How to Start Your Podcast with Anchor

How to Start Your Podcast with Anchor

Hi my name is Ileane and I’m with by now you probably heard about a really cool app called Anchor
and today I want to show you how to use this app anchor for your audio podcast
really quickly you can get started really quickly with anchor dot FM so
let’s go to the screen share so I can show you anchor right now I’m on my
iPhone but they also have a cool mobile app for Android so I’m actually on my
home page and what you’ll see here is my profile then you also can what they have
is called a carousel and you could go through this carousel you’ll get the
news every day from the anchor people and then you also see the folks that
you’re following and you can listen in to their broadcasts now let’s go right
into how you would create a segment one anchor remember it’s anchored I FM okay
so we’re going to tap that button at the bottom of the little red button now I
can go ahead and start a recording on anchor and I see some folks are in so I
just want to stop and say hi I see Kim Kamiya is here my girl tsch Alfredo he’s
listening and to Annette how you doing she’s saying you’re so full of knowledge
and Kamiya saying she’s loves my show and maverick globe is here as well so
thanks guys for joining me today so let’s go with the example of how to
start recording one anchor now I can press that record button and hold it and
talk or I can swipe up and then it will stay one while I do my quick recording
so let’s give it a go hey guys as Eileen Smith here I just
wanted to let you know if you happen to be listening to this right now I’m over
live on my YouTube channel I’ll put the link in the description for this segment
so I’m talking about anchor and giving my friends a demo of how to use the app
so come on over and join us it’s at Eileen dot link slash TV that’ll take
you right to my youtube channel let me spell that really quickly
it’s IL e a n e dot link slash TV hope to see you on YouTube peace ok so now
the unique feature of anchor is that now I can add some background music now you
guys are probably not going to hear this music but you’ll see here with says
swipe for background check tracks let’s see if we can turn it up sorry you can’t
hear it but let’s just go with that one but they have different ones that set
the mood for your broadcast like the knock term one has something like a
night time vibe ok so let’s go ahead and just say done now I’ve already copied
and pasted I have in the clipboard the title alright so I’m also sharing that
on Twitter and I could share that one Facebook as well so now I’m going to add
it to my station alright now you know it gives me the
option to get listeners I guess by connecting some of my accounts there so
let’s just go back to the home page and then we’ll come back into this recording
so you can see all the options the other thing I want you to see as I mentioned
before you can’t listen to your friends stories and segments that they’ve
recorded for that day right after you have recorded a few
segments you have the option of making an episode for your podcast and this is
the real beauty of this app if you’re someone who’s thought about podcasting
and if you are someone who has been intimidated by the tech and you didn’t
want to go through figuring out how to do the RSS feed and submitting to I you
don’t have to worry about any of that the folks at anchor will submit the
podcast for you now let me back up because I forgot to tell you this part
when you record a segment your segment maximum recording time is five minutes
however if you’re doing some type of storytelling or anything like that
during your recording you can string those together now we’re going to show
you what it’s like to create an episode for your podcast you see the episode
button right there I’m going to click that on now I’ve recorded some segments
throughout the day see the mole checkmarks I can turn off those and say
no I don’t want these for example I put up some content that was for my patrons
only well I don’t want that in my segment so
I’m going to uncheck those okay and now I can go and see it says next then I
will choose a short description descriptive name for my episode so since
I have something in the clipboard already I’ll paste that although I think
it’s too long because you’ve only made use 32 character so I’ll just type in
something really quick I see my friend Larry snow is here hey Larry alright and
next then give it a description so let’s see now maybe what I have in the
clipboard with it okay because you get a lot more room for the description
let’s go next and then I would just double-check all that I could preview it
and I could actually listen to all the segments that are recorded and if I
wanted to then I could create an episode of course I’m not going to do it here
because I just wanted to show you guys the steps all right so let me show you
my past episodes so there’s a little bit of a lingo and I’m just gonna go over
that one more time great Jan asses in the house as well I’m
so happy that a lot of my patrons are here today and I see that I have a new
hashtag from my hashtag allergists and that’s hashtag eileen is killing it I’m
gonna show the chat in a minute but I just want to get through a few things
here okay so for my existing episodes what I did I decided that I would just
use this anchor because I already have a podcast you guys probably know that
right so I’m going to use anchor just to talk to folks who want to start up a
patreon page and I can just use this as a little mini podcast with you know that
only has a limited shelf life that Jess talks about that one topic of patreon
all right and so I have three episodes here that focus on patreon and there
over on YouTube I’m sorry they’re over on iTunes I got confused cuz I’m on
YouTube they’re on iTunes when they submitted my show I think it was on a
Friday by that Tuesday and this was around busy time not too long after the
fourth of July holiday on Tuesday I got the email that said Eileen
your podcast is in iTunes and here’s your link so now with that said I want
to warn you guys that they do put a little bumper at the beginning of your
show of each episode that says this was recorded on anchor it’s the quickest way
to get your podcast up and running something really sure
and sweet and it’s a really professional voice the guy that comes on and says it
and he also does it at the end but that’s okay because you know this is
right now a free platform okay so now I’ve showed you how to do the podcast
before I go any further let me just show you the other things that you can add
into the segments okay let’s get the lingo down right the segment’s can be
anything you making a recording you can do interviews there’s no time limit at
the moment on the interviews I haven’t done an interview yet so we’re not going
to dive in that to that too much all right you can add music you would
connect your Apple music or your Spotify those those little short clips of music
will play only for the people listening on anchor they will not play in your
podcast okay because you know there’s copyright issues and they can’t do that
but it really makes your your broadcast fun that you can weave those you know
popular music that everybody’s familiar with in and out of your show and of
course you make it go along with the story that you’re telling then there’s
also the option to add interludes and these could be anything from just like a
little Gong sound or somebody saying thank you or you know a really quick
clip but a lot of them are music based and they’re mostly instrumental then
also this is the killer feature of this app and this is what makes this app
stand out right now for podcasters I mentioned this in my last video guys
when I was talking about alternatives to SoundCloud that’s the call and feature
people can call in to your show you can listen to what they’ve had to say then
you can say okay go back record a segment for everybody on anchor
that says hey let’s listen to what Nancy Merlin called in which she had to say
and then you can add that to your station
or Terri Johnson online she wanted to tell us about her experience with the
31-day live streaming challenge listen up and then you would play her segment
and also goldmine oh the reckless radio he called into my
show I’m holding onto that because I’m gonna cover his topic which he was
asking about YouTube so you know I gotta make some special content for that and
then I will weave a story around his question okay and then I’ll play his
question and you know it’s a fantastic app for storytelling but also fantastic
for connecting with your audience one more thing I want to show you before I
turn to the chatroom and before I come back on camp so oh my gosh Antoinette is
so awesome she actually subscribed to me while she’s in the chat so BAM got you
back had an aunt Lynette that’s Antoinette Blake guys be sure you follow
her and connect with her okay you guys know that are in the chat to click on
those three dots over there and be sure you’re connecting with each other all
right so these are all the people that have favored at my station also when
someone gives you applause you get to see that as well because they can tap on
the screen during a broadcast now let me give you example of that so here’s a
segment that Kim kimberleigh bonner someone that I just met she’s absolutely
gives a lot of value over here on anchor so as I’m playing her segment and I’m
listening to her and I love what she has to say I can tap the screen and see
she’s getting applause from me now so later on she’ll see in that
notifications area that I gave her applause you also see as I just showed
