How To Use Giveaways To Grow your YouTube Subscribers

How To Use Giveaways To Grow your YouTube Subscribers

– There’s a lot of different
strategies you can use to grow your YouTube channel
past one million subscribers. They have grown multiple
channel past one million subscribers, two billion views. And one of the things that
they used strategically are giveaways and contests. – Now today’s video is entirely a giveaway, just for you guys. So today’s giveaway is
for this Macbook Air. – And today he’s going to show you guys behind the scenes what
they did with those. The impact that it had on their channel so you guys can hopefully do the same. – Exactly.
– Coming up. (upbeat music) – Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer welcome to Video Creators, we’re just here to help you guys grow a YouTube channel and audience so you can reach them, change their lives with the message that you’re spreading. They’re reaching billions
of people’s lives and changing them all of the time. Maybe not two billion everyday. – I wish
– So one of the ways that they’ve grown multiple channels Cute Girl Hairstyles, Brooklyn and Bailey and many others past
one million subscribers is using contests and giveaways. I’m really curious to
hear about this myself because this is something that a lot of people do, but they don’t see a lot of results and I
have opinions about why. But how did you guys strategically use contests and giveaways? – You know, you don’t
want to use them too often because then again, the fans start feeling like you’re trying to buy attention. It needs to be done more as a reward to the viewer for being a loyal watcher. And we probably started using them maybe four and a half, five years ago. Is that right? Yeah, about four and a
half, five years ago. It was strategically only to give value back to the viewer and the one requirement
that we asked them to do is something free and it was always do an act of service for somebody else. And that’s all we wanted them to do. Now once they completed that action, there were bonus entries, that included subscribing to our channel
or if we had a new channel subscribe to the new channel. Or follow us on Instagram. But that one action in the
giveaway that we wanted was something that would
better the community. Now, it’s on your honor. I don’t know what all one million of them actually went out and did a good service. But even if 20% of them did. – They’re still thinking about it. – That giveaway is actually benefiting the world in someway. – So they would come and you would have a form on a website or something that they would tell you what they did? Or they were just like, I helped somebody. – We use and that allows you to do a custom entry, which is what we used as a first one. And we put in there, do a good act of service for somebody else. And then when they complete it, they have to answer what they did. Now again, it’s on your honor. But if they feel like they have to put an answer in, they feel like there is some degree of accountability So, hopefully they will follow through and do a good act of kindness. – Then they had other
options they could do such as subscribing to the channel. – Yes once they do that, it opens up bonus entries and we tell them that. We’re like, there’s one
thing that you have to do. And when you do that,
you get bonus entries. We wanted the actual value to us to come in bonus entries. We wanted the real driver to be, make a difference, help somebody else. And it actually set us apart from a lot of other YouTubers doing giveaways because their number one thing was subscribe to my channel. – Right?
– Yeah. – It’s all about them, but
ours was about helping others. Which made it seem more altruistic. – Sure yeah. – And then the bonus entries were where we gave indirect benefit to the giveaway. And it’s super sweet, the
things that they say that they’re doing to help
others are wonderful. And then we also get growth on our other platforms through the bonus entries. – So they can do a bonus entry, could be like subscribe to the channel, follow on Instagram,
like our Facebook page, comment on a video like basically whatever you want them to do at that point. – Today we are doing a giveaway because we are celebrating Karmi launching her channel finally and
everyone is so excited and she posts awesome videos. And so we are giving away
an 11 inch MacBook Air and – A wireless mobile projector. – There is only one requirement to enter the giveaway and that is – You have to be a
subscriber of my channel. – And we were able to, when the girls launched their mascara in May we were able to grow in one month’s time a brand new Instagram from
zero to 75,000 followers. To be branded for their mascara. Which as very helpful in
our launch, using a giveway. – The main benefit you guys got then was the subscriber from YouTube would come to the contest page and tell the good action they
did and they are already subscribed to the channel,
so they can’t do that. But now you’re getting
that same viewer to follow you on Instagram, like on Facebook. And so it’s kind of like
you are using the contest to grow all of your platforms. Getting people from one
platform over to another. – And what that does for example, if we push an audience indirectly in bonus entries to follow an Instagram page Instagram sees that as an off platform person that doesn’t follow this page is now following this page and not only are they following this page but so are 10,000 other people. They start then exposing that new page, that Instagram page profile to more people with similar likes.
– Really quick growth. – You’re getting organic growth and a push from Instagram that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. – Sure, okay, how often
do you guys run these? Do you run these pretty frequently? Or are they always on going? – We usually run them
once every three months. So you don’t want to do them too often. We run them for three weeks, so you get a good amount of viewership. The longtail of the video
the giveaway goes up in. You’re getting some benefit from that. So three weeks time is
about perfect for us. – And there is a lot of rules on YouTube regarding contests and giveaways that you have to follow in order to stay within their guidelines,
put a link to those down in the description below, you can go check them out. But that’s why you guys
use a third party service because it keeps everything compliant. – It is completely legally safe. We collect email addresses through the giveaway, we’re
upfront about that as well. It’s very, very instrumental. – Just be careful about
doing it on your own without having something like – Absoluately.
– Not sponsored. Although maybe it will be and
I’ll update this if it is. – Yeah with COPA
compliance and everything. With kids under 13, you
have to be very careful with that kind of stuff. – And if you do things
like contest and giveaways your channel can start growing and as it grows it’s really
exciting at the beginning But to really get yourself
to one million subscribers you got to really keep that passion going. And believe me, it’s easier to lose it than you might think it is. – Yes it is.
– And we’re going to talk about that in the next video. Click the video you see on your screen to go to the next episode about how they got to one million subscribers. We’ll see you guys over in the next video. – See you.
– See ya.

