How to Use Playlists in Pro Tools: Comping, Editing, Tuning, and Consolidating

everyone it’s mark from the wave shop today i wanna show you a revolutionary
way using playlists in pro tools now to give credit where credit is due
allen this from johnny k who is a two thousand nine grammy-nominated producer
of the year now if you’re not are using playlists
when you recorded let me start by encouraging you to do so here’s an example of how playlists can
help a new record same recording a band that and they run
through the song three times instead of having the song three times
in a row in my timeline i can have each take hiten in a playlist so for example from the start of the
session here’s the first take of the vocal track the second take an author take so the way this helps is everything is
in the same spot on the timeline i can go from one take to the next and know that i’m hearing these axiom
part of the song as all lined up on the timeline so after you’ve recorded using multiple
playlists depending on the style you’ll go back and you put together a comp track which has the best parts of each take so that you end up with a good
performance throughout the entire song so very often i see people using
playlist by going to the traci selector clicking on playlists and unfolds the
track so that you can see all the different playlists and then you can put together a
composite track but to me this is a slower way to create
account track let me show you a faster more fish away i go back to the way for review let me start by creating a comp playlist somatic with his arrow hit new instead of box dot fourteen unreal label
it box dot c to normally i would hit ok but i’ve already created that playlists
sold to selected now on the dot c_ track you have a blank playlist to put
together your composite track two now and i count my track are used as fairer to select which
playlist so maybe i know that he really nailed
course one on the first take saw copy that switched a dot c which is the cop louis
and pace that maybe on his second full take you really
nailed verse one souls like that copy pasted go to his third full take maybe he really got course to all the
way through course tori copy that and go to my contract pace it so you get the idea i’m counting the track using this little arrow to select which
playlist and then selecting the sections that are
the best copying going to the contract pasting so now that i finish creating my count
track i’m gonna go over this air again and duplicate this playlist and this time i’m gonna label it box dot c_ eat this stands for compact normally i_o_u_ okay but i really have
that playlist created so i’m gonna go to that this is the playlist that i’m going to
do all my editing instead of affecting the contract that
we just created and possibly doing something that we
can’t undo i’ll go to my count added track in
aladdin everything on this track so maybe right here he was a little late so i can not that back ended up may be a bad sounding breath
here maybe i just cut it out completely anyways i can do all of my editing on
this track if i ever need to go back to how it originally was i can go grab my
contract copy and pasted taxman attract because maybe
i didn’t like what i did in the editing stage so now that i finished editing my vocal
track maybe a needed to be a few parts of it so i’m gonna duplicate this comp attaced and label it dot c_ e_ t_ that’s comp so i’ve already created that normally i
would hit ok salton aplia list and this is a playlist where i’ve
applied my tuning on it so maybe i’m listening back tomorrow and
all the sudden i realize that i didn’t really tuned this one note very well sounds a little funky so i can always go back to my account at
it and grab the original part bring it into my account evident in track and reach it so working this way you can always go back a step there’s my count at a track there’s my original comp track so for my vocal tracks attend they have
account track account that it account edited into it and all fly across states on the combat
it and the combat it into once i finish so i my drum track i have the dot c that’s my contract i have my dot c_ e_ that’s my count
added as you can see i did just a few edits in here and then the final track is dot cc there’s obviously no tuning on the drums
so there’s no doubt seating tobago dot cc as you can see as you can see it’s all in one point four so after i finished editing my drum
tracks i’m going to apply across fades and i’m going to duplicate my comp edit play lists i’m gonna rename it dot cc that’s gonna be comp ended and
consolidated and the way i get this into one
continuous clip is using the consolidate clip command she can do this by selecting or clips hitting shift option now i want to right now because i’ve
already done it on my account edited and consolidated playlist so as you can see that i now
have very clean the consolidated looking drum tracks so if you end up using close this way
idea ncl revolutionize your workflow will be more efficient than you always
be able to go back one step thanks for watching if you have any
questions comment below or email us and we’ll try to respond as many as we can basil much

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