Huge Win in the Battle of Ideas | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report

Huge Win in the Battle of Ideas | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report

As of filming this video, about 250 thousand
of you watched my recent hour long sit down with Colin Moriarity from YouTube Week. Colin is best known as a gaming journalist
and one of the founders and host of Kinda Funny, a popular gaming talk show. I actually didn’t know much about Colin before
our YouTube Week chat beyond a couple interactions we had on Twitter. My intention with the interview was actually
to get away from politics and focus on my long lost love of video games, but within
a minute I could tell how passionate Colin was about current events and the political
world. Sometimes an interview you expect one thing
from, but get something totally different is the best kind, and in Colin’s interview,
this was absolutely the case. Right after the interview, I told Colin that
he could be a major conservative political star if he ever wanted to go that route. A few days after our initial interview, Colin’s
world went completely bonkers. Colin posted a rather benign joke on Twitter
(Show tweet) on International Women’s Day. The tweet got thousands of retweets and favorites,
but of course also caused backlash by the Bigoteers always looking to be outraged. By the way, the joke itself, as Colin said,
isn’t the smartest of funniest thing ever, it’s actually a really simple line that every
sitcom from I Love Lucy to Married With Children to Everybody Loves Raymond has been based
on. Regardless of whether it was funny or not,
a firestorm of outrage began and within a couple days Colin stepped down from Kinda
Funny, the company he co-owned and the show he co-created with his friends. Regardless of whether the joke was funny,
or sexist or just stupid…which are all subjective feelings, the point is that the out of control
firestorm was once again on the attack. The online gaming media jumped all over Colin,
in one case claiming he had gone on a right wing talk show known as The Rubin Report to
discuss the tweet. Of course in reality, we had taped and aired
the show about a week before he posted the tweet in the first place. The worst case of journalistic dishonesty
came not from a gaming site though, but from a mainstream outlet, the International Business
Times. Let’s look at this headline: KINDA FUNNY’S COLIN MORIARTY RESIGNS AFTER
begin to describe it. This social justice warrior disease, combined
with a pinch of intersectionality and a sprinkling of misguided outrage has a mainstream publication
accusing Colin of racism where there literally was not word word of racism in the tweet. Eventually I was able to track down an editor
of IB Times, who I passed to Colin and they changed the headline about 24 hours later. Too little, too late, though, and the damage
was done. Just imagine if that had been you for a moment. This is what I mean when I say this regressive
movement will come for all of us. I suspect coming for private citizens for
wrongthink is next, just wait and see. After all of this nonsense, I did a second
interview with Colin, live streamed out to you with no editing, to clean up the mess. Colin respectfully and honestly told his side
of the story, without throwing his friends and former co-workers under the bus. We also took a ton of questions from you,
and shared a really intimate moment of friendship on camera. When the interview finished, I really felt
like we had done something relevant and important. Together we stood up against the outrage machine,
against the misguided social justice movement and more importantly, we stood up for something…for
ourselves…and if we won’t stand for ourselves then why would anyone else stand for us? Now this is where this really gets good. Last week Colin launched his own Patreon to
fund his new show aptly titled Colin’s Last Stand. As of taping this he has over 30,000 a month
in pledges. I’m beyond thrilled for him as a creator but
more so as a friend. It was only 10 days ago when he didn’t know
if his career was over. And I’ve been in the same boat myself. Not only did Colin launch an incredibly successful
Patreon, but he’s also made some stellar appearances on Glenn Beck’s radio show and last week was
on Joe Rogan’s podcast. I mention all of this because I view this
whole instance as a massive win for the free speech, anti regressive movement. We can no longer give these hysterical people
an inch because they won’t stop taking until we’ve all silenced ourselves. Obviously many of you see this and agree with
it, which is not only why our interviews did incredibly well but also why so many of you
put your money where your mouth is and joined Colin on Patreon. And by the way I should welcome our new Patrons
as well because we got a bump in the midst of all this as well. This isn’t about money though, it’s about
taking back the narrative from people who use buzzwords and outrage to silence the rest
of us who are trying to have meaningful conversation. Allies are popping up all over the place in
this space and it’s only together than we can full fight back the bad ideas which have
led us here. From Colin to Joe Rogan to Phil DeFranco and
many others I see a new alliance forming of content creators who aren’t political per
se, but who will no longer be held hostage by the same outrage machine that is crushing
dissent, not through conversation but by public shaming. We must now destroy the politics of destruction
if we’re going to move forward. I think we just got a major win and I look
forward to you joining us for many more.

