How To Stop Procrastinating – Cure Procrastination Forever – Millionaire Mindset Ep. 17

How To Stop Procrastinating – Cure Procrastination Forever – Millionaire Mindset Ep. 17

– How to stop procrastinating. How to stop procrastinating, this talk I was thinking about, it was inspired by a couple of members, because I also notice
sometimes when you’re trying to execute and
are trying to implement, how many have you had that experience, you try to implement and
you just procrastinate, you know you just Procrastinate, right? All hands should go up really, because I do that too, maybe sometimes in business,
working out, exercise, yeah supposed to go to the gym, but the weather is too good
and I don’t want to go, are the weather is raining of the weather sucks and I don’t want to go That experience of procrastinating, and today I’m going to
do a deep dive into this, why we procrastinate and
actually how to cure this. I’ll Give you a pushup analogy, so imagine, In a business context, build your PNP, think of that as I’m
asking you to do a push-up, just a push-up,, we can all do a push-up, even the ladies, maybe even the knees one,
half a push-up that’s okay, so we all have the ability to
say we want to do a push-up, So Dan is asking you “Do a push up” what happens is, you want to do something, suddenly as simple as
just doing a push-up, why do we procrastinate,
and why do we have so many, inner conflicts that are preventing us from doing a very simple task, so the task itself doesn’t
take a lot of time, but the procrastination
takes a lot of time, does that make sense? Where does that come from, I believe it comes from a list, of what I call inner
Demons that we all have, we all have that, so let
me walk you through it. So why do we procrastinate, the first inner Demon is what
I call the perfectionist. So push-up analogy, so do a push-up, let me make sure the space
between my hands are perfect, and my finger, and make sure
I go down in this angle, and make sure my knees are good, I don’t want to touch the floor too much, because that’s cheating, that’s not good, no maybe, is this right? I’ve seen some people
do a push-up like that, or maybe like this, you know what maybe I shouldn’t
wear this to do a push-up, I should wear my Nike shirts and shorts, to make sure I get the push up right, it’s just a push-up. That’s a perfectionist, I
want to get it perfectly, I want to do the perfect push-up. So let me ask you a question, someone who is thinking I want
to do the perfect push-up, haven’t done one, someone who is not so good,
not doing it perfectly, but just does 10 everyday, in 100 days whose further
ahead, muscle wise, Who’s further ahead, the guy who does it, not the guy who’s thinking
of doing a perfect push-up, the perfectionist. The second one, the lazy Bastard, just fucking lazy, oh push-up that’s hard, I’ve never done a push-up before, I don’t know that I can do this, I think I want to do five
but maybe I can only do two, and I don’t want to wake
up in the morning and feel my back aches and my arm aches, I don’t want that feeling, maybe I’ll do it later, this is too hard, that’s the lazy bastard. the measure or the compare, well I want to do the
push-up but I can only do 10, and he can do 20, and she can do 30, I suck, why bother trying, I don’t even want to try, you compare, because we feel insecure, and we compare and say why bother trying, she can do 20, he can do 30, I can five, I can only do 10, we compare, and that stops you, because when you compare, suddenly you’re like, instead of what should we do, do the push-up, focus on your own shit , And that’s how I was practicing, I was getting back into training, I was training three times a week, I was doing dips, I’ve got a dip machine at
home, I couldn’t do one, back then when I was
young, I was training, I could do 20 of these suckers,
I couldn’t do fucking one, I felt defeated, I can’t do one, you fat
ass Dan, what the fuck?, And I was so disappointed, so what do I need to do, so I got myself one of those elastic bands that can support your weight, so I get three kinds, One is this thick, one is this thick, one is this thick, so I used the big thick one, so I could least I could do like three, so I’m training, I’m training, then five, six, 10, then I get rid of the big thick one, now I’m using the middle
one, and I can do like 15, I don’t think about, other people on YouTube they can do 20 of these things are 30 dips,
no problem, no support, I just focus on my own thing, I just do one, I do two, I do three, and now I can do 15 to 20, and plus I can do another
20 push-ups, whatever it is, I just focus on my own self, makes sense? Hello? Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. The Futurist, I love this one, and as I’m reading this, ask yourself how many of these