you about how you can call in or people can call in let me show you how to do
that : that I didn’t show you yet here’s the call and button see right under
there his Barbic a B she amazing person to connect with over
there you just click that little calling button every court now the calling only
lasts for one minute okay so you can also upload content from the web and I’m
going to show you guys that but let’s just take a quick break and come over
into the chat and see what’s going on whoo that was a quick run-through thanks
so much for being here I see so many of my really really cool buddies are in the
chat and you know guys just a quick reminder that I did have some issues
with screen sharing the last few times I went live
so hopefully YouTube has fixed that but if not just be forewarned that if that
happens it’s okay because we just covered most of all the content here and
so all right let’s see here oh to change so fabulous to see me midweek okay and
you have the app on your iPhone great Alfredo he’s listening like I said
earlier Alfredo’s probably at work so he’s I appreciate you sneaking another
listen Alfredo and he’s on Android oh my gosh thank you so much for the super
chat Larry snow you’re awesome thank you my
dear and huh maverick okay Kim Kim Maya says a question when you’re done with
the demo I don’t have the Facebook audio live available yet can I use anchor and
upload to Facebook as I don’t have a podcast yet yes but that’s not however
it recommend you do that because there’s too many steps in that process
Kim ayat you know what I would tell you for right now you want to go live on
Facebook with audio first of all let me just say I talked about Facebook live
audio you guys remember I did that video the other day and there’s been a lot of
controversy some people think that it may not be the most effective strategy
to use on Facebook but you know I love audio content so I’m gonna use it anyway
yeah so before you go being concerned with the
fact that you didn’t get access to it yet I would say give it at least two or
three more weeks Kamiya to see if you get the access and
also make sure that your your phone apps are updated because really the only way
that you’re gonna get that little waveform remember I showed you guys when
I did the tutorial about Facebook live audio there’s that little waveform that
kind of shakes at the bottom of the screen and lets people know you’re alive
the only way you’re gonna get that is through the Facebook live app when you
actually get access to the app on your phone so yeah there may be some other
apps out there that’ll do the same thing but it’s already so new that people
don’t really understand it yet and for then you to use another app that’s not
going to look exactly like Facebook that’s just going to be too confusing so
I would say don’t worry about it just wait if you just want to put audio
up one Facebook you can use this app to just share it you just won’t be live you
can I just showed you how you can share any of your segments it’ll go to your
profile you can share any of your segments to Twitter and Facebook but
it’s gonna go to your profile but she just won’t be live and that’s okay
because actually the segment’s are only five minutes on anchor anyhow so anchor
is not a substitute for a Facebook live audio because your audience isn’t even
going to be there in five minutes so hopefully I hopefully I covered that
and I know that’s a question that a lot of folks have because the Facebook live
audio just came out so people are trying to figure out how can I multi test how
can i repurpose content and all that but I’m going to show you guys how you can
repurpose some content from the web interface and I actually recorded a
video about this this morning but we’re going to go into it on the web interface
right now alright let’s get to the screen share oh wait before I do that
I’m sorry we’re not gonna go to the web interface
right now because I’m gonna see if there’s any more questions okay so is is
and its anchor its own station as well I’m not sure how to answer that you
everyone has their own anchor station and anchor has their own station yes and
Larry did you say anything with that super chat I don’t see anything I don’t
know if you had any questions or anything Larry you’re so awesome thank
you oh and everything he definitely needs
this tutorial and I’m killing it on anchor I have been getting some great
positive feedback okay you just answered my question I can share on Facebook live
okay and Alfredo and tisha saying hi to everybody and you guys remember just
really quickly I’ll show you those three dots I’m not sure if Internet you’re not
usually here when I go live remember you can click on those three dots and then
you’ll see the go-to channel and just connect with everybody that way we all
follow each other that way that boosts is everybody subscribers and trust me if
you guys are all here and I’m saying it’s a follow everybody everybody here’s
cool and everybody got good content Kim Kim Maya we want to get her started
on her channel and Jan asks we got to get her started on her channel as well
and so Jan I really thought about you a lot with this app and I’m so so glad
that you’re here because this is an excellent way for you to dip your toe
into the water of actually putting your content out there testing it out and
seeing if that is in fact what you want to focus on on your YouTube or anywhere
else and you know we’re just going to start calling these things content hubs
guys and I see Tish posted my patreon Thank You Tish at content hubs okay
think about oh I see now the message because you’re so awesome thank you okay
great now and the reason why I want to start
using that terminology content hubs and I’m not sure who’s who I heard say it
this oh I know I do I do know who I heard say I was
listening to Andy Christina and Barry Feldman’s podcasts called content
matters and I love that concept because content discovers everything the audio
the live audio the video the live video you know the podcast oh is it your
content hub your blog your facebook posts your Instagram stories all of that
is your content hub so I’m given Andy crust Edina and Barry felt main credit
because I’m not sure which one said at first they were both saying dropping
some gems in there and their podcast today I was listening to on my way home
from work oh and by the way I played hooky from LA
Fitness today because you know you got to give your body rest when you’ve been
working out really hard like I let those muscles rest up all right so that’s why
I’m here with you okay so who’s ready to see the anchor web interface in action
say hi say I mean me me me me me me can I get a me me me in a chat I know
there’s a delay so we okay all right and Kim is saying thank you and that I’m
amazing Thank You Kamiya all right so you guys
ready yes okay all right I had to get a yes out of the chat before all right
here yes okay so people who are watching us in the replay just to let y’all know
yes they were saying me me me me me me me okay there’s a little delay so okay
so here we go let’s try to screen share the web interface all right now this is
how you can listen one on the website okay all right let me move things over I
got to reposition things guys I’m gonna make sure I can keep my eye on that chat
– so let me get that over here just in case somebody else drops a super chat
over there I want to be able to give you a quick shout out all right so here we
go so let me refresh let me go back to mine
because we do have a leader board and so that’s what please when your segment
finishes so I’m actually on my anchor landing page okay and so it starts to
autoplay anybody comes to your anchor page it starts to autoplay alright and
so they can go through they can share from here and it will go to and you can
embed it but here’s Facebook Twitter I said it backwards Twitter Facebook and
of course email you can also embed this little player right here on your website
alright so now I have not mentioned this I just want to make sure I’m clear if
you do not create an episode from your segments right remember the clips are
the segments as you’re creating them and then you have to later on decide whether
or not you want to create an episode and which segments you want to include in
that episode because if you don’t include them they disappear after 24
hours and you know this is a disappearing content thing of course we
see started off with snapchat and then Instagram stories and I don’t know
Facebook stories probably does the same thing I don’t even know because I don’t
even use that one anymore so okay so this is a way to preserve your content
is to make the episode out of it all right
because we’ve already decided that we’re going to only have this podcast through
anchor as like a starter podcast or as a secondary podcast this is not going to
be your main thing this is just like okay I’m not really sure if I want a
podcast or not or already got a podcast and so let me just do something else
over here on anchor alright because remember and the reason why I say this
remember they play a commercial when it’s on iTunes you won’t hear the
commercial here on the website but on iTunes they play a commercial
all right so with all of that said right so you can scrub through here and you
can listen to my story I did a really fun story yesterday I got a lot of great
feedback about it because experiment that I was doing I talked about it and
before I knew it I started describing it as an experiment and I messed something
up and so then I went with the story of how I blew the lab up and I put some
