How To Stay Focused as An Entrepreneur | The Business Podcast

How To Stay Focused as An Entrepreneur | The Business Podcast

I’m Steve Hodgkinson and welcome to The Business Podcast. I hope you’re keeping happy and that you’re constantly pushing
the boundaries of what is possible in your life? It’s July now which means it’s
British summer time, and a very special time for us Brits. We don’t get a lot of
sun so, when we do, we tend to kick back with friends and family, get a barbecue
on, and see some of the rewards from all the hard work we’ve endured during
recent months; so it’s a very special time indeed. Today’s episode is all
about the importance of keeping focused as entrepreneurs, and it is a very
difficult thing for us to do. Entrepreneurs are known as having the
personality type that is very creative and high energy. Very ideas led. Dreamers, if
you like. And these are all essential assets if for being an
entrepreneur, because we do need that spark of energy and these creative ideas
pouring out of us in the early stages and beyond… and maybe a hint of craziness as
well to try and to try and see these things through. So it’s quite a key thing
that we all have to have. The flip side of this (because everything in life does
have a flip side) is that when we have so many ideas pouring out
of us, we can find that our focus becomes scattered. And, often, away from what we
were originally trying to achieve. We can sometimes take on too much, which will
create stress and possibly even burnout, and we can often get led into other
projects and other ideas (trying to get things off the ground) which will
have an impact on the level of success that we’re seeing. Most entrepreneurs
do have an idea where they would like to have multiple businesses or expand to a very high level that you’re currently working on; and this
is obviously great. It’s a constant growth and it’s something we should all be
looking to do in all areas of our life; to constantly keep growing as human beings.
But, when we’re scattering our attention among many different things, it can be
hard to see any direct results from that. An example would be: supposing
you were going to build me a brick wall and I wanted it 10 meters long and as
high as you can possibly build it. One of your friends is going to build
five different walls to the same spec; he wants them 10 meters wide and as high as he can possibly make them. Well, assuming you’re just doing it on your own (you
haven’t got staff that can help out) you can be laying the bricks at a similar
rate; if you’ve got similar level of skill and a similar work
ethic. Let’s assume you have. If you were to put a brick down in your wall
and your friend started one on his wall; that’s fantastic. The next brick goes down
on your wall your friend decides to put one on the second wall. The third brick
goes down in your wall, he puts the third brick on the third wall… and you see
where this is going! It’s going to keep spreading like that
until, eventually, you’re gonna have this huge wall in front of you; and he’s
literally just getting off the ground. He’s just out the foundations and he’s only
just getting started. Now, this is the same with business. If you can focus on
one particular thing and build it to a certain point, you’re gonna see results
so much quicker but, as entrepreneurs, that’s very very difficult to do; because
we have these ideas pouring out of us, and we tend to lose focus of
what we’re trying to do. Ironically, I think you’ll find that with that
situation (the wall building) is that, once you’ve completed your structure and
got it to the point that we wanted in height, and you decide to start your
second wall; if your friend is doing five different walls at once, to the same
spec, you’ll probably find that your second wall would be higher than his
very very quickly because, again, you focused your time on that and this is
obviously what we need to be doing. We need to be putting all our effort into
one object at a time. One area at a time and see it through to
a point where it’s running itself. Where we can outsource or we can hire staff
and see where things are going, before we move on to something else. But this is really,
really difficult for us to do. So the first take away (and it’s really the core
of everything that I preach), is to have a clear vision of what it is
that we’re trying to do. I have done a separate episode on this which I’ll link
to this one, so if you haven’t heard that yet please do. It will help a lot and it’s massively important. It’s the core of everything because, if we don’t
know why we’re doing something, how can we expect to
get there? [To the desired result] So how this will help, in
terms of your focus, is when you find your mind wandering on to
a different area you can go back to your vision and ask “is it
related?” And, if it is related, is it the right time now to be attacking that? With
respect to where you’re at in the current level of your business
growth (or whatever it is that we’re talking about)? So that’s the
first thing and also with vision – it’s how I start each day to be honest with you – every day, I like to start off with a process that I go
through, which is reminding myself why I’m doing this, and what I’m trying to
achieve in my life. I’m very strong on this where, if things aren’t benefiting