inner Demons do you have. Okay, okay. The Futurist, again, I’m doing this push-up, but man, do I really want a big triceps, maybe I want to build up my chest muscle, but what if I do it wrong,
what of it gets too big, I don’t look good in my
shirt, that wouldn’t be good, and what if my future self
doesn’t like a big strong guy, I’m fucked, I’ll be single all my life, A miserable old person
and die a lonely death, that so horrible, oh my god man, maybe I shouldn’t do the push up, maybe a leg guy, you see
what I’m talking about? It’s a push-up, where does that come from? Where does that come from? Where does that come from? But it’s a push-up, but we make up so much stuff in our mind. The idiot. I don’t know how. I don’t know how. Do a push-up. I don’t know how. Get on the floor, and just push. I don’t know how, I need to read 500 fucking books, and watch 300 umpteen videos, to learn to do the push-up. No, you can just do the push-up. No, no, no, no, no, what if I hurt my back I need to know how,
precisely how to do it. You can just do it. And you learn by doing, because as you do, imagine
you can only do five, and you’re gaining more strength,
and now you’re doing 10, with me? You’re doing 10 push-ups,
and are doing 20 push-ups, maybe not perfectly, not the perfect form, but as you get stronger, okay I now know how to do this, now you can vary it, you can
do wider and work on the chest, you can do diamond push-ups
to work on the shoulders, you can do, this type of push-up,
this type of push-up, you can do fist push-ups,
you can do finger push-ups, you won’t get there, unless
you do your first basic 10, but you’re thinking the 50 ways I can do the fucking push-up, versus just do the basics 10, and keep adding to it, so the idiot comes up with the
excuse I don’t know how to, forget the how to, you do this first, as you build on it then the how-to will come, then as you get better, you improve. It’s like I tell you
guys in another video, you can’t get to quality without quantity. Like you’re trying to make
that one video perfect, just make a hundred before we talk, make a hundred videos before we talk. After you do 100, your 100th video will definitely be better than your first video, yes? Guaranteed, guaranteed. But you can’t, you are thinking these
things in your mind, and you’re not getting
feedback from the marketplace, versus the marketplace is telling you, hey I don’t like this
video, I like this video, I like the way you make this video, they will give you feedback, their feedback is better than my feedback, better than our feedback, because the marketplace always
tells you the truth, yes? Idiot. The Dumb Listener, oh, I love this one. You’re doing a push-up, and your friend is saying
“Why are you doing a push-up?” I want to get stronger? No, no, push-up is no good, scientific, scientists say it’s no good
for you, you should do cardio, just do cardio man, then you
won’t get all bulky and shit , Cardio, or cycling,
that’s what you should do, don’t do the push-up stuff. Yeah but I can do one. No, no, don’t do the push-up. Okay I guess I shouldn’t do the push-up. Then you do the cardio, and after a month of cardio, shit man, I’m still fucking fat, what’s going on, I don’t know why, oh maybe I
should go back to push-ups, and then your other friend says, no cardio that’s not good, I just found this pill
from an infomercial, you should just take the pill, forget the push-up, just
take the pill, it’s awesome, something better here, shiny object, this is better, the grass is
greener on the other side, and that the end you
jump around so much you haven’t done one push-up, you have not done one push-up. The Harper. Similar, jumping from
one thing to another, and I like the metaphor I’ve heard from a motivational speaker, I wish I could remember the name, but the guy was using an analogy, imagine you are drilling oil, and you know the oil is here, let me use this, that would be helpful, can you guys see? Can you guys see? So imagine you’re drilling oil, and the oil is this massive amount of oil and wealth and
success, whatever you want, and you drill and you drill and you drill, and your like fuck,
there’s no oil, dammit. Then you try here, and you drill and you drill and you drill, and you’re like shit ,
there’s no oil here either, this place sucks. Let me go here. Oh fuck, no oil either. Let me go here. And you say shit , there’s no oil. Or this land is a piece of crap. And then some other
guy, who is less smart, comes in, and says oh fuck just pick any spot, and just drill, and just drill, and just drill, oh, strike oil. That’s a lot of freaking oil. You see what I’m talking about? You hover around, you
never get to the oil. That’s why I said, write this down please, wealth is committing
to one idea over time. – Just reminds me, I’m working with one of the clients I know for almost 20 years. – 20 years. – We’re working on this project, and before these decided