special effects in there that I downloaded from YouTube that were like
then I’ve got a whining baby you know and I put that in in my story and people
loved it and that’s why I got so many applause you guys saw that over there
right so it was fun it was I was talking about what I do which is these tutorials
and all that stuff but at the same time I made it fun I made it human I made it
relatable because as it happened you know that wasn’t planned
I screwed it up so that kind of went on all day long and so I got a call in
about it and everything and that was really fun so anyway now here’s the
beauty the magic I know I kept you guys waiting long enough
you can upload audio so that’s how I got the whining baby thing in there because
I actually had that like I said I went over to YouTube and I’m hashtag
relatable Thank You Tish my hashtag ologist I went over to YouTube
let’s see if we can do that really quickly for those who of you who don’t
know okay YouTube does have a library of snippets of things audio free music and
sound effects now I just use the sound effects because some of these you do
have to acknowledge and the copyright and all of that but since I’m already
they already have new integrated with the app so I don’t need
that but you guys do it your way but what I’m saying is I just want to use
the sound effects see how I switch to that tab with the sound effects and then
you’re going to look for something short nobody wants to listen to walking cleats
for one minute not one anchor maybe you know that would
be fine if you were doing it for you too but these see the download here you can
literally download these clips so I downloaded some clips guys I went to my
computer and you can drag it or you can upload it right here I’m had to make
myself a folder let’s see if I can find one here this was of a male sneeze okay
I wish I could play it for you but for some reason that’s not working right now
that’s okay though and so see that waveform there that’s the guy sneezing
so here what you want to do is make sure that you capture all of this it tells
you right here could be five minutes long where you’re gonna do command a I’m
on a Mac so I’m doing command a what I would do control if I was on PC right
and then I could go in here and say achoo something you know I don’t have to
call it man sneezing and I can still add some of the that background music here
remember I showed you earlier we haven’t had a chance to listen to it but you
follow me on anchor and you’ll hear it or you go over to my anchor page and
you’ll hear it so let’s just say I wanted to put music behind it probably
not I probably won’t put music behind this little sneeze clip right and then I
will give you tube the attribution and also so you could tell I’ve done it
before right because it’s showing you the things I’ve given attribution I
would give it to the YouTube audio library
now here’s another beautiful thing guys we can schedule this now I’m not going
to schedule it because once you set it as far as I know you can’t
pull it back and say oh no never mind that doesn’t that’s not gonna go good so
I I haven’t scheduled it yet but you can schedule them okay and I’m just going to
publish it right now emojis work well over there on Ankur
so if I was if I wasn’t here talking to you guys I would have found a cute emoji
to go with that and of course I would have changed what that says instead of
just saying at you because I don’t even know if I spell that correctly okay so
I’m gonna come off the screen share now oh my gosh isn’t that fun but wait
there’s more I did it this morning and I actually made a tutorial to show how to
do that this morning because there’s something else that you can do that
because all of you guys are on YouTube I know you’re absolutely gonna love now
keep in mind you have a five minute limit right so what you can do you have
a YouTube video that’s under five minutes I mean to me it only what makes
sense after YouTube videos under five minutes otherwise it just takes too long
to cut it and cut it up into five minute segments ain’t nobody got them no time
for all of that right all right let me just show you I’m gonna pick one because
I actually did one this morning when I was like teaching myself how to do this
and okay I go back to screen share now that I found the video hey Monica put it
on pause this actually was a tutorial but it will the anchor Web Clipper will
grab it will grab the audio from a YouTube video alright so I’m taking that
link I’m going back over there to the web clipper paste the URL it tells me
it’s uploading right it didn’t take long at all see there’s a whole thing and all
I have to do go back here again click command a I don’t really need to listen
to it go ahead and do the same thing you know
put the title in a pro I may add a background track track because you guys
know when I usually do my youtube videos I never have any music or anything in
the background so that would be perfect for this is to go ahead and do that and
then in this case I’m not going to use that link I’m gonna use the link for the
video right and you’ll see here I did it like I said I did it earlier I don’t
know why I didn’t show up missing any speaks YouTube right and then I would
have just filled in the title of that video but we’re not gonna do that right
now because I don’t want my anchor fam saying what is this girl doing I’m going
to unsubscribe from that channel okay thank you okay so I just got the mail
all right whoo fun stuff right this little anchor app is so cool guys really
I encourage you to check it out and you know there’s so many apps that come down
the pike and I don’t want you guys to get at fatigue from you know my
tutorials but I think because this one is so easy and I know especially when it
comes to podcasting that most of you are really intimidated about all the steps
that you have to go through to start a podcast I’m not recommending this first
thing if you want to use it as your business podcast and all but no no no no
no no this you won’t you may not want to use anchor for that now until they
develop a platform out maybe come out with some paid plans and some options
where you can get rid of the little commercial at the front end and maybe
extend the time and all of that but remember I said there’s an interview
section on there too and I have not explored that yet so that is a great way
to do some interviews you know through the phone SuperDuper easy
I think the person just I don’t even know if they need to have the app
because it he calls their phone so I don’t even
think they need to have the anchor app installed and maybe this weekend we’ll
do some testing to actually you know do an interview maybe I can bring Tish or
Larry on for an interview and we can take it through his paces right okay so
let’s see if we got any questions over here okay let’s see here
all right okay Larry said he didn’t do the command a Larry there has been times
when I didn’t do the command a either and it worked out just fine but I just
want to make sure that you you know you haven’t gone in there got nervous and
start clicking around and then cut something off and then you’d be like but
miss Eileen know me yeah and so just command a and or ctrl a and then that
way you know if the whole thing is there okay so hopefully that is pleasing for
you now let’s let’s do some more screen sharing of the app okay I want to show
you the leader board all right it’s kind of amazing that the other day oh I’ve
got to tell you about avi avi you neglect is a guy who has an amazing
channel where he shares tips one anchor okay he said he’s like the anchor guru
all right and he’s so so nice and he lives near me so we may connect soon I
just wanted to see if I if he I probably already listened to oh there’s AVI and
avi does all the tech tips and detected bits and all of that so Oh someone
called in today asking him about overcast now here’s where he added some
music from either Spotify or Apple music so we could listen to a little bit of a
clip then here he’s probably talking about
the weather there I guess whatever and like I said I’m just gonna give him some
yeah okay here’s another thing that I did I forgot to show you guys
you can also scrub through 15 seconds at the very far left next to or if the far
right you see that little fast-forward button there
I could scrub through in 15 second increments or something similar to 15
seconds so I almost got distracted I was talking to ivy the other day and I
said Ivy how do you he was talking about someone being on the leader board
someone in our Facebook group because Ivy as a Facebook group
let me got you guys I meant to ask Larry did you want to be in that Facebook
group someone in a Facebook group made it to the top 20 on the leader board and
so I said how do you see it and I didn’t know dude that’s what this little arrow
is at the top right okay that’s the leader board okay and in fact that
person’s not one to leader board anymore it changes so rap because so many people
are coming onto the platform and we got a lot of youtubers and a lot of
podcasters coming on here okay so anyway in the you know the verge is like
probably a featured station Oh Oh Maya from anchor is someone else that you
want to follow because Maya lets everybody know when there’s an outage or
a feature request and all that and she plays you can call in and ask for a
feature and she’ll play it and tell you what your chances of getting that
feature are so anyway at the bottom oh there’s Roberto Roberto Blake he’s come
over and he’s been doing such a great job and look Roberto is number 18 he’s
only been there for about a week week and a half he did a YouTube video about