my life or providing value for my vision, I drop it. I don’t waste any time or energy into it.
And, the things that are in alignment with this, I give them as much energy and
time and passion as I possibly can. And this helps things grow a lot
faster so, by starting my day this way, and knowing this is what I want to do with
my life, I can then look at my days activities and – straightaway – focus my
mind on to what’s necessary to help me get further down this path; towards the
eventual level of success that we all want. So vision is so key. The
second and final point is to do with time management; and I don’t mean how effectively you get tasks completed (I will do an episode about
productivity in the future). With the time management here, and it’s obviously
related to the work life balance, it’s where we’re focusing our time, and
how we’re separating our tasks into each relevant activity. Now, when we’re with our families, or our kids, we need to make
sure we are with our family or with our kids. You know? Are we fully present? If
I’m constantly checking my emails and writing something up on the computer, then it’s not really valuable time with them and I might as well have stayed at work; creating that little rat race / spin of a hamster wheel. Resulting in more problems starting. I suggest we all keep our working life completely separate
but it’s up to you how you want to work it. It’s just something, again, that is very, very needed.
With time management, as well, we all started a business
because we wanted to get more from life. We needed to make more money and have more free time, so that we can do the things that we love. That’s what life’s
ultimately all about. So, how is our work-life, or our goals, affecting all
these areas. With my coaching clients, we have a system of just five areas that we try and hit (daily) to make sure that we’re living a full and complete
life; and getting maximum level of happiness from our business.
Because that’s what we’re doing it for… There’s no point just creating a
business for material success, if you’re going to be miserable and sad at the end of it all. So we make sure we are working towards something that’s going to bring
that happiness, and a quality of life that we desire. So each of these areas are
key. I mention this now because this is really really important for
remaining focused as an entrepreneur. It’s very easy to sit down, crack on with your
work, head down, off you go, and then realise that you’ve not spoken to your
kids properly today or you’ve not taken your wife out for a coffee (or your
husband). Maybe you let your friends down because you
couldn’t meet up or do that hobby or pastime that you do. It all has an
effect on your life, and you only did it because you lost focus of your overall
vision of what you’re trying to create. It’s not that what you were doing (if
you were knuckling down with your work) is bad… it’s working on your business it’s gonna
achieve one of those areas that you need to get (the financial
success in your life), but it’s not going to give you the vision that you’re
working towards. So time management is key and, again, maybe you’re not looking
for a work life balance? Maybe you want something different? It’s the same
self process you need to look at… where are you spending your time? Then notice
when things are being dropped. So, to remain focused
I suggest that (and this is something that I do) you partition your time up
for that reason. For example, I look at my diary each week and
I’ve got time in there for family, I’ve got time in there for friends, I’ve got time in there for my hobbies and interests, I’ve got time in there for work. These are all
going through and it’s so key to living a happy and successful life; but
it’s also going to drive you so much more and give you more focus. Because if
you’re enjoying your life more, you’re gonna come back;
you’re gonna be more focused and more enthusiastic. We all know that when you go away on
a holiday, you come back and the ideas for us entrepreneurs are happening tenfold. We’ve got so much more going on, because we’ve taken our foot off the gas
and kicked back and enjoyed life a bit more. So, if you do it more
often, if you make that a part of your daily routine (to just enjoy yourself)…
if you’ve got a hobby, make sure you’re doing it. If you’ve if you’ve got a
pastime, go and do it. If you’ve got, you know, if you’ve got friends and
family, spend time with them. If you’re doing this as part of your routine,
you’re gonna feel better about yourself. You’re gonna be enjoying your life more
and you’re also gonna be doing much more in your business, because when you come
back to it ,you can be focused, driven, energised, and ready to go. So that’s the
two takeaways. How you can remain more focused… have a clear vision of what
you’re trying to achieve and, with that vision in mind, look at how you’re
segregating that limited time that we have each day. How you are
segregating that up to make sure that you’re fulfilling your goals and
stepping closer to the overall success that we all want to have. Nobody wants a
life of stress and upset. We all want a life of happiness. So make sure your
business reflects that and let me know, as ever, how you get on in the comments below.
See you later!

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