How to use the Podcasts App on the iPad

How to use the Podcasts App on the iPad

Podcast are episodes of programs available
on the internet. They’re usually audio or video recordings but they could also be television
broadcasts, lectures, performances or other events. The Podcast App is the best way to
discover, subscribe to and listen or watch podcasts on your iPad. You need to have the
Podcast App which you can get from the Apps Store and download. Just go into the Apps
Store and search for ‘Podcasts’ and the app you want is that purple one. Let’s open the
app, and look at how you can find some content. There’s a number of ways you can search for
your content. You’ve got a search bar there, or you could go into ‘Top Charts’ which gives
you the top audio and video podcasts in different categories. You can go into the Featured and
look at what’s New and Noteworthy and Recently Added. So let’s look at a few of them. Go
into ‘Search’ and up in the top there, it’s going to search for something on ‘gluten free
cooking’. I’d like a podcast, preferably a video one.  Let’s see what we get and Search.
It gives you in the search results, you can get individual episodes or you can get podcasts.
If I just select ‘Podcast’, it would have a series of episodes, so if I looked at ‘Cooking
With The Moms’, all the different episodes in that podcast are listed there as well as
their length. The first one is 43 minutes and 9 seconds and it gives you the dates that
it was broadcast and keep going down and see how many episodes there are in that series.
In this case there’s a lot. There’s 256 episodes of ‘Cooking With The Moms’ and I’m not sure
all of that is related to gluten free, and that started in 2008. When you look at a
podcast series, you can Subscribe to it. When you subscribe to a podcast then every time
there’s a new episode, that episode will be downloaded to your iPad and you can listen
to it or watch it on your Podcasts App. If you don’t subscribe to it, you can just take
individual episodes. I might just want to take ‘Mom’s Lunch Box Makeover’ and download
it. Just by tapping that, it will start to download it. If I subscribe to it, tap ‘Subscribe’
and you can see it says ‘Subscribed’. When I go into My Podcasts, I now have a podcast
series called ‘Cooking With The Moms’ and if I tap on that, it’s currently downloading
one episode. It’s processing it now and that episode is sitting on the iPad, using my iPad
storage and it’s just used the Download data that I have… and that’s unplayed. If I want
any more of those episodes because there were over 200 of them, if I tap ‘Feed’, I can see
every single episode and maybe just download the ones that were interesting. So let me
download this one and then if I want to know what they’re about, if you tap the ‘I’ next
to an episode, it gives you a bit more of what that episode is about. Tap ‘More’ and
it gives you much more information. It gives you a website you can go to for more information
and then you can save the episode or download the episode.  Mark it is as Unplayed. There’s
all sorts of things you can do. Once it downloads, so the first one is downloaded, once downloaded
go back to ‘Unplayed’ and once downloaded, or almost downloaded, if I tap that, this
is an audio podcast, so I can listen to it in the Music App. If you want to keep an episode
once you’ve listened to it or watched it when you go into the ‘I’, you can mark it as Played
and those played episodes can be deleted. Simply by swiping to the right, I could delete
that episode or I could go into the ‘Edit’ button, tap the one I want to delete and then
there’s the ‘Delete’ button so one is gone. The one that’s currently downloaded, it will
stay there until I decide I wanted to delete it and I can just simply delete it from there
and it’s gone. I’ve got no unplayed episodes. When I tap the ‘Settings’ here, I can tweak
the way I want a podcast app to behave. I want to play the newest episode to the oldest
so you can see on this one here that the newest episode, the 12th of November 2014, and you’ve
got the last episode, which is down in 2008 because that’s the way I’ve asked it to set
itself up. I could have set oldest to newest. Sort order, newest on top or put oldest on
top and now I’ve got 2008 on the top there… When new episodes are available, they will
be marked as Unplayed. How do you want to receive those episodes?  Do you want to refresh
it so every six hours in this case, the default, it’s going to go out and look for new episodes
and then it will download them to your Podcasts App. You can do that once a day, once a week
or turn it off all together and do it manually. If the podcast is a daily podcast, then you’d
want to check everyday. If it’s a weekly podcast, then you check it weekly so it depends on
your collection of podcasts. I would check once a day, because some of these are everyday.
Go back to ‘Settings’, ‘Limit Episodes’. This is the number of episodes that you can show
in the Unplayed view. You can have that off, so all unplayed episodes are shown, or I could
just show the five most recent episodes or the most recent if you don’t want to be overwhelmed
by episodes to watch or listen to.. Downloading Episodes, I’ve got that Off, so if I want
them to be downloaded, I’ll download or I can only download the new episodes. You don’t
have to download them. You can stream. I’ll tap to play and it will just stream down and
it won’t actually save on your device unless you download it. ‘Delete Played Episodes’.
I have on, Default on, so 24 hours after they’ve being played, you don’t have to worry about
