I Downloaded my Facebook data, and here’s What Happened – Mrinal Saha

I Downloaded my Facebook data, and here’s What Happened – Mrinal Saha

Facebook has been careless with the user data
for the past few years. But after the Cambridge Analytica scandal last week, it’s on everyone’s
mind. For starters, Facebook stocks are down to
what it was on July 2017, Elon musk has deleted Tesla and SpaceX Facebook page and the hashtag
#deletefacebook is trending all over twitter. I was never a fan of Facebook, but after the
tweet from Dylan McKay went viral, where he showed how he found his year-old data—including
complete logs of incoming and outgoing calls and SMS messages I wanted to know more about what information
Facebook has on me. Going to the Settings page, I clicked an option
to download a copy of my data The process took some 40 odd minutes, (usually
it’s quite less, but I guess they servers are quite busy after the scandal, so, yeah,
that’s okay. ) In the profile section, I can see quite a
lot of personal details that have been collected over the years. But I get that, it’s a social
networking sites. Moving on to the contact info, which reveals,
all the contacts I’ve had ever stored in my phone, since the day, I joined facebook – the
funny thing is, most of these contacts, I don’t even have it on my smartphone now.
So, if you ever lose a contact, well, at least you know where to look. On a serious note, I quickly google this issue,
and found out, thankfully, Facebook allow you to delete those contact, so that’s a
relieve. https://www.facebook.com/mobile/messenger/contacts/ Going to the activity section, you can see
everything you have posted on Facebook, since the day you joined, Saving the photos, videos and Friends list,
kind of make sense. But since all my photos and videos are backed up on Google drive,
I don’t need facebook for that. The most shocking part was the messages, Facebook
stores your entire messages history include the pictures you have shared. And wait for
it, even if you have unfriend that friend, all the messages will still be there. This is not only raises privacy concern, but
is also downright creepy. Then there are other things like under the
security tab, Facebook keep a log of every device, you have used to login to Facebook.
This also include the IP address, so, if you have been some place that you don’t want
other to know about, well, guess, Facebook knows everything. In the ads section, you can see which advertisers
possessed your contact information and what ads you have clicked. A close analysis of
these ads, can really tell a lot about the person. In a nutshell, Facebook does know a lot about
you, sadly more than the people around you. But what can you do about it? Well, the only way to protect your privacy
from facebook is by not using it. Even that’s not 100% secure, since your Facebook friend
might give out your data anyway. That being, said, it’s not practical to
quit facebook? So what can you do to protect your privacy? To start of, you can install no script, which
will stop ads tracking outside facebook, Next, you need to revoke access to all the
apps and games on Facebook. Finally, this is what I did, using the chrome
extension Social book post manager, I deleted everything from my Facebook feed. And another one to unfollow every friend and
pages on facebook. So, basically, the page feed is empty (not
even ads) and if someone view your profile there is nothing there as well. No script
will stop the tracking, and no apps will have access to your data. This is the closest you can get without quitting
facebook account. Let me know what you think about this Facebook
fiasco. And like always thank you for watching,

100 thoughts on “I Downloaded my Facebook data, and here’s What Happened – Mrinal Saha

  1. Very concise, easily understood, and direct. Very much appreciated to have such a clear and quick path for the viewer to follow. Very professional. Well done and subscribed.

  2. And… what's strange about those datas?

    Guys: stop complaining for what you agreed on. It's dumb. Facebook tells you EVERYTHING in their TOS. It's loud and clear they track conversations, it's said they're gonna be used for targeting and ad managemenet purposes, they say they store photo, collect sentiments and everything else you're complaining about.

    So yeah, quit Facebook or stop useless complaints. Thanks.

  3. I used it for 2 years and in early 2017 I deleted it not because of those allegations on it but because i felt it like thrash in today's time

  4. Why would you not delete facebook? Those addons plugins are just so that you don't see the history. Facebook still collects it. And you are using an Apple laptop??? Hello?!?! What do you think Apple does to your data?

  5. Is this really a problem? I knew how to download my facebook data a year ago. I thought the feature was convenient and was grateful I could download all my crap.

  6. It has been using that data for so long and nothing bad happened to anyone before you knew that nor will ever happen after you know it.

  7. "your friend might be leaking your data"
    Please stick to your useless phone reviews. Don't try to think too much

  8. I am pretty careful when posting on facebook so I thought somehow I am ok….but apparently even messages are kept….lol kinda creepy

  9. Dude learn fucking English, I couldn’t understand half of the things. I am Latino and I work my ass off everyday to improve my accent. It is not difficult.