it too by the way so he was just talking about the the the app itself he wasn’t
doing a demo not yet so I kind of tried to beat him to it
so look guys it at the very bottom it tells you where you are
now when AVI and I had this conversation the other day I was in the top 100 I’ll
show you I mean the top 500 Oh you guys I even posted it in a Facebook
page I was like woohoo I’m in the top 500 and obviously yes you know there’s
so many people coming on even getting in the top 500 that was just like three
days ago and now I’m in the top 100 so it says share guess what I’m sharing it
oh no it doesn’t let me share it I’m in the top 100 oh well I’ll take a
screenshot in fact my priority took 1 this morning so I wanted you guys to see
that and you may not have noticed earlier but that little bell at the very
bottom row now right we had the house the search button the record button and
then there’s a little bell right next to that little bell to the right was a
little red dot that let me know that I did have some pending notifications but
you guys know that I’ve been in here it says antoinette followed me and favored
at my station Thank You Antoinette okay so I’m this guy J Cartier he’s a
youtuber he favorite now there are some folks I favored at my station but I was
at work I didn’t have chance to oh this is Sandra we we know her okay so I
didn’t have chance to go in there and listen to their stations yet and if
nothing else I will go over there and give them some applause even if I don’t
end up following them okay and I’m not sure barb barb T has joined as well and
I left her Hallman but I don’t think she’s posted anything yet so so guys
this app is definitely worth checking out especially like I said if you are
feeling like but the whole tech behind door a podcast is just so complicated
that you don’t want to be bothered let’s see if I can get the iTunes page up for
my podcast I made a short link for it and I just got to see if I can remember
what it is I think this is it right here nope well that is the link but I took me
to the wrong place okay yep there you go and I’ll show you guys yep there you go
and you know it filled in the description that I have and there are my
profile so oh no it asks you for a description when you submit them say yes
I want to submit this to iTunes it asks you for a description and so I just said
super cute Saturday which is my other hashtag and some ramblings from a
digital media diva and so I thought that would be good enough cause like I said
with this particular show you know I just want to save and preserve that
patreon information because I want people to know you’re on this platform
you’ve got good content this is one of your part of your content hub right
you’re creating this amazing content you should consider starting your own
patreon page and so that’s what I talked about in those first few episodes so
let’s see what the chatroom I’m just saying now it’s gotta make sure I click
on the right one there you go all right top farmer it
should be tough ten oh hey Carla how you doing and hash tag Eileen fun and Eileen
relatable thank you so very much guys did you guys have any other questions
about using anchor or you you know just doing video in general or did you want
to come in Larry I can get that link over to you Antoinette I don’t know if your camera
ready if you want to come in and sit in here oh I’m grabbing the wrong link I’m
just gonna get this link ready even if you guys don’t want to come in
I’m gonna send it over there to Larry over on Facebook like I always do yes have you embedded it on my personal
website or podcast tab if you have one no I have not
I did not embed it on my website I just not enough hours in the day that’s all
no reason why not like you know I didn’t want to or anything like that I just
didn’t get a chance to yet and if you click this link intranet you would be on
cam just so you know that’s the link that I just sent you over on facebook
messenger okay yes yeah and I’m much rather this text Congrats Eileen and I W
I’m not Jan I’m not sure I understand what you’re cuz you put a sad face there
why you put a sad face honey I don’t you tell me more my darling too hot for you
sir okay no problem and my wife says sounds like a zombie in the walking dead
oh no problem Larry I just wanted to make sure you do okay you said you will
okay so oh and Jan I know there are some people that are impaired over there and
they are having a great time because it’s just so easy to just go ahead and
record that audio and I’ve already met like three people and I’ve only been on
there for two weeks so yep go for it honey
you know with is you have an iPhone oh great yay barb is in the house
barb I want to know why you haven’t posted anything over often your anchor
I’m gonna send you a link in case you want to come in here barb why haven’t
you posted anything my to text yeah I think that you’re getting it’s not
working for me okay maybe it’s the phone that you’re on
because I’m assuming that you’re on an Android phone okay but if you want to
come on a methought or ask any questions I’m
here did you see that I sent you a call-in barb I left the call in for you
I’m not sure if you saw that or not let me just so people won’t think I’m just
making up this conversation here I’m actually talking to somebody okay
Oh Antoinette is at work okay Antoinette no problem okay sure
barb said she’ll come in she’s got to open up Facebook to get that link that I
just sent her okay so um so there also has been an interview with the folks who
I guess a guy who ran anger I don’t know if he’s the CEO or if he’s the actual
person who found it I’m not sure he interviewed Gary Vee and I know a lot of
you guys like Gary Vee okay so that’s why I’m telling you this and Gary Vee
was really gung-ho about not so much about just anchor but just the whole
concept of the audio and you know I’ve been a big fan of audio for a long time
so I’m like yeah yeah you late to the party honey a video an audio even no
video is my preference and as me because of YouTube because of the platform
itself not so much that I just want to be in front of the camera I just like
the features of YouTube as and the way the platform and what it can do for me
and this is why I’m excited about anchor because actually I didn’t tell you guys
this oh wait a minute I better share the screen I didn’t tell you guys this but
this is anchor version 2.0 they had a 1.0 version that you could
not use hey barb say something I’m here oh yeah I just
want to make sure your audio is good why are you looking lovely today my dear
thank you just just one minute I’m yeah I boxed you so that your video is up
there okay so Janne is saying that she’s
having some speech-to-text problem no problem Janne I kind of had a feeling it
that’s what the problem was can I get on from an Android phone
antoinette you probably can but i don’t i don’t know your email address to send
you that link if you can copy that link somehow into i think it would be
hangouts you have to open up the hangouts app uh you know it’s a
convoluted way to get on the phone and I actually never do it from the phone well
if anybody has any tips if Larry if you’re still around if you have tips on
how to do it from the phone let us know Oh in fact um Pam Gomez came home one
day from her phone but I didn’t ask her how she did it I forgot to ask and she’s
gone iPhone though oh okay there’s your email address okay so that might make it
easier for you alright hang on let me get that link again let me copy your
email address first because it’ll open up a window and I can pop your email
address in there so barb when you say it won’t work for you I’m not sure I think
I lost the audio you’ve done darn it oh wow you can’t hear me I’m talking away
is hang on a second it’s just my ear bitch
okay answering that I just said literally okay okay can you hear me now
okay on my computer but needs a link okay
Antoinette it’s in it’s in Facebook intranet it’s in facebook Messenger can
you hear me now barb yeah okay great great so you said it was
working for you what happened No thank you for being here that I woke up you
were in my dream so it’s like taking I’ve got barb tea USA on my phone when I
go in there but when I go on the desktop to different it’s like two different
because whether I use Twitter or Facebook to sign-in it’s not that barb T
USA Channel oh no you it won’t be I won’t be you
either they’re just a little glitch that they need to work out it’s either one or
the other either you use email to sign in or you use your social media to sign
up and it if you’ve got them separated you need to email them so that they can
add your email address to the one that you signed in with social media okay
what’s happening I believe that I’ve used email Twitter and Facebook oh yeah
my phone and none of them are the same right and so you had this sender’s email
to support I guess a supporter anchor FM you think that’s because I guess I’ll do
it that way because I couldn’t find the support thing and it’s like I don’t
believe something so simple oh my gosh is Antoinette’s debuted ladies and
gentlemen Antoinette Blake for the first time oh and this I Lee speaks on YouTube
hey girl you’re in Delaware let me throw a stone
catch it how you doing I’m good how are you good I think you will love you got a
mute the other channel yeah I got it I got it on twice I mean yeah yeah that’s
what happened to me oh come back come back intranet you
closed the wrong one come back I’m the blonde one in the house back yeah we got
show Antoinette the ropes okay so I have the three so I’ll have two I’ll email
because that’s really what’s the hitch and they get along together yeah you
