How Would A Deaf Person Do A Podcast?

How Would A Deaf Person Do A Podcast?

(marker scratching) (electronic video game chime) Hello there, so let’s talk about podcasts. So recently, I’ve been
involved in two podcasts. One with my friend Dominick and one with, I forget the name,
but the guy’s name is Russell and we were talking about
Patreon and stuff. So people might be wondering
“Well if you’re deaf, if you can’t hear very well, how do you do podcasts
because it’s audio?” Let’s tell you how. So obviously I talk a lot, right? I spend about 80% of my life
using oral communication because I’m with people
who use oral communication most of my life, okay
maybe more like 90% but… Most of the time I’m
using oral communication. That and I was mainstreamed so that’s just what I was
used to, or what I am used to. So when somebody asks me
if I want to be involved in a podcast they
even of course go, “So how we gonna do this,
like, do I just call you?” And I’m like,
“Well, we’re not going to be able to do
this the normal way. It’s just not going
to work out that way. So we’re going to do it
about 50% the normal way.” So now that I think about it I’ve been involved in four podcasts, one that I’ve done actually in person and three I’ve done over the internet. So the one that I did
with my friends in person, we just kind of
did it the same way that we would have
a normal conversation. Since I was right there
with them, face to face, and I had headphones on, it
was easier to understand them, if I didn’t understand
them we would just, you know, work it out, and
a person beside me had, their whole transcript so I could just follow along
with whatever they were saying, you know, just reading off their iPad. Now when it comes to doing
a podcast over the internet like the last few that I’ve done and the most recent one
that just went up. We go on Skype or whatever
the person who is recording the podcast prefers to record on and I have them
type their questions and I will just say
the answer out loud. This is also how I do
interviews in general, so… So usually what happens is
the person will probably ask the question out loud
and then they’ll be quiet and then they’ll write
the question down and then once
that’s sent to me, then I will say the
answer out loud. And what happens is,
in post they just edit that all together, it’s
actually pretty simple, or they may have already
recorded their questions ahead of time and
then I’m just the one that’s on the recording, or I record first and then later right before they go in to post they’ll record on their own time. So it’s actually pretty simple. A lot of people think
that it’s difficult and it really isn’t
as long as everybody is willing to meet half way. No faking involved just
a little bit of work. It’s the same with how I
collaborate with hearing YouTubers and I do have a video on that. So if you don’t know
how I do that yet, watch the video, there’s
going to be a card right here. So, yeah, there’s that. Hope ya’ll learned
something new today. And if you want to follow
me on all of my social media links to that
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support my content you can do so by being a
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and Thursdays and I will see you later, bye.

13 thoughts on “How Would A Deaf Person Do A Podcast?

  1. Hello! Your awesome !!! Its sooo cool you do youtube vids and your deaf. That takes a lot of strength!!! I realy appreciate that!!!

  2. What to do for doing video conference calling video "Vidyo" brand video conference standalone programme one downloads to his or her computer before using? There doesn't seem to be an area for a anyone to type, and I can't get anyone of Mozilla (for whom I volunteer as a Rep) yet, to use AI Media who is said to do live captions of video meetings? Any ideas?

  3. Rikki is so amazing! I love watching her videos and trying to educate myself as much as possible, I'm so happy I won't be as ignorant or annoying as before as she has cleared so much up.

  4. Do you think podcasts should be made accessible for everyone? If so, what do you think the best way of doing that is? The podcast app I use don't seem to have any CC function… but I guess it isn't necessary to read along in real time if there is no visual. The thing is a lot of the podcasts I listen to are average an hour and a half long and unscripted. Most people aren't going to put the time in to make a transcript.

  5. your make up is gorg!!!! i keep saying this but i need to see what podcast is about one of these days lol thanks for sharing.#youtubecreators I have a new video up on my channel please feel free to stop by

  6. Hi! I'm new here and really enjoying your channel. I'm working my way through your backlog and one question keeps popping into my head.

    Have you done a video on apps made for the hearing impaired? In particular, I feel like there must be a speech to text app that could make those awful trips to the airport a little easier. Obviously, I don't think you should have to put in all the work when they're supposed to be taking care of you, the customer, but I still think a review of apps like this could be helpful for your audience, assuming you haven't already done this before.

    Google Glass could have been revolutionary for this kind of application.

    Thanks, and keep up with all the good work.

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