to start in this project, we already said okay this is going to take five times more
work, than we already did, this can take five times more work, lots of assets, we have
an existing list and everything else working on this project, as the project starts going and we’re getting resistance and everything else, and we realize after a while no, it’s not just going to
take five times more work, and this is someone who’s
had experience in this. – [Dan] 20 years of experience. – 20 years of experience, in reality it’s going to
take seven to 10 times the amount of initial work we thought, to get where we want, so when you look at this analogy, if we stopped real quick, and said no it’s way more
resistance than we thought, we would never have had success, but if we are willing to
drill down far enough, that oil well is very deep,
if we can crack the code, were basically in a niche, were it would be very hard for someone else to compete against us, just cos we have the expertise, we went through that extra hard work and everything else, but it
just keeps reminding me, there’s all these people who are like no, we already triple the amount of work is good to take these days, and I’m like damn, it’s
way harder than you think, even when dad started DRC at the time, it’s way more work than
we initially thought. – [Dan] Yes, 100%, 100%. – Just a reality check. – [Dan] Andre? – It’s basically just straight out of Grant Dyer’s next rule right, every big idea that you have you know it’s going to take you 10 times more energy, 10 times more time, 10 times more money, to get there, you have to put the time in so it works. – [Audience Member] Just
to remind you that was off of Think, Grow Rich. – [Audience Member] Can
you also clarify what’s the difference between pivoting
and making quick changes, because in the time I’ve been with you, I’ve seen you try ideas out, and very quickly analyze it
and say this is not good, cut, let’s move on to something else. – It’s very simple, let’s
go back to the push-up, I’m pivoting, I’m improving while I do the fucking work, I’m not thinking about the work. Every single day I’m doing it. Now as I do 20 or 30, and I breathing properly,
is my form correct as I’m getting stronger, now my body has more
strength, now I can vary up. I Wanna build different types of muscle, I want to get a little machine, a roller thing to help me
build back muscles or whatever, that’s what I’m talking about. – [Audience Member]
Related to that analogy, not drill a different spot, it’s like keep drilling the same line. – But how can you drill smarter? – [Audience Member] Change the drill bit, or change the speed of the drill. – That’s why Carol has been with me, he’s known me for so many years, DJ has known me for so many years, really I pivot, I have a dab,
I changed business model, that is the surface stuff, but
the core is roughly the same. Is relatively the same. I haven’t changed the
core of what I do, yes? – [Audience Member] What would
you say your core is then? – Communication, influence
right, I haven’t changed, I work on my basics right, at the end of the day
businesses all communication, doesn’t matter print, webinar, Facebook is all communication, copywriting is all communication, communication is wealth, you work on that you won’t go wrong right. – [Audience Member] One
thing I remember from a conversation we had a couple of years ago, it’s basically the principle
of the five basic ways. – Yes it’s the basic principles, but when I first learned it,
and I first came up with it, I was my own guinea pig, Does it work, I was kind of testing it, it works, though that doesn’t work, I’m changing it, I’m improving it, but it’s really about getting
down and doing a push-up, and that’s why we procrastinate. And we come to the last one,
which is the most common, the shit maker, we just make shit up, we literally just make shit up, oh my god the floor dirty, there are some germs, bacteria, I’m going to inhale, I’m going to die, this is not good, shit this is not good, what of my bone is not strong enough, what if I break my hand, what I hurt my wrist, they just make up all this shit , it sounds like I’m exaggerating, I’m not exaggerating, but if you think in business terms, what I hear from you guys, you make the craziest shit up, like what? Like make a video, oh, my friends, my parents
are going to see it, there are going to think
I’m some this, and this, and then my high school
sweetheart’s going to see it, and you come up with this most crazy ridiculous story, seriously, it’s just like one video, hello, but we’re so good at making shit up, we’re so good at making shit up, if you listen to those
inner conversations, and you could actually record it, and I played back to you, you will laugh, you will laugh, you’re like that’s crazy, but when we play at on
a subconscious level, it feels like, Oh yeah, And you spend how many, just imagine this list, we all have it a little