close out the wrong one that’s okay you’re back now that’s good that’s good
yeah also barb what I’m gonna do I’m just gonna verify with avi that that is
the correct email should be supported but it may be Maya at anchor diet
because Maya is their community manager I’m not sure but you should get back to
me I’ll get it to you ASAP as soon as we’re done I’m matter of fact
I’m gonna write myself a note yeah that I’d really appreciate because I have to
tell you when I saw it from my phone like you I was like this is too easy yeah it’s really easy to just get on
there and start talking and start up a conversation and you know the feedback
part where you can call into people shape that’s that’s my other question
because you called in and I clapped it said alien is calling and I thought the
little hand clap thing that’s where it says it’s calling it so like I tapped on
that but it didn’t do anything okay you didn’t hear you didn’t hear it okay let
me let me do a screen share real quick let me come on I lost the darn I you
again damn it okay so I’m gonna do a screen share real quick guys and Barb
can you hear me now barb yeah okay good so this is where the little Bell
notification is that’s where you’re going oh no I’m sorry that’s not what
you find your call ins you have to go to like you’re getting ready to record and
then you swipe to the left and that’s where you see the call ins and see
there’s a play button right they’re so each Colin has its own play
button and that’s how you would listen to it before you decide if you want to
add it to your station or not okay so that’s really decide whether you want to
add it as an episode well it would be a segment like no make that you make the
episodes later yes everything that’s on your station is a segment until you
create an episode so let me show you that let me go to mine see all these
these are from today right or from the last 24 hours actually summer from last
night nope sorry I’m on the wrong tab these
are the ones that I did yesterday and this morning okay
these are all still segments some of them are callings that I added in but if
I want to make an episode then that’s when I click on that episode button and
check off the ones that I want to add to the episode for iTunes okay it also is
up on Google Play so it won’t go to iTunes or Google Play until it becomes
an episode true correct and and you know and this is why I say this is like for
starter podcast or for podcast for a special project because there is a
couple downsides for people that are doing serious podcasting because I don’t
want anybody say oh oh she she sent me their app they don’t give me any stats
no they don’t give you stats you see stats of people who are in the app like
I can go now and show you oh listen to one of my segments so Eileen yes
question for you sorry to interrupt no no I wanted to use this as like
introduction to my blog post you know many intro to add on to my social media
contact content is that this you think this is a good platform absolutely yeah
absolutely you get on there and you make friends you follow people you give them
feedback and they follow Yoona get interested in what
you’re talking about and you don’t want to just go in there every time you go on
Renee because like you know just like you’re doing any social and I know you
know how to do that you know how to work the room girl I already know that well
I’m just trying to I’m trying to come be creative with it and do like a webisode
like every you know tuesday tuesday sports and then i was doing that with
the live stream so i’m thinking this might be a little bit better what do you
think it might be yes yes right test it out and see how it all really depends
upon your that i hate this word but i’m gonna use it now because i can’t think
of nothing else the synergy they might have with the
people that you engage with well and you may find that there you know there may
be people that engage with you but they don’t want to read a blog post they just
like you know what I mean they just never ever they just want to be in this
app and that’s their thing right now or they want to be on YouTube and that’s
their thing they’re just not even will come to your blog right yeah I was
actually thinking about doing a week a podcast recap which I started on live
live stream as well okay I think I think it’s all great ideas um Brian fans oh
he’s on there okay and he came on there and he was doing like his thoughts of
like what he thinks about tech and all that stuff and then the other day he got
I don’t know if he was in between flights or something like that but
anyway he was in New York City and he just decided to go on and talk about you
know where he was walking around in New York and he said that was his most
successful episode he got the most engagement from I mean he’s only been on
there for two weeks but you know what I’m saying
yeah people went to here you know what he was seeing and what he was
experiencing right you know kind of like the way periscope was beginning so so
but people want to people want to see where you are and your your habitat I
don’t say that’s like cool thank you yeah and it’s so easy it’s like it’s not
really my time time suck well I’m in it do get me that support
thing and I’ll see if we can’t reconnect what you must already be off work today
huh yeah I was telling everyone earlier I
you know you have to rest when you work out you have to rest your mind right so
today is my rest day I walked in the door I was like to do because I don’t
want to eat dinner this early because I never eat this early right and then I’ll
be snacking all night if I try to eat dinner so I was like you know what I’m
going live on it my stuff is always impromptu I don’t
know what it is about making one other question sure how do you send out
notifications that you’re on anchor at them when you notifications to whom you
see your existing existing right existing your okay let me let me go back
to screen share because I we were following you will see that you’ve
you’ve had a wait a minute hang on so it’s like a whole it’s different people
I pick the wrong screen to share my bad I like that screen okay here we go all
right so when you go to the home see the little home button at the bottom you’ll
see everybody is called the carousel right let me go back to the beginning so
what users do is they come on here therefore you know if their station is
live because they’ve done something last 24 hours would be the first one the
second one is always this news rundown and it gives you tells you says good
morning tells you the weather what you want to hear then it it starts with the
news I don’t wanna hear that news if that’s the case I turn the news on but
so then you start seeing your people that you’re following and you can click
and listen to their segments if you wish okay
like somebody I might be following I’m like oh I don’t really feel like hearing
what he’s got to say right now nah nothing against this person I’m just
saying you know or I might say oh you know what I started following her last
week or yesterday and I haven’t listened to her yet so let me go and
and listen so I’m assuming that these are in order of when the last time that
person posted something but that might not be the case there may be an
algorithm at work here that says okay Eileen is begging pardon I said that
that’s a good point if it’s the algorithm or if it is the last time they
they broadcast mm-hmm yeah so I I don’t know that part and it doesn’t matter
because you don’t have to just because that person is in that order
even though I never Berto already listened to him this morning I love
Cherise Cherise is amazing and I think you may be connected with Cherise – I
think she’s yes her cell looks very much like mine Narin saying she’s just
amazing and then sometimes I may want to hear about business on this guy’s name
is Dave on business so if I really want to just hear some business stuff
I’m like okay I’ll go in here and listen that’s why I followed him you know and
then there’s Ryan Bell you guys probably remember him from periscope and all that
good stuff and he’s into the VR thing and all that good job so yeah so people
don’t actually get a notification they’ll just see you riding the carousel
and then you just tell others about it about the the new the new platform you
get a chance to share anything that you post or even other people post like
here’s one if I wanted to share this video our thing from Ryan Bell I would
just oh I’m sorry I forgot to stop the screen share hold up here’s this thing for an emphasis let’s
say I listened to it and it made a lot of sense I just tapped that share and my
whole sure yeah I just shared on Twitter and Facebook I can put it in you know
flipagram Google+ whatever I like that or I could add it to my station see this
button at the bottom sure Twitter was on there right it’s on here but you know
what yeah Twitter’s one of the first things on air but you know what I have
you can move these around you guys know that share sheets around so wait a
minute hold up I know I did it it could be just an angle that I’m
sitting at but anyway so that if you wanted to make sure you
always share it to Twitter you could put Twitter as the first thing oh there you
go you moved that time you see that you have you shared on Twitter
yeah me I’m Way too much I’m probably over sharing anchors on Twitter right
now barb I’m so check my audio cut out dude was that a yes or no yes yes yes in
fact I’m going to show you my Twitter yeah so I think if litter is a good
place to share it good share maybe no I didn’t share any on Facebook yet so if I
want I’m sorry so after this if I’m gonna do this I can
