know! (woman laughing) – [Sierra] Are those
people laughing at us? Being yelled at by security and staff. – It’s stressful. – We’re getting screamed at by the staff. Asked by brands what our
prerequisite was for being in the invited talent
featured creator area, because they didn’t want
to give their product to just anyone. – And it wasn’t like a oh,
like what’s your channel? What do you do? It was like–
– No it was like– – Are you? You don’t look
like you’re important. I feel like confidence, all-time low. – On top of the event
just being kind of a mess, organizational-wise. I– – And now there’s no
snacks? There’s no nothing? – Oh everyone’s pissed.
Everyone is pissed. – I literally feel like
I’m going to pass out, like I’m pregnant and I haven’t
eaten in like, 10 hours? We get in and we keep asking everyone like where do we get talent badges? Like where do we check-in?
And no one knows. – No one. – None of the security, not
the people who are like, letting people in to the
talent area. Like no one knows. – [Sierra] I left Beautycon
feeling totally dejected and humiliated, in a space
that advertises itself as inclusive for everyone. Beautycon is not over, but
we’re calling it quits early. I went in to today, feeling so beautiful, so empowered, so ready and I am leaving at one of the all-time lowest
points for my confidence. I don’t know how that affects
how I feel about this video because the whole point of
this video was number one, trying a stylist for the first-time. Which was an amazing experience, I feel like Dana made me feel empowered, she really listened to
what made me feel confident and she took that into account. And she put me in this
fricken’ bomb outfit, like I… This is a cute outfit, I feel amazing. One of the best looks
I think I’ve ever had but at the end of the day, you know, you’re outfit and your own
confidence can do a lot for you, But the environment and the people that you surround yourself
with at the end of the day, is really what can make
or break your confidence. So I love this outfit, I’m
so glad that I got to wear it and wear it to a place where you know, I am surrounded by other
creators and lots of viewers. But, I don’t think I will
go to Beautycon again. But I will definitely be
using a stylist again. For other fun events because
this outfit was great, the stylist experience was great
and I think that was to me, the coolest part about this
video and about Beautycon. (calm guitar music) Editing this footage and just kind of like processing everything
that happened has been kind of hard for me but I opened up
my notes app late last night and just kind of started typing and I feel like it was the first
time I was really able to like formulate how
I’m feeling about all of this so I’m just gonna read that. I went to Beautycon to meet my viewers, to connect with brands and to do press as I was invited by Beautycon
as a featured creator, as a talent by Beautycon. I posted about their event,
as their team had asked me to and drove ticket sales for
them, I was not paid for this, the only compensation I was
given was the talent wristband. I took time off of my work and my filming, I paid for my own
transportation, my own hotel. I invested my time and money, only to be treated like trash and leave feeling absolutely
crushed and humiliated. Last year I went to Beautycon
and I felt similarly but I thought it was just because I still had a smaller channel,
I was around 250 K then, and I was alone and I wasn’t
dressed up like everyone else. So this year, my channel is approaching
900 thousand subscribers, my content and my community
has grown so much. I came like dressed to
the nines, glammed up. I had my producer, my best
friend Skyler at my side. I was excited to go in confident and feel like I truly
deserve to be there this year and I was actually treated worse. And as far as the red carpet
and the press ignoring me, it had nothing to do with my channel not being big enough for these outlets and everything to do with
me not looking the part. I talked to two creators who
were walking shortly before and after me on the
press carpet who both had between 10 and 20 thousand followers but they had the influencer
look that I don’t have and they were given so much
attention on the press carpet, photos, interviews, the works. And that was the same
experience with the photo area. I don’t wanna assume that
it’s because of my body, and the fact that I’m not a thin woman, but based off everything
that I could gather from the situation happening around me, that’s the only conclusion
I’m currently at. It wasn’t about my followers, it wasn’t about my wristband
color or my assess level. I had the highest wristband. It wasn’t about my outfit or my makeup. Then what? Then what else was it? Like I can’t think of
anything else it would be then the fact that I am like
a mid-sized, plus-sized woman. Also, to add insult to injury, the two photos that were taken of me on the press carpet were
never posted anywhere. Although the people who
walked immediately before and immediately after me are listed on the Getty images website, they just completely skipped over me. It’s not about who I am, or what I do, it was a quick, two-second
judgment every step of the way on how I look, to
deem if I’m worthy or not, and that’s what hurts. So that’s what I wrote, and honestly if there is anything good that is gonna come out of this, it’s that Beautycon lit a fire under me to keep creating the content I’m making and keep spreading the message
that I am so passionate about of body positivity and inclusivity and being proud of who you are and not letting anyone
take that away from you. Because with the amazing
community that I have online, I sometimes forget how
much work there still is that needs to be done, and
if there’s one thing I am, it is driven as hell, and
not afraid of hard work. So thank you Beautycon,
for the very real reminder that there is still so much
more that I need to do. I’m proud of who I am. I am proud of the content I create online and the community that I have created, and I’m not gonna shed one
more tear over this so, let’s get to work. (whoosh) – So it is now Monday evening, after everything has happened, my manager has been in touch with the Beautycon team
throughout all of this. I sent over a detailed list of everything that happened at Beautycon so that hopefully their team can use that to make their event better in the future. And I also relaid to them that I was open to sharing their side of the story and if they had any sort
of apology or statement, If they sent that to
me, I would include it in this video so that you
guys could hear both sides. I always wanna give people
the benefit of the doubt, like I always wanna practice empathy and I hoped that they
would send an apology and there could be some sort of positive resolution to all of this. But they declined and said they went live on their Instagram, basically
without naming Skyler and I, trumped up everything that happened to us to drama and gossip and
negativity and fake news. You guys know me, you
know I am not about drama, I’ve literally never been
involved in like gossip or scandals or drama online. I spoke up about this because
I thought it was important and I’m really glad that I did, and for their team to chalk it up to gossip and drama and fake news without actually addressing
any of the things that happened to Skyler and I, it’s them trying to
save face and I get it. I get it. I’m not gonna drag this
out, I said my piece, I shared my experience, that’s it. I didn’t wanna just be quiet about this, sometimes you have to make
some noise to make some change, and I am truly glad that I spoke up, especially after hearing
from so many other people, from all different sides of Beautycon, who felt very similarly to me. But I am sad to see
that they aren’t willing to take my experience and use that to make their event better for the future. So thank you everyone for supporting me, be kind, use your voice. Bruiser’s barking but I
guess she wants you guys to know that I am feeling
more inspired than ever to create content that promotes a message of inclusivity and
confidence and acceptance. So thank you for being
part of this channel, and part of my journey, no need to send hate to
anyone in this situation but if you take anything away from this. I hope it’s that everyone
goes through those moments of feeling like they don’t belong, of feeling out of place,
of feeling ostracized, and use your voice to speak up about things that matter to you. Bye guys, love you. Bruiser loves you and I
will see you on Friday with a normal Sierra fun,
happy, bubbly, positive video. It’s fun, I’m wearing princess swimsuits. (claps hands) – I’m excited, let’s do this. (energetic synthesized music)