bit, I have it too, everybody has it, the difference is don’t give nutrition to these inner Demons, don’t feed them. – When I worked close with somebody or hold somebody tenable, in past stuff, it’s funny how well
people some people will defend a vague excuse, super defensive and everything. – Absolutely, even Stephen will relate to some of this stuff, right? You can share, you can share. – Fundamentally, I’m kind
of like the Futurist, like this kind of stuff, yeah that stuff is like, and this stuff drains kind of an energy, that’s the problem, you can only make so many decisions a day, and this fatigue is the shit out of you, by the end of the day
you’ve felt like you’ve lived so many lies, – That’s exactly it, so that’s why– – So many times you’ve been– – That’s exactly, and the whole
day you’ve been sometimes, have you ever experienced
this, the whole day, you felt you like you want to do stuff the whole day and you just haven’t done shit , and the whole days gone by, and
what the hell just happened? – And the problem is sometimes
you do feel like you are, productive, that’s a big problem that’s a big lie that you tell yourself, okay, I made this list of
stuff that I got to do, making the list is not
the same as doing it. – No, it’s not the same. – That is definitely my
experience this last week, reporting to you, I’ve actually done a lot of stuff, I didn’t feel like I did anything, so when you ask me what did you do, I had thought is that
important enough for me to the like yeah I did that, and that really helped me to push the next point. – That’s what I’m talking about, whatever, if I catch yourself doing that, and will give you a
simple, simple solution, a simple solution is just
get on the floor and do it. Train yourself, and thinking whatever, do. Well what about, do. Push up, just push up. – But one of my friends, push up. Just do it. Every time you train your mind to move, just move, every single time. See the key is not getting things done, the key is getting
things done without these inner conflicts and all this emotional BS, the key is not getting
things done, the key is getting things done with all these inner conflicts and all this emotional BS, that’s the difference,
truly that’s the difference, getting things done, versus getting things done without these emotions, Benson has a little with that, Benson just executes, because he has very little
of these inner Demons, I’m not saying he has none but, but very little compared to most, if you look at your own
in terms of progress, or productivity, I guarantee
if you procrastinate you’ve got a lot of those things going on, right? And some are stronger than others, if you know what I mean, some of those Demons are
stronger than others. So if you look at very high performers, you notice they have very little, they don’t give power
to these inner Demons. There’s a great book that I
love called over achievement, you guys can put on your reading this, the signs of working list
and to accomplish more. So the first chapter, John talks about the think like a squirrel, thinking like a squirrel. And basically this book studies all these top Olympic athletes,
executives, politicians, all the top performers
is in their society, and what makes them high-performance, we’re talking about
basically like a squirrel, think like a squirrel, so to be sure, great performers are well
trained, experienced, smart and in some cases divinely talented, but the way their brains work
during a performance is a lot like a squirrel’s brain, instead of an Einstein’s brain. Like squirrels, the best
in every business to do what they have learned to
do without questioning their abilities, they flat out, is the key, trust their skills,
which is why we call this high-performance state of
mind, the trusting mindset. Routine access to their
trusting mindset is what separates great performers
from the rest of the pack. So imagine a squirrel. A squirrel, imagine a
squirrel wants to run, have you ever seen a
squirrel run across a wire? Human beings we can’t do this, this is one of the few animals, the squirrel goes up to this thing, though this is so tall, I
don’t know if I can make it, is my hand swelling up? And then do go up, oh
my God, this is tall, I’m going to die. Okay, right foot, left foot, maybe I should go back, this
just a couple of steps away, if I fall I’m going to die, and no one will feel my squirrel kids. Shit, what should I do. You know what I’m talking
about, what does a squirrel do? They just, and is no hesitation, the go up and then come back, so if imagine if a
squirrel operates this way, they are going to die, they’re gonna lose balance, they’re gonna get in all kinds of trouble. – The proof is on the road. – The proof is on the road, that is what I’m talking
about, a squirrel. So the squirrel is a
