How To Style Blue X Sézane | Chic Outfit Ideas

How To Style Blue X Sézane | Chic Outfit Ideas

♪ What if we’re living in a fantasy ♪ ♪ Some world that I could only dream ♪ ♪ New colors bursting out of every seam ♪ ♪ Hidden land for you and me ♪ – Hope you guys are having a lovely day. I’m having a dream
collab today with Sézane. Sézane is a company that
I have bought pieces from a year or two now and
I’ve just fallen in love with their respect for detail. All of their pieces are super high quality and I just love the fact
that when I wear them I feel just very feminine and beautiful and each piece is very timeless. So super honored today, thanks Sézane for working with me today. For each one of these outfits they are inspired by the color blue. The video is more of a
summer blues look book and I just love the idea of
that, especially navy right now. I’m very inspired by the color navy and moving from late summer into fall I will be preparing my closet for a color that works well for both seasons. Today I wanna show you
five different outfits that are inspired by this look,
and let’s just get started. For the first outfit,
I’m wearing navy pants. I really like the idea of having something that is slimmer on bottom
and then wearing it with a top that has a
lot more frill going on and this is balancing
out my proportions a lot. I talk about this quite a bit, where I try to balance this
out by adding more emphasis to my shoulders and my upper half, then I’m able to kind of work with my proportions in this way. For the top it’s a sleeveless blouse that has really lovely ruffles that are coming up off the top and giving a little bit more of an edge by having those ruffles
kind of perk upward, and also like the fact
that the ruffles around it are emphasized by this navy stitching that matches the pants effortlessly and the buttons are really
cool because not only are they hidden by extra fabric, but this piece on the top
is got this steering wheel, that’s what they call it, fabric that’s going around the button and just giving extra
personality there as well. The pants are Jesse Kamm Ranger Pants. The shoes that I’m going
with this are brown boots from last winter and fall and
they’re from Sézane as well. So the whole look really comes together because the boots are very tall. I just love the fact that
this whole outfit gives such a slimming and beautiful effect. They weren’t kidding in Nashville that it is sweltering
hot in the summertime and so that’s why I was really excited when I put on this next dress. I actually felt cool. It just felt lovely to have, not only something that’s short, but something that’s flowy as well. So it was almost knee length
on me when I first tried it on, being that I’m five foot one, so I got this dress tailored
up an inch and a half, and that was very easy to do because just hemming up
something is pretty effortless. It is double lined though so that’s an extra perk because that silk isn’t going to
just stick to you very much so that was another win. I like that the back has
more of a square in the back so it’s not just like straight
up fabric up close to you but actually has more
of a summer vibe there, and the sleeves are long, and I prefer a long sleeve as well. For this outfit I wanted to
lengthen my legs even more, beyond just having a dress
that is shorter on me. What I’m doing with that is
just wearing some By Far mules that are matching my skin tone. That’s what I try to do
with pretty much any shoes that I can where I’m showing my leg or at least part of my ankle,
is to lengthen with that. This next outfit is very sailor inspired. I love having these
horizontal navy stripes running across this t-shirt. I love that it has longer sleeves because generally speaking I am quite cold when I’m inside and the
air conditioning’s running. One thing about this top is that it’s got three little buttons that run along one shoulder and I just love that it’s
got this beautiful gold there which matches what I
prefer to wear with jewelry and then the round neckline
is very beautiful as well. With this I wanted to wear some shorts, so that it does actually keep me cool. I like to be warm in some
places and cool on others, depending on what I’m
doing for the day as well. So these shorts are my
patch shorts by Everlane. I’ve talked about these at length. I love them in every single color and I always find a way to
wear them in summertime. I also love the fact that this outfit can be dressed up with a pair of shoes, so again I’m gonna wear those By Far mules and just lengthen my legs
again with this look. Next I wanted an
effortlessly cool jeans look. I wanted to start with a top
that is absolutely beautiful. I love that it’s an asymmetrical top. I love the fact that again, it’s got those beautiful
horizontal stripes on it, and the fabric was really fun to wear too because it’s got this beautiful, crepey type of feel to the fabric. This shirt comes in all
different prints and patterns but I just again, am drawn to that blue that’s in this so well. It also matches jeans perfectly and so the pants I’m wearing
are the denim Rangers, again, it’s the same as
the navy ones before. I really like this cut
a lot on me personally and so as with the shorts, I love to wear several
of the different colors that the shorts come in, I love to wear the same
with the Ranger pants. If I find a good pair of bottoms, I’m going to get them
in more than one shade. If you are looking for something that is a little bit more
affordable than this pair, I have a perfect pair that I
will link below from Everlane. I feel like they’re very much similar on the way that they high waisted and also the cut in general
seems to be very similar. The shoes that I’m
wearing with this outfit are these beautiful espadrilles. I’ve worn them in the
past and the first time I ever saw someone wear
these white espadrille was Jeanne Damas and just
that effortless French style is something that I really find attractive about all of Sézane’s pieces. That is something that I
kind of want to do today. It really has a beautiful
take on summer fashion. Anytime that I see this pattern, I just immediately think summer. And finally I’m dipping my toe in the long maxi dress waters. I really like the look of this dress. I like the fact that it’s
got these vertical stripes which is such a win for if
you’re trying to look taller and it just has a beautiful
breezy flow to it. I’m actually unbuttoning
a few of the buttons on the bottom so that
I can expose more leg and also again show off
those same espadrille shoes. So altogether this outfit is very flowy and pretty and beautiful
and I also wanted to note that the straps are adjustable and that’s really helped me to
be able to cater to my height to try to figure out
where I want the length of the dress to be. One way that I did this
was I left the straps kind of down lower so that I could have a more flattering neckline and I took up the dress a
couple inches on the bottom, hemming is the easiest
thing that you can do, or ask a tailor to do. So yeah, that is my five outfits. I think that is gonna be so perfect. I’m especially looking forward
to wearing the dresses. They are gonna be so perfect
for this really hot weather. Again, I am introducing navy as really a new color to my wardrobe. I only have a couple of navy
pieces before this point and yeah, let me know in the comments what your favorite piece was
and give this video a thumbs up and thank you Sézane
again for working with me on this video and I’ll see
you guys next time, bye. ♪ Imagination is the only rule ♪ ♪ Mystery the only school ♪ ♪ The flowers talk and
trees can walk around ♪ ♪ Sometimes our feet
float off the ground ♪ ♪ Are we living in a fantasy? ♪ ♪ Are we living in a fantasy? ♪

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