How to Use iTunes : How to Connect to an iTunes Podcast

How to Use iTunes : How to Connect to an iTunes Podcast

DREW NOAH: So, everything I’ve been talking
about in the iTunes store so far all cost money so that might be a turnoff for some
people so if you’re have it already, I really recommend checking out the Podcasts section
of the iTunes store because pretty much, everything in here is going to be free and a lot of it
you’ll find is just really great and pretty much anyone can put out a podcast and there’s
just–these days, there’s a lot of great podcasts out there. So, these are just great free stuff
for your iPod and for iTunes and this is not just audio, it’s video too. You see, the biggest
thing right now is the video podcast. So, this is what the Podcasts page looks like.
We’ve got ‘New Releases’ right here split between audio and video. You have ‘Today’s
Top Podcasts Categories’, ‘Featured Providers’, ‘Featured Video Podcasts’. So, let’s just
get on one of these and this is what it looks like. It looks more like what an album looks
like in the iTunes store. And as you can see, it is free which is great. There’s just a
bunch of great free stuff to put on your iPod and that’s what I like to do. They’re just
fine, good free podcasts and watch those instead of having to buy movies or TV shows and they’re
constantly updated. For the most part, you can see these release dates. I would say typically,
a good podcast will try to release like one a week but this is what it looks like down
here. You can tell it’s a video from right here. You got a description and then the price,
free. And you would just hit ‘Get Episode’ and then you’ll see it starts downloading
in your download little bar right here. Go back to the store and to the podcasts and
that’s pretty much it. I mean, that’s–almost everything is free. There’s a couple that
are free at first and then it costs money to go back but they’re really pretty inexpensive.
They’re going to show up in your little Podcasts part of your library right here which we’ll
talk about later. But just try–check it out and you’ll definitely probably find some cool
stuff. I mean, there’s stuff from real networks and things in here like Comedy Central, Disney
and it’s not going to be like full seasons of everything but it might be a podcast about
something like High School Musical or something like that. But that is the podcasts section
in the iTunes store. It’s a really cool place just in general to get podcasts and it’s a
great place to get free content for your iTunes and iPod in the iTunes Store.

4 thoughts on “How to Use iTunes : How to Connect to an iTunes Podcast

  1. hello there
    actually i m having trouble using itunes software, since i got my ipod touch, i was trraying to get the authorization from itunes so i can download aplications from app store, then i realized that i cannot have conection anymore to itunes store from itunes software, i got an alert mesage that said, itunes coul not connect to itunes store the networ connection time out. make sure your network settins are correct….
    some help please

  2. @gerardolee im having the exact same problem its fucking anoying! i bought an ipod touch 3g today and im pissed off cuz i cant download any apps!

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