very powerful analogy. And when I read the
book, yeah, that’s right, when I implement myself,
just a trusting mindset, the abilities, I’m gonna just do the push-up, and going to walk over this
thing, I don’t think about it, it’s so ridiculous thinking about it, if going to say I want to grab this glass, I just go get the glass, right? Why do we, let me take a measuring tape, let me measure the distance, and how far is this, and my wearing the right shoes, and let me make sure
maybe I do it this way, and then okay, when it’s just, this. By the way, this, this is mastery you’re going through. This is mastery you’re going through, the simplicity to be able to do that, it’s not easy, but it looks easy. But that’s it, to be that
direct, point a to point B, get the job done, that’s
hard, that is hard. Actions drive all thoughts,
please repeat after me actions drive all thoughts. – [Audience] Actions drive all thoughts. – Once more twice as loud. – [Audience] Actions drive all thoughts. – When you have this BS,
these inner conflicts, action, action, just take actions. One thing I don’t know, actions. What about my friends, action. I don’t know how to do it, action. One of them wrong, action. Just do it, action drives your thoughts, by the time you do 30 to 50
push-ups, you’ll get better, I guarantee you, and
you learn, you’ll adapt. Yes? – [Audience Member] One of
the best things I got from this is I may be wrong,
but I’m never in doubt. – Yes, which is also big Dan’s saying too, I may be wrong, but I’m never in doubt, and it’s about that superior
unchangeable confidence, it’s very very powerful. – I may be wrong but? – But I never in doubt, I may be wrong but I’m never in doubt. I learned that from big Dan sure, Dan has impacted me. – One thing I heard him say, is it’s better to take
imperfect action than perfect inaction. – So the quote is it’s
better to take perfect action than perfect action, but what I’m giving you today is why don’t we take those actions? So you’re more aware of okay,
am I being a lazy bastard? And I being a shit maker? I being a futurist? What’s going on right, and you can catch
yourself being aware, oh, okay this is just all bull shit , let’s just do some push-ups, when you can train
yourself to do that enough, I want say this stuff
will totally disappear, but it will affect you way, way less, like for Gemma to do the
workshop, the seminar, the act itself is not difficult, you book a hotel room, pull some stuff, you take some cards, and some people showed up, the act of it, but it’s everything before, what if nobody shows up, what if I don’t do a good job delivering, what of they don’t like my presentation, all that stuff, that’s what hard, so the thing itself if you break it down it might take you a week, but this procrastination, this agonizing period
of time is six months, now imagine if everything you do, you could just eliminate that,
and you could just execute big progress, big progress, I’ll give you a perfect example, and I’ll give you a
perfect solution as well. I think in terms we talked about my PNP right let’s talk about the PNP. So you guys know, so at this point, I’m just talking about the current moment, so PNP top, my show Titans, I was doing it monthly, now I’m doing it bi-monthly
is, so it’s two shows a month, so I’m aiming for 20 shows a year that I interview somebody for my podcast right? You guys know that? So every couple of weeks
I interview somebody, so now I’ve done five or
six, so now I’m pretty good, I’m a few months ahead which is good, so that’s what I’m aiming
for, so how’s your PNP output? So 20+ shows a year, that’s how many I do, and I just launched my
High Ticket Sales Secrets, you guys know,, how many have left the review from me, I love you guys, how many have not left a review for me, I hate you guys. – [Man] Where is it? – On iTunes. So just type in Dan Lu, High Ticket Sales Secrets, just leave a positive review, and
I’ll love you guys again, I appreciate it seriously. So that’s at 365 shows a year,
it’s a daily 10 minute show, 365 shows again, and I’m also going to transcribe it and turn it into a blog post, that’s 365 blog posts a year, and also being a guest on
other people’s podcast, and I’ll be on the
Entrepreneurs On Fire, in July, and I give interviews
about once a week minimum, so far this year by June, I calculated I’ve done
30 interview so far, so I’m actually ahead this year. So 52 shows a year as an interviewer, so YouTube videos, that’s 300+ videos, because now I have Dustin coming to me, and we film videos, so three videos a week on business, and then aiming to do three videos on martial arts and other things, now let me ask you a question, is this a lot of output? For any niche, you talk about dominating
conversation, that’s dominating, that’s a lot right? Now if you think about
this, most people’s mind is, shit, do you sleep? Dan, do you sleep? That’s a lot of output, but maybe this table of