100 thoughts on “Huge Win in the Battle of Ideas | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report

  1. Major win? It's barely a skirmish. The SJWs occupy positions of power in all of our institutions. They have won the war. We are but a rag-tag resistance killing an officer here, derailing a train there.

  2. i heard on women's day some female teachers didnt show up and they had to close schools because of it.
    i bet some kids were quite happy about that. see how easy it is for women to make people happy? all they need to do is not show up…


  3. Nobody is silencing anybody. Rubin is silencing people of color. Do people of color have ideas Rubin? Their blood gave us free speech.

  4. That's so awesome that the morally righteous are standing up to buzzwords and outrage. Someone needs to keep those triggered, sjw, snowflake, feminazi, leftist, Cultural Marxism-pimping, libtards from destroying America. God bless you.

  5. That was a joke? I thought he was being relatable.

    I'm not talking about the decent women in their 40's here, in the comment section. Or the rare female white knights who somehow didn't go insane with their power of SMV in their 20's. The one's who aren't married to the government, socialism, and handouts. The one's who don't use children as pawns to hurt fathers that don't deserve it. The one's who don't blame all of their cruelty, insecurity and ugliness on a made-up "patriarchy". Not you, you beautiful rarities. I've heard legends of thee. Although, at this point, I've gotten so used to walking away and cutting out drama, that I wouldn't trust you enough to bring you into my circle of trust. But I can appreciate your NAWALT qualities from a safe distance.

    I'm talking about the western-civilization-ending, entitled, delusional, chronically-fake-outraged, average woman. My brothers, now is the time for the rise of MGTOW! lol

  6. This is why you cannot take the left seriously anymore. Democrats need to disavow for these misguided SJWs or they will keep losing. The left are the new fascists and Americans are tired of it.

  7. I've seen the headline and the damage done
    The SJW's annoy everyone
    But it's becoming obvious your'e ignoring Truuump.

  8. Make that almost $41k per month on Patreon! Everyone should switch to that model and make YouTube videos non monetized. Stick it to them where it hurts, use their bandwidth and not let them make any money off of it. Patreon is not perfect though, imho $1 minimum monthly commitment is too large, on average. Because that can add up VERY quickly once you start supporting all of the channels you would want. There could be a similar but better model in the future, but for now Patreon should help alleviate YouTube's subservience to big business.

  9. Not really! The objective of these "jokes" is to dehumanize these women and dismiss the their concerns without engaging in the actual policies. This is really obvious, but Rubin is a vacuous person that absorbed the idiotic opinions of the libertarians he interviewed without challenge. So I don't expect much from him.

  10. I'm waiting for the rest of us to realize that the most powerful weapon against these freaks is ignoring them. It's what we did for decades.

  11. I watch your videos all the time- then I realize that I haven't subscribed yet. I'm kicking myself. But I'm used to writing "Dave Rubin" on the search bar manually.

  12. I just subscribed to your channel and YouTube posted a "warning" saying that my 'subscribing to this channel will be viewed publicly'. Dave, as you well know the left is starting to target you but you are a true symbol of resisting censorship w/ an independent viewpoint. We appreciate your independent perspective and will continue to always support you.

  13. I don't get why these people are stepping down or quitting. Enough! Do not give in. You know you've done nothing wrong. By you stepping down and others pressuring you to step down, you are enabling this insanity and therefore you are part of the problem.

