14 thoughts on “How We Use Asana – Our Work Manager

  1. I've recently heard the term "whitelisting" have you heard of this term? Could you please explain it if you have. Thank you.

  2. Wow, one of your best videos yet in my opinion. I currently use Nozbe, but you just made Asana seem far better. And, seems I can use several team members for free to get started and then grow from there. Thank you Steve.

  3. I've been using Asana as an individual for about 6 weeks now thanks to your recommendation. I use it for school and for my software business. It's great! But I need to learn more, so please keep the Asana content coming!

  4. Great overview. And I have to say that there is so much more that have not been covert, eg. Automations. Custom field. 3rd party apps. Forms, integrations, …

  5. Steve, as usual really really helpful.
    Can you please please elaborate:
    1. What happens to completed tasks?
    2. How to integrate Asana with Google-sphere … keep, docs, sheets, slides, pics, mail, etc. Is this worthy of a further webinar?
    3. If you ever need to migrate out of Asana, how do you do this painlessly (remember our love of Evernote – but divorce is impossible)?

  6. Hi Steve. Love ASANA! I use the free version all the time, some for work related projects, and the list feature for household. What screencast tool did you use to create yourself in the small circle mask? I know Camtasia and ScreenFlow do those resizable squares, but this is a small and good look. Thx!

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