70 thoughts on “How To Use Giveaways To Grow your YouTube Subscribers

  1. I can't even afford my own MacBook Air let alone give one away LOL I'm using my cell phone to record on for Pete's sake lol

  2. Our town has a day of service every year. This would be a great thing to piggyback on using the ideas in this video.

  3. When I see any "contest" or "giveaway" I automatically think "scam" and "dishonest", so I immediately unsubscribe and leave and never return.

  4. Is this a viable strategy for anyone with less then 10k subs, probably not….Even if you already had 100k subscribers would this boost you up to a million, probably not….Will adding clickbait titles boost you up to a million…definitely not

  5. Do you have any specific examples of smaller Youtube channels that have used this strategy? It seems like it would only benefit the larger channels.

  6. Thank you, Tim, for all your time and dedication you put in to provide us with helpful information that will help us succeed. I appreciate you.

  7. Tim, you might be interested to know that this past week YouTube has done a massive Community tab rollout. From what I can see, EVERY channel with 10,000+ subscribers now has one. Also, some channels like mine with barely over 9,000 subscribers have also received it. Not sure if I got it because they expanded the rollout or because I have used the new "Premieres" feature. Will you be doing a video on those? I think this new feature is excellent and has a lot of potential for helping people interact with their audience.

  8. Very interesting, I love the altruistic approach. Very cool. Always learning stuff at your channel Tim. Thanks guys ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

  9. YOU ARE AMAZING, BIG FAN SIR, inspired by you and taking all you advice, I too have started my own YouTube Channel, I teach about Excel and android apps, I explain from scratch to complete advance, and solve everyoneโ€™s problem personally, complete course uploaded already, but still no big no. in my subscribers list, will love to get more support from
    everyone, do check it out and let me know with your comments how it is…
    God Bless You and all your followersโ€ฆ. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  10. The RAK's are SUCH a good idea! I love it, b/c like he said, if it's even just a % of people, that's still substantial. I've been thinking about doing a giveaway to celebrate 5k subscribers, so this is PERFECT timing.

  11. Hmmmmmmmm. Interesting. Iโ€™m wondering how to imply this to a comedy unboxing channel. We do have merch but itโ€™s a different brand.

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    Can this vedio translated for arabic or frensh please ? thank you.

  13. Rock On Tim! Im bout to do a compare of the 1986 Devastator to the 2018 re-issue in a week and might just give that 2018 away.. thanks!

  14. I think that doing giveaways for items that are highly desired by almost everyone can be pretty harmful. For example Mac book ir sth like this. I guess it's not that important in case of really big channels but for "small" channels I'd use things that are desired by your niche audience. If you don't you risk getting passive or even totally dead subscribers which could harm the performance of your channel in a long run.
    I did one giveaway but I have had items that people outside of my audience don't care about. The second giveaway I'll be doing will be for my channel's first birthday which will be about celebration, thanking the audience and providing value with the content presenting the giveaway. It is special event and if you're a small channel you need to prepare for it to be effective. So doing these in 3 months interval is probably good for big channels but for smaller auduiences I think that keeping it special is better.

  15. Hi Tim! Love your videos! And im sorry if this is out of topic but i really want your advise about this.

    Should I filter my comment section? Like filtering out who will comment bad words with no constructive critisism in it. I hope you reply Tim!

  16. Great video! Very well said, I can totally relate to this video! I have been making videos for around 8 months now, slowly building an audience. Thanks for the nice videos you make which are very good guidance!

  17. Hey Tim, I have found that "most" people who enter giveaways, "only" subscribe for the giveaway. When the giveaway is over, they unsubscribe. This especially happens during "back to school" and "holiday" times for posting videos. People are specifically searching for giveaways at these times and they are only interested in winning the giveaway. Once it's over, they unsubscribe since they were never interested in your content.

  18. He kinda forgot to mention that you probably need a sponsorship deal to be able to afford a prize to give away of that calibre. I personally don't like the idea of a giveaway to gain growth. If anything, I'd rather do a giveaway for those I already have subscribed as a gift or a think you.

  19. Hi Tim and Shaun! I'm an English Teacher and I was wondering if it's possible to have my giveaway as a free 30 minute online lesson. Would this comply with YouTube's contest and policies guidelines?

  20. But the bonus subscribing doesn't really help the channel if the subscribers aren't engaging in your video content, right?

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  22. Hey… so when the giveaway is over. How do you choose who it is and how to get ahold of them to send them the gift.

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