  14. Although it didn't offend me many many were and just because sitcoms use it that doesn't negate the accountability. A while ago I wouldn't have called you Alt-right but when you start pandering to the likes of Lauren Southern it's just a matter of time before you join Breitbart. SJWs are a major source of useless and needless conflict in modern American politics but let's be fair because the special little snowflake syndrome is nothing new to conservatives (alt-right, progressives, take your pick). Everyday I stand up for myself, it just happens to be that progressive conservatives don't like what I'm standing up for. Glen Beck…really? I'm not sure I'd use him to prop up anything but okay…Again, once upon a time the GOP used buzz words and false narratives to speak about 2md class citizens (LGBTQIA community for example) but now it's different? Give me a break. "destroy the politics of destruction"…seriously? So, it's organized social anarchy to suit your purpose….mmmm'k.

  15. I watched Dave on TYT once and thought, "Does this guy really believe the shit spewing from his mouth?" I am so happy to see he is a person of integrity. I don't have to agree with you, just don't bullshit me.

  16. I don't understand why he resigned? Surely the best thing to do is tell these fascists to f*** off. Conservatives need to stop apologising to these thugs.

  17. ARG! I'm so angry that other people got angry about an offensive joke! This stupid regressive left! We should live in a world where everyone is free to make off-color, offensive jokes online without fear of backlash! The regressive left should just shut up and stop excercising their freedom to voice offense about offensive things! Real freedom means having only 1 dominate narrative that everybody buys into and nobody criticizes! ARG! I'm an angry conservative on the wrong side of history!

  18. I have been saying for a while now that you can't give them an inch. EVER! Even if you apologize they won't accept the apology and will react like sharks do to blood in the water. While the Anti-SJW's worry about SJW's right to free speech, the SJW are slowly taking away free speech and even free thought!

  19. Wrongthink…? Really, Rubin? Really? I appreciate all you've done and continue to do, but sometimes I feel like you're becoming your own parody. That's the kind of conspiratorial thinking I would expect from Alex Jones, not you.

  20. you say he won, but he quit his job when really he should of said no im not going to quit the job which has nothing to do with the joke
    so really he got saved by other people and nothing to do from his actions
    lucky lucky guy

  21. Let's see…a joke playing of the stereotype of women being shrill and nagging? How is that any different than one playing off the stereotype of…I don't know…Jews being greedy, or African-Americans being lazy/violent/criminals?

    This joke is told in a world where a presidential candidate can say the most sexist, misogynistic, racist, xenophobic things and still get elected.

    This isn't about free speech, it's about social norms. And yes, there are some forms of speech that must fought and not given an inch.

  22. Maybe its just me but I'm as right-wing conservative who seems to support what I thought liberals use to fight for such as
    Free speech
    Religious Freedom
    Gay rights
    Freedom of press
    Abortion rights

    I also recycle my garbage, do volunteer work for disabled people, donate to charities. All these social justice nazis have been lately is the complete opposite. And yes, these far left wingers are the new socialists nazis whether they want to acknowledge it or not.

  23. This video inspired me to write a little essay :

    “The accusation of sin is moral virtue’s deadly gin,” said William Blake in The Everlasting Gospel. “Political correctness” is the latest distillation of that liquor and drunkenness on it is rife. Here we have an example of a man who makes a Twitter joke which is, at most, mildly sexist and ends up being labelled a “racist” in the print media when there wasn’t even any reference to race in the joke. I suppose we can’t expect someone drunk on gin to get their facts straight.

    What is this phenomenon all about? How has a desire for social justice led to something so irrational and destructive. The answer is that it hasn’t. Attempts to make someone feel ashamed for saying something insensitive don’t arise from concern to make society a more polite place. They arise from the will to power over another. They arise from our selfishness. We may fool ourselves that we care about the injustices small or large which are going on in the world, but if we really did then we would do something more constructive about them than to identify a “bad guy” and point our finger at them.

    The will to power over another is hard to resist. Of course we have to be careful about how we try to get it, because we don’t want to suffer social stigma ourselves by coming across as a jerk. But the distancing effect of social media combined with the reduced sense of responsibility which arises in mass behaviour makes the Twitter mob the perfect outlet for the will to power. This doesn’t just occur under the guise of “political correctness”. There are also right wing manifestations.

