How To Stop EXCESSIVE Sweating While Wearing A Suit

How To Stop EXCESSIVE Sweating While Wearing A Suit

Stop EXCESSIVE Sweating While Wearing A Suit
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In today’s video, gents, I’m sharing with you my secrets on how to wear a suit in hot
weather and look amazing without sweating your balls off. Are you ready, gents? Let’s do it. So, a few years ago, I had a friend who worked
as a bouncer at a bar in Vegas. Now, this was a high-end bar, they had a dress
code and they expected all their male employees to wear a suit. The problem is not only was it sweltering
hot outside, but also when he went into the club the areas that he had to work, it was
incredibly hot as well and that he would just be sweating underneath. So, what he would do to make this bearable
is starting at the mid shoulder point, he would cut off the sleeve on his dress shirts. Next up, he would take his jackets, turn them
inside out and rip out all of the lining. Now, in today’s video, I’m not going to recommend
that you go to those extremes. Instead, the tips I’m going to give you are
about buying the right clothing at the outset and I’m going to give you a few hot weather
hacks as well that can apply to when you’re wearing a suit. So, the first thing we’re going to talk about
is buying the right jacket, and let’s talk about jacket linings. So, most jackets are fully lined, it’s inexpensive
and they’re going to be able to hide all the inner construction in the jacket. If you were to ever open up a jacket, inside,
it’s pretty messy. When you have a half-lined or a quarter-lined
jacket, you in a sense need to finish the inside. It’s going to be more expensive in general
because it requires more handwork. Now, let’s say you are stuck with getting
a lined jacket, then in that case you want to make sure to avoid polyester. A polyester-lined jacket is very bad for hot
weather. Why? It’s not going to be breathable. Make sure you get something made from bemberg. Silk, you’re going to occasionally see out
there on higher-end jackets. I don’t like it because it’s not easy to replace
and not easy to clean. So, this is a fully lined jacket. I love fully lined jackets because they’re
going to be more durable and in general they’re less expensive. Another advantage of lined jackets, you can
bring in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Now, watch this. Isn’t that beautiful? I mean this is a work of art, but the issue
here in hot weather, all this excess material is going to be hot. Now, this jacket right here is a half-lined
jacket. So, we’re going to notice the back of the
jacket notice there’s no lining here. This is going to make it cooler especially
if the fabric is breathable like it is here. Unlined jackets are still going to have protection
in the shoulders. Why? Because you want your arms to be able to move
in and out, and if you’ve got padding here on the shoulders, they want to protect it. Now, notice the front still has lining. Why would they put lining on the front of
jacket still? This right here gives structure to your chest
and they want to make sure to give this some protection because it’s very difficult to
make what’s under here attractive. Now, this next jacket is a quarter-lined canvas. We’ve got the open back and what we’re going
to notice on the front is we’ve got a little bit more open usually down over here. They’re still going to probably put a bit
of lining right in this area because they don’t basically they want to cover up that
front basically chest area. Now, I know not everyone has access to the
perfect jacket, some of you guys still have lined jackets, you’re going to have to use
this summer, so what do you do? Guys, check out Thompson Tee, they’re the
sponsor of today’s video. And they have created the most amazing undershirt
that basically gets rid of underarm sweat. So, here’s the story. So, back in 2014, these guys got a patent
for hydro shield sweat proof technology. What these guys created was a safe natural
way to deal with underarm sweat. It’s durable, it’s soft. When you wear this undershirt, you really
don’t even notice there’s that pad there and it does exactly what it needs to do. And, that’s what I love about this undershirt,
you can wear it discreetly, it’s going to protect you from those embarrassing sweat
stains and it’s something that you can use again and again. Gentlemen, 100% made in the USA. And I love that they’ve got a wide variety
of colors. They’ve got black, they’ve got gray, they’ve
got beige, they’ve got white. They’ve also got a wide variety of styles. So, if you want crewneck, you want V-neck,
you want a deep V-neck, they’ve got you covered. And, these guys are the real deal. They’ve been on Shark Tank because this product