100 thoughts on “I Let a Celebrity Stylist Choose My Outfit for Beautycon!

  1. Be kind, use your voice, and surround yourself with people who remind you how beautiful you truly are!!
    What did you guys think of my styling experience??

  2. So sorry to hear about this awful experience for you. That is crap. Just remember to You Do You. We love you just the way you are!

  3. Sending hugs. So mad about how beauty con went for you. Thanks for sharing your struggle. You are wonderful and looked amazing.

  4. Sierra – I say you start your own “con” event…”B-Positive Con” an all inclusive event for all. Invite designers that include all body types. You can drive the change even if you start small, you have this! You can be the change!

  5. Thank you for sharing this. And thank you for not letting this experience knock you down for good. In the future you can create your own beautycon which actually is inclusive and everything else that you stand for. Og will be a huge success

  6. Girl you are the best!!! This video makes me so happy and sad at the same time! you looked amazing in that dress and screw beautycon!!

  7. You looked amazing in your outfit! Haters gonna hate but what you are doing is important and so needed! Love all your videos and you! Keep rocking💕

  8. Really sorry this happened to you, it’s so sad that people can make you feel low about yourself. But you’re fab, you have a lovely support system around you too. It seems like LA is just a numbers game.

  9. Sierra, you cannot believe that the people around you have the power to take your confidence. I understand that's exactly what happened and I've had it happen to, but always tell yourself that your confidence is not theirs for the taking. Bitch you own that shit! It's yours! You wouldn't let these people come into your home and take from you just because they feel entitled. And you shouldn't let them come into your self-love brain and take your joy, your confidence, your happiness. That is yours and only yours.