    Why does this will to power over another exist? Because of our state of insecurity. Think of the concept of the pecking order. The first hen pecks the second hen. To peck back at a hen who is stronger is going to just make things worse, but she wants to take out the frustration on someone, so she pecks the next weakest hen. There is a chain of oppression. We are caught up in just such a chain, but the first oppressor is inside us – it is the voice that says : “You are not good enough!” Think back to when we were at school. We get caught doing something against the rules. Our first response might be : “Billy was doing it too.” We try to take the pressure off of ourselves. And this is what happens when we try to make someone else feel bad for their behaviour.

    When we look at our own behaviour or that of others we should begin by assuming that it is probably driven by selfishness. Usually it is, regardless of what self-glorifying shine we try to put on it. But selfishness is just the natural self-directedness of the suffering individual. We are only selfish because “You are not good enough!” is gnawing away at the base of our psyche. If we cultivate unconditional self-acceptance then we can approach life from a position of security. We will still be motivated by self-interest, but our interest will be in the pleasure which comes from forging loving relationships with others and the satisfaction which comes from solving problems. And the way that we will make the world a more just place is by spreading the culture of unconditional self-acceptance. Self-accepting individuals are much better at standing up for themselves and won’t give a damn if someone calls them a naughty name.

  24. We're the Bigoteers you can be one too! Being offended is the thing to do! Logic and reason are not the way, we like being offended every day!

  25. First rule of politics is to never apologize. Once you do, they will finish you off. He wasn't stupid to post the kind of funny tweet; he was stupid to retreat. Regressive leftists should be destroyed, not pandered to as if they were somehow legitimate, which they're not.

  26. See stuff like this makes me go "oh this is why I like Dave". Then I go on twitter and go "the fuck Dave?". That said ideas vs ideas=they aren't safe and you either agree or disagree, labeling gets no one anywhere.. wel except Trump, he's president now. Haha

  27. Thank You so much Dave! This stuff is just getting out of control, and you have become a beacon of light in a dark time.

  28. So catching someone use the wrong word to describe something is a huge win? That is the best you can do?

    If they had said "sexist" instead of "racist", it would be 100% factual, what would the defense be then?

  29. "If we don't stand for ourselves why would anyone else stand for us." That would have been relevant advice say in 1930's Germany. Unfortunately, it's relevant advice today.

  30. I'm a democrat and a woman. It's something my husband would have said. I think it's funny ! I am so tired of pseudo liberals pulling this crap. I'm a progressive. I'm for everyone's rights…including humor !

  31. I've heard many great things about this show but i just can't seem to get into it. i guess this is just not my cup of tea.

  32. Fantastic commentary
    I'm totally with you and hope it's truly the beginning of something positive #antireggressive

  33. Here's the real problem; we're all too wired these days. We are exposed constantly to so much news around the world and most of it that which fits our own narrative. A radical feminist will for example be exposed daily to suffering and issues and inequalities of women through newsfeeds and friend-circles, and a small non-offensive joke will therefore immediately be tied to the bigger picture, it'll be interpreted as making 'light' of all the issues which women's day was supposed to bring awareness to rather than just being seen it as a harmless joke. In the same sense that someone who's followed the alt-right for a long time might be immediately uncomfortable by the words "social justice" or equivalent (even though not all social-justice causes are bad) because they've been exposed to it in such a negative light over and over again. It's like we're all being systematically brainwashed to be opposed to certain things, and therefore losing a part of rational thought, but just into different narratives so we're all convinced it's just the other group that's brainwashed.

  34. Holy mother! I didn't even know saying it's "peaceful and quiet" while the mom or girl is not at home was a long time pop culture cliche as well. In restrospect, the cliche kind of speaks for itself….;)

  35. I for one was happy with the silence on "day without women"…

    Annoyed that my laundry didn't get done and I had to make my own dinner, but it was worth it.

  36. I'm obviously a woman and I thought the tweet was funny and probably true haha… I have a feeling if it was the other way around and a woman tweeted something similar about men surely we'd of not heard a peep. I have had enough of this SJW mob mentality carry on.

  37. That they guy got fired over it was a step too far, but that he got badly burned was appropriate, especially since the gaming community is eager to shed its manchild-in-basement reputation.