I can share your it’s from your I can go to you and share this this episode yep
you can she yes you can share anything that I’ve talked about or anybody that
you’re following it doesn’t even need to be somebody you’re following you can
just go in there and randomly listen to something and be like oh I like what
this person just said and you can share it okay good
look you know I’m gonna be sharing it oh yeah keep in mind that is only gonna be
there for 24 hours right right so I’m thinking this is the snapchat for adults but I mean by that is keep in mind when
you see what when the person shared it uh-huh
if there was 23 hours ago you probably don’t want to share it because it’s get
ready go away right right right no but I would think I wanted to interview
someone I would want to share that immediately after the interview okay the
interview piece I have not explored that much but someone called into Maya
yesterday and asked her about that and there’s no time limit one how long you
can be on with the interview because they just say they
five minutes was too short I’m a time limit for the interview
so right now there’s no time limit for interview okay so I think the interview
existed and I’ll show you I’ll show you barb
let me go back to screen share okay let me go back to when you anytime you want
to deal with content you’re gonna push on the record button so the record
button is not just for recording it’s also number one the interview and choose
from your context and you dial a phone number I don’t even think that person
you’re interviewing needs to have the app you’re calling them on their phone
okay so you let the people know that they’re being interviewed I think okay
that question came up the owner was interviewing somebody because he posts
all these interviews up on YouTube so you could listen to how it goes and one
guy said I knew it was you because it didn’t have a caller ID but it said a
certain city I can’t remember what city he said hello but it doesn’t say Aileen
is calling you from the anchor app it doesn’t say that but I don’t like I said
I have not explored that and also I have all the answers on the interview I’m
just telling you what I do know is there’s no time limit and that you call
the person on the phone that’s great so it makes sense of course you know you
want to have a great interview you want to let the person know yes I’m not
calling you at just block from crap right right you don’t want to just call
you you know your cousin I think it was somebody who was like oh it’s Tim
Schmoyer he started laughing he said oh yeah cuz I’m going to prank call people
and I’m like no no can I do that and I think it also would be a great app for
families right as you get into the holiday season not everyone can travel
or be with the man well if you did an anchor um you know the whole family
those that could not be there could be a part of it so that’s another I think
another good thing I just spent this morning helping a
family member out on Facebook through the be live app yes yes and they were in
text chat but they had a smartphone and we reached the point of convincing them
you need to learn how to use that smart phone okay so I said Android or iPhone
Android ice and so I thought you know if I could get that anchor to work and this
is before I knew what you just said about the interview thing if I could get
anchor to work we could communicate that way because you could call in I wasn’t
thinking about an actual interview time but that would be even better can you
have multiple people on an interview right mm-hmm okay guys so Carla Jenkins
she’s so smart cuz she’s already podcasting and everything right so she’s
like getting down to the nitty-gritty the part I almost forgot to tell you
guys how you can actually make sure that you keep even your segments that you
don’t add to your podcast now this is some work okay and you don’t have to be
all that techie in order to do this but I’m sure you guys are familiar with
viewing the source code on a page and if you’re not I’m gonna show you but don’t
be alarmed and don’t be afraid okay I got you i’ma hold your hand all right so
these want the one that I did yesterday I did not make this into an episode but
if I wanted to save these segments you can do this for anybody segment not just
your own this is just any really web page really you go in here and view page
source okay guys see doesn’t look like a whole bunch of gobbledygook you want to
ctrl or command F and your look for the format is m4a so you’re
gonna type and dot and for a uh-huh and see these little wherever there’s a HTTP
and the m4a you’re gonna highlight that click on it open it up in a new window
and there’s your file Wow cool and down saying that was y’all saying that about
me and you download that bad boy or to your computer now you got to do it
within a 24 hours had to save it right right okay so is is so Karla to answer
your question and this is how you grab those files and you don’t have to worry
about that little bumper that they put on the beginning of your episode or the
bumper that they put on end if you just want to submit your podcast using anchor
app but you want to submit the podcast yourself see for me the beauty of it is
I don’t mind them having a bumper on it because they submitted it they did this
admission process for me they did the work they gave me the app there I don’t
mind them having that bumper won that because I’m also downloading those files
for myself and putting them up on Spreaker so if I really wanted to show
somebody I would send them to Spreaker you know okay but that one’s there in
iTunes you never know if somebody may stumble upon it or I might just say you
know you can listen to my whole thing about patreon because as all those
episodes are talking about setting up a patreon page and the importance of
patreon and I could send somebody over there and they could listen to it and I
would like I said I don’t really care that there’s a I don’t know 30 seconds
maybe even not even 30 seconds 15 second bumper on the beginning of it that says
what you’re listening to was recorded on anchor fm I just thought you could turn
that into a positive and say available to you exclusively from anchor FM you
know I mean turn it around like you know you’re part of their team
chosen to be on anchor that’s right you can even do that beginning of your
of your episode you can record a segment that says I’m so happy to be part of
write that fan there you go there you go miss Eileen you okay we
book great minds think you know it’s teamwork teamwork makes the dream work
barb you started the idea but then so you guys plan out ahead of time what
you’re going to say what your segments barb you were here earlier when I told
them and Antoinette I think you heard what I was saying
that I started off I was going to do an episode and I had technical issues but
what the technical issues were halfway through oh I actually posted on patreon
bar halfway through I talked about was the topic was three ways to do live
video and I was going to talk about anchor and I recorded and everything and
I was like that’s not live video why you clean I had to redo so I turned it into
you know you turn your lemons into lemonade right I turned it into a whole
thing of oh my gosh guys I blew up the lab I brought in some sound effects they
were like Shh and then I played I played this song you drop the bomb on me we get
flagged by YouTube’s I’m not singing it I don’t believe I’m taking no chances so
you know people loved it I was getting applause left and right and so then I
went and I was like I’m going back into the lab guys I’m gonna reform and so
then I came up with adding mix ler into the so those are the three live video
live audio things that I talked about Spreaker mm-hmm
mix ler and Facebook live audio and so I kind of worked it out
but that wasn’t planned it was I just was gonna talk about anchor so here I am
talking about anchor all right well it’s a long day I’m gonna cut out head back
to Delaware oh my god Antoinette thank you so much for
stopping in and your first time coming on the show
and this is what happens when I switch up and go live in the evening okay bye
mmm boy that was something to wake up to you I went I I was up at 3:30 so I like
take a nap and I had my phone on my penis oh my gosh
I I saw that what’s the four one one TV was here uh-huh
I forgot to say hi Hey the me but there was Grisha hi was happening and she
subscribed to Jan and then Carla let me just make sure that you understand
you’re not downloading the source code you’re gonna highlight I’m gonna switch
to screen share and go back let me just do that one more time cuz I know it’s
tricky if you’ve never done it before oh wait I gotta get the screen up while
you’re helping her I’m gonna go find another headset okay all right dear all
right I’m gonna go over it one more time Carla cuz this was your question anyway
so I’m gonna make sure that you understand exactly how it works okay so you’re going to go to the page you
have to navigate to your own anchor page because they put random stuff up there
after your segments finish plane you’re going to shortcut click and you’re gonna
go view page source okay now I’m going to download that page source you’re
gonna go to the window where they have all the page source now
because excuse me it’s Chrome is gonna open up now this is on Chrome
okay chrome is gonna open up a window but what you’re going to do is you’re
gonna do a control F to find a file and that file has to be in this format dot
m4a okay Karla you following me all right so
see that up at the top at the very top right hand side I’m just gonna make it a