  10. Screw what people thought of you at beauty con!
    you have nearly 900k of people supporting you who would have loved to interview and take photos of you !

    I'm not a lover of anything velvet the texture knocks me bad… but you looked stunning my all time fave was the white blazer ! you rocked that!

    you inspire me all the time and I come to your channel anytime I need a body confidence pep talk

    you have an amazing platform but I like how your not letting things like this change your attitude 🙂


  11. You are amazing and I love your content. I sometimes wat h with my young daughter to show her what real confident women look like. You have inspired me to love my own very plus sized body more and set a better example for my girls. YOU. ARE. AN. ICONIC. INFLUENCER!

  12. Hi Sierra, it's the first time I comment on any video. I just wanted to let you know, that you are awesome girl! I follow you for a long time now. I'm not plus size, I'm not interested in fashion. I follow you, because I feel inspired and impressed by you. You are fun, very hard working and you send a message of acceptance and confidence. You are the type of girl which has my highes level of really honest respect.

  13. I need this woman in my life with you!! I have trouble sometimes to find figure flattering clothes. would love to shop with you Sierra xx seeing you cry breaks my heart 💔 you are beautiful inside and out, beautycon needs to be stopped x

  14. I LOVED seeing you with the stylist. She genuinely listened to your wants. Beautycon seems like a really crap place to be honestly. I'm sorry you had this experience, I adore your videos they're so fun and engaging.

  15. The golfcart guy sounded just like James Charles. Whoever it was, was a little B. They r back in high school bullying other people like they were bullied, or former cheerleaders being, well, stereotypical high school cheerleaders. Some folks need to grow up, b/c karma is a real…payback.

  16. In my opinion the dress/outfit you chose was too formal for a more casual event. The blazer with the crop top was perfect! After watching your beauty con vlog most influencers were dressed more trendy/casual. I think your choice would be perfect for a dinner/formal event. You just seemed overdressed to me.

  17. I'm literally crying watching the end of the video, I was never curvy so it was a really shock seeing you mistreated just for that (and as you said it can't be the number of followers). I confess Youtube kept recommending me your videos and I watched some but didn't subscribe because I don't have your problems and frankly I found your tone of voice a bit annoying. But with time you won me over and I realized that despite the voice, your content and words were not annoying. I don't regret it being part of your community now, thanks for making me aware that just because I don't mock people for their weight, that doesn't mean that there aren't other people that do and it sucks.

  18. Not all hero’s wear capes ……. I love you and your channel. You are an inspiration. Get it girl!

  19. Sierra I'm so sorry you're beautycon experience was complete shit you definitely deserve better then that I cried watching your video I could feel your disappoint and hurt but you are beautiful dont let those ppl bring you down!! Your are better be better and gods with you god bless 🤗

  20. So, you're absolutely beautiful and looked great in everything. I did love the off white dress, but maybe since it was the label dress it made it a bit more desirable, I just loved the blazer and the crop look on you more and it was maybe better for the event?

  21. You are a very beautiful young lady inside and out. Those superficial self absorbed plastic people don’t deserve the awesomeness that is you. You keep doing you and I WISH I had half the self confidence you do at that age! Instead of constantly beating myself up, when now when I look back …dam I was hot… I just wish I knew then what I know now. You’re gorgeous and I adore you 🥰😘 you looked FAB girlfriend!! ……omg I love love love your new elegant little black dress. Pull that bad girl out and go out on the town ✨♥️❣️

  22. I cried through this video and honestly couldn't even get through you vlog (no shade to you, of course). I just wanted to THANK YOU for sharing this story. I know how difficult it is to be so open and honest about confidence issues, but it was what I really needed to hear. You looked AMAZING and seemed so excited. I'm so angry people made you feel like anything less

  23. Do you mind if I share this on my Instagram page? It really breaks my heart the way they treated this whole situation & this video honestly needs more views. I’m a plus size girl & I have always been judged by my weight. This is not right.