output as one person as a PNP, but let me explain it to you. Holy shit Dan, that’s a
lot of PNP, do you sleep? Actually I do, so I’ll
give you my schedule, so at this point starting
in May, you notice sometimes now on weekend
Saturday and Sunday that I’m a lot slower to get back
to reply because I don’t check emails on Saturday
and Sunday any more, so starting in June my schedule is 4 1/2 working days a week, just to give you what I’m working on, so Saturday and Sunday I’m off, and I don’t want to do
work after 3 PM on Friday, cos Friday we hang out afterwords, so 3 PM I’m done, I work out, and then I come to you guys for dinner. Three-week vacation a year,
so 15 days off in a year, so that’s 2 1/2 days off in a
year because of working days, so that gives me 220 working
days and 145 days off. 220 working days, hundred and 45 days off. Now I’m not saying you’ll
get this overnight, because I’ve hustled for
a long time to get here. But I’m just giving you my schedule now, but that’s a lot of days off, don’t you think, that’s a lot of days off, that’s not like working six days a week. But here’s the thing,
my PNP, the secret to getting things done, and
please write this down, and please repeat after
me as loud as you can. Integration, – [Audience] Integration. – Not motivation. – [Audience] Not motivation. – I don’t trust my own motivation, because human beings we are
naturally internally lazy. We are lazy, between fast and slow, which
one are you going to pick? Between difficult and easy
which one are you going to pick? Human beings we are conditioned to always choose the path of least resistance. So I don’t want to count
on my own motivation, I want to integrate. So Monday 5:30 to 7:30,
workout in my home, martial art class, I know some of you guys
are going to show up, and we are going to train, for two hours, I’m going to work out. There are days I don’t
feel like working out, Monday oh my God, I’ve got so much work to do I don’t want to work out, they’re coming over at
5:30, I got to work out, there’s no maybe, there is
no I don’t feel like it, they are showing up, I’ve
got to open the damn door, come to the basement I’m training. There’s no maybe, there’s
no excuse, so integrate it. And then Sunday of course, 10 AM to 12 noon martial arts class, I go and then 2:30 to 4:30
I see my massage therapist, every single week, unless I’m on vacation, I’ve done that for three or four years, see a massage therapist,
for my well-being. And the Sunday martial art class, just to again integration, not motivation, to help myself, I just prepay
for the whole fucking year, so I make sure I show up. If I pay monthly yeah maybe
next month, if I’m not busy, no, prepay a whole year, I’m showing up that’s easy, that’s
what I’m talking about, PNP every day, so I’m going to record 10 minutes which I do every day, At the end of the day, just
turn on the recorder from here, and just talk for 10 minutes, that goes into my High Ticket
Sales Secrets every month, and gonna have Desmond
and Jason come over, Film 10 to 12 videos once a month, we block that out, and a month of DIC. So the whole thing if you average it out, my P&P output takes me
one hour a day on average, To have that much output,
with no inner conflicts, with integration, it’s one hour a day. – [Audience Member] You say integration, what do you mean by integration? – Integrate in your life, don’t count on I’ll do
it when I feel like it, there’s no feeling like it, I’m doing it. – Another way I like to put
it is reprogram yourself. And some of the things I learned from personal development over the years, is that eventually the
willpower goes down if you’re doing something consistently, and the actual just doing
it from your subconscious– – [Dan] It just becomes habit. – Integrate. – It just becomes habit. There’s a great book
called compiled habits, it’s just habits, so you guys know that before
I was training one day a week, now I’m training three days a week, I don’t need to worry about my muscles, I just worry about my push-up, if I do my push-up I get stronger, I don’t worry about my muscles,
push-up, just do that right? And I can see as I’m
training more I can see in my strength and training
and endurance, everything, coming back, yes? – [Audience Member] Question for you, on recording every day for 10 minutes, that goes against the blocking of, two hours and getting, 12 recordings at a time, you could do that just
for this to form a habit? – Just for this, because
the format of the show, Kyle has listened to a couple of episodes, it’s more like today after
the RC, or go home and record 10 minutes, it’s always
what’s happening right now, what’s happening with you
guys, an idea, a thought, something that sparked
the idea of the day, it’s more like a daily diary for me, so I just turn it on, hey today we talked about this, and then we had this