    He's bad for the industry's image, and advertisers want to get more women into gaming. That the gaming industry deals aggressively with sexist stupidity is a way to market to women.

    This isn't just about sexism, it's about money. With that understanding, that he got fired is easily understood.

  38. I respect you a lot Dave for your calm and respectful demeanor. It is a breath of fresh air at the moment with all the bickering going on in politics. I have been watching some of your videos.

  39. The left controls the media, education, and thanks to the BS "March for Science" now science as well. How are we winning in any way?

  40. The battle of ideas = the battle of those who I agree with, huh dave?
    you stupid, pathetic, boring, pandering, mindless tool of the alt right

  41. Nerd culture has always protected its virginity and political incorrectness through thick armour of moral build in the fiery depths of Mordor. Built by men and women.
    I think that this is a good place to start the offensive. Once common sense has a defence perimeter we can move forward, slowly and steady.

  42. Publically destroying people has become sport, entertainment and business. The moral outrage machine is a vehicle to use for these purposes. The internet has made this possible by making its power available to the many. It has made the world a village where everyone knows each others business. If you make yourself public you make yourself a target. Many people have watched their lives go up in smoke because of Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media. The madness of the mob is the outgrowth of the internet because that is where the mob lives. The virtual world and the real world are intertwined. The mob on the street clamoring for blood is now a creation of the virtual world. The internet becomes the magnifying glass looking for a victim to burn with the focused rays of the Sun (mob). It is blood sport and moral outrage combined.

  43. Sadly I think the 'win' is for a skirmish only.  I think the 'war' is lost, or, we're losing.  I recall these types of days, the 1960's (when I grew up).  Difference is that then it was mostly just students, with some Socialist groups, doing the 'war'.  Most went on with their lives after graduating but others kept 'the cause' going.  Members of the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) and SDM (Students for a Democratic Militancy) and other Socialist folks, went into education (Bill Ayers; now  a retired professor in the College of Education from the Univ. of Ill. at Chicago), Labor (Wade Rathke; ACORN/SEIU), Journalism, Politics, etc.  So, the 'students' in Berkeley who began the 'free speech' movement in the 60's contributed to the present 'only APPROVED speech' is allowed college campuses.  Of course THEY are the ones who declare what is and what is not 'approved' speech.  Anyone think it's coincidence that YouTube has decided to demonetize vids they deem….offensive(?) or problematic?  They won't actually ban Rubin, Colin, White, etc, from YouTube, but they can make it difficult to impossible to continue.  So if/when they leave YouTube can claim it was their decision alone.    I recall the uproar when some school boards wanted to ban "Catcher in the Rye" because of the subject and language in it.  Today we see no uproar about Mark Twain being 'edited' to remove 'offensive language' and Shakespeare banned.  It would be an eye opener for people to actually study how people like Hitler and Mussolini used the media, education and politics and intimidation tactics to gain and hold onto power.  It's a short, insignificant step to go from "Punch a Nazi" to "Kill a Nazi".  And, of course, THEY will tell us who is and who is not a Nazi.

  44. Dave we are not winning.

    I don't understand the optimism from this side. We are fighting a losing battle. They dominate culture and after Democrats sweep in 2018 you will see SJWs emboldened.

    They've got a death grip on academia, Hollywood, the news (except Fox, but that's a flawed alternative to be sure), alternative media, social media, and those are all powerful in their own right. Republicans at this point of time overwhelmingly have office and yet look at the pressure they exert.

    Yes it will come for all of us. We're fucked. If someone as eloquent and intelligent as Colin can't do anything, what the fuck can regular people do?

    We can stand up for ourselves. We can go down fighting, but we will go down.

  45. What a fucking lie lmfao. He left because his show sucked balls and they were gonna fire him. There was 0 backlash against this joke. No one gave a fuck about him or his twitter.

  46. "Targeted women in a racist joke"…
    Other news:
    I am an Islamophobe because I was fat-shaming a sumo wrestler.
    I spread hate against jews by mocking someone in a wheelchare.
    I discriminated LGBT people by calling economics a dismal science.
    Feeld free to add your confessions 🙂

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