  24. so disappointed this happened to you. you’re such an inspiration to me. please never stop promoting positivity and helping girls with our confidence <3

  25. Greetings from Israel, I love your blog you are a wonderful influencer and amazing person. your experience allow me to see how bad the industry is and the real face of it. the feeling that it is changing for the good is not real and there is still a lot to change. you are a fresh hope for our society. I`m glad that you shared your experience BC saying something is always better and maybe it will start a bigger change. hope that one day the industry will change for real and will not ignore people like you and hide you like you does not exist. people deserve to be seen no matter what size they are and people deserve to know that not all the successful people need to be skin and bone. you out of everybody there needed to shine there, that will allow girls and woman around the world see a grate empowered and successful woman and they maybe allow themselves to believe in what they do and have more confidence.
    peace and love 🙂

  26. Keep up your great work and positivity! You are amazing and I love watching your videos! I'm sorry you had such an awful experience.

  27. I can feel the pain❤️ cried a little at the end of the video because I do sadly know what it feels like to ‘not be enough’

  28. You are so cute in the beginning of this video and so beautiful throughout <3 i am so sorry you were treated poorly

  29. The checked blazer with some high waisted black shorts (or bold color) and a smaller bandeau would have looked better. I’m sure the stylist is great but it’s not insta baddie level. And you look so good in videos you style yourself. I love your blue off dress looked great but it’s not summer.

  30. Loved the stylist experience but I was soooo sad to hear how you were treated at Beautycon! I will not be attending anymore. It was so disappointing because you exude positivity. Thank you for continuing to make such fun positive content!

  31. And to think, I almost went on a whim this year. Glad I didn’t.

    I heard about your experience on Tea Spill’s video and saw all the lovely things people had to say about you. You’re a great person, I can tell just from watching a couple of videos, so I subscribed. You’re the kind of role model young people need.
    The dress was more of a dinner party type of dress. The Hampton’s one would’ve been a better choice. It was flowy and flattering. I wish I could’ve pulled off half those looks lol. But I’m SO sorry you and your friend were treated like garbage and your confidence took a hit. That’s absolutely uncalled for and not right. Keep speaking your truth. “Fake news” my ass. This on top of the other issues I’ve been seeing makes me really happy that our local horror convention isn’t garbage. But your experience is really similar to my experience with Fan Expo Dallas in 2017. They treated big celebrities (Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Tim Curry) like shit, yelled at fans, the floor plan was a hot mess, and just general unorganized chaos. JDM and Norman both have said they’d never return because of how they and their fans were treated.

    Someone needs to start up a better beauty convention. One that better represents the better side of the beauty community. You’re a kind soul, Sierra..don’t let these assholes change that 💗

  32. Sending my love all the way from Kenya 🇰🇪

    Whether you dressed to other people's taste or not. The fact that you had that pink tag should have prompted the staff to treat you professionally.

    They invited you they should have been kissing up to you for a lack of a better term.

    The other dimwits are just static noise. They probably try to live up to toxic standards and feel proud whenever someone around them isn't trying to measure up. It's a totem pole mentality where you feel that your better than the person you pervasive is below you. They are a lost cause hun and I hope you got everything out if your chest. A good cry sometimes is all you need.

  33. She looked so darling and so excited to experience Beautycon, and to see her confidence take SUCH a dip is so disheartening and saddening! Just that fact should be taken seriously by everyone who attends BC and even more so the organizers! I'm amazed at how strong you were, even after all this shitty treatment.

    I followed you and saw this video right after I saw the Teaspill video and you are soooo nice and genuine. You deserve much more and my subscription is just a small part of what you deserve.

  34. I did giveaways @ a similar Con and was told " Only pretty people get swag." It's sad. You are beautiful inside and out.They are sad people if they think that treating people that way is acceptable. <3

  35. Hi sierra! I found you through TeaSpill's video and I have to say you're absolutely beautiful! You're so spunky and adorable and you seem like you've got a heart of gold! How Beautycon treated you and your friend was absolutely disgusting and through it all you held your heads high despite them trying to kick you guys down. I want your kind of confidence. I'm a size 20 and I've always struggled with my weight and confidence from bullying to the point where I've just always hated myself and spiraled into my depression. In my almost 23 years of life I've only begun to love myself again NOW in these 2 years, and I hope to work up to your kind of self love and confidence. I wish I had found you sooner, you seem like someone who's walked those same footsteps but I'm glad to have found you now! I hope those terrible people learn some compassion and take a page from your book to see what beauty truly is. I'm subbing now and binge watching you, keep being absolutely amazing. You're an inspiration <3