  10. Facebook sickens you mentally. This so called social media platform actually ruins your social behaviour. It affects the ability to socialise on ground. Facebook is like a drug. You will be addicted to it.
    You all are familiar with that big LIKE icon. Everybody loves to be liked. So, in practical world people do real things so that they can be liked. But through face book people can get the same satisfaction just by having like on their virtual stuffs.
    Over the time it destroys ability to perform in real world. Because all you care about is your virtual world.
    Mature and aware people will be least affected. But minors are very vulnerable.

  11. Did you know since 2010, Facebook has access to your microphone on your cellphone and can tap in anytime! Now you know!

  12. If you remove some data, let say some general information, will it still be shown on the downloaded copy of data from Facebook??

  13. I think this not just a FB problem. Don't you think Google is not doing the same? The important thing is can FB fix their data leak issue making it very difficult for others (who should not have access to your data) to get your data.

  14. Thanks I didn't know it was this serious. That's why we need a decentralized people's website, where monopoly does not matter.

  15. Even smartphone apps do the same. They have lot more information than your Facebook account. How do we deal with it, as we cannot erase few of important apps.

  16. Last few minutes need some more explanation for common, who will just follow your instructions instructions as flow chart to secure their account

  17. I prefer keeping my Facebook and I am happy that Facebook can store the information for me to access when ever I forget something, which I mostly do. I think if people have something to hide, then they should be worried. If you have nothing to hide, then why worry?

  18. Can you tell how I can delete my quote it's appear always when I wanted to post like, how are you today ? I try several times to change I couldn't thank you I almost deactivated my account I don't feel safe there I think your advice are very good..

  19. mr techwiser how can i go on that page wherein you can see your profile that can be seen on the 1:00 of your video

  20. This wat Facebook is about not something which was hidden or data mistake. It is good to me please stop this rumors even google collect even do. Why Facebook only because media

  21. I have never used Facebook and never will. I personally thought it was a bad idea to begin with, because I instinctively knew that the information collected by Facebook was not secure and private.

    I was thinking what if i disguise them for instance liking things I don't like and such stuffs they'll be tricked. I'll try this and see if the ads change as per that perspective ! And also deleting history won't work so they'll know what porn u watch,when,liked or disliked, where you watched and all other stuffs so
    Now my QUESTION IS HOW DO U PREVENT THEM FROM KNOWING U??? AND I've heard that all the messages are encrypted meaning only I'll have access to those messages I sent What's this ???Anyone??

  23. Yeah, like Mark Zuckerburg gives a fuck about facebook members, all he cares about is he´s MONEY. Facebook saves everything and are willing to sell it to anyone with cash.

  24. Nice bro . Can you please make video on how to make your account as private as it can . Thanks and please little easier 😂😂😂 we are not as good as you all the smart boys . And if I want to delete all the history and my account too.

  25. how to stop downloading the data..I accidentally downloaded all my data 4 years way back..and i cant or re undo..please help

  26. Can We Download Some Photos And Videos From Copy of data of our Facebook?
    And i have huge amount of private photos on my own name on messenger
    Can i download them when i need them in future after i delete my Facebook permanently?

  27. Jo msgs hame hamare Friends ne bheje honge aur jo pics hamare friends ne hame bheji hongi kya wo bhi hame mil jayegi???? Means full conversation mil jayegi??

  28. Facebook disabled my thirteen-year-old account! I have lost thousands of pictures and hundreds of memories. After doing some investigating I also discovered that not only do they have my personal and private address book from my contacts in my cell phone! As you stated, I discovered they have every private message I have sent and received in my inbox! Unfortunately, I found it hard to follow your video due to not understanding your accent. I will be going over your video several times until I can delete everything and do what you have suggested. I have messaged Mark Zuckerberg and all his sites and anywhere else I possibly can in regards to restoring my account. My next step is to go to my local tv-station and see if I can put the word out in regards to what we have discovered. I have sent out several posts to not only my Facebook friends but to people from groups that I respond to and I'm getting back a number of negative comments. I will not stop until I get my account restored and once I do I will be downloading it on to my PC burning it to disc and then deleting my entire account was Facebook! Thank you for your video as I will be sharing this with as many people as possible!

  29. That works in the web apo but for the native app FB still get in touch and even geolocate your device as well as track your activity, though installing a 3rd party native application may. Well, still not sure!😁✌

  30. Google and Facebook steal user data for their own purposes when a black hat steal someone data so that's a cybercrime.why not Google and Facebook

  31. Do they give 2 seperate downloafs for mobile and pc. I am having this problem with both Instagram and facebook. I am receiving very generic data that shows nothing what so ever except comments going back to 2014. Even though i have had my account since 2008. Its really annoying me

  32. Okay, sometimes Facebook is helpful. But sometimes, it's just stupid. People have too much time on their hands.

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