breakthrough, and whatever, the format of that particular podcast is more behind-the-scenes
and what’s happening. – Can like the blog instead of the video? – Yeah, so it’s a little bit like that, because I do it that way, because of I do it in chunks I don’t remember all the things
that are happening, I do it, hey, here’s a problem,
solve it, that was going on, so that’s easy, and it feels interesting. – [Woman] It feels more conversational, like Dan is your buddy. – Yeah Dan is your buddy, – [Woman] You are hanging out with him. – And it’s also from a
marketing/psychological point of view, it’s more interesting, what’s happening today,
is a little bit of that. – [Man] So it was a different format, would you still block it out? – I would block it out, but for this case just I
do it for that purpose, and I don’t think about
it, at the end of the day, I’m going to turn it
on, I have 5-10 minutes, and that’s it I send it to my
guy, and he’ll transcribe it, I’ll blow through everything right. So having systems in place. But if you think about it, it’s a lot of output for
one hour of work a day, so I don’t even think about it, I know I’m going to crank
out that many videos, I know I’m going to crank
out that many podcasts, I know I’m going to crank
out that many shows right, it’s just the way it is, the thing is once it’s
integrated, it’s part of my life, I don’t think about it,
and I don’t have to push, a lot of you guys are
pushing, I don’t push, I just do, you just be, right? Everything is kung fu. What do you mean? Everything is kung fu. I don’t need to block
out a certain time to do, everything I do, I’m standing here, Cos I’m practicing my stance,
I’m practicing my posture, I’m watching TV, every
time the screen changes I’m practicing my reflex, every time the screen
changes I pretend I’m hitting somebody, and practicing my reflex, I’m watching a movie and
practicing something, I’m watching something and
squeezing something in my hand, everything is kung fu, it’s a lifestyle, once it’s integrated of
course it’s fucking good, because it’s who he is, then you’re no longer trying to do it, you’re no longer pushing, you’re just it. When you’re like that everything is easy, there’s no force, you’re
not forcing yourself to do something, it’s just like what I do, like P&P is what I do, I make videos, it’s what I do. Oh how do you do so many, that’s why sometimes
people ask me how do you get so much done, it’s what I do, it’s part of what I do, make sense? – [Man] I think integration
is a very important word, and I think you should add the letter I to to your action so much. – The I? – [Man] Yeah the letter I for integration. – Oh the integration,
yes, I agree, I agree. (laughter) I for integration. PNP, let’s do it, let’s do it. Personal integrated data
platform, there we go. Personal integrated data platform (laughter) Trademark, Andre, trademark. Make sense? That’s what I’m talking about. (crowd giggle and chatter) I like it, I like it. – [Man] It’ll eventually
become a verb on pimping. – Pimping, it’s pimping,
we talked about pimping. – Most entrepreneurs have
not integrated greatness into their daily lives, in fact most have integrated
mediocrity and bad habits. They just have not
integrated great habits. Habits. So think about what you can
do to integrate those things, so don’t do it when you feel like it, because you never feel like, we never feel like it, we just don’t. Oh I feel like working
out, give me a break. I feel like lifting
that fucking heavy bell. Really? I feel like hurting my
knuckle punching a bag. Really? Humans we don’t like pain. When you integrate, you
don’t think about it. Sometimes watching TV, I get home, and watching TV, I have my legs here just like that, watching TV, just doing that, that’s one hour stretching there, so I don’t think about
it, just integrating. You know I do all kinds
of which is at home right to tell them actually
would be interesting. – I’m starting on all sorts
of exercises, fitness, like a ball or, sometimes I’m like, It’s not going to happen, because I’m smooth, like a smooth kind of movement, and really loud noises, – I don’t think about it,
because I want to get good, that’s part of it, business is the same thing, so it’s what you practice at
home right, what do you do, and that’s why suggest you
watch my videos, immersion, And you can’t come into a class once a month and improve, that’s
not how you get good, you learn by practicing, getting feedback, making corrections, testing
it in the marketplace, get feedback, make corrections, test in the marketplace again,
then you have your own stuff, learn my stuff then eventually
develop your own stuff. – [Man] Just go back to integration, integration is the long