little bit bigger all right so there’s gonna be a bunch of m4a files on here
for all your segments so then you’re gonna highlight you’re gonna look for in
between the quotation marks don’t highlight the quotation marks just gonna
look for this HTTP slash it’s gonna be a random bunch of numbers and it’s gonna
say clout front dotnet right slash and more and it’s gonna have the date and
rant more random numbers and then open that into its own when so you’re gonna
shortcut click on that and say go to that’s gonna open that into its own
window which is gonna look like this and there’s a download button right there
for you to download that audio now when you download it here’s another tip make
sure you change the name of it because this is what the file name is going to
look like and you probably can’t see this I can’t see the screen share while
I have this open okay but right now it says EMH LRT OS and
blah and to that you want to change the name of it but you still keep it as a
m4a file okay and I didn’t do it just then and so tomorrow I’m going to be
wondering what was that file that I download it because I didn’t change the
name oh ok guys wow I think I told you just about everything that I know about
anchor right so far you know so I’m really okay you got it now good I’m glad
I’m so glad I went back over it because oh oh thank you I love your enthusiasm
– what’s the for one one TV said I love your enthusiasm and you know when I get
excited about an app like this I want you guys to come and play with me over
there because you know what’s great about it
for me too when I had those bad hair days but y’all
can tell I got one coming on right cuz super cute Saturday is this Saturday so
right before I get ready go to the hairdresser is looking rough is rougher
as the days go on so perfect for me to be on an audio app alright I can still
have fun I can still reach out to my peeps
oh um Tish no I gotta put tissues comments up she’s just that’s my girl
Tish I tell y’all that’s why she’s my official hashtag all just she says this
has been great and I have loved the longevity of it and Oh Karla is saying
that she’s enjoys watching and learning from my tutorials thank you thank you
and so I am so glad that you have learned how to do this because Carla I
know you know you’re so well-spoken and everything so that this app will be
right up your alley and guys you know there’s people in it
are just having fun guys just you know it’s not all just about how to make
money and how to grow your business and how to do this that and the third
there’s people and it just might put out random questions if you don’t listen to
it you know what I’m saying so and you’re gonna meet a lot of people that
you already know that are on there because like right now everybody there’s
a massive influx of people see they just updated this app remember I said this is
anchor 2.0 the app before was a little slim simpler and it didn’t have that
ability to create the podcast now that the ability to create the podcast easy
lickety-split is there the only thing that’s holding you back is you because
as I showed you you can even do it from your the website so
you know you can do it from your phone they have the Android app as that works
just as well just as good as the iPhone app there’s no like oh you can’t do that
on Android nope everything you can do on the iPhone you can do on the Android and
then when you you don’t want to do it on your phone or something’s wrong with
your phone or you whatever you can upload it from the web you know I think
my systems but my main system that I’m facing you on video today I think it’s
going down on me yeah timing is everything and so when I was dealing
with that family member this morning I thought oh my god I’m I’ve got I’ve I’m
bringing them out of their shell and yet it’s not easy and you were talking about
they have a hunting lodge so they spend most of time outside mm-hmm so the audio
part would be absolutely phenomenal on this and being it was so easy to have
the carrousel to find the hunters and stuff so on the interview aspect of it
which I just learned from you today that would really bring it home absolutely
there’s definitely there’s a great comment over here so now what happened
to my comment think so I could see my comments there they are
okay so what are my hashtag sets my hashtag ologist has prepared for me is
hashtag eileen is correct it’s about people and love versus profit and loss I
love fish I wish I could put that on a plaque yeah that’s right we got to get
some t-shirts we’re gonna get the t-shirt for that one that’s right Oh
mean if nothing more than a joke I’m I’ll do it just let’s write it put it in
the message let’s get that one out I always copy my chat and put it into a
Google Doc so this is my perfect time and do it anyway so I don’t know it’s
good forget Wow yeah so guys I appreciate you guys for
coming and I don’t know if you have any more questions about Anchor Bar I just
because I’ll let you go and I just was so I’ll wait to get that support thing
from you yes and look it I’m gonna ask ivy in a matter of fact I may just call
into his show that was the next that wasn’t where my next kind of question
was coming from so if you call in to somebody
mmm-hmm are you I mean just like you calling in to me and I’m talking about
something what happens in the interruption process I mean dude there’s
nothing’s live remember nothing’s life so I don’t even know that you called in
and so I go and look through my notifications and I see that I’ll see
that little red dot there that lets me know that and all of your notifications
are not callings some of them maybe somebody gave you applause somebody
favorited your station or something like that okay and then it may say somebody
published your call in so I think I called into the station generation oh I
called Robert Louis our friend Robert Louis what does that mean huh what does
it mean to publish the calling okay it means that okay when I when someone
calls oh I’m sorry schedule oh hey Bill how
you doing thank you Bill says I’m good alright I’m sorry I steered the wrong
screen guys what I’m so glad I had this iPhone plugged into the power all this
time because it would have been dead all right so for example this morning I
called into Robert Louis a station all right now those that’s shown okay let’s
start from this piece since I clicked the wrong button these are folks that
have called in and left me messages yeah and as he called me too and so if I want
to add this to my station as a segment all I have to do is push the plus button
and now that’s part of my Seng everybody can listen to it right now the only
person that can hear it is me well you’d want to listen to what it said first
right exactly I’ve all right you want to listen to it right now I don’t know why
we can’t hear it so and that’s okay because they were just sent to me so how
long do those call-in stay up on there they stay there right and I guess these
three dots wouldn’t let me delete it no nope oh I can clear it yes I could clear
that Colin because Terry Johnson she really was just responding to a
question I was asking her about that 31 day challenge and that’s why she didn’t
even put a title there because she just called back and said oh yeah
they started the challenge so it wasn’t anything about anchor wasn’t anything
about what we were already talking about I was asking her about her thing okay so
she had as the caller she could put a title on her : yes when you call I’ll
show you I’ll show you right now I’m like what I’m calling to Ryan if
anything I will call in to avi let’s just go to Abby right now and ask him
this question I remember RV from blab you know I don’t
remember him from blab but I’m so I did I think we’re even friends on Facebook
and guess well he’s got a group that’s amazing and he lives in my area so I
mean bond of meeting avi in person so right at the very bottom left it says :
to this station all right all right I’m gonna do it guys okay it’d be cool if
he’s there there we go no he won’t it doesn’t matter you never this is
never live Oh even if he was on there talking he won’t see this : until later
oh I’m not having been calling him I’m calling into the station so not like the
radio where we call anyway okay okay all right so see how I have to now hold the
record button hold it the whole time or I can tap it
and swipe up and that’ll um that’s what I’m gonna do
so hang on one sec hey Ivy is a girl miss Eileen we got a question here I
know there’s a little confusion when somebody signs in with their Twitter
versus signing in with their email address and my friend barb Tomlin she
has that issue where should she send her email to get the team from anchors
attention so they can straighten out her accounts now we’re actually live on
YouTube right now recording this so this is also part of a demo Thank You ivy
peace okay so now I can add no background music to that and there’s one
that I know that I like okay I’ll you slice lies like one of the ones I like
as well okay so now I’m going to say done now I can add the caption and I
have 80 characters so I’ll just say question for avi just because normally I
would type something else in and put some emojis because I said I’m oh geez
are fine over here I’ll just say question for avi just it’s not gonna let
you do that for for nothing I’m going to put an anchor on there because I mean
hey anchor is like the number one emoji oh my yeah it kept you kept trying in
that’s why I knew when Jambi was saying she jan-jan ass was saying that she was
getting tight okay so submit so now I know that IV will publish that because