going back in and deleting them yourself. Once they’re played or you mark it as Played,
after 24 hours, it will just be deleted. Now along the left here are other podcasts that
I have subscribed to and with the number indicating the number of episodes to be listened to or
watched. You can also pull it down and let go and that will automatically trigger a search
for new episodes. The latest episode is up-to-date, 10th of October, so any of these, tap that
to start searching again and check for any episodes. The latest one being the 23rd of
November, so they’re up-to-date. Other podcasts you can search for. In the Top Charts, I prefer
audio podcasts when I’m driving in the car, so I can listen to them through the car radio
and I like to watch video podcasts on my iPad. I like a mixture of both. When you’re searching
for a podcast, you need to decide whether you want audio or video and in the top charts
you can select the category that you like to search for. If I want a business podcast
in Management and Marketing, then these are the top podcasts in that category. If I’m
looking for a video one, I’m just going to select this one and these are the different
episodes in that Google Adwords Secrets, HD video podcast. If I like the look of it, then
I can subscribe to it. If I don’t really want to subscribe to it but I just want to watch
an episode, then I can just start downloading that episode and it will download. It’s taking
a lot longer because it’s video. You don’t have to subscribe, you can just watch individual
episodes. You can go back and find what is popular in all these different categories.
If you’re looking for games and hobbies, and video games, then what are the top video podcasts?
 If you like Minecraft, there’s usually a heap of those or Xbox trailers. Whatever it
is you want, you’ll find a podcast on it and if you can’t find it in Top Charts, then go
back to ‘Search and do a more specific search for it. If I was looking for a topic such
as how to play golf, then I’m looking for a podcast on that, so it’s going to give me
all podcasts and I’ve got individual episodes that I can search through if I just wanted
a specific episode, or I’m looking for a podcast, and I’m not sure which one is video or audio,
that’s the problem, so I’ve just got to look at them all and see if I fancy any of the
episodes and then subscribe. The other one here was Featured, so like the Apps Store
and the iTunes store, they have a podcast store where they’ll show you the most recent
podcasts and these are location based. Because I’m in Australia, it is giving me ABC Television.
I know it’s Australia because it knows what location I’m in. It also has the New and Noteworthy,
so that’s all the new ones. If you tap ‘See All’, you can see all the New and Noteworthy
podcasts sorted by release date, by name or feature. In this feature the ‘E’ means it’s
Explicit, so you’ll see it’s the language or the content is X-rated, so beware before
you download them. Some collections, music podcasts and footy podcast etc. There’s a
fair few things here that you can look at. You want to be a writer and there’s a podcast
on that one and if you’re looking at this one but this one didn’t quite grab you, then
don’t forget you can look at reviews. Reviews on what this podcast is about, and also Related.
If you’re wanting something on writing  but this one isn’t quite what you want, here’s
some similar ones and everyone of them has that. Anything you’re downloading, you see
in the ‘Downloads’ button and anything that’s video, you can see how long it’s taking. It’s
91 megabytes of space and it’s going to take 16 minutes to download. I can cancel that
download if I don’t want to have that one anymore. Podcasts are all free. You don’t
have to pay to subscribe to anything and you can just stream them or subscribe to them
if you have an iPhone and you have the Podcast App on your iPhone and you’ll see the exact
same podcasts and contents all synchronized together. If you’ve got iTunes, whether it’s
Windows or Macs, you can also subscribe to and organize your podcast in iTunes. This
is iTunes and there is a podcast section. At the top here ‘Podcasts’. The exact same
podcast that I’ve been searching for and downloading on my iPad are also reflected in iTunes and
stored on my computer. If I no longer wanted ‘Cooking With The Moms’, I can delete that
podcast and now it will disappear from my iTunes account. I won’t see it on my iPad
any more because I’ve deleted it. I don’t want ‘Start Cooking’. Delete it. You can manage
your podcasts on here as well, marking them as Played or Unplayed, deleting them as individual
episodes, keeping some episodes information and you can refresh them and iTunes will go
out and look for new episodes. Refresh the podcast. If you’re getting any symbols like
this, I can right click and refresh it and this will work whether you have Windows or
Mac computers. In this lesson we looked at a different type of content: podcasts. All
free, totally available on your iPad or your iPhone, or your Windows and Mac computers.
there is a heap of content out there that you should be going out to look for.

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  1. My phone works fine but when using the podcast app on my I pad it sounds like it plays at a faster rate of speed, the audio almost sounds like Donald Duck? Any ideas?

  2. Can someone explain how to add ALL unplayed podcasts at once from a given show to my “listen now“ feature??

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