  36. i love u and ur so cute but that purple dress with the snake shoes was a … mess. didn’t even remotely go together. (still doesn’t validate their horrible treatment at beautycon)

  37. My heart shattered listening to those people on the golf car laughing at you and saying "oh you know" I'm so sorry for how people treated you there

  38. ❤️ Hi Sierra
    I’m Cindy 😊
    The people who try to make you feel bad are a reflection of what they express. For me you are an inspiration and you help me to be more optimistic. And that is what it means to be an “Influencer”. Someone who inspires you and motivates you to be a better person. Not only does the outside matter. On the outside they can be sioces, beautiful and dazzling, but inside they are $ & @ ?!
    We love you !! You are the best 😉😘😊
    ** Sorry if my English is not the best 😅

  39. That dress is AMAZING on you! I just wish you had worn make up like that with it, but you rocked that make up! I just felt like the make up and the dress fought each other for attention.

  40. (Long time follower, first time commenter) I literally cried watching you cry about what happened to you. It is not okay and I'm so proud of you for speaking up about it! 💜💜💜💜💜😘

  41. Watching the last part broke my heart and resonated with me! I’m not a plus size woman but I often felt as an outsider. I have acne scars so even when I’m wearing makeup people especially at Sephora give me stares. I’m so happy I found your channel because seeing you and how you reacted to the situation gives me confidence than I’m more than enough!

  42. You can tell she is fat phobic- "make you look slimmer" "I feel like this accentuates….." Wow she is horrible. She doesn't want to dress you and you can tell 100%
    You should have dressed yourself Sierra.

  43. It's fricken summer and she is covering you from head to toe. I can't stop commenting its all just so bad

  44. what matters is how you feel in the dress and if you like it- but Personally I feel like the Off White dress (which might have also been a little much for summer?) might have been picked because of a case of “brand blindness” (or to prove worth by wearing very expensive clothes?). But no matter what you were wearing or how you looked Beautycon should not be treating people that way.

  45. Gosh one more thing- she didn't want to hug you. This is embarrassing for these horrible people. That blue dress was not the dress for you. The crop top with Blazer and jeans was way better. You need a re-do!!!!!

    I'm so angry about how you were treated at beauty con and this stylist wanted nothing to do with you. It was written all over her face. If we aren't a size 0-4 we are not good enough. Ugh I'm so frustrated 😒

  46. Where are my bigger plus size babes? Where you at @effyourbeautystandards @tessholiday we need you to stand up for the thick girls!

  47. You go, babe; normalize women like us who spend just as much, and sometimes more, on the community that is just as quick to shit on us.

  48. Most influencer events are like this; everyone sizing everyone else up and asking weird intrusive questions to scope out if you are making money at this. Literally every event I’ve been to. It needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

  49. I'm taking time out of my day watching your video to tell you that black dress looks bomb on you girl!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  50. Hi Sierra.. I am from India. I love your videos a lot and a confidence you wear in day to day life.. Don't cry over this plz.. You are the best in your body and we love you a lot.. Your dress was super glam and expensive, you looked pretty but the black dress with two layered jacket and their zip a bit fastened was looking awesome n best out of all outfits on you.. Ignore the haters n rude people and wear your confidence as always 😘😘

  51. You are absolutely amazing! Beautiful and just everything I love you and your channel I appreciate you and your channel you make me feel confident! And I look at you and I see a average sized woman who is absolutely beautiful!!

  52. You look just amazing in the outfit you chose.
    Don't let the stupid people from beautycon drag you down, you are beautiful!

  53. So here is the thing….you do youtube for yourself..for your followers. You dont need an event to validate you. If brands do not support you, so what? Have you seen the ceo od beautycon? She is one to talk! If i were you…i would be happier being in my own channel bubble. Do your own meet and greet. F*ck the rest of the YouTube community. Seriously…who cares? Be yourself and do you

  54. the white suit with the belt looked great and you needed white pants to go with it and that would have looked awesome. Im not a fan of the blue dress sorry

  55. I haven’t even seen the vlog yet and I am already so angry. I was for real crying with you at the almost end of this video. I just have no words… I am really proud that you just take this as an inspiration and don’t let anyone take your passion away from you

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