thing, but really it’s about discipline. It’s about how you create discipline. – No, I don’t want discipline, discipline sucks, willpower sucks, I don’t want to rely on that, Because I’m not that disciplined, most of us are not that disciplined, discipline is, you’re forcing
yourself to do something, I want to make it part of what I do, I don’t have to think about it, I’m not pushing, I’m not forced, see, if you get up at 5 AM
in the morning to go run, that takes discipline, I can’t do that, I don’t
have that discipline, at the end of the day,
you know what a couple of guys are going to come over
and we’re going to train, it doesn’t take discipline,
they’re ringing my doorbell. There was one time, I think Hassan rang my doorbell, I thought I really don’t
feel like training today, and Hassan said, Dan, I’m here, I go downstairs, but he’s here, I’m not going to ask
him to go and drive all the way from North Van. But I didn’t feel like it,
truly that day I was tired. – [Woman] Just double down and
train for like three hours. – Yeah but that day turned out to be the best workout I had, it was awesome stuff. – [Man] That was my
experience with the dinners, every dinner I did not want to go to, it was the best breakthrough. – Because a lot of you guys integrate the block on your calendar, are you going to go to dinner, that’s what I’m talking
about, you block it out. Yes? – [Man] When you don’t want to do it you have low expectations. – Yes you have low expectations, and that’s why the disciplined
thing is overrated, just integrate it so you
don’t have to think about it. So now it’s interesting, this Monday, I’m working
on a PowerPoint for this, so I post in the telegram
for our training, so today no training, from
5:30 to 7:30 because I’m working on a PowerPoint, now I’ve finished by 7:15, no training today, guess how my body felt, something is weird, how
come there’s no training. I went shit, as I did the PowerPoint, I went to the gym and just
train by myself for two hours. Did my thing, the same. It’s not discipline,
because my body is like. Hey Dan, you haven’t
trained what is going on? And now and now it’s a habit right. – [Man] Are you saying
integration is consistently doing something at the
same time every day? – Yes and you block it out, it’s part of your routine,
and you don’t think about. – [Man] It becomes subconscious. – Subconscious, you just do it. – [Man] Two hour training like– – No different than for
example if you were doing VG, we block out the time, I’m gonna make videos, after each video I’m gonna
have 10, 15, 20 videos, I’m going to have 10, 20 videos right. Because I know there’s
a bunch of people that are showing up, if I don’t
show up that’s not so good. – [Man] I think one of the
keys is that you have a lot of people along, it’s not just you. – Yes, because I don’t
trust my own discipline, I just don’t, you guys trust a lot of yours, I don’t trust my own discipline, and I don’t want to count
on my own motivation, hell no, and quite frankly I’m already more focused and more disciplined than most, and yet I don’t trust it,
that’s a big difference. – [Woman] For me I try
to come out with two articles every week, and I’ve been doing this
for a couple of years, – Half a year now yes. – [Woman] And before there
was a lot of resistance, and it takes me a long time– – To think about what to write. – [Woman] But now, I think
I really enjoy doing it, I just do it every week. – So now two articles for six months, same thing about power again
it goes back to the PNP, without the I, (laughter) when other people, when they
think and write an article, you’ve already written 50, 60, a hundred, that’s what I want, after my PNP, I’m thinking
four or five years, dominate that conversation,
high ticket sales, people search my stuff, you have one guy, let’s say a copycat, wanting to do ticket sales, well how many videos have you done, five? How many shows have you done, 10? How many have I done, 1000? 2000? There’s no comparison, I want to get to be so far, my competition, they
look at what I’ve done, shit, I give up, I can’t
compete, I give up. That’s good, I don’t want to have I can compete, I want, the Facebook group 10,000 members, ridiculous amount of domination, content, everything, I can’t do that. It’s incredible, good. – [Woman] The thing that Jason said, he was responding to Jack you need to get into
the subconscious level, in the subconscious there is no thought. – There is no thought. – So you’re getting right
into the base energy of it. – You know you don’t try
to grab me from the back, there’s no thought, trust me. (laughter) I’m hitting it, I’m hitting it, trust me. – [Woman] And that’s the
difference between us and animals, as they are all instinct,
and we are thought, and that’s what gets in our way. – That gets in our way,
that’s what I’m talking about, great thought. So let me give you a couple of minutes to discuss what I’ve shared with you, go-ahead.

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