How to Use iTunes : Podcast Options in iTunes

How to Use iTunes : Podcast Options in iTunes

DREW NOAH: So, before I move on and continue
talking about the iTunes store and everything that you can buy or get for free in there,
since we just talked about how to find a good, free content in the form of video or audio
podcasts, quickly I want to show you how that works in your iTunes. As we’ve been going
through, I’ve shown you how to buy movies, that’s where they end up, I’ve shown you how
to buy TV shows, that’s where they’ll end up. When you download a podcast, that’s going
to end up in your little Podcasts section right here. And this is what they look like.
I’ve got a number of podcasts. Each one of these is a podcast and then if you click the
little down arrow, you can see all the episodes. This is one of my favorites, “Never Not Funny”.
I’m just giving you an example. These little blue dots on the side means they are episodes
you have not listened to. So, you can see–I obviously haven’t been keeping up with most
of these ’cause there’s episodes I won’t listen to in all of them. And then when you click
the down arrow, it’ll show you each episode that’s not listened to with the little blue
dot. And later on, I’m going to show you how to sync your iPod. This will come in handy
because you can set up your iPod to only add new episodes. So, you’ve got some information
here. You see these are explicit. There would be a little TV symbol if it were video, you
got your time, date it was released and then a description. So, when I’m getting podcasts–so
here’s the one that–remember earlier, I clicked on this one. I downloaded this podcast right
here. So, this is just an episode. That’s all I got. If I wanted subscribe to the whole
podcast like I watched this video and I liked it, I could click ‘Subscribe’ right here and
what it does is–this is actually the latest episode. If this wasn’t, it will automatically
download the latest episode and then bring all these up just like they are and I could
just get each one or I can go up here and hit ‘Get All’ and it will download all of
these. So, you can go around, find videos you like and then if you decide you really
like a podcast, you probably want to subscribe to it and you can get all the old episodes
and all the new episodes. It will download it automatically for you. Just a little bit
more about your Podcasts section right here, you got some section down here to unsubscribe
from a podcast or actually, you can see the subscribe button right here and it’s down
here as well or I can unsubscribe from what I’m already subscribed to ] and also set the
settings for each Podcast and when to check for new episodes and then when your episodes
are available, what to do. ‘Download all’, download the most recent or ‘Do nothing’ and
keep all episodes or you can have it–keep only on played and once you play the podcast,
it will delete it. Keep the most recent or the last two, three, four, five or ten. So,
that’s kind of up to you and what you want to do. There’s also this ‘Report a Concern’
link and ‘Podcast Directory’ and ‘Refresh’. So, that’s the Podcasts section of iTunes.

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  1. I downloaded an application on i-tunes, but I can't play it. Can I play applications from my pc or do I need to have an i-pod?

  2. @rheindel83 you hav to have an iPod touch… Like I'm using it's YouTube app to sen this to you, wouldn't be able to use it on any pc

  3. i recently put songs on my ipod now they all transferd except for the explicit ones why is this so is there somthing special i have to do??

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