works. What I love about this especially when you
own expensive jackets you own expensive shirts, this is going to protect your clothing from
damage, it’s going to help it last longer, and it’s going to protect you from those embarrassing
sweat stains. And, of course, they stand behind their product. They’ve got a 100% money back guarantee. So, guys, if you don’t like the product, you
can send it back. I’m linking the Thompson Tee down in the description
with the best deal you’re going to find out there. Use it or lose it, guys. It’s not going to be around forever. So, now, let’s talk about fabrics. You’re going to hear fresco, you’re going
to hear tropical weight wool. Both of those are great options if you can
find them. Tropical weight wool is usually going to be
wool that’s woven a little bit thinner a little bit tighter and this is going to allow air
to breathe through. It’s lightweight. Now, when we look at cotton, you’re going
to see some cotton jackets out there. I like those especially in something like
seersucker which actually has a three dimensional weave and is going to be very breathable,
but seersucker is going to be a very bold pattern. You really need to know what you’re doing. And now, let’s talk about linen. So, I’m wearing a linen jacket. The issue with linen is it wrinkles easily. The beautiful thing about linen basically
the way that it’s woven, it’s going to be incredibly breathable. Air is going to flow right through linen and
that’s the big advantage, but in general it’s going to be a more casual fabric. [0:05:00]
So now, let’s talk about suit color. So, you want to go for a lighter color during
the summer. Why? Lighter colors are cooler. White, think about it, it reflects all different
types of light. Black – black is absorbing all those rays,
therefore it’s going to be hotter, dark colors in general. So, navy, your charcoal gray, those are going
to get hot. You want to go for white, you want to go for
off white, you want to go for tan, you want to go for light gray, you want to bring in
the pastels if you want to have fun with some color. But, remember, lighter colors are going to
rule during the summer. Now, let’s talk about breaking rules. So, I’ve got the jacket buttoning rules. If you haven’t seen it, here’s the infographic. But, basically on a two-button, you’re always
when standing going to button that top one. On a three button, you’re going to button
the middle one always, never button the bottom. But, here’s the deal, in hot weather, you
can throw that out the window. You can unbutton your jacket when you’re walking
around because guess what? You want air to circulate. You don’t want to have a whole lot of constriction
here, you want to allow that air to cool you off. And this can apply to your sleeves as well
especially if you’ve got those working sleeve buttons on the jacket, you can unbutton those
and you can unbutton the sleeves on your shirt. Also, don’t be afraid to take that jacket
off. If you’re going to be traveling, if you’re
going to be commuting, if you’re going to be sitting in your office and it’s a bit hot
and you simply want to cool down and you don’t need to put your best foot forward, then go
for it. Just put it and hang it over your chair. And another option, bring in a vest. What I like about vests is they can bring
the whole look together. Of course, they’re not as dressy as a jacket,
but in extreme hot weather when everyone else has peeled off their jacket, you’ve got that
vest you’re going to stand out from the crowd. It gives you a nice more streamlined monochromatic
look and I think it really does a great job of accentuating the arms building up your
shoulders and even making your chest looked a little bit better. It’s a great look that almost any man can
pull off. And let’s talk about the right shirt. This shirt right here is linen. Now, it’s linen in a darker color, it’s going
to do a pretty good job of hiding the wrinkles. Another thing, when you wear a linen under
the jacket even if it gets wrinkles here, no one’s going to see it when you keep on
the jacket. Now, 100% cotton shirts are great, but pay
attention to the weight. You want something that’s lightweight and
breathable. Look for maybe a gauze weave, look for something
that light is going to be able to easily pass through. Now, linen-cotton combinations I like these
as well. They’re a little bit harder to find. And I think that you get a little bit of the
best of both worlds, the breathability of linen with a lot of the, you know, just simply
the drape of cotton. Another option, performance materials. I’ve talked about a number of companies that
have this. But, what I love about performance materials
is this stuff is just made to be breathable, it’s made to wick away the moisture, and,
