How to Use iTunes : How to Download Audio Books With iTunes

How to Use iTunes : How to Download Audio Books With iTunes

DREW NOAH: So, now, I’m going to show you
the Audiobooks section of the iTunes store. So, we’ll just go to the store and then under
this heading, go to ‘Audiobooks’ and just like they sound, this is the iTunes version
of a book on tape or book on a CD. So, the price can kinda vary so we’ll just go to a
book here. And you see this book is $18.95. There’s no set pricing in like–in most other
areas of the iTunes Store but you can see it’s almost–it’s pretty much about the price
of the–it would be by the actual book but it’s set up similar to music. You’ve got the
description right here. If there are customer reviews, they’d be down here, the ‘Listeners
also Bought’ and some other stuff. You can even preview it, about a minute and a half
preview by just clicking there. Just like that and of course, ‘Buy Book’ right there.
So, just going back to the store, just look at a–this is kinda what the store looks like.
We’ve got some ‘New Releases’, ‘Staff Favorites’, ‘What’s Hot’, ‘Top Audiobooks’ and even ‘Categories’
over here and then some popular authors, ‘Selected Shorts’, ‘Meditation’, just all sorts of–just
kind of front page stuff that you can look at. And I’ll show you another one. You can
see this one is $15.95. It’s a little bit cheaper. It’s also a little–not quite as
long so it’s just a thing to consider in buying audiobooks. One thing I would also–you might
also consider is what I’ve read is when you download an audiobook from the iTunes store,
it’s going to come in like, very large chunks, like maybe–this one might be two chucks both
like, an hour and a half or something like that. I can’t say for sure for every book
but that’s what I’ve read, that typically it’s going to come in a big chuck and that
makes it hard to burn it to a CD if you wanted to. I read that there’s a way around this
but it’s not really that simple but that’s something to consider. Of course, you can
very easily just store it in your iPod but when you’re thinking about burning it to a
CD, you might run into some complications but besides that, these are just the Audiobooks
section of the iTunes store.

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  1. I´m from Brasil and I´d like to know how can I play the games from the Itunes Store.? I made download from it but it´s impossible to play even to input it into my IPOD NANO. Can you help me please?

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