How To Sync Video And Audio In Premiere Pro [SUPER EASY]

look I know that you’re scared about
this but we can get through it together and it’s easier than you think what is
up people Dunna here and today we’re talking about something that scares a
lot of people when it comes to their videos and it’s really stopping them
from taking it to the next level and that is how to sync video and audio in
Premiere Pro and why you should be doing it I recently made a video that was
three and a half different audio setups that you could be using for your videos
I explain some of the pros and cons of each and where you might want to use
them now two of the ways that I explained meant that you had to sync the
audio with your video in post-production and I get it you don’t want to go to the
trouble of having to sync in post and figure out different files and where they’re
coming from and where they’re going to but if you’re gonna take all that time
to make sure that your videos looking crispy
why you slacking on the audio I promise you can make your audio sound ten times
better by taking two extra minutes to record externally either on an external
recorder or even on your phone so here’s an example of what it sounds like if
you’re listening to the microphone that’s on top of my camera it doesn’t
sound super good because the microphones so far away and this is what it sounds
like if I take an extra couple of minutes to make sure that my audio is
bangin and by that I mean there’s a boom mic just out of the shot and it’s a lot
closer to my face so we’re getting better audio you tell me which one you
like better okay okay I’m pretty sure I’ve convinced
you at this point let me tell you what you’re gonna need and how we’re gonna do
it okay first of all what you’re gonna need you’ll need either an external
recorder or you can use your phone next you’re going to need some kind of
microphone whether that be a boom mic a lav mic the mic built into the external
recorder or the mic built right into your phone the goal is to get the
microphone as close to the sound source as possible so in this case it would be
my mouth if you don’t mind having the microphone in your frame then great just
try and get it as close to your mouth as possible without ruining the shot
obviously if you don’t want to see the microphone in the frame there are a
couple of little things that you can do if you’re using a boom mic like me you
can get it just out of the frame like it’s not even
an inch out of the frame right now or if you have a lav mic which I use sometimes
you can hide it just inside the person’s shirt if you want to record with the
microphone on your phone you can actually hide it in your front pocket if
you’re wearing a shirt that has one like I said whatever your specific case is
whether you’re okay with having it in the shot or not just make sure you get
your microphone as close to the sound source as possible okay so now we’ve
figured out how we’re going to record we’ve chosen one of the methods that
I’ve said and we’re ready to roll here are a couple of tricks to make your life
way easier when it comes to syncing this up later you know that fun classy smacky
thing that you see on Hollywood sets and and behind the scenes that’s called the
slate and one of the functions of a slate is to be able to sync audio and
video in post now I don’t have anything quite that fancy but what I can use are
these guys right here so what you want to do is you want to make sure that
you’re rolling on your audio and your video and you want to clap once in frame
now when you get this into post-production what you can do is you
can line up the timing of when your hands hit together and the spike in the
audio and now you’re just like a Hollywood director kind of now remember
every time that you start and stop your audio and your camera you’re gonna want
to make one of these slates it’s gonna make your life way easier in the end
just turn them both on give a quick clap on camera and you’re good to go another
tip is to make sure that your rolling sound on your camera – this is another
thing that in post-production will make it nice and easy because you’ll be able
to look at the waveforms of the audio from the camera microphone and from your
external microphone and then you can just line them up based on how they look
and the third tip is to make sure that your levels look good remember again
from my previous video that the rule of thumb is to make sure that your audio
levels are about three-quarters of the way up the meter so on both your camera
and your external recorder make sure that if you have the ability to set
levels you set it to about 75% of the way up the meter okay so we’ve got our
slate clap done we’ve recorded our audio separately
and we’ve recorded our video on our video camera obviously so let’s head
over to Premiere Pro and sync these suckers up okay so once you’ve created a
new project in Premiere Pro you’re gonna want to first and foremost create a new
sequence once you have a new sequence at the settings that you want you’re going
to drag in your video clip next we’re gonna drag in the matching audio file
and bonus points if you’ve gone in and named them so that they match sometimes
I do sometimes I’m a little lazy now there are a couple of ways that we can
sync them up at this point the first one is automatically what you can do is you
can highlight both the audio and the video right click hit synchronize choose
the option to synchronize with audio and hit OK I would say this works about 85%
of the time and what you want to do afterwards is just make sure that it
worked well so we’re going to hit this little button right here in the drop
down menu choose show audio time units what this is going to do is allow us to
move with a much more fine movement instead of being constricted to the
frames of the video so we can move our audio around by a more miniscule amount
and make sure that we’re getting it right on and now we’re gonna go in find
our slate and we’re gonna line up the spikes between the audio track and the
audio that was recorded along with the video now let’s say for some reason the
automatic version is just not working it can’t seem to figure it out here’s the
way that you can do it a little bit more manually after you’ve imported both your
video and your audio you’re going to choose show audio time units again and
you’re going to go to your video track and find your slate once you’ve found
your slate drop your cursor click the video track to highlight it and hit M
this is going to drop a marker then we’re gonna go to our separate audio and
we’re going to do the same thing we’re gonna drop a marker right where the
slate happens now we’re going to again highlight the video and the audio at the
same time right click hit synchronize and we’re gonna choose to synchronize by
marker now you hit OK it’s gonna line up those two markers and you’re good to go
if by some weird chance this second way is
working for you the third way to do it is total manual mode all you’re gonna do
is get your video in the timeline get your audio in the timeline find it the
clap point in both tracks and just line them up manually again if you use show
audio time units you’ll be able to make more fine adjustments one thing that you
can do after you’re done is you can unlink the original audio by
right-clicking on the video and clicking unlink then if you click the video and
our external audio by holding shift right click and hit link now those two
are linked together and you’ll be able to edit them however you want now that
may have seemed like a bit of a process during this video but that’s just
because I was explaining all of the different ways you can do it really this
takes me like 20 seconds per clip it’s not a huge deal once you get it in there
you’ll be thankful you did now I want to turn this over to you guys are you using
external audio are you recording straight into the camera drop a comment
below let me know how you’re doing your audio if you have any questions leave a
comment below I try to answer every single one if I can if you want to be
friends click the little circle and subscribe to this channel hit that bell
so you don’t miss anything here’s another video I think you’ll really like
it thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you next time How To Sync Video and Audio in Premiere Pro [SUPER EASY]

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