again, it’s going to keep you cool under that jacket. Another option for your shirt, consider wearing
a short sleeve polo. It’s going to be cooler, it’s going to be
breathable, and it’s still going to look pretty darn good. Next up, let’s talk about fit. So, in general you want your clothing to fit
a little bit looser during the summer. So, you want maybe to get that jacket opened
up, you want to maybe wear a little bit looser of a shirt, you want especially your trousers
to be a little bit looser in and around the crotch area in and around the hips. You don’t want any hot spots. Speaking about trousers, let’s go ahead and
let’s look at the break. So, most guys I think in general are going
for about a quarter break to a half break, but I’m going to recommend during the summer
to go for no break. An option here on your suit trousers, you
may want to actually roll them. You want to be careful, this is going to be
a very casual look. You could actually get them rehemmed, that’s
going to be a bit more professional. But, going for no break is going to allow
air to circulate closer down there to the bottom of the leg. And, that leads us to talking about footwear. An option right here perhaps the perfect summer
shoe is the loafer. What I like about the loafer is it this is
overall casual light, but it still is going to work with a suit. But, there’s a wide variety of different loafers
out there. In general though, loafers are going to slip
on and off the foot and they are going to be cooler because they’re just a lighter weight
shoe. But, let’s say you want to bring in something
a bit dressier, then go in for a darker color, but you can still make it very cool. Notice right here, I don’t know if you see
it’s a perforated leather, so it’s going to have small holes, it’s also got the horsebit
design right here. This is going to be a fun still casual loafer. And then, you’ve got other options if you
wanted to go more casual. You can bring in suede. Don’t forget about the Belgian loafer. Again, getting a little bit dressier, but
notice right here I’ve got shoe trees. So, I would recommend you rotate through your
loafers. Why? Your feet are going to be sweating and you
want to make sure not to wear the same loafers again and again, otherwise they’re going to
go into an odd shape. And leverage shoe trees, they’re going to
help pull out the moisture and they’re going to help the loafer retain its shape. And, another quick hack, no-show socks. Learn to love them. I think they work great, they help protect
your shoes and they’re going to keep your feet a lot cooler during the summer. Feet cool, your whole body is going to feel
cooler. Next up, bring back the hat, a nice classic
Panama. This right here is you’re carrying around
your own personal shade. And, when it’s hot outside when it’s sunny,
you’re going to be out in the elements, you want to have something like this. You’re going to also going to be able to set
yourself apart from all the other guys out there who you’re going to start to realize,
wow, why aren’t they carrying around their own shade basically knocking ten degrees off
the temperature. [0:10:01]
And, now, let’s talk about what you’re putting into your body. Believe it or not some foods are going to
make you cooler, some foods are going to make you even more hot. So, things are going to make you cooler; drinking
water, eating watermelon, and leafy greens. So, what’s going to make you hot? Apparently foods that have a lot of fat, carbohydrates,
or protein. When your body is digesting these, it’s going
to actually raise your temperature. So, there are a lot of items on the list I
saw, but the ones that stood out to me — ice cream, that was I thought surprising, beer,
and apparently brown rice. I’m not really worried about brown rice, but
I know a lot of you guys like to drink a beer, but beware it could actually make you hotter. Now, one hack that most guys know about is
to take a cool shower. Yeah, that makes sense. But, have you ever heard of using menthol
soap? Basically, a soap maybe with menthol with
spearmint with peppermint. When you use this soap, what it does is it
really cools off your skin. I’ve used this stuff before and I come out
of the shower shivering on a hot day. And that right there sets the tone you feel
so much better, you put it on your clothing even though when you go out in the hot weather
at least for an hour, you’re feeling still pretty good before it starts to affect you. So, what video to watch next? Well, check out this video right here, The
Perfect Summer Shoe. Can you guess what it is? Guys, I talk about loafers and the different
styles the different options and how to bring them into your summer wardrobe. [0:11:14] End of audio

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