that’s what he yes he has a call-in show about questions and you know one of his
tech questions but mostly about anchor so I know that later on he’ll publish it
and so then everyone will hear it and he can respond so so just does he take
those Collins and I’ll broadcast them during his yes
that’s what I mean anchor publish you can publish it to your station so this
is what will happen okay IV will probably because IV is very very
proficient at this platform so what he has already has pre-recorded clips so
one of his pre-recorded clips he may play may be the sound of a phone ringing
okay we have a caller on the line amazing I’ve even copied that you know
from him right or or you know you you announce that somebody else’s voice is
coming onto your show mm-hmm you don’t have to do it that way I see other
people all the time you’re you’re listening to a station and all of a
sudden somebody else’s voice comes in and you don’t even and that’s okay you
know it’s up to the broadcaster how they want to do that right and then he will
respond and he’ll give the answer you know he’ll announce that there’s a
caller or he may even say it’s me or whatever since he has a call-in show he
may not announce people are expecting to hear other voices right cuz he’s
answered the previous callers question and so then somebody’s expecting the
next one to be a question right so it’s all up to him how he wants to handle his
show that day and then he’ll respond because he’ll take that call in and add
it to his station right and then everybody who follows him can hear it
and then he can reply and and he always will say thanks for calling them with
that question here’s the answer blah blah blah blah
blah like that mm-hmm so that led me to his group then okay
sure absolutely yeah yeah yeah group and you know it was just mostly folks asking
questions about anchor yeah okay well I I’m pretty sure that he and I are
friends on Facebook but I never I think he comes up every once in a great while
but yeah I remember him from blab that’s enough something I must have met
him on and I just don’t remember yeah oh yeah
he was big one PLAs um that’s funny I remember that maybe I just don’t
remember the name but uh you know he was he was one of the ones that was why are
getting people to come in and he was he’s brilliant and also I think he did
he had a thing on smile time for a short time too
oh wow okay he’s got it he’s got a smile time Channel I know that okay so really
quickly I just want to say hi to Walter Peterson hi Walter how are you and just
you’re saying oh I’m not sure why I said that thank you my dear oh gosh well Walter
you can go back and watch this if you think you would like to experiment with
anchor we just went over some parts of it but actually at the beginning of the
video I walked through the whole process you know how oh I slept through that
yeah what I did was I spent about a good ten minutes just going through the the
app before I you know went over to the chat and answer questions and and all
this stuff and and went into how to use the web site because the web site piece
this is more advanced you know I just want to get you guys over there and get
up and running and and start having fun with us over there Brian face goes there
Joe calm he’s experimenting a little we’ll see him as much but he’s there he
has you know been there and then roberto blake is there tim schmoyer z– over
there i’m trying to think of all the folks
that from a blab that are there and a fireman rich is there and you know a lot
of people are not going things like quotes but i’m actually talking about
the quote instead of just posting it and not getting into like what
think the meaning of it is with this you can add that audio piece like this quote
I think I’m gonna get on there and talk about everybody from blab you may build
up a following for me you know I it was very upsetting for me for everybody to
just poopoo the fact oh well we’re gonna forget that’d you
know we want to forget that name and everything about it and it was you know
it was a life-changing experience for everybody who was there but people deal
with pain and and on the beginning I was that way I didn’t say the word mine I
wouldn’t I way I acknowledge it for about I don’t know maybe two months and
then one day I just said you know what I’m over it they even threw the word
away though that’s okay this is before the platform and even them they went
back to Bebo and then they’ve got this other new thing they’ve got going and I
I thought those if anybody’s even over or nothing because everybody out of her
little cares we didn’t treat people right it was hurtful right know people
deal with pants when I want to talk about different ways so yeah and and I
would definitely call in on that conversation and I meant okay I’m
retired my girlfriend Deborah she used to have a
show over there and Deborah she did a whole interview with me and we didn’t it
wasn’t specifically just talking about that we were just talking about these
platforms and how these platforms and there’s always a way to treat people
like even with anchor I see that there’s a respect there for the creators and you
know sometimes that could be a false thing which we saw that we thought that
there was a respect level there but it was just like we were like
guinea pigs and no lab rats what I call them yeah and you learn no and that’s
that’s why I’m I’m kind of hesitant guys to even say everybody come on and I but
in this particular case because there’s an end product for you would be the
podcast mm-hmm okay so the funding everything behind this
one is much better okay I just showed everybody how to download your files so
because you know you’ve been burned before right if you have you’ve been
burned you don’t want to wait for them to say you know even if they do it
respectfully and say look we shouldn’t that form down that you got to scramble
around and get your files get your files now as you go as you guys you just
showed you how to download them all right you know get some extra storage on
Google Drive or whatever because I know people notice the next thing everybody I
can’t download one of my computer okay but would drive is like two bucks a
month trust me I have it and you get like gigabytes or terrible I don’t know
a lot and why do you have it really is these five minutes now there’s something
else I want to tell you guys about this even though your segment is five minutes
of recording time when you create an episode you can string together as many
of those segments as you want so you have to be limited to five minutes okay
your episode could be a call in because the call ins are one minute and the
episodes I mean in the segments are five minutes so you can have a call in you
can have a sound effect then you can have your answer and your answer could
be only three minutes and then you go back and you do a whole nother segment
that brings up a different topic or expands on the topic however you want to
do that and you can string those together but remember you got only 24
hours to do it right so as many as you can get in and
24 hours if you you know if you had a long topic which you just actually
wanted to cover it is let’s just say you wanted to cover an hour-long topic
however before I even give you this example I don’t recommend doing this but
if you did you just want to get it out you’ve maybe just been holding this top
again for two years and you’re like I just want to get it out miss Eileen okay
then go ahead I’ll give you I’ll give you a bag you picked up that moniker I
just love that I feel like I’m in Gone with the Wind yes break into five minute
segments and then you know it’ll transition seamlessly once you have it
all together if you play the music in the background though it’s not gonna be
quite so seamlessly it’ll be a little but it’ll still be fine somebody
listening to it it’ll be fun to add music in the episode at the episode
level no because you do all that in two segments you can’t put additional music
that’s good to know – yeah you wanna if you can’t skip it at the segment episode
level the only thing you can do is say yes I want this one in there now in fact
she’ll be something they do a couple people have asked that they could move
them around like maybe this segment without an order there’s a workaround
you know you’re going downloaded the way I showed you and then upload it back and
then to get it into the order you want but people want to just be able to okay
now it’s time for me to make my episode let me just if they drag this one I mean
that’s that’s on a pipe that’s on the list yeah I’d say that’s that’d be
awesome yeah but like I said I just showed you
just a workaround so yeah it’s so super easy guys I showed you – the hardest
part about it was what I just showed you with the view source code and and to
grab the file that’s the most difficult thing about the whole process everything
else is easy now you got to do is think about what you want to say yeah okay
then thank you so much for coming today I appreciate it I’m gonna let you go
okay barb thanks so much and we’ll get your question answered thank
you again all right bye-bye and I’ll add you to that group and
anybody else who wants to be added to the it’s called anchors a wave because
you saw all the segments used to be called waves back in the day so let me
just finish this up in case I just want to chop some of this down I’m just gonna
could put a closing on this okay guys so thanks so much for coming today I want
to make sure that you connect with me over on anchor and that’s anchored I FM
slash Eileen and I’ll see you this weekend for the next video bye for now

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